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EA Mar 13
No one
Will be there
To visit,
To enjoy,
To be happy

If there will be
It is because of pity
Of the place itself

Not worthy to be shown
To public
Should close
Til further notice
Rhea Sheilah Oct 2020
Hold me in public
As much as you do in bed.
I survive on PDA
Hold my hand. Kiss my forehead. Give me random hugs and if you are strong enough [Coz I am a +size :) ]carry me. In other words, mark your territory.
Rick Warr Oct 2020
humanity at play
all on display
sun salved souls
play out their connection
under a soothing sun
mum and daughter
mum and dad
master and dog
boyfriend and girlfriend
surfer and surfboard

out of our living rooms
away from the fumes
satisfying our want
dealing with sand and salt

with a variety of competence

local or tourist
turkey or purist

it’s all ok
it’s a lovely day
humanity is out to play
and on display
painting the egalitarian beach scene i saw today
John McCafferty Aug 2020
A forked tongue on display
Desperate to divert apart
as head and heart seem separate
Sometimes we have to surrender to loss as opportunity knocks
Times will come when
difficult decisions are deemed useful
As transitions are a learning tool for all
Pain is part of the process of progress
Acknowledge the logical steps that need to be met
Some set criteria may be inferior
But agree to abide by these guidance rules
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Nylee Jul 2020
Why am I me?
I had a chance
to turn into many
But why did I get
stuck with me
this version,
there are so many bugs
I am always lagging
Often I freeze midway
I am seldom muted
the voice quality
is so mediocre
the display so
why this me
A play of colours
Rich in hues
Red, white and a dash of sea blue
Velvety cream, the pastry sweet
Ornate vintage pitcher
Flawlessly flowing spout
Arresting, the fragrance of the rose
Shy elegance in white, the orchids divine
Aesthetics sublime
Inspired by a friend’s photo
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
The Century’s Wake
by Michael R. Burch

(lines written at the close of the 20th century and introduction of the 21st century)

Take me home. The party is over,
the century passed—no time for a lover.
And my heart grew heavy
as the fireworks hissed through the dark
over Central Park,
past high-towering spires to some backwoods levee,

hurtling banner-hung docks to the torchlit seas.
And my heart grew heavy;
I felt its disease—
its apathy,
wanting the bright, rhapsodic display
to last more than a single day.

If decay was its rite,
now it has learned to long
for something with more intensity,
more gaudy passion, more song—
like the huddled gay masses,
the wildly-cheering throng.

You ask me—
“How can this be?”
A little more flair,
or perhaps only a little more clarity.
I leave her tonight to the century’s wake;
she disappoints me.

Originally published by The Centrifugal Eye. Keywords/Tags: new, century, wake, new year, party, Central Park, fireworks, song, display
Don 't do that !
Don 't you try to eat me
I'm not real
Don 't squeeze
Don 't touch
I look real
And you might want a piece of me
I reckon
Don 't feed me either
with fake cooked shrimp or artificial cupcakes
I 'm no  endangered bird of  paradise
Those faux iridescent blue feathers I display
Can 't even fly me over the factice canopy
Of pseudo Papua New Guinea
Wanna enjoy a pretend dance
A simili nuptial parade ?
I 'm just a fraud of a plumage
A true faux extinct species :
Your dancing dandy.
Your *** toy !
Your Display Hues

Your Touch Cues

Caught me,

In Loop



© Feelings Coated
From the book Feelings Coated
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