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Nylee Jun 16
If not for this lingering sadness,
I would pronounce myself dead.
Nylee May 16
I feel like I am a rodent
for you, kind of a pest.
Not welcome but stuck,
Not my home, but make do
with what I want.
You hate the sight of me
don't want to fight me.
You feel I am drinking
the life out of you.
But soon you plan to
get rid of me, permanently
plotting to execute,
the plan to precision
leave me out in the cold
not to be your problem anymore.
Nylee Mar 22

I am a moonchild
Turning colder every night,
Hiding my face,
little more these days

Nylee Mar 5
A rockets soars,
high up in the skies
what lies below
is miniature size of me,
and a world, far brighter than we
divided we may be,
but from above the lines unseen

The dark space
and so many million lights
Light years away
a lonesome voyage
Are there aliens around
them too fleeing
selfish as we
ruining their mother planet
to explore new places to destroy
Just like we have been
looking at different places

We'd be neighbours
In the new planet of doom
We'd go in another war
Like we tend to do
We will repeat
the history
The riches will exploit
the poor yet again
the same rain of pain
Nowhere peace attained.
Something I wrote -Jan 2020
Nylee Jan 27
I don't get nights sleep
I hear your words repeat
in my mind's reach
I need a break,
Please don't speak.

People like to preach
Assure their life is perfect
Have their hands on mine to dissect
Maybe I am nature's freak

Don't need your poke of stick
But a part of your speech
Found a place in my heart to creep
Makes it harder for me to breathe
Your sharp edge cut this deep

I need a break.
I am still awake.
Nylee Jan 17
In a matter of time
I've been losing my mind
the heat rises, and the ice melts

we've suffered enough
or was the last year, just a trailer
to what is to come more

escaping it ain't easy
it is driving me dizzy
thinking about it

Simply, there are no answers
To the times unknown
and the life that are gone

do we refuse to look up still
Or are we so used to the drill
this is no more surreal.
Nylee Nov 2021
I'd like to show you the direction
But I am the unguided wind
always in the motion
Carried away with the storm
I have lost my identity
too many times now
By the shore, by the night
I'd be gone with havoc
With nothing on me.
Nylee Nov 2021
The cliff side view
the beauty chills
the thumping heart
with waves turning
so gripping
taking a step towards
edging to the end
siren calling
the light whispers
so breathtaking
and breathing stopped
Nylee Nov 2021
Everything is a lie,
What I see as reality
is just my side of story
A pretty point of view
Live it, believe it,
illusion is beautiful
Nylee Sep 2021
How did my self worth
day to day
change to how useful I am
To you.
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