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Lou Oct 7
To all those,

With petty drug
Who might
         **** ***** in gateways

Or all those,

Whose skin color was too
         whose genders made them less
                               And especially under the 13th

Who they won't allow one to get

To all those,
ink and by fashion
                   rejected and inappropriate

For those,
who touched too little
or those who have ****** a lot
                    And most certainly
        those who were not allowed to tell

And for,
  all who pray and are feared
   all too poor to be there
    all too sick
     all not educated
      all who speak too much
       And who don't say anything at all.

    You are all the least qualified to get a job.
Let they be the judge.
      None of your mistakes or situations
               can be redeemed or validated.
               Does that sound about white?
                       They told you image
                             mattered but,
All these people can't get a job or are put off on the process due to some sort of discrimination. Your image matters they say as they let a man sit at the Supreme Court with the shittest images ever. Honestly if it doesn't sound about white I would be lying to you. This **** is crazy out of control and only picking at the intent and history will wake people up that these "people" don't care.
Em Sep 26
Foreign tongue
Unequivocal beauty.

Thousands of languages
billions of souls

but not understanding.

I don't mind.

I am happy
to witness you
And your language.
im really tired i have no idea what my brain is thinking
Anya Sep 13
Last year
was the worst

loosing half our team
to a discrimination scandal

how could they do that?
how could that say that about those people?

how could they be those people?
how could they get expelled?

how could they sabotage our team?
By doing such ****** things?

We lost
No surprise there

A losing streak
till the end of the season

Even losing the title of champion
held several years in a row


This year
new freshman

faces shining
as ours had been years past

showing us weary downtrodden sophmores
the reason we played in the first place

not the winning
not even the people on the team


But the sport
our sport

we just defeated our long time rivals this year
and things are looking good
Sehar Bajwa Aug 24
there lives a little white boy across the street,
i swear the chaps' got wings on his feet.
but he grovels around in charcoal and mud,
cos they say he hasn't got athletics in his blood.
he breaks British records, doesnt seem to stop,
but the Jamaican colours flutter from his rooftop.
Olympics the dream,but more than that,
little master Owens just wants to be Black.

there lives a little black girl just next door,
i can hear her tap dance on the linoleum floor.
she sings the opera from dusk to dawn,
she prances and twirls on the family's front lawn.
"your dancings' awkward, your voice baritone,"
it's not in your blood, leave the dreams alone.
she smears fairness creams day and night,
little miss Britney just wants to be White.
racism and stereotyping lives on
sushii Aug 24
you say that loving the same *** is worth hating.
you say that these people
for their unchosen sin should be paying,
but deep down, you’re the same.
you wake up every morning
hating the same day.

you say that another skin color is what they should be wearing,
but really, you are also truly despairing.

you tell them to be this,
and be that.
you tell them that they’re too skinny,
or too fat.

you tell them how to be and who to be—i wish you could see through your hypocrisy.

because all colors of the rainbow are pretty.

because every size is alright.

because these people try with all their might.

because being different shouldn’t be met with fright.

let us all dance together

and fade into this beautiful night.
Oscar Osorio Aug 13
“Oscar, de dónde vienes?!”
As I hear the rich ****** attempt my native tongue
My tongue goes native with quietness
A long stare, I don’t dare to say a word
I don’t care to even dare to say a word
I’ve gone through this before
I can write you a history book on the history
of me being discriminated
I can show you my profile on being profiled by you
Any season is a good season to give you a reason to question my allegiance to this flag
In Trumps presidency, it’s ok to ask this
It’s ok to ask if “I’m a illegal” because I don’t look like you people
I’m part of the 52 percent that get asked this because of my accent
But I will prevent you from hurting the minds of the innocent
You call yourself American but I’m from 2 of the 3 America’s with full knowledge of all Americas
My rice has more culture than your entire structure and whitewashed culture
Your ignorance doesn’t translate these rolling Rs that your daughters love
“Oscar, de dónde vienes?!”
As I hear the rich ****** attempt my native tongue
My stubborn tongue refuses to give in to your oppression
But for a second I catch my reflection and see my parents
I smile, “I proudly come from Ecuadorian parents”
And I walk away leaving the ****** red and embarrassed
While I am not a casualty
I hide behind the transparency of blame
My name is the name of privilege
When privilege is confronted with a name.
My objective reality
Still remains subjective to a forgotten claim
While the prejudiced are still pillaged,
As privilege and prejudice play a deadly game.
I wrote this a while ago, following the tragic shooting of Charleston Church. Please let me know your thoughts and insights on my writing.
Elin Roberts Aug 3
forever feeling miserable
struggling to escape
the head space i'm in
yeah this is a funny way to start a poem
but what to do when i struggle to find a piece of paper for this pen

the pen of my mind
sounds silly but yeah
this pen's run out of ink in an aspect that i can't describe
don't understand the pain i feel when the worlds insecurities and judgments become real, when they break the ******* seal

dear ***.

why judge a person by the colour of their skin?
their religion?
their view?
the position they're in?
when white privilege becomes an overbearing shadow of a supposed 'gods' sin
when the upper and middle classes decide that they're in

the saddle of a higher horse
lacking the feeling of remorse
deciding the laws and punishments of an irrelevant choice
that has nothing to do with our selves
and everything to do with an intimidating insecurity.

it breaks my heart, and
i've no idea where to begin, where to start
i can't describe the pain i feel when i look into the eyes of one
who's been denied of their own identity, their own individuality
their claim and their right to decide where to start
on figuring out the person they want to be within their own heart

someone, please, set me free
from the limitations of my imagination
i need to escape the boundaries of this deluded reality that society
has carefully and tactfully created
to tame the thoughts of a mind such as mine
to stop me being free

free to believe that i am my own person
free to believe that i am an individual form of me
free to believe that my heart doesn't beat to the rhythm of a reality that's very purpose is to destroy the extraordinary

that IS human nature

to those reading my poem, i may not make sense
but then again, what does, guess i'm creating a certain suspense
in this day and age
filled with societies decay
societies need to destroy and conform those who live outside the standard that is expected
the standard that is reflected

in the eyes of those who feel the desire, to want so strongly to be connected
to a group of the earths people
who were born to create a deflected
sense of abnormality, because their lack of understanding
reflects their personalities
and bless them in the sense that they'll never understand
that people were born because
we were always meant to

band together

live together

die together

and that is our reality
first one i've written in a while
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