Nylee Dec 2018
Truth is relative
it shows too many faces
one for each one.

The truth is,
truth lies to some
and lies are true to some
Nylee Dec 2018
Which algorithm is going to understand me
understand sentiment behind what I do
It is coded for catching the patterns
For them we are just there
to generate the data to process
What insights will they create
about me when I'm just the outlier
they will remove me to get cleaner results
Generalise the problem
that it won't cater to me
technology is not the *****
they make us dance to their tune
We change, as much as they advance
Develop worse habits
change our routines
from when we were in the more happier place
to a place which comes with waves of sadness.
Nylee Dec 2018
add more
what is there
is so less.

it is endless
little still
extra need
more to feed
up to greed

no way to rid
there is a thirst
countless prayers
many faces
every day
ending with empty hands

all the resources
on the toes
multiplying the lives
depleting what is left
it will end
all has been said.
Nylee Nov 2018
Why doesn't the mirror lie
Why does it make me cry
showing my flaws
right on eyes
no chance to hide.

how many questions I ask
answers come out harsh
finding it hard
even when on guard
it awakens my ears loud.

how much should I pretend
what is there to understand
in the shadow
I don't follow
Keep hoping in vain.

Where should I go now
where does the river flow
where is solace
what point should I turn
and when will I learn
to accept me?
Nylee Nov 2018
It is seasonal
limited time period
Your smile, his frown
My car, her scar
A small episode by far.

Tiny twinkles
Cloudy atmosphere
Pull push
Open and close the door
Then sit on the floor.

And rest
Blooming rose
And the bleeding thorns
Leaving the pieces torn.

All it begins
And ends
We live and die
Nothing remains
No entertainment.

Replaced fractions
Divided notions
Agreed and discarded
Lies filled in truth
Because life gives no proof.

Ten steps, eleven jumps
Crawling there
After a huge fall
In between few moments
A sad sentiment.

A vacant headspace
It came and went away
Nothing stays
Good bad ****
All too early
A thought left

Rough days
Cold nights
replaces warmth
tight shoulders
Stiff movements
Aching muscles.

The bitter taste
Sweetened in spring
And autumn leaves
Winter is coming
The ages pass
Just like that
Nylee Nov 2018
The purpose of life
To cause misery to those still alive
And to cause some more misery
To others when you die.
Nylee Oct 2018
Hey I am dying
Because I am still living
I have this privilege
One of many livings
Still believing
that there is happiness
Not disguised sadness
In every part of life.

Still not dying breed
But there is flood of greed
Increasing with great speed
Last second swimming
I go in on the tenth
Drowning this moment
I am breathing
The end of air.
Nylee Oct 2018
No one has the time
to give me another chance
maybe I will fail again
or I will fall from the train
at least I am trying.

Don't bury me
when I am standing
Let me be free
I am pleading
please give me
an another chance.

It is hard to feel all the heat
but I am keeping on my feet
don't make me choose the defeat
I'm inching a bit closer to complete
Really I do not want to sit, now.
Nylee Oct 2018
When it was midnight and
   we had nowhere to go.

When it was sunshine and
  we had nothing to show.

When it was raining
  we were down in pool.

When it was winter
  we were too cool to be cool.

When in May
  we finally found the shelter.

When in December
  we lost another member.

When finally things went well
  we saw another loss.

When things went south
  we took another toss.

When sun rose again
  we didn't trust its light.

When the night spread
  we lived in its moonlight.
Nylee Sep 2018
little longer
a bit more stronger
and so much more
I hope for.
All the papers
I just tore
my dreams not
reaching their shore.
Well before,
so much better
heart sheltered
I, not deserted.
Everything I wore
all filtered
refined to core
Could go ahead with
all that
keep quiet
be that
watch and mimic
being sick
in head.
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