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In the void of thought,
Silence cradles the soul's rest,
Peace in stillness found.
I die in little bits of me.
Day to day I never see.
Disappearing cells
never ringing bells.
Decades in a mirror
cracks will appear.
Not everything
Got some boo-boos this week
One day I'll learn, it all comes clear,
What purpose did my actions bear?
Was it trivial, a fleeting trace?
The worries that clouded my mental space?

Perhaps it all connected unseen,
A beautiful pattern, a vibrant sheen.
Destiny's a game, the path unclear,
But like leaves changing hues, the answer will appear.

Hold your horses, calm your soul's rage,
There's mercy in time, wisdom on each page.
Level up your perspective, find a new sight,
Embrace the journey, bathed in golden light.
Nylee Apr 7
I cannot store the happiness in the chest
It is hollow at present
I felt it in the early hour
It is never there when I want
It is something expected
never to be found.

Use it little to little as I need it
It disappears before I could consume
in the air, and gone!

I cannot buy it or control it
Cannot stock up when in abundance
It never comes to stay
going away
with devastation taking it's place.

It may be true as I once heard
Happiness has no existence.
Nylee Mar 31
You know one day would come
where I would learn
everything I did do
what was it for
Maybe it was all a bit nothings
the all little that makes me worry
it was just without a meaning
in the bigger picture of things.

And all the things I don't see
I see it all in retrospect
Loving that it all connected
Making it so seamless, breazefull,
Gripped and vengeful my soul now
Calm down, and hold your horses.

Destiny is a gamer,
In foreground, it is not apparent
But let these leaves change colours
and we'd see a beautiful scenery
Of a human's journey.
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