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Different could be,
The way
The time
The conscience
Towards the universal wholeness

In the cosmic delusion
For the sympathetic joy
One could be anywhere
In between
The above
Genre: Abstract Spiritual
Theme:Humanising Mathematics
sunprincess Oct 4
I brake for turtles and squirrels
Pretty much anything that creeps or crawls
Unless it's pitch black in the country,
And the moon is on holiday
Then it's clobbered likd the armadillo,
And so is my conscience
Actually had to brake for a squirrel today
He stopped in the road and sat there
with an acorn in his mouth
Had to blow the horn three times before he moved
Expirl05 Sep 30
Be careful of what're facing

Sometimes what heart does feel is not the real one
Ask him that brings everything up
Sometimes what ear does hear is not the real one
Ask the mouth that talks what he's humming about
Sometimes what eye does see is not the real one
Ask your conscience that experiences the old

So, who should you believe over yourself?
Stay strong in all conscience
So that nothing can stop
No eclipse can shade

Spend more time in being
Let the consciousness aloof
Let the sequel show
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Taming mind
My life is simple, humble pleasures
The girl I love, summer leisure
‘The Duke is dead’ the prime minister says
‘Your time has come, you must do your best’.

My heart grows large, my eyes turn red
One final kiss, I lose my breath
My mother weeps, my father stares
His parting words ‘you must do your best’.

We train for the task that lies ahead
Our tools of evil, our countries crest
Brothers forever, until the end
The sergeant says sternly ‘you must do your best’.

The foreign soil, our blood it thirsts
We do not falter, we march and curse
We face our destiny, we march abreast
My father’s voice follows me ‘you must do your best’.

The fight is hard, our spirit put to the test
Death follows us, we cannot rest
Our bravery triumphs, ‘oh how our country will be impressed’
We do our duty, we do our best.

But the victory is fleeting, our brothers fall
Staring eyes, cold skin, we loved them all
Our grief immense, we lay them to rest
They were the bravest, they did their best.

The darkness surrounds us, our souls to stone
They want to end us, to send us home
I raise my weapon; one man lay dead
I have taken, life most precious, I have done my best.

The war is over, the Duke avenged
We wander home, those who were left
return to crowds, they stand abreast
They thank us all, ‘You are the best!’

The war is over, still a battle I fight
My hands tremble, sleepless nights
I see his face, where his body rests
My heart is cold, no pride, but guilt instead ‘I did my duty, I did my best’.

My parents proud, my love distressed
My suffering is silent, put to them instead
They grieve for me, the boy that left
The Man, broken, who survived, who tried his best.

A fatherless son, sonless mother
A widowed wife, man’s lost brother
Their pride is poison, a shot to my chest
I confess my sins, they do their best.

My life was simple, now changed beyond measure
The girl my wife, our children treasures
‘The Duke is dead!’ she says to them
‘Your father went, he did his best’.
A WW1 soldier struggles with his duty and his conscience.
Maya Feb 27
we make up demons
so that we have someone to blame
when we look in the mirror
and realize that we've ****** up.
original sin is
a ******* way
of scapegoating adam and eve
so we don't have to face our own consciences at night.
the blame game
Freddie Ruiz Aug 8
Oh my beloved,
I am heartily sorry for not being the man you needed
and I detest myself,
because I fear the loss of love and the pains of regretness,
but most of all, because I love you,
and I want so badly to be the right man for you.

It’s so ****** the way she crawls into me
and how my temperature rises right up under my skin.
She’s so forbidden, yet I can’t control my feelings.
Why does something so wrong bring on strong feelings?
It’s taking over my whole body.
What sort of thing has been awaken in me?

The floor’s shaking in the speed of an earthquake.
My mind is sinning, I don’t think I can refrain myself from it.
I got a craving building up in me
like a burning flame creeping through every vein in me.
I’m ***** by her scent, her very presence is intoxicating.
At this point, neither you nor anyone can stop this feeling.

The sound of loud music is not as loud as my heart beat.
My conscience is telling me to be discreet, but my heart is telling me to not retreat.
There’s something exciting yet dangerous about wanting her.
This is either good going bad or bad getting badder.

I know I shouldn’t behave this way,
I know carnal desires won’t make sinful thoughts go away.
I know a troubled conscience won’t let me be.
I don’t deserve you, but please, my love, forgive me!
Written on June 29, 2013
Composition number: 450
Avery Glows Jul 27
There's so much that you could say
to back up an irrational behavior
to cover for it.
A confession or
about a faltered mental state,
amid ilusions, sights, incantations
of hearing a voice—
of exorcery
and of being possessed.

The only one thing that you weren't allowed to speak of,
was of you being you
willing the act.
Willing it
out of volition.

To be savage, and unhinged,
is a sin,
is blasphemy.
But why?

The Devil is obscene and real,
so is the savagery within
unleashed where you have wandered
out of reach from the realms of sense and conscience.
into Dionysian.

Dwell with me.
“ Come unto the dark.”
“ Let there be no fear. ”
July 2018
Benji James Jul 22
Benji...this is your conscience speaking...

"You'll never be good enough for her,
Who are you kidding?
You aren't attractive enough,
To obtain her love.
What are you thinking boy...?
Why are you trying to destroy
everything left inside yourself.
Do you want to be addicted to this drug?
Better stop praying to the sky above...
Get back up Benji, move a little faster
or this storm is going to catch up with ya.
I know you don't give a f**k,
But you better start
Or you'll end up back in that slump
and this time...I'm not sure you'll get back up
And pull yourself back out of that dump."

Resurrect everything inside of my soul
Reignite that light, that once shined
Bring me back
So I can fight, let me find
That parts of me that I lost
in the dark
Give me the spark
to restore life to my heart

Just can't seem to get a grip
People all around me
Are gritting their teeth
Waiting for my next slip
Trying to anticipate my next trip
That just ain't cool...
Why don't you worry about yourself?
I don't need your help.
I've dealt with everything else on my own
People catch me in public
speaking to myself
I'm just talking to the inner me
trying to work out my inner being
Haven't you ever been confused?
Feeling self-accused, hurt and bruised.

Resurrect everything inside of my soul
Reignite that light, that once shined
Bring me back
So I can fight, let me find
That parts of me that I lost
in the dark
Give me the spark
to restore life to my heart

"Benji look at you now...
You crashed yourself into the ground
You tried to rebound
Back from the darkness of life
You just drowned in the blackness inside
You are losing parts of yourself
Every time you're inflicted with pain
Your soul melts
You die a little more inside
You're trying to ride this tide
But you keep running out of time
So you better decide
If you're willing to climb
This jagged cliff edge
One last time."

Resurrect everything inside of my soul
Reignite that light, that once shined
Bring me back
So I can fight, let me find
That parts of me that I lost
in the dark
Give me the spark
to restore life to my heart

©2018 Written By Benji James
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