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Nylee 4d
My time has stopped
I see no difference
in January to June
But the days are speeding away
A blink of an eye
and we'll reach 2022
hoping for better view
but isn't it none the same,
all the same
  Jun 6 Nylee
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i d o n t k n o w h e r
  Jun 6 Nylee
Druzzayne Rika
I never knew relationships come with an expiry date,
past that everything goes stale
and what to do with it,
how do I know,
that this Titanic will not sink
Nylee May 29
Why does the moon keep on hiding their dark side,
Am I turning into just like you,
reflecting the bright and hiding in the dark night.
Nylee May 26
The entire world is suffering
and most of us
are trying our best
to not fall apart
at minutes interval.

Most of us are dealing with our losses
by remembering the times
when we had it all
and yearned for more
Now our balances are minus again.

We are trying our best to
survive in the harshest weather
of the new decade
many trees been uprooted
By the shore.

How do I not fall apart,
I am left with nothing
On the cart,
Keep these fat tears on bay,
till it flows over.

At minutes interval,
Bad news arrival,
I switch the channels,
It is worse than before,
Than ever before
  May 7 Nylee

Impossible, fantastical
It cannot make sense at all
I used to pride myself in my posture
But somehow you've made me fall.
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