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Months have passed since the day we met. You once told me the fairytale-like story of seeing me for the first time. I am marveled with how the way you expressed every detail of finding ways just to know my name, to meet me. You said, "Hi" but you failed on your first try. 'Till one day you tried again to message me, I finally replied and I couldn't imagine that, that would be the outset of something new.

It's an overwhelming feeling whenever you try to utter your corny jokes just to see my bursted smile, or whenever you do a phone call during night times just to freely express how you miss me, and those times you took care of me when I am unwell just to save my day from sickness. Do you know what my favorite part is? It's whenever you send me your sweetest hand written letters together with your DIY cutie stuffs I've ever had.

You knew that I'd never been in love since birth. A kind of love between two hearts, captured by Cupid's bow and arrow. You are the man who showed and did efforts just to make me feel that I deserve to be loved and you made me realize that feeling. I can't explain it, the deep down feelings. Suddenly, I am lost for words. Just wanted to take a glance every time I am with you, because whenever I do, it makes me smile and comfy to be with you and all I can say is, I am blessed to have you.

You are a good man inside and out. Bit by bit, I will envelope you with the reality that my heart will only beats for your love. Because you made me feel cherished by you, you made me hmm fell for you.

Remember that I will stay by your side not for the rest of my life, but for the rest of yours. From this day, ‘till the end of our days.
Sagarika Das Apr 2019
He was the ruin that she kept running to,
Though the Salvation was far from truth.

The hello was he that she could never say,
A goodbye he was that she had never heard him say.

A look was he from far to see,
With love in his eyes he would only look at the she.

A tune of a song she would hear him sing,
A song he would sing only dedicated to the she.

Unknown to them memories they made,
Treasure were it for lifetime to keep.

Colors they shared same to match,
Unknown to them a smile has been shared. 

A stranger with smile he will always be,
A stranger with light would she all be.

But destiny played a game in life,
And shattered were the treasure together they had.

Nothing more and nothing less were they,
A stranger in life were only they.

As a memory the stranger remained in life,
A small part to cherish they remained for lifetime.
Poetress2 Apr 2019
Don't you know who I am?  I am your be cherished and admired by you.  
I can't be something I'm not!  I am me...that's who I was born to be...I can't be who you want.  
I'm not a Victorias Model, not a Super Model, not even pretty by any standards.  I've gained some weight, and I have more wrinkles now then when you met me.  
I'm sorry for growing old...sorry for not looking better...sorry for not being who you should be in love with.
I am not sorry being me.  It's who I am.  If you can't see that, then I suppose you'll just have to carry out your miserable life with me....or get a Divorce!
WNDL Mar 2019
The skies, flowers, rivers, and sea
Your beauty never cease to amaze me
Even on land where our feets are free
You ran at the horizon where the sky meets the sea
And there I witnessed
The bearing of a true beauty
Harmonizes with every image that I can see
Your smile is just so perfect to me

Luv, I'll be keeping you with me
In my heart where you are with me
And then let's live for eternity
Even if death comes knocking
I'll give him a hard beating
I'll never surrender anything, for you are my everything
I'm still writing for you
Johnny walker Jan 2019
If given the chance to live
life all over again probably do It all just same and make all the mistakes as I made the first time
If I just changed one thing I'd endanger losing the twenty wonderful years I spent with my beautiful wife Helen
They were priceless years and  I would not be prepared to sacrifice the years that I had with
For they were worth more than anything for they were priceless
as to are that of my memories which I cherished I keep them always close to my heart
If given a chance to live life over I'd say no because  I changed  one thing
Johnny walker Jan 2019
When night time comes again I'll be missing her, even more, midnight the lonely hours to when I need her the most to
see me through the hours I'm now
happily falling to the temptation of her nakedness and then to return again to blissful sleep to latter wake
upon the gradual lighting sky of dawn breaking on another
Cherished memories of sleeping In blissful sleep
with Helen
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Hidden away In a world
of my own, safely tucked inside a wealth of my cherished memories of
my lost loved
Hiding away from a world
where the light Is Fading
fast, but to a darkness I'm
becoming accustomed
But snug and warmed by
the memories of Helen's love but safe I feel tucked
up within my dreams and
So here I shall be happy and contented to live my remaining days for so real are my dreams it as my beloved Helen still lays with me as I
A poem of life and dreams of my lost wife Helen my dreams so real it's as If she still lays with me whilst I sleep
stopdoopy Nov 2018
1 2 3
Seeds from fruit trees

I've missed you
My cherished one

You will be
With us again

Is the earth
Beneath soft snow

Way down here
The embers glow

Are we, beloved
Feelings freely flowing

Crashing into rocks
Passionate and fierce

4 5 6
Cross the river Styx
. . . . . .
Val Vik Oct 2018
my happiest moment:
when I became a laughter
in your fruity lips<3
to make someone you love laugh is the greatest feeling in the world. This moment I will cherish forever.
Christopher Jun 2018
Take me to the bus
Hold my hand and tell me how you feel.
Because those moments felt so real.
Mommy and Daddy couldn't so you were my ones.

I can recall curling around your back,
Like a dog does on your bed just to feel that security.
Just teaching me about the world and seeing me reach to a new level of maturity.

Being there to hold my hand and show me the way was the life, until those nights where I said goodbye.
Even on this night it's hard to forget your love and affection.
Now I just long for that same attention.

Momma can't give it like you did,
Daddy can't make up for those moments we spent stealing grapes at the store.
I don't mean to make then sound so low but,
There's no way to without speaking these true words.
Helen Aguilar Contreras 192? - 2015
Emilio Contreras 193? - 2016
I love you
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