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Katie Jan 2022
Don't preoccupy any single thought
With fears of making my heart sink;
Such effort for me would be for naught,
You're more predictable than you think.
John McCafferty Mar 2020
To aim your place
and chase with haste
Whilst many face
the angst and grace

Informed techniques befit your crest
Smash through with force
Opposing guests
Controlling breath
Patience met
The journeys long to ascend

Focus on the foes ahead
Destructive forces with intent
Defeat dealt out inside a zone
Hate and venom will be spent
A noble art to call your own
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Acina Joy Nov 2019

I find it easy to make friends, sometimes.

I befriend those around me.

Those who move too fast, those who drag so slow.

Those who change, those who shift and realign.

Those who smile, those who cry.

Some who are a mix of both.

The hardest to befriend are those who care so little; lost within themselves, forgotten like a dream.

Those who refuse to be held, to be cared for.

Those who take the terrifying edge into oblivion.

Sometimes, befriending ourselves can be quite the challenge.

Nylee Sep 2019
The more we know, the less we say
All the spoken words have its consequences
The more is told in silences

The words omitted but heard clearly
What we listen, the words crafted carefully
They deceive the ears that surrounds

Every other agenda works on
What favours whose manipulation
The smile contains no smile
The efforts put to take another mile
Snooping and buttering on sides
Friends and foe, no one decides
Act so nice, what is inside
no one knows till the very end

Dress so good, please all eyes
Give help when it is noticed
Out of sight then eyes vanished
Deceptive tricks up the sleeve
It matters not whom we believe

All playing game with roll of dice
Keeping friends close, enemies closer.
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
He stalks like a cat.
Then he roars aloud to scare out their attempts.
He is bringing swinging claws.
Swinging from his metal paws.

He only wants the human his master thinks.
To rip apart their work stink.
His brothers rumble the ground.
They also fly from the sky circling around.

Remembering the sounds of cries of the past.
Just like his brothers to sneak a midnight snack.
Not only that but the pesky insects that feed.
As they try to fight to end a world of greed.

Roaring once more at the parasites host.
Only one can save them to grow.
He throws another roar to the wind.
To be, feed, his fill of skin.

Not to be hated but always feared by his foes.
He will go wherever his scent will go.
Try another round of joe.
What he thinks no one will ever know.

Right now we have all we need.
After the far cry is heard he is swift at the deed.
Try again and again to ravage the pain.
What he finds out might make you go insane.
Devin Ortiz May 2018
The Times
The Tines
The Ties that bind.

Fruitful flower of misery,
Open you buds to the cold touch
Of Death.

No green thumb, just green with envy.
Sitting so sunny, in a field of falsehoods.

One slip, a skip, and a broken promise.
Have you, too, forgot the deal.

We are all stuck in the mud, so stick.
Live together, die together, no solo act.

So stop holding out, keep the pact.
Enjoy these moments, they'll be your last.
Alaina Moore May 2018
Shell shocked
through the day.

by nothing less
than my own mind.

Mind's a hollow black room.
Cacophonous symphonies
echo off the walls.

I want to rip my hair out;
my skin off;
Dissolve entirely.

Once was balanced
now I hang on the pendulum.
Waiting to fall into graves once filled
It was a Wall I must've built
in one of those days I was not free
and they kept me under lock and key

A Wall so hard and thick
not even a hammer could puncture it
A Wall so high and deep
where it touched the sea beneath
and rose to Everest's Peak

many times I cannot bring myself to see it
or even just to think it:
that one day it might crumble down
and I can see its protected Crown

yet I still avoid it all the time
for it was where I drew the line
on that day so long ago
where all these thoughts were my Foes
Maybe I should just forget her,
After all I've been feeling better
When it comes to her,
I've been managing to think of her without complete hatred,
Why should I have to go backwards?

If I forget it all,
Then the things she did might not be here anymore,
I won't have a reason to get upset,
Luckily I know I won't ever see her face again.
I be the worse coming straight out the hearse
I was dead before i was born
Only to return back torn
In the tomb where i sit to be collected
And selected
To go to this underground club aint no grub
After death cuz all the earthly pain done left
My soul empty now them demons tryna get me
Stuck inside of dream reality seems
Like a one man team
Even though im too busy tryna get out the mainstream
Cuz i aint down with the government intervene
Breaking families through generational curses the worse is
Yet to come wake out of my dream only to come
Back to where it all begins in the garden of Eden casted the first sin
Serpents snuck they way in
Stole all of my riches and dynasty
Went from emperor to poverty to state property
Tribe of Judah finna rise look at objects floating in ya eyes no saprize
I see mexicans jumpin border
Cuz they done took the Most Highs Order
Takin back what belongs to them
TRUmp scared of em
****** them ******* like they did to us
Ashes to ashes dust to dust at the last pie off amerikkaz crust dont trust
What the media says i pray for violence to break the silence ultra violent rays
Shined upon me ya see all these spirits in me
Ready to set free in the atmosphere hear me clear
Amerikkaz nightmare is here to clear
All the chaos as adversaries pile up for the loss
One time!!!!!
****** coming to america just like they did us its coming nothing you can do
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