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Every day the delirium grows
That our actions don't change our fate.
It's only the scarce few that know
That what we do determines Earth's expiry date.

The more forests that we set ablaze,
The weaker our planet gets.
The more companies that say that it's only a phase
The more people begin to forget

That countless children
Are failing to see a future
Countless children
Have never seen the beauty of nature.

But if we stand together
And we don't fall apart
Everything, we will weather
And a change we will start.

Countless humans
Are begging for a planet to live on,
So countless humans
Must stand up and be relied upon
To make that possible for their fellow brothers,
Sisters, friends and everyone who suffers.
Emry Oct 17
The heat of the pyre;
The way of the fire.

The strength of the earth;
I've had it since birth.

The ebb of the stream;
The power to dream.

The strength of the hurricane
Puts us in further pain.

The depth of the void;
Our future destroyed.
Skylar Russo Oct 3
If the moon was dim tonight,
You would be out there shining sunlight

If I lost my dear friend to the coronavirus,
You would be the arc of my hazel iris

I cling by a wisp of a sharp sword,
To the hope that one day too, you will be adored
What I want
Want more than anything
Isn't a castle on a cloud
Or a palace and king

It's my life as it is
Only extended beyond years
It's my life like this
Minus all the fears

A place where I don't have to build up my armour
A place without this international drama
No climate change or ****** media
No wars and no 'Corona's newest feature'

So it's no castle on a cloud
And certainly no palace and king
I want a world with peace
That's what I want more than anything.
Norman Crane Sep 9
We shelter in caves
Beneath a man-made steel sky
Once reflective of our soul
Now corroded, its reflection a reminder of our great lie
That the Earth could be tamed
Exploited and submitted in the name
Of the human race
Now it is we who must abase ourselves
Deep underground
As above the megastorms tear apart the heavens
Grinding all the atmospheric rust
into vicious orange clouds
Which fall upon us: a forever-rain of dust
Blue oceans smothered
Forests choked
Fields unrecovered
Fires infinitely stoked
We dreamed once of going to Mars
But see instead it's Mars that's come to us
Descended people of a dead planet
We reap the fallen dust
We weep
       the falling dust
We awoke to specks of white ash over our cars
the cloudy grey sky bore no sun just its heat
and the ocean breeze that cooled in my younger years had become futile
California burned
and although L.A  city did not
it was indeed a table that received a mantle of pollution
Jenie Aug 25
in house work play hubs
locked flooding storms shredding
Wi-Fi future set

Zoom Slack Mouseion
locked gyre shift flagged
Wi-Fi future set
2 versions of same 5/7/5 - husband teleworking while museums and science centres are covid-19-closed and the storms start early, preparing for life on screens
Isn’t it funny how
Earth, forged from the universe
Will die by our hands?
Akshita Aug 11
Climate change is real
And everywhere
It haunts our Earth
Every hour of every day

Alas! The nations
Least responsible for it
Tend to suffer
The most
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