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newpoetica Jul 2021
I desperately want you.
Not in a ****** or constraining way,
But in a way that allows me to give all of myself onto you.
I want to please you and complete you as we go about this life day by day.
I want to wake up in your bed that you allowed me to call "ours".
I want to be the one you come home to after hard evenings and even harder decisions,  
Because you're doing the best for our family and future.
I want you desperately.
I want desperately to be yours and my life to be intertwined with yours.
hey hello poetry, it's been a minute :)
Maria Mitea May 2021
on that day
she performed the dance
in a mortal silence

lustful intensity,

the unusual
exit with the back
was hiding her face
without any wave of hope,
the eyes
seeking consolation,
her spine
became alive
like a tempting serpent,
were wavy wings
a cry for help,
legs outstretched
like two cello strings
under the guidance
of internal forces,

the pirouettes
with a great talent
the lack of courage,
as a sacrifice brought to the air
she kept doing
dozens of rotations
as if
the body
was anointed
with the dark air,


it fell into its arms
like a wet coat,

every movement
again and again
"I love you
I hate you",

sun rays
in a light
that bowed obediently
under  the public eyes
like a forest
of frozen trees,
waiting for
what's next
Tribute to one of the best world”s ballerinas Maya Plitseskaya!
Yoh Esters Feb 2021
You say you know better. You have been on this Earth longer than me.

You saw the culmination of faults write the books I've read in school.

You saw the Moon go many shades and the Sun still light your life.

You act like a giant and say I stand upon your shoulders.

Yet, the water is still above my head.

The sacrifices you made weren't enough to afford me a life vest.

So, I'm drowning...maybe....just maybe I'll drown your demons along with mine.
AE Dec 2020
You’ve befriended discomfort,
Left behind your childhood streets,
only to walk down dark foreign ones.
You kiss away your mother tongue,
Surrendering to an unfamiliar one.


Your battles are carved into my blood vessels
and I will carry them with me
as reminders of patience and faith
Lupus- May 2020
I show beauty to your eyes
But believe they're all lies
I share hope to all
But let myself fall
I help you forget your pain
But keep it inside my brain
I give you strength to get through
But forget what I've given you

I let myself go down
Preventing you from doing the same
I worry more about you
Because my life is just a game

You have to be safer
I'll keep away the danger
You have to be strong
I'll keep all the wrong
You have to be fair
I'll keep what you can't share
You have to be honest
I'll just keep the rest

To make sure your life is better
I would suffer all pain, if necessary
I'll take in all that kills
The least important thing here is me
I'd prevent you from living my life too
I won't like to see you suffer through
I'll cheer you up when feeling blue
I'll give hints when left with no clue

I would do anything for you
Help you be able to continue
Break down walls and build something new
Because my love for you is true
You would do anything for the ones you love. Sacrifices must be made... for their sake.
My love was never adequate in your life
My sacrifices were nothing in your eyes
The gravity of our relationship was so light that it couldn't attract the single glance of your sight
And My poems meant nothing to you but a rhyming piece of lie.
Z Mar 2018
I offered you a hand
to help you up
But you've insulted it
because it's full of scars
You just don't know
that those scars
Are the results
of me
protecting you from harm
unknown Mar 2020
sa ilalim ng mga ngiti sa aking labi,
ay may nakatagong lungkot at pighati,
naguguluhan sa mga desisyong pinipili,
patuloy na pagku-kuwestiyon sa sarili.

pilit inaalam kung ako ba'y may importansya,
sa mga taong tinulungan kong magkaroon ng pag-asa,
lubos ang pagbibigay at aking isinakripisyo,
ngunit bakit tila wala naman yatang epekto?

pipilin lamang sa oras ng pangangailangan,
babalewalain sa oras na hindi mabigay ang kanilang kailangan,
ganito ba talaga ang mundo?
kilala ka lang kapag kaya **** ibigay ang kanilang gusto?

hindi nila nakikita ang aking kalungkutan,
dahil hindi naman nila gustong malaman,
at sino ba naman ako para magreklamo?
isang taong tumulong sa kanilang bumagon sa mundong magulo.
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Josephine Wilea Dec 2019
When you kissed me
your soft blonde hair
chilled by the icy wind
wrapped around my infected piercing
pulled at it painfully
dislodged the scab
and made it bleed.
I said nothing
not wanting to upset you.
In turn
I threw my arms around you
and buried my face against
your shoulder
compressing the fresh cuts
lined perfectly on your arms.
You cried out
and pushed me away.
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