I suppose that it's good that I EXPERIENCED
An intimate relationship,
If I meet a very attractive young lady,
I am very sensitive and cautious.
She has the advantage of her youth
And her looks,
But she has the disadvantage of having to
Make plans for the future,
At a time when America's politics
Is extremely dysfunctional
And the Earth's environment
Is in rapid decline.
Brent Kincaid Jul 10
Southerners said “You’re white!”
They’re black, and that’s not all right,
But you’re okay because you’re white.”
But that’s not right because I’m not white.
I’m sort of a pasty pinkish beige
So, why is it the rage to say white?
And black? That is usually the wrong tack.
I know people that say they are black
And others yak about black folk
In hateful, racist jokes, but they too
Are not black. They’re color runs from
As light as a cup of milky tea
To the color of a kukui nut.

So what is this black and white crap?
It’s a trap for some who don’t know
What to call other people because
They’re trained to call other people
Some name besides just people.
It has to be what color people
Trained under school bell and steeple
To talk this way and veer away
From the point they are making,
The risk they are taking by seeing
Something else besides a human being.
Instead they focus on something unreal
And therefore manage not to feel.

It’s really so sad, and so demeaning
To zap so much meaning from someone
Who has a life, loves, joys and pain;
Let's remain aloof from giving names
And incorrectly worded colors to them.
Don't pretend that you are being kind
When you teach yourself to be blind
To the beauty and the joy of boys
And girls who are not from your race
And to replace love and opportunity
With fear, suspicion and enmity.
It is quite simply a common tragedy.
Amber Lynn Jul 9
Stuck in a world with crossed out eyes and censored smile.
A world where allies are enemies in disguise.
Where you're only chance is kill or be killed with your head dragged low, zoned out, escaping into snippets of sanctuaries.
A world where one punch thrown isn't enough to drag you down but words can get you in a life sentence.
We hear guns in the valleys and we just assume it's birds being shot without questioning murder or a life being lost.
In a world where suicide is such an issue, we insist on making shows about it instead of actually providing assistance to those dealing with the idea.
It's no big deal if scars are from trauma or cliche, but yet tripping into concrete walls deserves the story to be told over,
and over
and over again.
In a world where girls are called sluts after holding hands, but boys become men after reaching third base.
Where gay is a slur, and anything other than "straight cos male" is attention seeking.
They see smiling in the streets as a crime and any word beginning with A-Z an insult making us invent new languages only we understand, turning simple literature into a translation in the form of semantics. Contradicting themselves to categories they don't quite fit the mould for, with our own personal "mutations" getting in the way of "perfection"-even though we don't quite know what "perfection" means, but we just assume it's hiding behind photoshopped boobs, Snapchat filters and makeup just to hear someone say,
"you're beautiful".
Even the only thing they that fits the label of "beautiful" is the mask you cover your face with.
Hiding it from a world with crossed out eyes and censored smiles...
They chose to call it The Freedom Tree
Because in their ultimate wisdom
They felt it represented all of mankind
And their famous bid for freedom.
But all the while they didn’t really intend
For all the people to enjoy it.
They meant the right people in their laws
And selectively chose to employ it.

It stood in the center where battles were
And where some patriots had died
And from the beginning they ignored many
And abused them far and wide.
They argued that they were not really people
These of color or unaccepted belief
Then subjected them to the very horror they
Themselves had come here for relief.

So this was The Freedom Tree so named
By some kind of patriotism that chooses
Who gets to live, and love and prosper
And in the end, decide who loses.
Maybe they should have chosen a name
That said what they thought was right;
Maybe the name should have been
The Tree of Freedom For Everyone White.
Enigma Jun 29
" Who is in there? !  Answer eh! "
The shadow trembled .                 " Are you black or white?!"       
  " I am hungry, sir. '' The voice replied.

Why is it that souls are judged on the basis of their colour?  This disgraceful conjecture which has been dejecting people  for centuries, seems on an external tenure. When will it bear a full stop? Be it the western nations, where it determines a person's status or the southern, where it decides a person's magnitude of beauty. Although, this mind set is hobbling downwards, yet some vestiges are still sparky, which are needed to be hushed off. 
Feel free to share your thoughts.
Chiz Jun 26
My skin is filled with melanin, that makes me black
Because of that, I’m under serious attack
Everytime I leave my home, I must watch my back
All of this discrimination just ‘cuz I’m black

Police brutality is wrong, stay in your lane
It’s simple, yet you insist on seeing me in chains
Please tell me, what do you gain from my pain?
Everything you do drives me insane

You say that I’m not able, but I know I can
I’m so close to figuring out ‘The Plan’
I’ll succeed and get an education too
Maybe one day, I’ll be the one looking down on you

Black lives matter
All lives do
We just want to be treated
Just like you
Sorry if it comes across as me being a racist, I am just practising protest poetry.
Once upon a time
        In a land not so far away
        Wait, Sorry that was right here
        Last summer this very day
        I bought three bunnies
        black white and grey.

        before bringing them in
        I worked all things out
        built three wooden warrens
        poured milk in separate bowls
        As I put them down
        like a precious prize
        what they did then and there
        took me by surprise.

        All three baby rabbits
        latched onto the same cup
        like allies in a fight pit
        they went slurp slurp slurp
        But I tried to let that slide
        maybe they were hungry and dazed
        Later that night I put them to bed
        in their wooden boxes side by side

        Waking up the next day
        what I saw blew me away
        cuddling together in one box
        there they were cozy and gay
        Do they fail to see
        the difference in their color
        like we the "righteous" humans do!
        Don't they feel superior to one another
        like we with our clever conscience do!

        Are we the savages or are they?
        Is humanity just a cliche?
        From cavemen to civil beings
        are we too evolved to see
        Death doesn't discriminate
        So why should we?
We all were created equals and as equals, we shall live
Dirk Salimus Jun 18
Even though you have bigger steps,
Wider vision to witness Earth's majesty,
experienced alot of things I didn't had the chance to feel,
and even though your hair turns grey first,

You are still the one worthy of loving
Our bond will always be discrimination-defying.
My girl is taller and older than me but we defy discrimination. This explains the hidden side of love,finally unveiled
Ijla Jun 12
wolf whistles, cat calls
She hears them everyday
On the roads she takes
And even at school
Everytime she walks by
You tell her she is beautiful
But me,
Im invisible
Cause by society's standard
Im not beautiful
By society
I mean people like you
You think you are degrading me
But to me its a relief
A sign which tells me
That im different
At least Ill know that people like me for me
Not just my looks
Cause god knows people dont befriend another
Unless they are either pretty famous or rich
Its sadly the condition of the world we live in
A world full of selfish people
Now, you might also think by doing that
You make me feel ugly
Self concious
Foreign in my own body
You cant be anymore wrong
I know Im beautiful
Real beauty is a kind heart
Not just flawless skin
Real beauty is inside us
Its magical and special
Unique for each person
In their own way
So dont go around
Throwing aound such a
Wrong concept of what beauty is
Cause in the end
Its the inner beauty
That would matter to the person
With a mind open to the world
And a heart beating in rhythm
For a long awaited love
PoserPersona Jun 21
Just white male redneck trailer trash
Privileged life of manual labor friviousless
Just white male redneck trailer trash
Father was a bricklayer, and his, and his...
Just white male redneck trailer trash
Toiling their backs away to pay their toll
Just white male redneck trailer trash
Building the views and places you stroll
Just white redneck male trailer trash
1% of whites oppressed the rest
The gays, women, blacks, Jews, gypsies, Asians, Hispanics, Irish, and such. But where that just white male redneck trailer trash at?!
However, when we speak our privileged minds, you bash
We just forever that white male redneck trailer trash
But now white historical one percent oppressors,
have "elected" to open their "merited" doors
to scant gays, women, blacks, and such..
Not white male trailer trash so much
*white male redneck trailer trash
Excuse me, cause I am just
white male redneck
trailer trash.
Not able.
No moral or rational person will think that minorities and women haven't been historically suppressed and continue to be so to various degrees by more than just the 1% of the most privileged white people, however, I believe and feel, in response to historical oppression, there is indeed an active anger and paranoia unnecessarily directed at white people and even more so white, straight, males. Considering historical context, it's not hard to fathom why this is so, but that doesn't justify it. Having to hear someone tell my father who has worked in construction his whole life that he is privileged by someone who themselves is a college graduate from a great school from a family of doctors, professors, and lawyers is frustrating and hypocritical, in my opinion. Being black, hispanic, female, non-gender conforming, asexual, etc., does not necessarily mean your life is always harder than all others who don't fit within those parameters. Classism in of itself and aside from identity politics is an issue some class privileged minorities and females seem to conveniently ignore to various degrees, as that is a privilege I presume that they don’t want to acknowledge as then they are no longer the victims of oppression they fancy themselves to be and have to be accountable to both their failures and why there successes aren't as impressive as they present them. If you yourself are from a wealthy successful family, don’t feel guilty, but don't disenfranchise those who don’t have that privilege, particularly when your minority in-group, if you belong to one, actually contains a majority of individuals who are disenfranchised to an extent that limits their mobility and quality of life significantly more so than you probably are. Do we still have a ways to go? Yes, of course. Do you still have certain challenges if you're from a wealthy family as a minority, yes, of course and they are still legitimate struggles, but life's a bitch for everyone but usually less so when your biggest problem isn't a lack of money, social capital, or prestige. Yes, white straight men still dominate the top rungs of the ladder more than they should, but they are a small fraction of white straight males and to lump us all together is short sighted and a stereotype. Many of these people I'm calling out right now preach they are openminded, cultivated, and moral, but it is only to the degree you agree with them or otherwise to the degree it advances their own individual or in-group political agendas. Open-mindedness and liberalism are not synonymous terms. Correlated, yes, but causation is not necessarily correlation. Life can be so much greater for us all, let's work together and erode the barriers we so easily call out, but never cross.
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