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Jules 13h
I didn't call anyone
I never did asked for help
Now I'm looking in the mirror
I barley recognize myself
Who are you

Who am I? that depends how you recognize me. I could be your long lost cousin meaning we have a lot of things to catch up on, I could be your student; the one who sits with earphones in her ear. I could be nothing to you but very special to someone like my mom. The answer really depends on your status and the relationship you have with me. For example, I am the daughter of Rachel Thomas and Clayton Tipewan. They see me as the daughter of 8 who’s going to make them really proud one day. Even my own parents for sought who I am. So I guess that means I am whatever you say I am. What do you see when you look at me? It matters because the beliefs you have overcome mine. I can’t go around saying I’m trustworthy while lying to your face. I can’t say I’m loving after I told you stay out of my life forever. I am filled with jealousy, insecurities, and hatred. Although I could also be kind, courageous, and considerate. The truth is I am everything at one point. I am forever changing. So however you see me, it’s true I was the person in one point of my life but I swear, you aren’t right either. I’m a state of mind. An idea. Be careful how you see me, never trust your beliefs about who you think I am because one day (that day will come) and I’ll let you down.
I wrote this when I was in grade 11
Simone13 Aug 16
Who am i
A speck of dust
Buried between a dessert
In a world to large to perceive
Claire Ellen Jul 29
She asked me, Who are you?
I responded, What do you mean?
My headed and thoughts thickened and clouded over;
Who am I?
Have I lost touch of all the wonderful blocks that build me
    to me?
Have I lost the emotions and roots that created me
    to be me?
I know I have found her before,
once or  twice when alone and happy and free,
but now I've morphed into, just me.
Then I think, all these things I think are me,
are they me?
Or are they what others see in me?
Have I morphed into a "What you see me"?
People say I am warm and bright,
but all I can ask is who are you?
Are you changing? Are you sliding by?
Who do you want to be vs. who were you?
I'm Claire.
I'm unfiltered,
I'm easy going,
I'm nervous but adventurous,
I'm authentic and open with everyone,
When I love you, I LOVE you
    and when I hate you, I just don't care about you anymore.
I'm so open I hurt deeply,
I'm selfish
   but I think everyone should be in some ways.
I always see another side,
I'm dramatic but I shy from frienship and relationship drama
I don't belong to one mold, I'm always changing and shifting
I'm an imaginer and not much of a do-er,
I'm a listener,
God respecter.
I find it funny, my whole life my parents said,
"You're unique", but never said why or how to use this "uniqueness".
I just grew up thinking, "I'm unique" but I still don't know why.
I'm pretty much like everyone else I think,
I feel, I love, I see, I react.
I change so much in a day its hard to focus on who I'm being in one moment.
I don't know who I am,
I really don't even know who I want to be,
I just want to be better than I am now.
megan Jun 26
will i ever find out who i am?
or am i just a hologram?
an experiment in simulation
Eyithen Jun 22
I wish you could understand how hard this is
I wish you could understand just how heavy everything feels
I wish you could just see that something is wrong
But I wish you didn't try to fix me

I know you see my agitation
I know you hear the attitude in my voice
You think its just me being emotional
I just had a bad day

I wish you could leave me be
I wish I had some peace
I wish I had a reason
I wish I had words

But I don't
I can't explain the exhaustion I feel
I cant explain the headaches
I can't explain the weight of it all
I can't explain the desire I feel to just give up

I wish it could be simple
I wish it could all go away
I feel like I'm drowning in a think cement of anxiety and depression….
Its overwhelming

I want to stay away
I want to escape
I want everything to disappear
I want things to change

So why am I still stuck?
Why can't I move?
Why is it I can't seem to figure out what I'm supposed to do?

You try to talk to me
You try to hear me

You say you understand
You say you know how I feel
You say you went through the same thing
But that was a long time ago

If you really understood you would leave me alone
If you really understood you would let me breath
I you REALLY TRULY understood you wouldn't be pushing me like this.

I know your stressed but I am too
You say I'm not doing enough,
Like all the effort I put in is nothing
I say I'm busy, but you say I'm not
I'm not doing enough

You're not me!
You don’t know my life
You don’t know me!

You compare me to Her even though you say you don't
Is nothing I do good enough!!!
I am trying to find my way but its not fast enough for you.
I need time, I need patience,
You're riding on the back of this bronco.
I'm not in university, I don't have good influencing friends according to you.

Apparently I make the wrong decisions.
Do I disappoint you?
Just because I'm not at the same spot as Her?
But its not enough.

I feel like I'm going to break
I feel like any day I'm just going to stop caring
I have already been slipping downhill.
I haven't been taking care of myself and it shows
But your too wrapped up in everything else to see it

I know you need the support
I know its been ******* you too.
But please SEE ME
Please Hear Me
Sorry guys, just a frustrated, overly emotional, vent. Not sure if this is even considered poetry at this point, so I don't know if this belongs here. (I used lots of repetition though; that's a poetry thing, lol) But I'm sure many of you might feel the same way sometimes  even though these words don't fully express the emotions bubbling over.
If they say
"Life is tough"

In silence
"So do I"
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: What are you made of?
I've tried to understand myself, the what, the where, the WHY?

The more I look inside myself, the more I want to cry.

My souls been searched a thousand times and still I ask the question, who am I?

I sometimes think I've cracked it, got the secret, changed my mind. But it's all gone in a blink of an eye, I've ruined things again...Who am I?

No longer can I scream and shout because I've started to just sigh. This never ending question plays on, who am I?

I look to others for validation, or run away from their judging eyes. I'm not sure they can tell me, who am I?

In a day I'll have the answer, in a week I'll kiss it goodbye, in a month I'm going faster, in a year...Who am I?

And I've tried to understand myself, the what, the where, the WHY...But can I ask you a question? Who am I?
I’m the cling-clang of coins in my pocket,
and loose paperclips in a desk drawer.
Like lipstick and gum in a lady’s purse,
I’m a kid’s toys strewn about on the floor.

When I walk my insides rattle about,
like a  janitor’s keys without his ring,
like groceries bagged by junior baggers,
I’m jumbled as a cat’s unraveled string.

I’m less ordered than a box of Legos,
or debris remaining after a storm.
Nuts and bolts in an amateur toolbox
click-clack and click-clack with even more form.

I’m just a package of random loose parts,
though the world sees me as perfectly fine.
Life is making order of that chaos,
but it’s my life and that chaos is mine.
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muteD Mar 19
my head hurts .
it always hurts .
something always hurts .
whether it’s my head or my heart
something is always in pain .
torturous pain..
the type of pain that’ll make you scream ,
scream until your throat is bleeding .
scream until you can’t scream no more .
scream until your scream is tired of you .

that’s what I think I need to do .
I need to scream
and get out all of my anger .
I need to let go .
but I can’t .
I can’t let my dam crack open .
duct tape won’t keep that flood at bay .
all of my control
would have bolted for the door .
and why?
why because
my anger would like nothing more than to swallow me whole .
to drown me in nothing but sorrow
and an intense feeling of
hate .
seasoned and conditioned just right ,
my anger would have me hating everyone .
even more so than I hate myself .
and I do hate myself .
I hate the person I used to be
and I hate the person I’m becoming .
I can’t lie to myself anymore ,
I really don’t know who I am
outside of my madness .
outside of each one of my issues
lies a baby girl who used to pure .
untainted and not molded yet ,
a perfect example of how anything can happen to anyone .
doesn’t matter who you are .
Anger has a way into shaping you into the person it wants you to be..
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