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A love formed in creation
As oneness becomes individuality
Unconditional in nature
Through a miraculous connection
Bourne by challenge of reliance
And want of independence

A love that endures separation
A beautiful rainbow
Seen clearly after rain
Through generational reflection
Timeless like a mountain
And ever flowing stream
A poem to my mom on Mother's Day
Lil Moon Moon Oct 2020
Dearest Mother
I’ve seen your tears
Basked in your smiles and bursts of ire
I’ve seen your hard work
Your hands are calloused,  worn, and brown
But they’re a gentle caress
As they smoothen my frown

Sweetest Mother
You’re all I’ve known
You raised me and loved me
Care is all you’ve ever shown
The taste of your cooking is the call of home
A flavor sweeter than a honeycomb

Joyous Mother,
I will always be grateful
Truly and forever
For all you’ve done

Remember I love you
So smile, laugh, and cry
It'll all be alright
Cause I’ll be here
Right by your side.
Monique Matheson May 2015
Dear mother,
I still remember the days you would wake up and
Make us pancakes
Dance in daddy's shorts
You were full of life.

I catch scents that remind me of your sweet perfume (Elizabeth Taylor)
And everytime I see a butterfly
I feel your breath
The fragrance of sweet pink roses you left behind,
The curls I have left of you.

I still remember your unchanging love for us
That is now buried 6 feet under my ***** converse
Your relentless worry
Your cell phone number at the top of my head
(I dial it from time to time).

I still feel the void that remained
And how we tried to stay together
After you looked away from the world
Who would've thought that daddy would
Bruise me
Beat me
Touch me
(I'm so sorry you saw that).
Who would've thought brother would muffle my screams
Eat my soul
Lick my tears
(I'm sorry you didn't know).

And there's no real way to end this but
To know I will always miss
The way your lip rolled back when you laughed
Don't worry momma
We are okay
We'll be okay
And we'll meet again
But until then

Happy Mother's Day.
Amanda Kay Burke May 2020
I am not a perfect daughter
I'm sure you agree
Your temper is hotter
I'm the reason frequently
Telling you it is only in your brain
You have a meltdown
Chalking worry up to being insane
Not what you deserve to get
Going to be an improved child
I'm completely grown
Easy to provoke and wild
Still the sweet baby you've always known
Now I am telling you I'm sorry
For excessive bitchiness and tears
Blaming you when it was me
Causing half the problems through the years
It is not easy to admit I'm wrong
Doesn't mean that you are right
It takes two to get along
Like it does to fight
It is going to take determination from both of us
It will be worth the patience to try
Maybe peace we longingly discuss
Will be reality for you and I
I cannot change this on my own
Wish you would meet me halfway
Once in awhile just leave it alone
On subjects you feel you must put in your say
You want what's best for me
Hurt because you care
One thing I've been itching to let free
"Thank you" for being there
Regardless of what flaws come between
Relationship has withstood them all
Though at times you can act mean
Petty quarrels usually stay small
So this is a token of my hidden gratitude
To show how you mean so much
Also an apology for being rude
Not keeping in proper touch
No matter how drastic our ups and downs
The thing that will not ever change
That you'll always be around
Arms open to me despite how strange
I often take that for granted
Focus on bad stuff you've done
Of all the occasions I've ranted
Not once did I mention the depth of your love
The countless sacrifices you willingly made
In order for me to do well
How my hair you'd affectionately braid
Somehow I left out of the stories I'd tell
So it is written (here in purple ink no less)
Save as proof of what's in my heart
Next time it will remind us when in distress
What is important when falling apart
Forgive me for pain I've inflicted
Lies and each mess my hand makes
Know my actions have left you afflicted
I swear I'll make up for all the mistakes
My mother's day poem
Thomas May 2020
We are thrown to the Earth -- what for?
Without even the least mark to bear,
Waves that toss and **** and side the shore.
In the breaking ocean -- what glory is there?

Still I cannot think by chance it's kept,
For we share time and its passing, fleet,
For our eyes, find the other's step,
Our voices, their echoes meet.

Rathering shed our memory, more our name,
Of the climbing dawn, our love beneath it,
Than serve cruel reason and falsely claim,
We hadn't been born to see it.
For Mother's day 💐
Molly May 2020
To the daughters who were born without a safe haven

To the mothers who baptized their daughters not in holy water
but in their heartache

To the daughter who raised her mother first
then herself

To the mother who thought being a mother would save her
to the daughter who taught her mother through her existence alone she could never make her whole

to the daughters who tried to make her whole anyway

to the mothers and daughters who resent each other and
don't know why

To the daughter who struggles to decide
between pleasing her mother
and pleasing herself

to the daughter who finally learns what it feels like
to choose herself
to the mother that does the same

to the mothers and daughters who run from unconditional love because they've never known the feeling

may you find peace
for yourself and for her
Oliver H May 2020
i feel like i'm suffocating
       a saltwater fish in fresh water
                                    stuck in the wrong body
                      at the wrong time
         in the wrong life

i’m wrong

                           i can feel it
        in the way she looks at me
                condescends me
           in the way he ignores me
                    is disgusted by me

                          we all know why the air
               hangs more tense
     than a snagged fishing line

           we understand the implications
                                     but we keep it to ourselves
       in silence we agreed to forget
                     that a mother’s love is not unconditional
Amanda Kay Burke May 2020
Butterflies are beautiful
Not as beautiful as you
They are as close as it gets
No living creature (except me) is worth comparing you to
On a card I made my mom for mother's day
Eva May 2020
Happy Mother’s Day to the person who’s always with me
To the one who helped me become the person I’m today
To the one who taught me to treat others how I treat myself

Happy Mother’s Day to the person whose approval I craved
To the one who helped me understand that nobody will ever care for me
To the one who taught me that I’m a piece of garbage myself

Happy Mother’s Day to the person whose laugh I was scared of
To the one who helped me know that I’m undeserving of love
To the one who taught me to hate the mirror image of myself

Happy Mother’s Day to the person whose voice haunts me
To the one who helped me avoid responsibility and criticism
To the one who taught me reasons why I should **** myself

Happy Mother’s Day to the person who made me scared of thinking
To the one who helped me breed hate in who fundamentally am
To the one who taught me that others will always be better than myself

Happy Mother’s Day to the person who made feel guilty of my depression
To the one who helped me find innovative ways to hurt me without a trail
To the one who taught me that everything wrong is a fault in myself

Happy Mother’s Day to the person who made me a mom to my siblings
To the one who helped me get rid of my carefree childhood joy
To the one who taught me that in life one can only care for themself

Happy Mother’s Day to the person who isolated me of the ones I loved
To the one who helps me know my worth in negative numbers
To the one who taught me jealousy and that I'm hers  

Happy Mother’s Day to the person who fed me lies as facts
To the one who helped me befriend an ED princess
To the one who taught me that was the only way to be one

Happy Mother’s Day to the person who made me scared of accomplishing my dreams
To the one who helped me endure years of abuse and neglect as a mask for love
To the one who taught me that I could never be truly happy

Happy Mother's Day to the person who polluted the word mother for me
To the person who made me dread being a mother myself
To the person that I'm horrified of emulating and ******* other child's life up

Happy Mother's Day to my mom
This is poem I wrote for the woman that give birth to me on Mother’s Day 2020 after a big fight and a lot of crying. This represents that while many people are thankful for their wonderful mums, some of us don’t have a good relationship with our mother or aren’t close to our blood family or simply, not everyone has a mother. That’s okay. It’s that’s you, I send you love 💕
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
She's fierce yet caring
A lioness with her cubs
Mom, our pack leader
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