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degzvdg Dec 2021
The tyranny of this empty room
will always be the underlying comfort of no one.

These books left unread, has been the taste of my inglorious pursuit of happiness.

A guitar hanging on the wall collecting dust and rust, is a product of my unremarkable trust with myself.

A single bed that will be slept on later, will be filled with imaginative thoughts of grandeur,
Combined with the thoughts that betrayed me compiled with,
"I should've and could've".

Only this pen latched on to my hand to carve the honest words,
This paper to produce erasures of beautiful sentences.
The writer that will bear the coming of tomorrow.
Nolan Willett Oct 2021
A lovely tree, so carefree,
In serene tranquility
With it I would spend my night,
And let come whatever might

Red-yellow leaves, sparsely wreathed,
Life into the air it breathes
Dying breaths, it pays a price
Gives it’s solemn sacrifice

It’s not fair, you’ll soon be bare,
Many will not even care,
At least for now, your leaves bright
Make for an envious sight.
Lazy lines for a lazy day, 2019
Katlyn Orthman Sep 2021
Over the hill
A bird softly sings
A sad chirp
Off dewy grass rings

Forlorn and forgetful
It pumps its wings
As a thunder storms
The lighting softly stings

There was a tapping
That made it turn its head
It creeped up louder
Filling a little heart with dread

Beating its chest
Like the doldrums do
A quiet quest
As the solemn bird flew

Sore and soaring higher
It’s wings grew tired
The whispers of a liar
The bird now expired

Plummet back to Earth
It hit with a thud
Decaying in a hearse
And buried in the mud

There was a sad chirping
It’s haunting dewy hills
In the darkness it’s lurking
Lies always ****
Sarafæl Aug 2021
Some days you cry because you miss them
Some days you cry because you listen
To your fears that hold you back
It feels like a heart attack
You want to succeed
But your too afraid to try
Too afraid to close your eyes
And listen to that lullaby
Of solemn sorrow you once knew
All too well
Nylee Apr 2021
You are not here for the truth
And I am not going to lie,
let us depart with a solemn goodbye
Claudius Jan 2021
You appeared in my intuition before you appeared before my eyes.
I could sense that we were wandering close enough to cross paths for a short amount of time.


What I could not sense was how your presence would bring my heart to full capacity and for a few mere moments I would be drowning in my love for you instead of simply treading.

I could not see that the moment you walked out of the door, and looked at me one to many times, that the vacancy sign in my mind would flip on while my heart continued to deny anyone from checking in.

My intuition tried to prepare me but I suppose no one can ever be ready to see the one person that left them alone walk away once more.
Mary Shanti Dec 2020
The mirror reveals the soul within
It is hazy water filled
In a desert mi raged heart

It is barren
Where whence it was full throttled cherry blossomed, apple cheeked rosy

The mirror reveals the soul within
Scorched embers
Still can see through the branches to a small piece
Not yet scorned
Tenderly aching but still filled with a sense of wonder
A leaf not torn
A branch unbroken, its leaves fall, hoping to dance in the suns warmth

The mirror reveals the soul within
Whose lines tell stories like trees that have grown
There bark is brittled beauty
Born from moments that were swept up like wisps of air

The mirror reveals the soul within
Still standing
Still solemn
Still here.
azzan Jul 2020
the journey commences,
both here we begin.
assured in our senses,
content in our sins.

suddenly you grow cold,
our horizons freeze.
this life we planned to mould,
you neglect with ease.

i escape this dream, everything turns bright.
the roads feel calmer, we're lost in the night,
'til we gently approach a traffic light.

the lights glare green, as you grow keen.
the lights trigger amber, you erupt with anger.
the lights turn red, our love turns

posted on jan 6th
Sierra Jordyn Jun 2020
Nothing but foul bed bugs
Filling the holes in my brain
The macabre can oftimes seem mundane
Or excusatory, even pretentious in tone
What’s more profound than the morbid thoughts of a puny whipster
Can reflections so defiled by pessimism ring true as gold?

Is living through rose petals more befitting of art such as this
Droning on of garden’s sunbeams?
Or do the melancholy mutterings of a heavy head so ghoulish and grim
Mean more than the blithesome fervor of a soul
Not tainted or scarred in such a way as this;
By the absolutes and certainties of this life
And lack of therewithin-
Does such purity equate to disillusionment?

Knocked off course so viciously
I feel so good,
so visceral and clean
Yet deeply ungraceful
Making armistice with these Devils proves paragon
To amity and peace within
The alternative to internal conflagration

Release them,
But only when vital
Kept on a shortened leash
They are not inclined to seek abdication
But with absolute suppression they shall,
Exact their Revenge
written December 12, 2019,  edited June 12, 2020
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