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Nylee Jan 2021
You were the sun
Lately, all you do is
my skin.
Nylee Nov 2020
Why should I seek the other
When i have the one?
-Goat Apr 2020
Life is truly too short to take chances
instead, go find someone who makes you smile
and if it still persists after a while
only then you'll know it's worthy of your advances
Don't fill your dish with food you probably won't enjoy. Slow and steady wins the race
Nylee Mar 2020
Every thing has changed,
Nothing is the same.
I know more about not knowing
What will come next,
Just holding my breath.
Nylee Dec 2019
Do what your head tells you to
Before it tells you not to.
Nylee Nov 2019
To prove that you are right
Don't do something wrong.
Nylee Nov 2019
Keep me far
And I'll stay right there.
Nylee Sep 2019
In a second
I experienced the life
sweet and sour
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