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I cry blood-soaked tears,
My soul writhes in agony,
As my arms touch you.
I am merely a human,
A spectrum of emotion.

To whom shall I owe-
My own rationality?
My experience?
To feel and even not feel,
I own my conscience, my name.
A two-fold tanka (5-7-5-7-7) that showcases “cor et anima” or the heart and soul. Touches upon the subject of emotion, rationality, and conscience.
Jeff Lewis Sep 10
He wondered—
the mode of perdition’s redress.

No need of brimstone;
sufficient are memories;
I used to think
Something / Nothing

When realized
Everyday got, just 24 hours
And everyday is today
Honoring the spirit
Breaking the pattern
Everything changed
The direction
The effort
The goal
For the inner peace
In the end

And I am not the one
I used to be

Neither you
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Evolve || Peace Of Mind
Forever means
Don't give up
It is let go

Let go
With blessings
What is not

Nobody owe nobody
Love is love
Genre: Observational
Theme: When nothing matters
Steve Page May 11
You wear the mask
that gets you through the day.
You close the door and tear
and tear the mask away.

You wear the mask
that gets you through the war.
You close the door and swear
there is no better way.
Lines 5 &6 are from a movie.
Ylzm May 7
Gun in one hand, bible in the other.
Is not the word a sword?
Why need for a gun too?
Or is it a justification to ****?
The same as a rocket launcher on one shoulder,
and the koran in the other hand.
Or a flag in one hand, and a sword in the other.
The image says justified intimidation.
Fear me, for I have the Authority.
But really, the Authority is only as valid
as there are fools who submit.
And the only true authority is the gun, or sword,
as you certainly know it.
And the flag, or bible, or the koran,
are but for your own conscience.
or cover for your lack thereof.

The bible and the gun:
an oxymoron;
a display of faithlessness,
the defilement of holiness,
a blasphemous act;
affirming the proud fool you are,
that says in its heart, there is no God!
elle jaxsun Apr 8
20 years ago

you're perfect to me.
if you hurt me I know it's
because i was bad.

10 years ago

i'm waking up now.
my friends parents don't do this.
dad, i'm so sorry.

4 years ago

it's not all your fault.
i know it's a cycle,
and i will break it.
NaPoWriMo day 5 - 040519
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