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  Jun 16 Nylee
Did you wait smiling for this?
Nylee Jun 16
If not for this lingering sadness,
I would pronounce myself dead.
Waves of deep pure shimmer in the background.
A muffled roar of anger rumbles in the distance.
The white gardenia in a clear glass bowl
Doesn’t smell as sweet as memory recalls.
All the wight of merely being is a burden.
The cuckoo clock is running slow
And needs to have its chain pulled down.
The shutters on the windows are all closed
And the walls are painted in a cheerless hue.
The tablecloth is cluttered up with  nothings
That demand attention but give no reward.
The painting in the attic slowly ages
While the face seen in the mirror stays the same.
The creaking hinges of existence
Slowly start to close the door
And all the butterflies are left outside.
I posted this five days ago and it never appeared, apparently.  I just tried again and got the dread error 502.  One more try.
If I had wings the size of helicopter blades
I would circle the world over and look for you
If I owned bulbous sheen o'er Irish glades
tinged in bronze I would enhance, accrue
the worldly space of you, for I love you

If I were paper or some origami glue    
I would enfold your secrets inside my heart    
If I were a harbinger of love an Angel of hue
a Carvaggio masterpiece of light and dark  
I wouldn't need to travel far to be with you

If I knew the waltz I could dance to your music  
I would leave behind my celestial lair
If I knew you needed me, I would be quick
I'd turn back the time and fly through the air
land at your side because I do care

I'd circle the world for the ripple effect of  your smile,  
then enter your soul, just to bridge the last mile.
  May 29 Nylee
Mrs Timetable
The moon was brilliant
Last night
And yet...
I caught you
At me
Jealous moon
Nylee May 28
apart from breathing through your nostrils?
Every breath intake,
A second more to live
all we ever did was breathe
through the sorrows and happiness
it has many arcs, the wave
every moment I spent living,
I knew the fate
same as everyone
death will swallow me whole
all I ever had was my fine soul.
  May 28 Nylee
i’ve known you longer than i haven’t

the weight
of time
is lighter
as we carry it

our bond
is not
a chain
it’s a light
strong tether
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