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Don 't do that !
Don 't you try to eat me
I'm not real
Don 't squeeze
Don 't touch
I look real
And you might want a piece of me
I reckon
Don 't feed me either
with fake cooked shrimp or artificial cupcakes
I 'm no  endangered bird of  paradise
Those faux iridescent blue feathers I display
Can 't even fly me over the factice canopy
Of pseudo Papua New Guinea
Wanna enjoy a pretend dance
A simili nuptial parade ?
I 'm just a fraud of a plumage
A true faux extinct species :
Your dancing dandy.
Your *** toy !
MindMooring Jul 13
Your Display Hues

Your Touch Cues

Caught me,

In Loop


From the book Feelings Coated
SEHO Dec 2018
Pixels seem glue
Every one of them watching you
Brighter than light
Is the screen that is on at night

Blue is the reflection on your eyes
Are you looking in empty skies?
Unwilling to stop because it is
The neverending screen that you will miss

It was once not here, not there
Now it is everywhere
But where are you, where are you really?

Everyone knows, except for you
That is what your screen will do to you

That what has always been seen
Crystal Freda Nov 2018
Her eyes pressed on all
the colors, textures, and dyes.
The motifs of the trees
glistens as the wind flies.

The blowing causes
a cough in her throat
as she tightens the sash
of her lined, tan coat.

She stands amazed
by the tinges of the lake.
The ripples propel swiftly
causing the bridge to shake.

She glazes at her reflection
in the waves as she walks away.
Still intrigued by blossoming
coloration of this display.
dina Jun 2018
tangerine and cerulean
cool beneath our feet
in a spiraling mosaic
while we rest and eat
olives from the groves
salty as the sea below
lapping on the shores to touch
fields marvelously aglow
with the shimmer of the fireflies
as they perform their dance
a lilting, evanescent display
that leaves us in a trance
we amble back to the villa
as the setting sun paints the air
a dazzling vermillion
that reminds me why i'm there
Contoured May 2018
Motionless they sit,
Collecting dust on the shelf.
Completely inanimate,
An honest reflection of oneself.
I grab hold of the string,
No audience, no stage.
Now controlling this thing,
With my uncontrolled rage.
I give it a tug,
I crave the control.
Enacting a shrug,
I tug and I pull.
I've given it life,
I can take it away.
In spite of my strife,
It's now back on display.
Ren May 2018
I am not your second line of defense.
I am your first.
I can protect you, just like you protect me.
They'll have to get through you before they can get through me.
It's okay to cry.
You came into this world, crying, because you were confused, brought into a whole new world, a new life.
You can cry when you're confused, frustrated, or just don't know what to do.
And I can hold you, like you hold me.
And you can feel safe in my arms.
I can rock you to sleep like you did for me.
It's okay to wake up, terrified, from a nightmare.
You can cry.
You can shake. I'm here. I'll hold you.
I love it when you moan.
It's beautiful.
I love it when you show me emotion.
You're you. You're human. I wanna see that.
**** what the world thinks a man should be.
Yes, you are a man but,
You're human.
You're my human.
And I love you for every part of you.
Mystic Ink Plus May 2018
“Are you happy?”, I asked.
“Yes”, she replied.

Show me your happiness

She searched,
Took time
Tried hard to remember

nothing to show

Tears rolled,
Being an evidence.
Theme: Can we get saturated with happiness?
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