Death is just the beginning.

A mother’s natural instinct, a sixth sense and premonitions.
Surely this can’t all just be a coincidence?
Surely this proves, there’s more than meets the eye?
Surely this proves, we had a past life?
Maybe nobody actually dies and floats away into the sky.

Maybe we’re all reincarnated, again and again;
Just as Buddha, would have us believe.
So if we did become, enlightened like him,
Surely then, that would mean,
We are cheating death, by knowing of reincarnation
And surely we shouldn’t fear our final destination.

For when we die, we shall come back alive;
But no-one is willing to believe this, in case it is a lie.
But we should have no fear of the afterlife;
For if it is final, then that shall just be the end of the line.

If Buddha was right and he did walk into the light,
Then death should not be feared, maybe it should be embraced.
For when we die, it’s only the end of this life.
Another chance, to try to become enlightened
And when we have learned, what we are meant to know;
Maybe then, we shall reach our Heaven.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
rob kistner Jun 9

rise up
clad in colors of a joyful life
throw off the strife

just as the figured eight
rejects a narrow fate
tilt against convention

buck the winds of rebuff
ignore the false contention

stare down the face of ridicule
avoid the vapid scornful fool
disregard rebuke

spurn condemnation

shun the foolish blown off course
by the ruinous brutish force
of mindless conformation

the prevailing norm
is a toxic storm

be not inclined to fear nor falter
choose not to hear it
nor let it alter
the path of spirit

stay your ground

lean hard on raw conviction
wait the weight of mind's confliction
it's here your strength is found

be anchored bold
and firmly hold
to what the heart deems genuine
until patience spent
returns again

do not resent

be flexible
to withstand the blows
resisting those
who would see you swayed
and lowly bent

who would see
your spirit broken
a cruel tawdry token
they might savor

laugh instead
raise high your head
don't ever waver

be ever strong
be never rigid
never brittle
prone to break

do not forsake
your soulful song
eschew the wayward
noisy throng

hearken wisdom's subtle whisper
be drawn the way of hope & wonder
never consent to knuckle under
to the whim of fools

make rich your vault of dreams
your trove of true enlightenment

seek what inspires
what makes you




rob kistner © 2012
a battlecry written to myself at a time of lost confidence and insecurity in my life
Jose Hurtado Jun 6
Ego is a god damned quicksand
Inside the center of a black hole
A map to a wasteland
Where any star turns ice cold

The rich man is the most afraid
To be the flame that fades away
Rich nations are all the same
I hate the player and I hate the game

Where’s the change they promised?
No shame the game’s dishonest
No chains or fame for those being modest
Yet we never speak on it?

Keep the profits, keep the gold, I'l keep the soul
I Know it's worth, don't need it sold
It’s the greatest story ever told
A grace traced forever old

You can run back till the riddle ends
Where a sidewalk crack is a little friend
It’s Zen until it bends like the fate of a fickle trend
That shuts the faith of a middle man


Stuck to the ways of a little man


Stuck to the faith that you place on another man's reason
Stuck to the maze of a riddle-ass teaching
Stuck to the faith of a middle man

"Survival is a straight line"
That's what he heard through the grapevine
But nobody has the same mind, stray cats and the canines,
Everybody’s talking at the same time

So what is Truth?
For me, it’s: "what's the use?"
If somebody's always watching you
Would you hate them embrace them or make them enjoy the view?
Seeking enlightenment through the darkest corners of my psyche
Aa Harvey Jun 3

Lost in the world, searching for answers.
Why do we only live once?  Why are there no second chances?
What is the meaning of life?  What is our purpose for being?
Why do we not yet know?  Do you know the reason?

A search for enlightenment, using many different teachings;
I must find the answer, by using any means,
To reach a state of enlightenment and find my nirvana.
So I'll ask someone who knows; can you hear me Buddha?

To find your nirvana, follow the teachings of Buddha;
Buddha gained enlightenment, so you must become a Buddhist.
Buddha was an atheist, searching for his Heaven;
A way to be free and stop repeated reincarnation.

To reach a new state of consciousness,
You must become free from life and your attire.
Your possession’s you must leave behind and you must forget your desire.
To find freedom from life, you must want for nothing;
Then you shall become free, from eternal suffering.
From the pain of the circle of life being repeated;
Because Heaven can't be reached, if you’re always reincarnated.

To find enlightenment, forget human treasures;
To raise up into the sky, you must not crave possessions.
Trinkets or money or power keep you trapped and without insight.
They stop you leaving this life; they stop you reaching the light.

Buddha’s Buddhist’s, practice his teachings
And they lead their life in the way in which he believed,
Was the right thing to do and he did do it right;
Buddha left this world enlightened…he walked into the light.

To find your nirvana; to raise to a new state of consciousness,
Is to die as a man and then pray to go to Heaven and be blessed.

Maybe there is life after death
And maybe I will fly up and face God.
Maybe anything is possible...

But when I learn the truth, I will be gone.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey May 26
Happy feet walk away.

Instinct tells you that you are right.
Doubts cast aside.
Do, or do not try.

If you can, then why not love?
If you have already given up,
Or never believed anyway,
Then that is okay.
Good luck.

You and I are not the same;
We read a similar script, but we are on a different page.
With age comes meaning, enlightenment.
Money is there to be spent.

If you are saving for a rainy day;
Welcome to England…save away.
Young people; go enjoy your life.
Old people do not listen to change.

People my age, congratulations!
You think you have it so great!
You think you know so much.
I know that I know nothing about love.  You trust,
People to never be trustworthy.
I trust enough for love to hurt me.
Happy feet are only ever seen,
Walking away from me.

I am at a point in my existence,
Where I do not have the time for your idle pretense.
Just say it clearly, what do you want?
Time is short, so fall in love and need to be loved!...

Or simply get to being gone.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I know that people were created to live together in Love and harmony
Regardless of their skin colour, beliefs or sexual orientation
But do they? Do we?
Somewhere the master plan was interrupted and a lie was born
I believe in a power called Love
Love is light and light is God
Which I believe is the highest source of energy
But people will always have their difference of opinion
I also recognize that there is a lot that we don’t know
And things are not always the way they seem
Don’t believe everything you’ve been told or taught
Even teachers were taught at some point in time
And if the wrong things were taught to the teachers to teach
Then the system is unauthentic
People will try to convince each other of who is right
So they create a war and kill as many innocent people as possible
And they call this a victory
I believe that when we transition from this world to the next level
We will come into full knowledge which will result in Love
The same way that complete Love results in complete knowledge
The transformation of moving from the flesh to the spirit
Means moving from the darkness to the light
Moving from a condition where there was once a lack of knowledge
To a circumstance of full knowledge
Then we will know LOVE
Written by Sean Achilleos
Amazon: Sean Achilleos 'An Affair with Life' The Philosophical Poems of Sean Achilleos
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420 days a year,
Eight days a week,
I climb high trees
& live in canopies.
I water, divined,
My vegetable mind,
& reach my peak
Where clouds career.

When you enter the garden of life you will find many different shapes and sizes
The colours of the rainbow live therein
Violet blue daffodils and the blood red rose of love
Yellow, pink and orange are all around
Some trees stand so lofty they almost scrape the sky
Others grow happily in the shade of the taller trees
The velvet green lawn unfolds like a giant sized carpet
And highlights its surroundings as a backdrop to a stage
Considering that we are all just actors on a stage after all
No man can deny another his place in the sun
The tree can not tell the flower to uproot itself and grow elsewhere
The rose is fragile and fragrant
The cactus is rugged and requires almost no care
As one of these flowers in this garden
So we are all different from one another
Yet we all derive from one source
With the knowledge of all-ness comes the greater wholeness
Written by Sean Achilleos
Amazon: Sean Achilleos 'An Affair with Life' The Philosophical Poems of Sean Achilleos
YouTube: Sean Achilleos

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Sean Achilleos' Book 'An Affair with Life' is also obtainable from the following platforms:
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When I die,
I wish to be added to a sand mandala,
perfect in compassion, peace, and understanding
perfect sanity,
perfect wisdom,

and once it's through;

I wish to be scattered along with the thoughts
of all our ancestors,
all of our teachers, and spiritual friends
and my life, my body, my wishes
to join with theirs

to float down a river;
blessing all beings,
with the things I could never get right,
the things which I wished, and hoped for
but didn't have the strength of will to accomplish

I simply wish, to be one of you,
perfect, sane, beautiful,
compassionate without fault,
and my useless form,
to bring merit to
everyone who genuinely needs it.
Death, Wishes, Compassion, Buddhism, Mandala, samadhi, Enlightenment
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