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Life is a bittersweet journey.
No way to predict its outcome,
guided only by the cemented memories of the past.
Everyone leaves there mark on this world,
large, small, wherever it may be.

A warm hand, a soft touch,
the gentle caress of the breeze
as I run fingers through my hair.

Through fire, ice, storms, and grassy plains,
I will keep walking onward,
towards the horizon that calls to me.

The path is steep, there are twists, and turns
and unyielding walls that we must climb to our future
but the view at the top-
it must be beautiful.
It'll all be worth it once I finally reach the peak
of the mountain we call

I'll get there someday,
but for now,
A day at a time
is all we can achieve.
If anime has taught me anything,
it's that life is never easy. There are mountain and valleys, storms and sunny days. But we fight through them all to reach the place we most want to be.
-T-hank you "Violet Evergarden", for inspiring this piece
Pepper Dove Feb 12
Outside my window, dull light peers through
bringing with it a solemn feeling, cold and still
an ache deep within, to escape to faraway places
filled with the warmth of the sun, warming me to my bones
awakening my soul, like an old candle finally lit
a burning, a yearning to brighten this room
casting whimsical shadows on the walls, stories to tell all
of worries turned into hopes, learn to cope anyways
move on with the day, skip along to the song playing
playfully in my heart, dancing like a child
alone in her room, singing into her brush
hair in a tangled mess, I must confess
the music caressed, moving me to a rhythm only my soul knows
blind to the outside world, on the other side
of my window.
When the winter blues kicks in at full, all you have to do to cope
is let the inner child out
elysian Dec 2019
beautiful, isn't a good enough description
euphoria, even if just for a moment

dark locks, piercing eyes and smug smile
unparalleled and you know that
beating faster in my chest
till i realise
fantasy is all it'll ever be
unbearable pain ensues
looking away once more,

shameless of me
ought to be guilty
responsibilities and
restraints hold me back
yearning once again, as i watch you pass.
la douler exquisite
- the heart wrenching pain of loving someone unattainable.
Keanu, salvum fac pópulum tuum.
     et benedic hæreditati tuæ;
     Dona ad victoriam imperator,
     super hostes eorum.
     et ex quo imperium tuum,
     habitationem tuam substravisti.
ENGLISH: "Save, o Keanu, Thy Folk / and bless Thy Heritage. / Grant victory to the Emperor / over his adversaries / and by command of Thy Lordship / extend Thy Dominion."
TheWitheredSoul Sep 2019
Still falling
Solemn rains being
Still_watched by a
Soulless bloke who
Saunder sleeps with the dead but
Slithers amongst the Living
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Ya Boi Sep 2019
Taking a solemn moment to remember the pain
Starring at the light of start that never came
I can't set my eyes down
I wish I could put them aside
Rip them from my head
I'm scared of these skies and their same old joke
Showing me beauty then hiding away as I choke
My own words lost in my throat
Extending my arms to the sky I cry a silent moan
Setting foot one step further to repay my life's loan
everything is so messy,
i feel this aching pain when i'm at home, and when i'm out with friends i feel lonely.
my mind feels like my bedroom, a right off.
sure, you can tell me to clean it and i can try,
i can want to clean it but no matter how many times i shove that ***** laundry back into a pile; and no matter how many times i throw everything out,
it all comes back out sooner than later. i crave a tidy life, i tidy mind and a tidy room, but it's so hard to keep up with.
i would rather let sleep cradle me in it's gentle arms for the rest of the day, and do it tomorrow.
though, tomorrow never comes and thus my room and my mind stay the same.
a vicious, but comforting cycle.
i like it when things stay the same, i like it more than i should.
all i've had my whole life is change,
now i find comfort in static, i find comfort in knowing what's going to happen tomorrow.
i find comfort having routine even though the cycle i'm in is destructive and makes me hate myself, it's hurtfully comforting.
that doesn't make any sense but here's something that might,
feeling something is better than feeling nothing
negative or positive
maybe that's why i stick around you.
you don't help me clean, if anything you make even more of a mess, but that keeps the routine going.
i'll clean tomorrow. then turns into tomorrow. then tomorrow. then tomorrow. then...
Soon the world will know
What's hiding behind every closed door

The smiles that weren't true
The lies of "I love you"

How everyone would say "I'm fine"
Only to be left behind

But the truth is you'll never really dare
Once they are broken you will then
    only then...
You will start to care
Why do we let things be when we know those who need help.
neo Jul 2019
she stands there,
wind through her hair,
dazed and unaware,
numb and hopeless,
a broken goddess.

she stands there
waiting for time
to fade her away
into the dark, cold night.
Alek Mielnikow Apr 2019
Within the mighty depths of hell
a hopeful strength emerged.

A chick is hatched, unprepared, gone.

But soon this demon died and fell
for Death fulfilled an urge.

Dust from dried-up reservoirs swamp
the morning. Sweat sticks to thin clothes.

And from her ashes rose a scorn,
a surge of wrath, as they do tell.

Hats and fans wave in cadence on
the porch. Mosquitos and flies on
sunburnt skin are swat from existence.

Hearts were crossed, souls were torn;
flooded by a sea of her love.

An ashen cloud submerges the
forest. The withered, dew-frosted
blood-red leaves drift off, joining the
arrangement on the soil. Clear
water streams by to the high tide.

By Aleksander Mielnikow (Alek the Poet)
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