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Khoi Jul 1
neonatal cries to existential rhymes
earth will except you
will elect you
Clarissa Jun 19
I exist
But dreams turn into dust
And every breath reminds me of last

I exist
But world is so blurry
Contained of hopes I had to burry

I exist
But there’s only blank space
That’s highlighting every wasted chance

I exist
But time turned into slow motion
I’m drowning in an endless ocean

I exist
Joyful dance, cheerfull smile
Did someone say I was fragile!?

I’m alright
Look at me
So delighted to exist
Existence is an ocean."

The body is a vessel, this life is a sea.

God brings the winds that fill its sails,

But it's captain is only me.

Other ships may come and fire against us

My crew may plot a mutiny,

If succeed they do, and if I lose

My ship goes down with me.

No one else will tell me how,

Or why, or what, or when.

Till the sea swallows us up,

And it's waters birth us anew.

Till I say good bye, the final time,

And sail those seas again.
Connecting starlight over rooftops,
Pleading to save my soul.
I look to the night sky to make me feel whole.
Perhaps it's the beauty
Or is it its presence?
When all else fails to be,
It is.
Lee Carter Dec 2020
"To be or not to be,"
That is the question,

nothing more.

The answer is for you to choose,

nothing more.

Nothing more.
heatherlullaby Sep 2020
and here comes the day when she no longer can feel her soul, the lullabies of her atom that used to move every substances inside her reckless personification. she is numb, but no longer have intention to overcome it. she was there, breathing, exsisting.
please, do not re-upload and hello from me, a new born kid inside this mystical world of words. kindly share me your point of view, with love, self.
Niamh Aug 2020
It’s hard,
Wanting someone who doesn’t even know you exist.
A world full of people, and you chose them.
And they choose their person,
Who doesn’t even know they exist.
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