For the sake of betterness or quickness,
The life is all about developing own customized extensions or plugins .
Better sitted pees
Better stand-up pees
Better view
Better trails
Better quality
Better quantity
Better pace
Better Understanding
Better likability
Better knowledge
Better green
Better pleasure
Better writes
Better disorientation
Better philosophy
Better stimulation
Better cycles
Better science
Better calculus
Better reads
Better rain
Better gulps
Better art
Better calendars
Better wilderness
Better awakening
Better flirting
Better cooking
Better carpentry
Better tactics
Better silence
Better touch
Better light
Better technology
Better sunsign
Better blue ticks
Better mixing
Better chaos
Better mutation
Better round-tables
Better deals
Better excretion
Better burial
Better fertilization
Better moon
Better sun
Better fun

And It rhymed , thereby set for n number possibilities.

And realising there will be no plugin for Better love than one which happened 42 years ago & ultimately the most sexy thing is not between legs but between the ears.
Confession line: Omitted better hi and better ciao for the best results.
Jason Cain Nov 1

Divinity is an infinite concept- never ending and never beginning. Before creation there was the Divine and after attainment there is the Divine. To move within the Divine Way is to move within eternity. Within the eternally passionate and spontaneous movement of Divinity is the fullness of omnipotence.

To follow the Divine Spirit is to live within the shadow of creation. It is the ecstasy of “Buddhahood attained” and then laughed at in the orgasm of eternity. It is Enlightenment or Holiness always, then steadfastly shunned in the decadence of their implications.

To move within the oneness of the Divine is to perceive the sameness of things, but things are things and to say that they have no meaning, or that all meaning is one meaning, is to be lost within the ocean of the void- the indulgence of omnipotence.

To follow the Divine Spirit is to understand the deeper meaning of things. All worlds of the escapist and the realist are both real and unreal, for the Divine is Enlightenment, but illusionary in its idealistic terms. It is the great river on its never ending journey to the sea, but to reach the ocean is to be lost, to cease to be, for it is always within the journey that one finds meaning and never at journey’s end.

Those that do not know the harmony of the Divine live in materialistic emptiness. I WANT, I WANT, I WANT – a childish form of avarice, of impulsiveness and sentimentality, a continuous grasping, a world full of desire – the very foundations of fear and affliction. Those that proclaim the Divine find nothing but discriminative idealism. I AM, I AM, I AM – the indulgence of pride and love – an idealism based on a relativistic compassion, concealing in truth a desire for self-worship.

For those who travel in tune with the harmonics of the Divine- IT IS, IT IS, IT IS – spirit reflects its own reward. The bonds of illusion fall as leaves from a tree in autumn; all is right within the world for Spirit moves within.

This poem express the perfection of spiritual enlightenment and how the spirit moves within the enlightened, and yet paradoxically the enlightened one must rejected enlightenment as a false truth.
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~ Ommm ~

I'm attempting to find inner peace on the top floor
of a down town community hall.

                   ~ Ommm ~

I can hear the anxious siren of an ambulance;
its tone stretched out by the sound waves
that fail to keep up.

                  ~ Ommm
       Focus on your breathing... ~

For an apparently relaxation endorsing pose
right now I feel very uncomfortable.

                  ~ Ommm
       Look towards your inner eye.
       See the beam of bright, white light shine
       From your third eye.
        See the bright light...  ~

I can't see it, are there special opticians
For people who can't see through their third eye.
Maybe I don't have a third eye...
Oh no, I don't think I have a third eye!

                  ~ Ommm
         Focus of your breathing...
         Focus on the bright light
        radiating from your inner eye... ~

Okay I think I've found it, is that it?!

          ~  You should follow along
               towards the golden temple,
               Step forward.
              And with each step
              focus on the feeling
              of the fresh, green grass
              beneath your feet. ~

My right foot has serious pins and needles!
Don't think about it!
Don't think about it!

        ~ Your left foot is your Karma,
           Your right foot, your Dharma
           With each step focus on the feeling
           of the fresh, green grass beneath your feet... ~

My Dharma has serious pins a needles!
Ouch, ouch, ouch!
Don't think about it!
Don't think about it!
                            ~ Ommm ~

I need to move but I don't wanna disrupt my zone of inner peace.
Ouch, ouch, ouch!

                      ~ Step into the pool
              and feel yourself melt within it.
         And lose the sense of having bodily form
                 Float into the nothingness.

                   Drift off into the water...  ~

I wonder if there are inner eye lifeguards
For the little imagination people who can't swim.

              ~  Focus on your breathing ~

Pins and needles!
Ouch ouch ouch!
Maybe if I wiggle my toes a bit...

       ~ Gradually come back to the sense of having a body.
                 Feel yourself being bought back to life.
                                  You are re-born. ~

Re-born?! Well, if you say so but
My right foot is proper dead right now.

                             ~ Ommm
                   Keep gently breathing... ~

And now I better brace myself for
the many uncomfortable, complicated poses
that we will manipulate our bodies into...

                             ~ Ommm ~

That distract us temporarily from the manic metropolis chaos
that's buzzing right outside the windows.

                               ~ Ommm
          Stretch out and breath in that beautiful prana ~

The dusty air, choked with car fumes
and the diesel engine hum of the noisy dockyard nearby.

                                 ~ Ommm ~

Written April 2016.

get laid
get stoned
get smashed
get a headache
get a venereal disease
but did you get
Anything about this life yet?

This poem was composed at Denver's Chada Thai Restaurant

Now that my eyes lay upon such heavenly beauty,
I would have said that I was pleased,
But I had not branded the splendid serenity,
Yawning contentment,
And purest of nirvana
She gave to me
As she wandered into my life.
Now that my eyes lay upon such heavenly beauty,
I have caressed many passions,
Worthy passions,
But not once did I affair
The deeply passionate
Desire I have for this woman.
Now that my eyes lay upon such heavenly beauty,
I would have supposed I knew who I was,
But she gazed into the nature of my soul
And found treasures unknown
For us to share.
Now that my eyes lay upon such heavenly beauty,
I would have said I saw love,
But I saw not,
But now my eyes lay upon such heavenly beauty

For her!
Kagey Sage Sep 16

He's drunk on dharma
and that's alright
Wouldn't want him to abuse
anything of substance anyway

I’ve been on this road for a long time now,
I’ve driven with ease and I’ve broken down,
I’ve heard crows cackles, learned how doves sing,
Crawled through nightmares, flown through dreams,

I’ve driven through the desert, driven through trees,
Eaten off the pavement and dined with the kings,
Through all the hours there’s one thing I’ve found,
You can’t make someone care if you’re not around,

So I’ll call you once I’m found,
Whether I stand up or touch the ground,
Leave the candle lit until I’m free,
Once I’m across this sea,
I’ll find you, and you’ll find me,

I’ve been running around this block for hours,
Just trying to find peace,
I’ve been sitting here, silently, begging for answers,
Maybe one day I’ll know what it means,

I’ve been pulling on cuffs, asking questions about stuff,
that I probably shouldn’t question,
But if I finally shut up, will I be content with myself,
Or be drawn to another burden,
Trying to find something worth this,

So I’ll call you once I’m found,
Whether I stand up or touch the ground,
Leave the candle lit until I’m free,
Once I’m across this sea,
I’ll find you, and you’ll find me,

Through the pavement of gods,
and the cackle of doves,
I’ll find my way back to the sun,
Through the road may be long,
I’ve still got a song,
Just leave that candle light on,

Patrick Aug 17

Slaves litter the assembly lines
Children once starry-eyed
     The glint of their souls tarnished
As their guided hands twisted
The locks of their own prisons
Living in cells of echoes
     Between empty-eyed dinners
     Between the battle of vines
          Cut from different fabrics
Walking through fires of debts
Carving tallies into paper walls
Sewing slabs of fat
Onto souls trudging along
The gray road where whipping men
Herd you towards the painted horizon
While Eden could be attained
With a turn of the head
And a dive into the Sea of Chance

The paths in front of me have never been numerically limited.
I've never really had a set destination in mind.
Seeking peace alongside the silhouettes formed as it set,
I've always chased the sun to its horizon.
Hoping where light meets dark I'd be lucky enough to walk the line of in-between to self solidarity and serenity.
Instead, I had found I walked a fine line of self destruction, and self empowerment.
Caught in between being the best me I can be, or not being me at all.
Here, I planted my feet and became rooted in the safety of my own demise.

But tables are turning, stars are falling, there's truth beyond this horizon.
You'll find comfort in pain, and pain in love, and even following the light can mean the end.
Beauty can be found in the eye of the storm, when everything becomes silent take a deep breath.
Look around, let your walls you've built fall down.
Remind yourself of this:
The sun may shine brighter, but the moon is just trying its best.

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