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Cloud Aug 2018
She builds a nest, builds a home
Out of twine and twigs and love
Day and night, dawn and gloam,
She works in trees above.

All to prepare for her offspring
To give them the chance to fly
Only the best for her children
These are the words to her cry

A fortnight her eyes are skinned
She is sentinel over her eggs
Come storm, gale, blustering wind
Her treasures safe under her legs

At last she meets her brood
Hungry and unrefined
She tirelessly gathers food
Their lives now intertwined

She kisses the food into their beaks
She cares for their every need
She answers their every screak
To love, to tend, to feed.

She watches them grow new feathers,
And reach out to the beckoning sky
They want to see other weathers
So she teaches them how to fly

They soar higher and higher
She watches from below
It makes her smile and smile
To see her babies go

As they climb and tumble
She makes sure to let them know
They are always welcome to return
To the home built long ago

The love she gave her young ones
Gave them the strength to fly
The strength to build their own nests
High up in the sky.
This poem is dedicated to my Mother.
mjad May 2018
There are more secrets that my heart holds,
than arguments I have woken up too.
More anger and resentment rising upwards,
begging my mouth to attack you,
at every waking second I am in your presence,
than times I have muttered the words: I love you

Happy Mother's Day
We don't have a good relationship unfortunately
Loren Riley May 2018
When a child is born,

A mother is born

When a mother is born,

A spark of love is born

When a spark of love is born,

There's a never-ending bond between them

When there's a never-ending bond,

Trust is born

When trust is born,

Empathy for one another is born

When empathy for each other is born,

One must part with the one who has supported them their whole lives and will always and always has been there for them.
I wrote this personally for my mother and found potential in it... So, I shared it!
Olliver May 2018
I want to remind you of all the times we shared.

When I helped you stand in an elevator at 8 years old because you were too drunk to stand yourself.

When you missed my last band concert because getting high and crying over him was more important.

When you told me I treat you like a dog, but I get anxiety whenever I'm around you.

When you told my brother he should have never been born. A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts, you know.

When you said I was too immature to decide if I should stay at your house or not.

When you stopped being my safe place.

When you tried to make me feel guilty for not coming out to you sooner. It made you mad that even though you have been calling it a phase for a year that I didn't think you'd exept me.

How about the time I tried to put my younger brother to sleep and you yelled at me for asking you not to distract him while cleaning; he would never get to sleep that way. But I was "scoulding you".

Don't forget when I was 4 years old and you came to visit me and promised me a new booksgelf for all my moovies, and didn't even remember the next time I saw you (a month later).

And I've been told plenty of time of when you left me with my grandma to go get some food, and came back about 4 days later for your child.

I was sick once and I remember throwing up, wishing my mom was there to hold my hair, but I figured I hadn't seen her in so long that maybe if I prayed she would hear me up in hevan?

When you dropped me off without saying I love you, even though I said it three times and I was mad.

Now pick those out in perfect chronological order. Tell me what was the old you. Tell me you changed. Lie to me. Im already used to it.

Now you might understand why I'm counting down the days until I live with my father.
helena alexis May 2018
you carried me in your ****
for not 9 months but 5
i came early and
had you worried although
everyone told you i would
not survive here i am as your miracle

you remind me of a flower blooming
and blossoming once you are
showered with love and affection
but also wilting and dying
due to all the stress and hardships you have encountered in your life
and yet you still manage to
blossom again because
you are an amazing flower

you are the strongest woman
i know you have gone through
so much in your life as a
mother, daughter, and wife
and i admire you for that
you have always been there
for me through thick and thin
and i am blessed to call you my mother
happy mother’s day
Remember when we rode the London Eye and I was in a pensive mood; too often to brood... You asked what was wrong but I didn't want to tell a bitter song, so nothing's wrong. Truth be told I thought of a future I could not see, a family that might never be... those thoughts yet with family all around.

And now with family on the horizon, a future which I can almost see, adding to the family tree, wonder who this little one will be? Like me?

And I remember I had a favorite Grandmum,
so maybe my child will too
No doubt it will be you.
EastWind May 2018
My Mother,
can see through everything,
like Superman's X-ray vision,
she's as smart as Iron Man,
when we need her advice,
runs like Flash  when we need her help,

My Mother can be The Hero when me and my sister,
act like a villain,
she remembers Star Wars even though,
it's not her type of movie.
But My mom,
is just my mom,
a very independent woman,
she has a job, a family,
she's simple.

Even Though she can be,
Greater than any superhero can be.
happy Mother's day to all mothers!
Speak Slowly May 2018
A love like no other
Even if shes a bother
She loves unconditionally
Even when we are irrational
We are her first thoughts
And highest hopes
Thats why we have mothers day
To return love and uncover feelings at bay
Shower her with gifts
And maybe a kiss
She gave us life
So give her love
Happy mothers day
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