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the way the syllables tripped off her tongue
like an unkept secret, or a phone that only rung
and the way that she trudged, without her feet
a colossal blizzard, a war ending in defeat
but it wasn't her heart, it was her mind
a clock that stopped ticking, visions gone blind
she cant help but ponder who she would be
if the apple had just fallen, away from the tree
  2d Nylee
i want it to end.
i want to die.
i once heard
if you jump you will fly
Nylee 2d
My inability to stop my self, it is showing
It is a compulsive disorder, nothing can stop me now
I cannot control my self, I've tried million times
Resisting this urge, it is increasingly difficult
Mind won't listen, and hands don't too
I've searched your name in every space of internet
Learn new things is an accomplishment,
Look through the same old, to understand you
I am obsessed, I admit
Find me cure of this addiction now
I cannot go on like this forever, or can I?
Let me know.
Nylee 4d
After all this.
I was only meant to die.

not even a speck of dust,
in this entire universe,
I am an indistinct part of the dark night sky
  5d Nylee
Life doesn't feel like a mystery anymore;
just a repetition of things that I wish I could
I was not born to feel the
endless night

that comes, starless,
bringing to my room a broken moon

I was put on this Earth
to crush leaves beneath my feet
and revel in the changing seasons

to take each one into my mouth
like a ripe fruit

I am here to touch
the brilliant, bright sun

I was born to make Icarus proud
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