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Nylee 5d
Anger flares, then dissipates,
But what remains in its wake?
Do you pace forward, fists ready,
Or stall, your heart ablaze?

In the darkness, do you recount
The lies, the destruction unfold?
Do nightmares and dreams converge,
A story yet untold?

When the anger reemerges,
Do you give it a voice,
A pen to honor its pain,
A chance to make its choice?

It can make you be reckless
It's hard to reign in once it comes
There are innumerable consequence
You don't realise what you become.
Nylee Feb 11
My shoulders are weak,
My mind is strong
I survive the week
with my head all along
The answers reek
the mess within
they call me freak
All muscles give in
But I will not let it show
It's my deserved pain
it will always grow
It is just in vain
All back and fro.
Nylee Feb 7
Shed few tears more
Five years are no less
I break my back for you
For seeing the disdain on your face
Gave you more than love
Respect is a bitter fruit

It's all over
Written on my face
Running away from your case
Filing letters of application
Get myself out of this situation

Nights are sleepless
You running like a reel in my brain
Speaking all the words that you said
You read me like a book
But I have coloured all pages

Murky road ahead, future seems dull
I am not meant for this
I should throw away every snip
Track back to the right track
This is all going to be biting back.
Nylee Jan 30
This is how you lose it
there was momentum
in the beginning you had nothing
And it follows you across till the end.
Nylee Jan 20
I'd always die for your attention,
I'd always cry for your attention,
I'd always lie for your attention,
I'd even live, if I get your attention,
Love, care, whatnots, I just need your attention,
It is suffocating, this suppression
attend to this sensation.
Nylee Jan 17
A view so serene,
A vista so clean,
Yet something seems hollow,
Like a facade below.

Sincere in its beauty,
Meritorious in its duty,
Yet mundane in its gaze,
Like a portrait in a haze.

Plausible in its charm,
Blistering in its calm,
Yet uncut in its core,
Like a story untold.

Drapes of beauty adorn,
Yet something is torn,
Like a tapestry unfurled,
A tale that's yet to be heard.

Oh, view so sublime,
Yet something's confined,
Like a melody unsung,
A poem yet to be begun.

So I gaze upon your grace,
With a hint of unease,
For beauty can deceive,
And leave us to grieve
Nylee Jan 12
she is

the sea tempts
calls her name
it is like a home
for her alone
swim inside
deep life
it is,
is it
deep dive?

in the loneliness garden
in the care of no warden
the flowers wilted before bloom
with water showers of gloom
Nylee Jan 10
In the toxic crunch of work's latent surge,
We drone on, trapped in a much bigger surge.
Deficit of time, of money, of life,
In this job's toxic strife.

Words become meaningless,
As we toil on endlessly.
Our spirits drained, our souls consumed,
By this job's toxic fume.

But still we persist,
Driven by the need to exist.
In this toxic world's toxic race,
Where time is money, and money is pace.
Nylee Jan 4
Grab my hand, barge in my fantasy land
Freak me in, freaked out me
It's like a convergence of parallel realities
Combined to be the one
Sunny side up, Moony side comes
Pacing with different lengths
Crossing roads, holding hands.
It's a plus score, to match wavelengths
Scheming and unscheming
Unscrewing and ******* up the plans
Now it is out of controlled ideology
what becomes of we.
Nylee Dec 2023
It's the season to wrap
the things that we are doing
and a chance glance to the back
Feel every accomplishment as a badge
And all the learnings coming along the way.

It's my poetry wrap
filling pages with words
With December blooming,
the secrets keep unfolding,
Its the spirit that lives and breathes
that it is a time to sit back and relax.

We've overdone ourselves
It's another wrap!
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