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Evil people are weeds, they always rise no matter how much we pull them out. It's the endless battle between good and evil. Still we must pluck them away, one by one, because getting rid of weeds is never worth burning an entire crop.
LRF May 24
If you drink
at the
the mouth of that river
its gaping jaw
and jagged teeth,
for its churning mix of salt and fresh water
cannot slake your thirst,
cannot sustain you.

Once you dip your head
in that wet maw
and close your eyes to its wily currents,
it will seize
the moment of surrender
and trusting immersion
and swallow you
until it rapes all breath
from your slackened body
and leaves you to sleep -
a weightless
slumber -
amongst the somber waving weeds.
May 2020
Elle Vee Apr 28
Why can't we forget
How the weeds grew in our yard
The ones we  removed
Demi Apr 13
is covered in weeds now,
they intertwine and gasp,
strangle each other,
I guess we escaped that.
by Michael R. Burch

Here the only anguish
is the bedraggled vetch lying strangled in weeds,
the customary sorrows of the wild persimmons,
the whispered complaints of the stately willow trees
disentangling their fine lank hair,

and what is past.

I find you here, one of many things lost,
that, if we do not recover, will undoubtedly vanish forever ...
now only this unfortunate stone,
this pale, disintegrate mass,
this destiny, this unexpected shiver,

this name we share.

Keywords/Tags: doppelganger, namesake, twin, lookalike, grave, tomb, headstone, inscription, weeds, shiver, recognition, destiny, fate
Dream House
by Michael R. Burch

I have come to the house of my fondest dreams,
but the shutters are boarded; the front door is locked;
the mail box leans over; and where we once walked,
the path is grown over with crabgrass and clover.

I kick the trash can; it screams, topples over.
The yard, weeded over, blooms white fluff, and green.
The elm we once swung from leans over the stream.
In the twilight I cling with both hands to the swing.

Inside, perhaps, I hear the telephone ring
or watch once again as the bleary-eyed mover
takes down your picture. Dejected, I hover,
asking over and over, “Why didn’t you love her?”

Keywords/Tags: dream house, divorce, parting, separation, shuttered, weeds, trash can, mover, movers, moving, rejection, relocation
Louise Feb 20
You neglected
the flowers that once
grew so high and so beautiful to
tend the weeds
growing in our garden,
while I was alone trying
to fix the flowers we grew together.
Marri Jan 30
Where did I go wrong?
Was it when burnt rubber filled the cold morning air?
Or was it laid against you with your fingers lost in my knotted hair?

Where did you go wrong?
That's something only the universe knows.
Broken, twisted, beautiful--that's how the heart grows.

Ask again: Where did you go wrong?
The answer is in the breeze.
The answers are in the trees.
The answer is not you, but me.

Where did we go wrong?
We watered the weeds growing in our flowerbeds.
We simply left the stove on, and the house burnt red.
We danced in the streets, only to be dead.

Tell me—
Was our love wrong?
Viji Vishwanath Nov 2019
Weeds of words in garden
Makes encyclopaedia
With thousands of trees
Weeds in the words of garden
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