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G A Lopez May 21
"Sino ang bayani ng buhay mo?"
Minsan itong naging paksa ng aming aralin sa filipino
Madalas din itong itanong sa akin ng madla
Ngunit wala akong ibang sambit kundi ang iyong ngalan ina.

Bagama't wala siyang hari na katuwang,
Para sa akin siya ay reyna magmula pa noong ako'y walang muwang.
Magkaiba man ang daang ating nilalakaran,
Alam kong pareho tayo ng langit na tinitingnan.

Dito ay umaga, diyan ay gabi
Sa pagtulog mo ina nais kitang katabi
Iniibig kita kahit sa personal man ay 'di ko ito masabi
At kung maayos na ang mundo, dadampian ko ng pagmamahal ang iyong pisngi't labi.

Hindi sapat na ika'y pasalamatan
Pangakong pagod mo'y aking papalitan
Ng pag-ibig na walang hanggan
At ibabahagi ko lahat ng kabutihan mo hanggang sa aking kaapo-apohan

Kung tuluyan ka nang manghina
At kunin ka na sa akin ng May Likha,
Ako ang makakasama mo hanggang sa iyong huling hininga
Kukumutan kita ng pag-ibig, mahal kong ina.
Invictus May 10
She helped us dream
and gave us our wings,
she molded our souls
nurtured our being,
She took the blows of life
and healed our pain,
though her life
was never the same again.
She has been the shield
and at times, our spine
Wish you an awesome day
My Mother Divine.
But you made the dirt
Tastier when I ate it
Making it easier
To dust myself off
You'd offer bandaids
A helping hand
Yet I'm as hard headed
Almost as stubborn
As you are
You taught me
That life isn't about taking it
It's about conquering
Everything that wants to bury you
The Long Road
Isnt living cautiously
It's learning from mistakes
From the risk you take
Being prepared for possibilities
Accepting of consequences
Everything you did
Was for my betterment
That I fought you over
Thinking I mastered
Those pieces of advice
If not for you
I know several places
I'd be stuck in
Without hopes of a future
You held my hand
To make it this far
Now hold onto your faith
And walk with my heart
As I make you proud
With every step I take
Down this long road
We endure called life
With your teachings
I'll obliterate remaining obstacles
I love you mom
Happy mother's day
The only present I have
That's worth anything
That I can offer
Is the smile I bestow
Everytime you witness
Me implementing
Those invaluable lessons
You diligently worked on
Instilling them into me
Thank you
To Annette Guerrero, my mom by her choice. She didn't have to become a part of my life but without her who knows where I would be. No earthly possession can be of equal worth to the opportunities I'll have because of you. I love you mom.
You give us good bites from the table
Where Daddy will just pet our fur
Lil nuggets of chicken or salmon
Like perfectly made petits four

Your ballet nails scratch our backs
Our sleepy eyes close in delight
And then suddenly you sneeze us awake
So we have to shout Meowsundheit

This tiny poem will show you our love
More than any pretty flowers say
And so we're forever your cutey kittens
Happy Meower's Day
Our two cats are very talented at verse.
ryn May 10
If our family was a tree,
you must be the roots.

Forever planted,
forever supporting,
forever nurturing.

Just so that all of us,
may bask in the amber
of the sun...
And bathe in the silver
of the moon.

Lowkie May 9
I salute you for raising me on your own
Through blood, sweat and tears
Look mom I'm still here
Look mom I'm all grown
I have some issues I have to get through
But I don't want them affecting you
My dreams, my thoughts, my poetry
It may all sound like a mess to you
But I feel like God sent me with a message
And delivering it is something I have to do
I'm sorry if I didn't turn out as you expected
But in this world
You always got to make room for disappointments
I'm sorry if I didn't turn out as you expected
But in this world
I felt rejected
I did not become suicidal
Because that's what expected
I became a story teller
Now I feel accepted
Lowkie ©
Thoughts Of A Quiet Mind ©

#happymothersday  🌹🌺
maybe next year, but probably not.
hope you choke on ur chocolate <3

She is one of the angel who is sent from above,
She has the biggest heart in every terms of love.
That's why she's rare, not like any other
There's none so devotional as that of 'Mother',
Her love is something that no one can explain,
It is made of endless love, sacrifice and pain.
Her power is super, how can she do it all?
She has all solutions for my problems - big or small.
She will be the one who will stand everywhere,
In every situation, when no one else will be there.
She makes me feel so good, safe and sound,
When she is there with me around.
She is the reason everyday I smile,
For me, she can run for a mile.
She's so pretty and versatile,
For doing everything she has her own style.
It's so difficult to understand what she thinks,
Her heart is soft as pink.
Words are less to describe her behavior,
She's my world, she's my savior.
Thank you God for this precious gift,
I Promise that I will always uplift.
Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful and strong mothers around the world. Love you!
Benzene May 8
She 's the  most beautiful woman of  my and your life ,
listen , she's not mine and your wife.
All lover and their stories are nothing
in front of her love which is still expanding .

She always sacrificed her dream for family
still never cried and live happily

She is one who started loving you before your birth,
she is a living angel on earth .

She is the one
who change all your sorrows into fun .
She is always there for you ,
only her love is unconditional and true .

She goes to bed when everyone sleeps
She cares for you when you weep.

You kicked her in her womb
still she taught you how to walk ,
because of her today you are able to bloom.

You made her go through the pain at the time of your birth,
and still she helps you know your worth.

A blessing indeed is being a mother
It is an honor like no other .
Wishing you all a very happy mother's day .
Maa is not a word , It's an emotion , just feel that ...
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