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Saint Audrey Sep 23
I always wake up feeling tired
Maybe more like exhausted
It's a struggle pulling myself out of bed
Maybe I've got a deficiency
My diet hasn't been great recently, so
It's always a possibility, I guess
I really should go get it checked
I haven't seen a doctor in years
But the lethargy won't let up enough
I feel no motivation
Sometimes, I'll get this ringing in my ears
That'll last for a while
It comes and goes, but
It's starting to freak me out

I tried getting a new haircut
It didn't seem to help
I'm just so tired all the time
Lost Sep 11
I always feel like a compass spinning
Directionless, I can hardly see
The paths I could take
To the places I need to be
But I trudge on, aimlessly
“My compass spins, the wilderness remains” - Bright Eyes
cndc Jun 30
it was late afternoon
when she got into the station
she won't return anytime soon
for staying is not an option
she has no idea where she's bound to
but it’s clear that her heart’s already through
with all the countless lies that she heard
and all the people who didn’t see her worth
Heather May 26
I closed my eyes tight
Focused on the rhythm
Tried to be okay with it

But I missed you so much today
And all I could think about
Was how your lips made a home
Your tongue a lullaby
And your hands wrapped around me was the closest I’ve ever felt to beautiful

Without you
I’ve had to relearn what I look like without your eyes to see me
I’ve had to relearn what my body wants without you to guide it

It’s been 2 months since I watched you walk out
And leave me in this hell

2 months since I’ve been homeless in my own home.
neha yamba May 24
when the world was cruel
and you impair

you were alone
and had no give back

when you were bulldozed
for aims you never had

your personality was rescind
and disguised to regular

when you had no choice to
leave and move ahead
you bore the odium of nugatory pack

when you were so good
and gave all your best

you were loathed
and clepe as bad

times when heartbroken you cried to sleep
your head under pillow
words unavowed bide

You turned cold with FIRE inside
it would have been better
Bard Apr 19
Grass and leaf
A gross relief
Passive release
Never to cease

The herbivore, is such a bore
Covered in gore, decay mi amore

Aimless wanderlust
Aimless wonderlust

To live, to eat
To procreate

Wander over yonder
Never stop to ponder
we are thespians in a masquerade,
spilling our thousand acts of charade
whilst the soul bleeds on a blade
yet we float, neither alive nor dead.

we are dolls in a tea party,
choking on liquid vacuity
our heads a barren ghost city
nameless, aimless, brimming pity.

our middle name is empty.
i don't even know what this means besides a complete void. seriously. my head and my poetry account are almost dead.
Levottomuus Apr 13
Stoic amid the tranquil tides, the temperate zephyrs
But a fluttering spark, travelling through the aeons
Witness to the wonders of time, yet ever fleeting
The bearer of that which outlasts this eternal folly

However, for a certainty, even this steadfast paragon
Does not foresee what the clock hands have in store
And the fallen mouth their soft, intelligible rhymes
Thus the air carries this ephemeral elegy of euphony

But as the voices dance within those hallowed halls
Sound brilliantly in harmony, a display of fervour
The mosaic of echoes dismantled by fate's clutches
Changes imminently, unavoidably, flawlessly

Alas, the decadent phantoms of the days long gone
In their irrefutable devotion to their fallacious lord
Seek naught but to extinguish the astral avatar
Embodied within the solitary luminaire, ever vigilant

Does the final line of defence lay dormant even now
As the messenger of the deep beyond revivifies
The illusion dispelled, disenchanted, disengaged
Situation growing direr, the peacekeeper absent

Sealed within a decrepit maze, the mirrored world
Drawing parallels between the unimaginable still
Lost its own essence in the steadily rising entropy
For none are safe; the fabric of reality is wounded

Tendrils escape from the fissure, liberated at last
Come what may, the very barriers between realms
Once separating life and death, light and darkness,
Brought down in a prismatic flash of scintillation

And as that which tore this rift open runs rampant
The spectres of the past in their perpetual undeath
Whisper but a single innocent inquiry of naiveté
"May we reclaim our corporeal selves once more?"

An epiphany unlike most defeats wishful thinking
The clairvoyant beholder, the ever-present observer
Held their answer for as long as the currents of time
Although hope succumbs last, what is after hope?

Thus, in the demoralising wake of the bitter truth
Let the untamed flames of fury loose, such tragedy
Doom befalls the woeful, weary and withered worlds
For the inconspicuous spark has ceased its motion

The end justifies the means in the mind of madness
Created on a whim. I don't understand myself sometimes.
Nicholas Mar 8
how you have begot routine

An occupation entered most

Consuming a once
vivid and polymathic soul
Seeped into your bones
Left you forgot,
a flickering and
dying star

you're here every day,
but you're heart feels vacant;
gone away, or really still at
home, wherever that is

Your body's traveling the
world, but your mind's spinning in
too fast to see past the

Will you reminisce of these days to your future
Or will you skip this period,
for this is
not really you to begin with?

your intermission will come to an end

May you someday return, spirited and
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