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breathing—with eyes closed
the stillness of the moment
wind caressed my cheek
a haiku
the branches above
swaying with no need of wind—
a migration ends
a haiku
the Red Admiral
commanding the cool spring breeze
glides with precision
a haiku
alone with the dust
and fade of experience
sits my favorite book
a haiku
from a lost desert
a single voice crying out
yet the masses hear
a haiku
This seemingly ancient machine dances in front of me.

Composed of sandstone and so unsoiled it’s beautiful.

Running under no power.

Under ultimately strict order yet so peaceful and free.

Upon its belt are people seemingly so familiar yet unidentifiable.

It’s belt spirals and twirls up from its darker origin.

It’s destination is unknown but seems an eternity away.

That length in time does not cause anxiety and I somehow maintain a sense of immense peace.

As it ascends, it’s path lightens in tone.

I am in the middle of the light and dark.

Looking upon a pillar of sandstone indescribably tall.

Atop  it in the center of the spiral at my eye level.

Seems to be a Greek goddess formed of gold with wings and a spear at ease.

The belt winds around in its spiral continuing its production of some sorts.

I do not fear the dark nor do I strive for the light.

From the middle as a spectator.

I feel unbearably safe in both spectrums light and dark.

To descend or ascend.

In the middle as a spectator.

I feel such a wave of love and warmth I am unable to describe. It was truly elegantly Devine.

And I am not one to call himself religious.

I feel such a sense of embrace and acceptance for an unknown subject, that I wish I could continue my slumber.

As it is really enlightening to be able to accept something so undeniable and absolute.

I want more of that feeling.

I don’t dream often, but how blissful this is.

I feel I am undeserving of such beauty and so grateful for it, even if my mind contrived it in my hibernation.

Then only blanketed in one sheet.

I am stripped away from this elegance I have done nothing to deserve the chance to observe.
Into a cold room, with the miasma of teen spirit and reality.
About a dream I had last night that I couldn’t stop thinking about all day. I felt so amazing during this dream. So complete and understanding and warm I had to express it.
in the face of fear
i stood by firmly planted
with you in my arms
a haiku
walking—fog of breath
reflecting the briefest light
from a falling star
a haiku
resting high atop
lush rainforest canopy
the bold magpie sings
a haiku
a perfect blue sky—
the caterpillar inches
across emerald leaf
a haiku
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