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screams a child running into her room
"I have an owie,— a boo boo"
a child that runs into her room, is running
into her care

The cherished love, cheery smile of it,
and being patient as the cherry on top

miraculous unconditional marvel,
the superhero of wonders in the kitchen
At times a quiet disciplinary in public, with
a sharp eye of a cutting glare

          Later at home you'll be in trouble...

She is love, often not loved enough
even though; her love is more than enough
And can never be undone

"Mummy, mum, or just ma"
she is all, she is a mother
for all I know, she is a woman.
her beauty might leave you speechless
she is special, not the only one of her species,
and yet, she is uniqueness.

the wind whistles through her hair,
as she walks in elegance,
but it’s nothing like arrogance.

she embodies love and protection,
her heart is strong and golden.
and she is a lover of perfection.

she still remembers
the chances she didn’t take.
the wounds, the heart aches
and the days without breaks.

she has fallen many times,
but sure knows how to arise.
her strength has never let her down
and she still carries her crown.

for all I know,
she is a queen without king.
she always knew how to fight
and how to spread out her wings.

she protects her infants
even from a distance.
her love is persistent,
she is brave and resistent.

for all I know,
her heart is in the right place,
it carries compassion and grace.
and she will always make sure,
that I am safe.

for all I know, she must be a mother.
and gracefully I smiled,
when I realised,
that I am her child.

- gio
Of all the moms that grace my life,
     Mom, you're the mom that's best of all.
I thank You, God, for my awesome mom,
     The bestest mom since mankind's fall.
Larry Potter May 2022
I could always go to a laundromat
Toss away the basket without a care
But your handwash is still the standard
And up to this day, it's beyond compare.

You can topple mountains of ***** clothing
Even before the sun gets to call it noon
Taking your skillful palms to a rhythm
More powerful than a wild monsoon.

With natural precision and technique
You'd feel each fabric and make them clean
A stream of colors that changes every week
You unfold them neatly for the humid winds.

From silly pants and hand-me-downs
You leveled wrinkles and washed the grimes
To buttoned shirts and graduation gowns
Your hands have stood the test of time.

Dried and folded, ironed and hanged
It's nothing short of a magical sight
A bundle of comfort, a pile of warmth
Just a peak of your motherly might.
Happy Mother's Day ma!
Dave Robertson Mar 2022
Not lost as much as misplaced,
gone from where you should be
in bosoms of families
and conspiracies of friends
still adding your narrative arc,
your author’s hand

It is for us to ape your style,
continue your quirks and syntax
so the story, like these spring bouquets
will bloom well
G A Lopez May 2021
"Sino ang bayani ng buhay mo?"
Minsan itong naging paksa ng aming aralin sa filipino
Madalas din itong itanong sa akin ng madla
Ngunit wala akong ibang sambit kundi ang iyong ngalan ina.

Bagama't wala siyang hari na katuwang,
Para sa akin siya ay reyna magmula pa noong ako'y walang muwang.
Magkaiba man ang daang ating nilalakaran,
Alam kong pareho tayo ng langit na tinitingnan.

Dito ay umaga, diyan ay gabi
Sa pagtulog mo ina nais kitang katabi
Iniibig kita kahit sa personal man ay 'di ko ito masabi
At kung maayos na ang mundo, dadampian ko ng pagmamahal ang iyong pisngi't labi.

Hindi sapat na ika'y pasalamatan
Pangakong pagod mo'y aking papalitan
Ng pag-ibig na walang hanggan
At ibabahagi ko lahat ng kabutihan mo hanggang sa aking kaapo-apohan

Kung tuluyan ka nang manghina
At kunin ka na sa akin ng May Likha,
Ako ang makakasama mo hanggang sa iyong huling hininga
Kukumutan kita ng pag-ibig, mahal kong ina.
Robert Guerrero May 2021
But you made the dirt
Tastier when I ate it
Making it easier
To dust myself off
You'd offer bandaids
A helping hand
Yet I'm as hard headed
Almost as stubborn
As you are
You taught me
That life isn't about taking it
It's about conquering
Everything that wants to bury you
The Long Road
Isnt living cautiously
It's learning from mistakes
From the risk you take
Being prepared for possibilities
Accepting of consequences
Everything you did
Was for my betterment
That I fought you over
Thinking I mastered
Those pieces of advice
If not for you
I know several places
I'd be stuck in
Without hopes of a future
You held my hand
To make it this far
Now hold onto your faith
And walk with my heart
As I make you proud
With every step I take
Down this long road
We endure called life
With your teachings
I'll obliterate remaining obstacles
I love you mom
Happy mother's day
The only present I have
That's worth anything
That I can offer
Is the smile I bestow
Everytime you witness
Me implementing
Those invaluable lessons
You diligently worked on
Instilling them into me
Thank you
To Annette Guerrero, my mom by her choice. She didn't have to become a part of my life but without her who knows where I would be. No earthly possession can be of equal worth to the opportunities I'll have because of you. I love you mom.
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