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parisianlune Sep 9
and here comes the day when she no longer can feel her soul, the lullabies of her atom that used to move every substances inside her reckless personification. she is numb, but no longer have intention to overcome it. she was there, breathing, exsisting.
please, do not re-upload and hello from me, a new born kid inside this mystical world of words. kindly share me your point of view, with love, self.
Niamh Aug 27
It’s hard,
Wanting someone who doesn’t even know you exist.
A world full of people, and you chose them.
And they choose their person,
Who doesn’t even know they exist.
Dante Jul 22
I put my voice under a light not knowing that it would burn to a crisp, and all you would hear would be the weakening growls of an animal refusing to die. I thought I had to speak to exist, when all one should ever have to do is be.
Anvillan Apr 7
To understand is to focus. Yet
how do we focus if the
norms keep changing. Do we then
understand change without focus,
just a chaotic spinning existence. Or,
is the quest to understand just a question of
how to understand? Understand what?
I hate the word understand and all it stands for.
I prefer feeling which is true understanding.
You can’t understand love but you can feel it.
We know how we feel but don’t understand why.
Maybe life is a question of why,
a constant question in the fools errand
of trying to understand. This piece
is about confusion. It is confused. There is
the need to ramble without direction or sense.
Every poet needs to stream thoughts. That
stream will make no sense to him/her or to
the reader. If you understand that
you don’t understand, then, I guess,
that’s understanding.
To know but not know why, is not to understand...
jas Feb 24
Do you ever feel like no one can hear you? Haunted by our consciousness, leads to peculiar disguises. Distancing yourself from the commonwealth is just one of the many talents you have overcome. Yet, camouflage can only go so far.
             Gloom fits the setting gently, at first, casually dimming the skylight. Your skin no longer detects the warmth from the sun rays. Trees that are doomed are no longer mount with poise and leaves once flushed with green no longer dance in the wind.
           Imagine being at a standstill while the earth spins indefinitely. Time lies petrified yet inconspicuous to the problems that we face. Inevitably, in our path, the more we try to escape is the more it snags onto any narrow existence.
The death of dreams develops into nightmares which gradually phases to reality. Although, reality tends to contradict itself. Can one really live if they're afraid to die?
writing one's thoughts.
Nolan Willett Jan 11
I don’t want to put off living
And I don’t want to put off experience
I want to have everything life can give me
Be everything I can be
And I’m real sorry you don’t know the difference
Between being alive and simply existing
Hide these thoughts behind worthless rhymes
They say a coward dies many times
So you keep your eyes straight ahead
I want to die only when I’m dead
To die once is enough
Lacy Nov 2019
I get so upset cuz things isn't a watt-books
there's no devotion to a lively romantic ending
At least not for me

For all i want is to be loved
I crave that every single day
when i have it im never satisfied
With it

my romanticness goes beyond what you think is cheesy or cringy
For I crave the love of a fairytale

Yes there be pain disagreements sadness
But im willing to go through it all

I want someone who's gonna fight for me to be with me
Make me happy and just love me for me

That love seems to not exist
why me

Why love so great in the eye but not in the beating heart
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