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Azfar Hakimi May 10
I've been searching the sun through the mountains till I forgot that clouds are built to be loved too.
I've been thinking too hard and forgot that I should do what I want to.
I've been tossing and turning, round and round, till I forget that nights aren't able to hold me long.
I've been crying and screaming till I forgot that stars are singing lullaby songs.
I've been looking and watching till I forgot that wings are built to fly high.
I've been in my room and staying in till I forgot that I'm no longer a dice.
Let me know if the coast is clear
And I'll let you know if I'm out of my fear.
Bus Poet Stop May 2015
"Many a physics graduate student has gnashed her teeth in frustration over the mathematics of general relativity. Perhaps she should try envisioning a flat, boundless desert, with rocks of various sizes scattered across its surface, whose mass creates dips of various depths in the sand. A sturdy canopy looms over that desert, stretched tightly over a skeleton of tent poles linked by bars, matching the rises and dips in the sand beneath it. The desert is all the matter and energy in the universe, while the canopy is the geometry of space-time. The poles and bars are the equations of general relativity, connecting the stuff of the universe with the shape of the universe. As Halpern writes: “Mass and energy warp space-time, telling it where and how to curve. The shape of space-time, in turn, governs how things move within it.”
My mass and my energy are both warped, so the where's and the how's and the eyes of my curves are the poles and the bars of behind which I relentlessly cease to exist, only to seize what lies beyond the constraints of time and space, as eye wait for the bus to stop in the No Standing zone
The Bus Poet
मुझको छोड्कर तुम कहाँ  जावगे ——२
अप्नी दिलको मेरा साँयाँ बनाकर
एक दिल बन् गए दो दिलको ——२
फिरसे क्या दो  दिल बनावगे ?

सँग बीताए पल कैसे कोइ भूलाए
यादहे मुझको तेरा हसना रोना
जब एक दिन दुर होकर बीताएथे
तेरे नजरे पर साथ हमने लाएँथे
एक दिल बन् गए दो दिलकोे
फिरसे क्याँ दो दिल बनावगे ?

दिलमे दर्द देकर कहाँ तुम जावगे ——२
भूलाना हम कहाँ सकेङगे तुमको
जीसको हम् दिलपे लेकर चलते हे
जीसको हम जमीर अप्ना समझते
जीस् से हमने बात सिकँे थे प्याराँे के
जीसका बाते अभी भी कानोमे हँे मेरँे ——२
एक दिल बन् गए दो दिलको
फिरसे क्या दो दिल बनावगे ?

एक दिल  बन् गए दो दिलको
फिरसे क्या दो दिल  बनावगे ? ——२
Genre: Romantic Gazal
Theme: Plea
Step, ground breaking
*****, heart shaking
Bleed, falling shards
Shatter, picking cards

Rolling dice, losing all
Flying down, slowly fall
Sinking deep, pull me under
Shouting silence, I will sunder

Sleep, mind cracking
Break, stress capping
Run, fast forward
But time, can't be bothered
noren Dec 2018
The dice defies
many a choice
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2018
Fine with how you rolled the dice,
Mr. Gambler---
For I, unknowingly
have stopped gambling around with your game.

One day,
you'll sigh of my name
and I won't even bother
recalling your shady game.
Mr. Gambler is such a bothersome. Feeling called upon?
aL Nov 2018
These eyes are entertained
By looking to these stars while glittering
Other wont even take a glance
While I'll sit and take my time waiting

For life is day and night
And I chose the dark
I still appreciate your lights
But the sky is where I look for the spark

I express my love for the rain
All my colors getting drained
I am stuck in this blurry sight
And wont be enough stars tonight

I will be perfectly alone kissing this filter
Cause you wont be needing me in your arms closer
With the smoke I inhale I feel so desensitized
This now is one of the side of my dice.
love for the ciggs
love for starry nights
love for cold rainy nights, too
starry and rainy nights could not co-exist
just like my babe and my cigarette
K Balachandran Oct 2018
Darkness meditates,
Purple dawn breaks out at east;
Energy plays dice!
Clelia Albano Sep 2018
That turquoise light, my dear. Sparkling
on our faces when we ran across the
beach, raptured by a sudden craziness
as the waves embraced our flesh. Our
flesh. So fragile and yet strong under
the throw of the dice. I held your hand
while the waves slapped us with pleasure.
You held me tight while the flow of the sea
was taking me away, taking me away, under
the twist of fate. Keep my face on your mind
now and forever into the waves, into the waves…
Ako May 2018
I keep slicing reality
With the Knife of Reason,
Yet brushing winds
Carry scents of hope.

Neuron connections of
Misconceptions -
Is that causation
Or empty words?

I keep dicing my days
Climbing the ego
Of a shoreless mind
You keep coming my way
Wearing nothing but bands
Around your thighs -
Limelight moments.
Ticking clocks.
Down my spine.
Written Nov. 10, 2016
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