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Tunnel vision decays into orbital asphyxiation
Whereas sight is lost within a hollow ether
Devoid of any conception of perception
Floating in an endless void both bright and luminescent
While wholly dark spreads unholy reflection
Simultaneously mixing in effervescent alchemy
To form swirls and whirls of yin and yang
Balanced between the very forces of life and death
Threatening to overwhelm and consume the center
As the soul lunges for enlightenment
Reaching for nirvana in the stinking suana of the world
Begging for release from an endless cycle repeating
Recycled idioms interjecting distress as the mind begins to regress
Back to the reality we’re all begging to repress

Heart beating

Heavy breathing

Mantric unrest
No matter a poet’s personal views
we are all symbiotic
with the eternal muse..

Just when you think you have it all figured out
a new pattern distorts the mystery..
All a poet can possibly do
is try to be on the right side of history.

We hold to our truths
as cogs in a divine façade.
In a matrix that’s much too copious
to possibly know it all.

Emotional states distort our perceptions.
Love and hate
the eternal *******..

The plasticity of heart allows a path
to bending without breaking…
A dark night of the soul,
several or so
can lead you to an awaken.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
David Hilburn Mar 27
Shadow education...
Vows to step forward
Create with me, a words intuition
Told to sake, unrest for pardon

Sorry thunder...
Smoke is where a fire, sings along
Interested in a voices blunder?
Lightning sits the well, willful and strong...

Men with a shoulder of intimation
Separate a shyness, from the miracle we want
An ode to hope, the rhyme of syncopation

Oil in a lover's hindsight...
Through and owed, more
May is a wish to understand might
Wisdom to venture, a silent war?

The beauty of worth
Set to irony's music...
Justice pale, just served
A moment to say, the world of a soul's wits...
Catch on it, watch onto all, and match a care any...
Kasansa Kuya Jun 2020
a malignant haze
hitherto unnoticed and henceforth witnessed
the struggle of the enlightenment
I think people may feel this in these uncertain times.
Is there a way to eliminate all Fear?
Can we be Happy and live with Cheer?
Can we stop Worrying and living with Stress?
Can we eliminate Anxiety that makes our life, a Mess?
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

Is your life filled with Depression?
Do you want to make your life a Celebration?
The culprit, the enemy, is your own Mind
It’s robbing your Peace and Bliss, you will Find!
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

All our miseries are rooted in Thought
When in toxic Thought, We are Caught
Then, we are filled with Rotten Thoughts that are Junk
We lose our Peace, can’t live like a Monk
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

We all suffer this Triple Suffering on Earth!
These miseries are for all those who take Birth
But there is a way out of this Mess
We can eliminate Fear, Anxiety and Stress
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

To find Peace, Let’s get to the bottom of the Root
To be Blissful, we must Realize the Truth
The Mind is a crook, it acts like the King
But in fact, it causes all Suffering
Let’s discover the secret of Peace and Happiness!

Not one or two, it’s fifty thoughts, a Minute
The Mind bombards us and we are Lost in it
Then it becomes our boss, rides our Life Horse
We are controlled by it, this is a big Loss
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

The first secret is simple, move from NEP to PEP!
From Negative to Positive, Take this First Step
Then, we must move from Mind to Consciousness
And live a Life of Peace and Happiness
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

How do you do it? Try to find the Mind
Where is the Mind, You cannot Find!
Still, this Rascal makes us Blind
Let us discover the Truth, leave the Mind
Behind Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

What is the way to **** the Mind?
It is simple, we must still the Mind
The Mind with the Ego, becomes the ME
Then from Misery, we are not Free
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

The ME creates Anger, Revenge and Hate
There is Jealousy and Anguish at our Life’s Gate
Together, the Mind and Ego, ME, make us Cry
We then look at the sky and ask, ‘Why?’
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

Those who Realize that Life is just a Drama
That everything is Karma, for them, there is no Trauma
They realize that Suffering is nothing but a Choice
They choose to be Happy, they choose to be Wise
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

The fact is, we are not the Body, Ego or Mind
We are the Soul, this Truth we must Find
The Soul never suffers, it radiates Peace
In Consciousness, there is no Sorrow, Miseries Cease
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

Those who think that Success is Happiness
They run behind Pleasure, live with Anxiety and Stress
They don’t realize that the Foundation is Peace
Where there is no Peace, our Sorrow will Increase
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

The Secret teaches us to go beyond Entertainment
It gives us Ultimate Bliss with Enlightenment
When we Realize, we are the Divine Soul
In Eternal Bliss, we achieve our Goal
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

The journey starts with Illumination
Then there is Purification and Realization
From Misery, there is Liberation
In Bliss, there is Divine Unification
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

There is a way to be Happy, all day
We can eliminate Misery, take Sorrow away
Though the skies are Cloudy and Grey
We can be Happy, whatever comes our way
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

So, let’s start and remove all the Junk
Tame the Monkey Mind, make it a Monk!
Let’s make the resolve to Suffer No More
Push the Mind out and Lock the Door
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

What is the way to Eternal Bliss?
It is living in Truth Consciousness
When we overcome the myth and Realize the Truth
Then Peace and Bliss will fill our Root
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!

There is no need to live with Fear and Stress
Remove Anxiety and Worry that is causing the Mess
Live in Consciousness, live in Peace
When there is no Mind, Miseries Cease
Let’s discover the secret to Peace and Happiness!
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!
The most important journey, let’s begin 
This will be life’s biggest win
Realizing we are not this body, this skin 
Then, the sinner will be free from sin 
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

Who doesn’t Sin? We all do sin
We live with greed and pride within 
Lust and envy drive our engine 
Anger burns us from within
It is yet another deadly sin
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

What causes us to repeatedly sin?
It is desire, it is passion
Thoughts of the mind cause aggression 
Then there is sinful action 
Ultimately, we are in depression
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

Who desires, who commits sin?
Is it the body, the mind or the ego within? 
Are these the three that will suffer sin? 
Yes, everything unfolds as per our sin
In fact, that’s how a new life will begin 
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

Whatever we do, good or bad
It’s our Karma that makes us glad or sad 
Every deed of ours, every action
Becomes a seed that into our Karma goes in 
This seed must sprout, the fruits will spin 
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

But what is the cause of all our sin?
Where does all our sin begin?
It is ignorance that is caused by the mind
We sin because the mind makes us blind
Let us overcome the ignorance that we are bone and skin 
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

We grow up believing so many lies
We believe that God lives in the skies
We are scared of hell, we want heaven
But still, we all continue to sin
Because we don’t know what is our Greatest Sin 
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

Let us get to the bottom of the root
Start a quest to realize the truth
Otherwise, we will suffer the triple suffering on earth 
Our sin will cause us to return in a rebirth
Because of our sin, we’ll return in a new skin
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

What is the cause of our Greatest Sin?
Where does all our sin begin?
Because we think we are the body, ego and mind 
We can’t escape sin, this we find
Realizing we are the Soul, frees us from sin
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

What stops us from being free from sin? 
What causes our sinful action? 
Sometimes religion causes confusion 
Ignorance stops us from the conclusion 
So, the body and mind continue to sin 
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

Not this, not this, the truth is we are That 
Not body and mind, the Soul we are, in fact 
But because we all don’t realize this
We continue to sin, causing unhappiness 
Enlightenment will free us from sin
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

The body will die, but we are reborn 
This cycle will go on and on
Every human being is bound to sin 
There is sin packaged with every skin 
The only way is to be free from this skin 
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

If we sin, we may return as a dog 
A cat or a rat, or even a frog
For sure, we will suffer if we commit sin 
How to be free from sinful action?
The answer is realization, it is liberation 
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

The Soul is God, this we don’t know
So, we return to this earthly show
When we overcome ignorance, there is purification 
We realize the truth, there is illumination
Then, realization leads to liberation
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

If only we realize the truth, we can win 
Then we can be free from all sin
We are not the sinner, how can we sin? 
We are the Soul that doesn’t sin
This realization will free us from sin 
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

What is the secret to be free from sin?
It is that the Divine is within
God lives in the temple of our heart
With this realization, our freedom will start 
We will not sin, for we are not the body and skin 
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

Then, we realize this world is a drama 
We are free from sin, free from trauma 
We become free from all our Karma
We are free from sin if we know it’s Maya 
Realization can free us from all our sin 
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

Realization is just the start of this win 
Realization leads to the right action 
A realized Soul will never sin
For he realizes it’s all an illusion
He is nothing but a Divine manifestation 
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

Realizing I am the Soul, frees me from sin 
The Soul in me is the Lord within
Then we realize God is in every skin 
Every man and beast has God within 
This makes us overcome all sin
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

If God is in all, how can we sin?
How can we **** and hurt to win? 
Realization stops us from the wrong action 
It will dissolve passion and obsession
We will live as the Soul within
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

We foolishly worry about every petty sin 
But we don’t know how to stop this action 
If only of the truth, there is realization 
Then, we will never ever commit a sin 
We will live as the Divine that is within 
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!

This all must know is our Greatest Sin 
We don’t know that there is God within
​​​​​​​Because of ignorance, we continue to sin 
We foolishly live without realization 
Realizing we are God, will stop all sin 
Let us win over our Greatest Sin!
What is Happiness? Is it Success?
Is it Achievement that creates so much stress?
Success creates money that creates Pleasure and Bliss
But this is not what true Happiness is!

Happiness is not money, otherwise the rich would be glad!
There are people who are successful, why are they sad?
Happiness is not Pleasure that depends on many a thing
True Happiness is Peace, it is a state of being

Who doesn't want to be Happy?
Who wants to be Sad?
There may be a few, but they are then mad!
Everybody in this world wants to be Happy, wants to smile
But most have miseries that are longer than the Nile!

Money can buy pleasure, but it can't buy Happiness
Money can buy medicines, but health we can miss
Money can buy a diamond ring but love it cannot bring
Money cannot buy Bliss, though it can buy many a thing

Happiness is like a shadow which we cannot chase
Further it goes away, when you are in a race
Those who seek success may become an ace
But they are sure to end in the misery maze!

Happiness is something that everyone seeks
Happiness can be found on three little peaks
The first peak is Achievement, the second is Fulfillment
But the ultimate Happiness comes with Enlightenment

On the first peak of Happiness, what we get is Pleasure
We become Happy because of material treasure
The Happiness on this peak is not very strong
We are Happy for a moment, but it does not last long

The second peak of Happiness is called Fulfillment
It comes from being satisfied, living with Contentment
It is letting go of Pleasure that comes from Achievement
And living with Peace which gives Bliss that is consistent

But while we have Pleasure and while we have Peace
We will have Sorrow that will make our Bliss cease
If we want to be Happy, then Life's Purpose we must find
This is Enlightenment, it is transcending the mind

The Mind is a monkey, it steals our Peace
It makes us desire and it continues to tease
It swings like a monkey to a past that is gone
And robs our Bliss because of a future not yet born

If we want to be Happy, we must still the Mind
We must be still, Consciousness we must find
In this state, we are not caught in a thought
But this Bliss to enjoy, we sadly forgot!

Because we are chasing money, success and wealth
We lose our Life, we lose our health
We may have all the money that can give us pleasure
But we will not attain Peace which is the real treasure

Peace is the foundation of Happiness
Where there is no Peace, there cannot be Bliss
Therefore, we must make sure not to lose Peace of Mind
Then, true Bliss and ecstasy in life we will find

Far happier are those who have Peace in their tank
Than those who have a lot of money in their bank
Money is important, but it can't buy Happiness
With money, can you go shopping for Bliss?

But more important than pleasure and peace, is this
Finding Purpose leads to true Happiness
Who am I? Why did I come to earth?
True Bliss is realizing the purpose of this birth

When we overcome ignorance and we realize the Truth
We are free from sorrow when we get to the root
When we realize we are not the Body, Ego or Mind
All misery and suffering, we leave behind!

But to reach this state of Enlightenment is rare
To be Enlightened in Life, not many people care
We are ignorant that from misery we can be free
If we evolve on the Happiness peaks, from one to three

Everybody who is born must suffer pain
We become miserable again and again
But the one who realizes that who suffers is not me
He from the triple suffering is free

Because we think we are the Body, we suffer aches and pain
Because of the Ego, we are miserable again
Because of the Mind, we live with worry and fear
The Ego, the Body, the Mind, create many a tear!

But once we realize we are none of the three
Then from all miseries, we can be free
We can live with Bliss and Peace Enlightenment makes all miseries cease

Happiness is thus, not what we are taught
Alas! In the Success race we are caught To make money, is our primary thought And what true Happiness is, we forgot!

If you want to be Happy, pause for a while
You can be always Blissful, with a smile
Don't try to become Happy, then, Happy you can be
If you realize you are the Soul, not Mind and Ego, ME

True Happiness is being in that state of Consciousness
True Bliss lies in a state of Thoughtlessness
When we **** the Monkey Mind, we can have true Happiness
But ******* the Mind, we don't know this

The Mind is like a monkey, notice EY is its tail
It is Ever Yelling and Ever Yearning and it makes us fail
When we still the Mind, and its desires that create a thirst
Then we conquer Sorrow, that otherwise makes us burst!

There are many ways to be Happy and be glad
Count your blessings and you will never be sad
Discover True Love, the fountain of Bliss These are simple ways to Happiness

Success is not Happiness,
Happiness is Success
Those who don't realize this, end their life in a mess
They just zoom from the womb to the tomb
And all they have is misery and gloom

Instead, look at the Yogi who is always in Bliss
He is never in a state of unhappiness
Ever-united with the Divine, he knows it's all a show
Nothing is ours, the Yogi knows that we come and go

Do you want to be Happy? Then Happy you can be
Then realize that the peaks of Happiness are three
If you run after Success, Happy you will never be!
But if you are enlightened, from misery you will be free

To be Happy, you must live in the 'Now’
To be Happy, you must take a vow
Moment by moment, enjoy this treasure called life
Be enlightened, and you will be free from strife

Are all Successful people Happy? The answer is ‘no!'
But all Happy people are Successful, this truth we must know
We must realize the truth that life is a show
We will live with Peace, Love and Bliss, and go!

Not only will we be free from all suffering on earth
Realization will free us from Rebirth
It will free us from Fear, Worry, Anxiety and Stress
And give us Joy, Love, Peace and Bliss

So are you seeking Pleasure?
Are you seeking Happiness, Peace and Bliss?
Then Evolve from one Peak to another Peak
And you will attain the Eternal Happiness you seek.
SpiritHeart67 Nov 2022
When a person
is in a certain state
of spiritual ignorance
They have no idea
of the audacity
of their requests
and no concept
of the abundance
of blessings
and Grace
With which they have already been bestowed.
‘Realizations of a Yogi' is not just some theory
It is the life experience of a Yogi
In a Quest for the truth, an account, a testament
Realizations and experiences that led to Enlightenment

Are you seeking to find the true purpose of life?
Are you in a quest of a way to be free from strife?
Then, you have a treasure right in your hand
That will liberate you from returning to this land

You can get knowledge in any college
But the eternal truth is hard to find
It is a very personal experience that happens
When one transcends the body, ego and mind

It all starts when you go in a quest
You put all your beliefs to test
The first thing you must do is unlearn Only then, wisdom of life will you earn

To get to the matter's root
You have to Ask, Investigate and Realize the truth
And to do this, it's not enough to be an ace
You have to have the Divine grace

A seeker of the truth, who has this passion
To realize God, if this is his mission
Then in his journey, a Master he will meet
Who will make his life complete

It's all about finding a Spiritual coach
And for this, you don't search, you don't need to approach
The Yogi, the Guru will be there waiting
If you are on the path, if you are truly seeking

And then you will start to question every myth
You will overcome your ignorance, and realize the truth
Whatever you were taught, mostly they were lies
Even that God was someone who lived in the skies

At first, for sure, it will give you a shock
For you to change beliefs, as tough as a rock
But as you use your intellect to discriminate
It is on earth you will find heaven's gate

First you will realize, you are not the body, not the mind
You are not the ego, this truth you will find
And from the triple suffering you will be free on earth
And learn the way to escape rebirth

For this, you will realize the truth of life and death
Where you will go when you lose your breath
You are not the one who is made of bone and skin
You are that spark of life that is within

You will start living as the Divine Soul
As you attain your ultimate goal
'Realizations of a Yogi' will take you onward
To Self-Realization that will take you Godward

By questions getting answered, this is how it will begin
You will overcome ignorance as you go within
Then that Spiritual flash, you will experience one day
And to your epiphany, you will find the way

I brought nothing here, nothing is mine
There are many Realizations, we must find
We come alone and we go alone
Then, why in life, should we whine and groan?

The quest will lead us to true happiness A life of true love, peace and bliss
We will be free from worry and stress
As we overcome all unhappiness

The journey starts with Purification
And then, there will be Illumination Realization will lead to Liberation Ultimately, there will be Unification

We will realize that this world is just a show
We are just actors, we come, and we go Everything is an illusion, it is just a drama
And life is unfolding as per our Karma

We will realize that God is not God, God is SIP
We will not just repeat God's name on our lip
We will experience God in every creature on earth
Realize that the Lord manifests in every birth

One by one, the truth we will realize
Pieces of the puzzle will open our real eyes
Till one day, we will experience a transformation
And then, we will be free with Liberation

All this time, we were crawling on earth like a worm Living with beliefs, all lies, we affirmed
Till we learned to untie all the strings
To fly like a beautiful butterfly, opening our wings

This is called a metamorphosis
A transformation that is permanent, no reversal there is
We let go of the ego, we let go of ‘I’
As we become one with the Power in the sky

But this is not for everybody who lives on earth
Not each one of us can escape rebirth
If we learn from a Yogi, in life we can evolve
If we make this the priority, in the Divine we can dissolve

There will be many who will read this book
But how many will change their life's outlook?
How many will go beyond all logic?
To experience Enlightenment, the real magic?

How many will transcend all Karma in life?
How many will overcome all sorrow and strife?
How many will give up the ordinary pleasure
To achieve life's goal, unlock the real treasure?
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