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if your life
changes direction
do not resist


lie ahead
once hidden
from your path

rob kistner © 2018
Contemplation on change.
Prithvi 2d
I Bloom in the presence of Rocks,
No matter what the world Talks,
My Color separates nature from Darkness,
Try harder, For I have Awakened from Inertness.
Are you Awake ?
Esther 4d
it feels like I am closing in
on the universe
and its secrets
like it opened its arms
to give me a shower of knowledge
stars rushing to my mind
whispering words of enlightenment
showing me the path
leading to the magic
that is life
Do you hear the whistling?
A song they’re whispering
Making lyrics out of thin air
Attuned to a melody of Voltaire

The revolution is coming
The woke are awakening
Do you hear the whistling?
Stirring up the souls of the living
Mr.know-it-all gazing far into the future
Pretentiously weeping ahead of time,
realizing then, it was...
some kind of special torture
hoping that he was wrong
on what makes him cry.
I felt my time was running out,
that it would all be over soon.
The desperation of the moment,
made me think through and through.
What truly matters is joy and colour!
And every breath you take and savour.
Try being good to one another,
and keep your mind sharp,
like a whirling saber.
Oh wait! it was not the end!
What is this? i have no end? now i see!
I was just this greedy little thing,
when theres truly no end to me!
We are a cloud of information,
and the ego is our damnation.
Believe! we can be anything!
if we let ourselves be free!
...in this land...of...make-believe...
When I look upon an unbroken field
I see freedom
No paths to guide me
Or to bind me by convenience, by habit
I see one million different paths I could take
And one million more
The freedom to move as I wish
Through nature in its natural order
I am bound only by the laws of physics
And nothing more
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Thanks for reading!
On the edge, took in
Flood created angst and pain;
Enlightenment dawns!
Derrick Jones Aug 25
My words start as vapor
eventually coalescing and manifesting themselves on paper
but they are never really finished, they just diminish
until slow enough for me to catch
and dispatch them for my own use
but the truth is that I am just taking snapshots of a train of thought
that stretches to infinity
that is complexity and humanity
that is me, and so much more
I go floating through the door
I am ten feet off the floor
Drifting toward the atmosphere
Not there, nor here
I am near and I am far
I rise up to the stars
So high that I can see the earth
So small and insignificant
Yet utterly magnificent
It’s a matter of perspective
Consciousness is collective
So my view is not new
It is you, and all of them too
One is a universe, two is a crowd
Seven billion heads inside the cloud
Causing blizzards and acid rain
Never pausing our lizard brains
Paws and claws and vicious maws
Tearing at our sanity
Glaring enemies of clarity
We strive for perfect parity
But we are but a mess
evolution made us malcontents
We are revolutionary dissidents
Overburdened by stress
Too afraid to confess
So we swim in sorrow and silence
A waking nightmare, a quiet violence
When the path out becomes clear
You will hear a resounding cheer
As the human race takes its rightful place among the stars
No longer our own adversaries
We will traverse the universe
Going supernova with rhyme and verse
No more fear for the reaper or the hearse
No tears, we will find freedom from the curse
And each person will feel peace
Perching on Saturn’s rings
But only if we stop clinging to the ground
To the weights that hold us down
Weightless we can face this
We can stare into the sun
See that the journey has just begun
Shine bright like enlightened beings
Light enough to float through the ceiling
Might be tough when your mind is reeling
But it is just a feeling that will pass
once you fly into the firmament
And finally find enlightenment
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Derrick Jones Aug 22
Inside of every rhyme there is a line that defines what it means to be art, to be a part, to be a thing, to exist inside this cosmos that’s unraveling, traveling ever farther into the towering abyss and it’s so wide we cannot miss, so deep that it may keep us locked beneath for an eternity, what a calamity but I will not resist because this chasm is just a spasm of the neurons in my mind, a place inside this brain that I cannot find, a space that god misplaced that straddles the mundane and the divine, this ephemeral enchantress that contains every star and every planet, this nugget inside my head, neither living nor dead, it’s a vortex of color, a tornado of wonder, a masterpiece of imagination and thunder, and when I slip underneath is when I finally feel at peace.

I relax the iron reins of the trap that is my self inside this brain, this little loop of worry that makes my sight so blurry, blind and stumbling through the blizzard, I find it humbling to consider that this jerk is just a pattern of some quarks and if I concentrate I can shirk it, work it out of sight and end this blight on happiness, lift the veil and finally see that reality can be accepted and enjoyed, the self can be destroyed and I can float in that abyss, a sea full of art and emotion, a technicolor ocean.

When the self is around my eyes go dark and I drown and sink deep, but when I relax these chains there’s a beautiful change and I swim and I float, drifting with the beauty as each idea passes through me, becomes one with me then leaves free, just swimming through the sea, no longer the thrashing of a monster but a rainbow bloom of jellyfish, jetting between the islands of infinities that are conscious beings.

I swirl inside this nebula, twirl gracefully, gratefully dissolve and disintegrate, happy to participate in spontaneous creation, the collective imagination of an infinity, free to float, free to flow, aglow with possibility swaying to and fro, finally able to let go.
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Thanks for reading!
Derrick Jones Aug 17
Turning lead into gold is an old story, boring, the real glory is in transforming every morning, every hour, every second into something I won’t regret, getting lost in a song, along for the ride as my mind intermingles with the music, amused by the flow as the muses move my atoms into beautiful patterns, white matter glows white hot, neurons fire in sync and a spark is shot into the dark, fireworks explode in the sky of my mind’s eye, they blaze fiery trails as they sink deep, deep into my soul, the embers glowing, never knowing why but still they try to make me whole, illuminate the dark so I don’t ruminate in gloom, the music in this room is saving me from doom, and only because I found a way to pay attention, to surrender my defenses, fill in the trenches and let in the outside, no longer hiding I am inviting in each moment, and in doing so I transform normality into revelation, each sensation a vacation, a powerful provocation and paradoxical relaxation and as my mind explodes I know that infinity is within me, always there to see when I finally set myself free.
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