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Rane 5h
The Earth is not fragile
Planets grow back after tornadoes
Volcanic eruptions
The sea is unpredictable and untamable
Lightning bursts and thunder roars
The Earth has the ability to ****

The Earth is not fragile
Instead we have destroyed Her
We have torn down
Millions upon millions of trees
Without replacing any
We have hunted animals to extinction
Without a single thought
We have poisoned Her, we have bombed Her
We have over-populated Her and polluted Her
The Earth is not fragile
We are killing Her
And She is tired of fighting

Nada Oct 7
“What a wonderful world” sang Louis Armstrong
Doch stimmt’s noch?  
Damals war noch alles gut mit Familie Kelly
Damals als unsere Welt noch nicht nach Tod roch
“it’s getting hot in here” sagte Nelly
Aber was trifft nun zu?
Unser schöne Welt wird wärmer und wärmer
Aber wir schauen nur zu
Menschen werder ärmer und ärmer
Können so viel tun und tun doch nichts
Machen immer weiter
Irgedwann sind wir nur noch Gestalten des Lichts
“Ich will helfen” sagt ein Schüler “doch isch scheiter”
Kennen alle Micheal Jacksons “Earth Song” doch hörten nie zu
Staat sag mir wann wird alles gut?
Eisbeer, Tiger, Fisch, ja sogar Kuh
Irgendwann schwimmt alles in Blut
Doch warum? Wieso? Weshalb?
Sie stirbt
Für sie gibt’s eben keine Salb
not my best one but it means a lot
Nylee Oct 3
Whilst the world wilts,
Sunshine dims,
River stills in between,
Winds are hurrying
The seasons are changing.

And we throw another plastic bag
We suffocate our lifestyle
Killing our species in style
Make it harder to breathe.
Juhlhaus Oct 3
Stiff necks turn your ears
To the approaching thunder
In the sanctuary walls,
A tremor in the civic flagstones,
Four million poster-board sentiments,
And twice as many young lungs.
They will be marching still,
When you can no longer
Answer those piercing eyes
Looking for your legacy,
Nor stand before the tender feet
Shaking the earth you leave them.
For Greta and the planet.
Lost Sep 29
Globally speaking
I see humans wreaking
Havoc on this earth
More garbage than dirt
Less respect for nature
Plastic island in the ocean
Drastic climate changes predicted
I see it on the news boldly printed
Yet people are complacent
Ignorant or skeptic

Personally speaking
I’m never meeting
Up with my friends
Always in the end
Every evening is spent
Alone in my bed
Every text that is sent
Every snap or DM
Never answering back
The screen remains black

I just look around
And feel settling an internal frown
Throw up a mental white flag
Decide to not be consumed by the bad
I lay down at night
Only to be kept up by fright
Less of fright and more of dread
I feel alone and stuck in my head
Wondering if this is it
Living life alone and upset
Wondering when a shift will happen
And I’ll start feeling less exhausted
Feeling stuck and alone.
I want to hurt myself but I won’t.
Crisis operators really bug me,
So I think I’ll just try and go to sleep.
Yamuna Turco Sep 25
Change is hard
Change requires difficulty and struggle,
pain and heartache

Change is all around us
It calls for us,
beckons us to it
But change means we must act

The world is falling apart around us
The oceans are growing
Our lands are burning
Our hatred of one another takes a step forward and two back
We must strive for change

We make changes to our lives everyday
A haircut
Moving into a new house
Attending a global warming protest,
they are all changes

Change is hard
Change is unnerving
But the world needs change
Or it is about to become a whole lot more uncomfortable
What if trees could move
Would they stay where we do
Would they filter our CO2
I say the answer's NO.

They would rather want a place of their own
Away from humans with axes and saws
Where they'll be at peace
Doing stuff like photosynthesis.

Wonder what would happen then
Wait,Don't bother,Do not say
We'll all be dead anyway!
climate change is real,it is about time we act consciously and help plant more trees. Global warming is coming for us all.
Lost Sep 24
Swept away in the riptide
The waves wash over me
Shaping me
Into something
I look almost the same
There’s just less of me
Eroded, soft, smooth
Yet moved
There’s less of me
But what remains is still solid
River rock stolid
I stay in the same place
Because it doesn’t matter where I go
This oppressive water
It drowns everything
It stings
But it’s the closest I can get
To seeing clearly
     Alphabet soup
     Every word
Nothing expressing
The weight of fate
How heavy
How thick
Swimming in
Cough syrup
Distressed about climate change tonight. Writing about it and hoping/trying to inform myself.
India Sep 7
We need to find a new space of revolution,
Beyond this place of pollution.
Democracy’s dying - the chambers of brick and bone can no longer hone the power effectively,
And besides, the mortars crumbling.
Grumbles echo between screens until the rumbles bubble then burst and tumble onto the streets,
but cries are few and weak.
The masses are meek.
‘To question the system is extreme’ media teams scream while they profit from the chaos and hide behind headlines.
The bourgeoisie sit comfortably as their bunkers are fortified,
Happy to capitalise on destruction and dramatise death.
Their crimes are discreet,
And steeped in deceit,
Yet they remain unburdened by the bodies that pile at their feet.
Why bother searching for answers when science is censored and senses are dulled?
They want us senseless,
Immune and desensitised to the countless lies and ecocide.
“Not our species, not our problem”
But it’s both and more.
Our streets,
Our future,
Our planet.
When will the lesson sink in?
When pollution is skin deep and soil bares only the spoils of war?
The climate crisis takes no prisoners, favours neither rich nor poor.
Your wealth can’t save you.
Hannah Sep 4
If a virus kept its host alive it too could live.
But greed is more powerful.
Maybe we’re the same.
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