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Not one single day passes without wishing you were here
Stare at your photograph trying to fight back each tear
Hard accepting arms can't ever again hold you near
At least memories I cherish most will never disappear
I miss you mom
Caitlin Faykus Oct 2020
I just want to be held
To be loved
And cherished
I just don't want to be alone anymore
annh Nov 2020

”Stood I where you, now starry and new,
Brylcreemed and cherished, view those who have perished;

The collegiate adorned, on Founder’s Day mourned,
Old souls with young dreams, bright plans and mad schemes;

Three from the left, that’s me with the clef,
A musician’s award, bestowed by the Board;

Prized above all, before the Great War,
Took hearing and sight, an aesthete’s blight;

For a whisper apart, is the end from the start,
What remains of the day, nowt but shadows that play;

On this side of the glass, through which you will pass,
At the lone piper’s call, when dusk it doth fall.”

“A cabinet of clowns dressed up in their gowns.”
Inspired by the gallery scene from Dead Poets Society -

‘O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done,
The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won.’
- Walt Whitman
Special moments
Not always in words framed
In memories vivid
As long as lived
CB Jul 2020
”Infinite galaxies come running down my tear stained cheek.
I’m swept away in this pain.
Cherished memories washed away, always down the drain.
I envy the days where I felt so endless, even when I ached.”
Karijinbba Jun 2020

Poem lyrics dedicated to Karkjinbba
in memory of pjc-rkrdd interstellar
Traveler on another mission.
'm jealous of the rain
That falls upon your skin
It's closer than my hands have been
I'm jealous of the rain
worshipping in ground as you may walk on splattering all down

I'm Jealous of the waves at sea that rock your boat with her not me
spilling out on you our old wine reserved for us to spill on each others unintended wounds

I'm jealous of the wind
That ripples through
your clothes;
the exotic perfume aromas
you bought for me alone
but now she wears.
along with my diamond heart ring.

I'm Jealous of the way she combes her hair each night
looking in our ancient
mirrored vanity desk

While you looking at her
moon light to guide
may you look at me
my stary constellation
sky high glide  

I am jealous of the tennis rocket
you swing to her meant
to swing back to me
it's closer than your shadow
left behind to comfort me.

Oh, I'm jealous of the air you breathe in the same room, with her alone  dancing to songs
and tunes meant for us two alone
on your master lovely bedroom;
moving dancing rdd/bba style!

Still I wish you the best
all this world could give
Love of my life.

I wouldn't sacrifice my love and life for you again though;
instead, I would, earn your love,
right back forgive me sweet love divine elite great among great,
peace be with you

As I told you when you left
In every lifetime for another girl,
you leave me
all I wanted was an airline ticket
to fly to you in Carol Lumbard's skin

Dear runner mine
poverty was my foe I couldn't chase.
but I always thought you'd come back,
or even pick me up
on your limousine
for a joyful ecstacy filled ride!

Telling me all you found without me was heartbreak and misery!
Because darling that's all I found
without you.
It's hard for me to say,
I'm jealous of the way
You're h a p p y without meeee.

I'm jealous of the nights
That I don't spend with you
watching the billion stars from our bedroom bed with your patpapa
Aquarius and my Aries telescope.
I'm wondering
who you lay next to!
Oh, I'm jealous of those sacred nights.
I'm jealous of the love
your love that was all mine
gone for someone else to share.

I'm jealous of the love
cause I wished you too
the very best
all this world could give.
For Karijinbba
By: Kear and Natalie Hemby.
Copy Rights.
I have nothing to do with jealou malice or
Jealousy is a very distractive emotion
And if I had to be jealous of another woman
Something was really wrong with our relationship.
I was hurt still i wish you well instead but not jealous I let you go
your happiness was above and beyond my own for I loved you the.most in the whole wide world for I forgave you the most
Riddhi Thakkar Jun 2020
The only way I can cherish you is by remembering you as my freedom.
The Hidden Love
Months have passed since the day we met. You once told me the fairytale-like story of seeing me for the first time. I am marveled with how the way you expressed every detail of finding ways just to know my name, to meet me. You said, "Hi" but you failed on your first try. 'Till one day you tried again to message me, I finally replied and I couldn't imagine that, that would be the outset of something new.

It's an overwhelming feeling whenever you try to utter your corny jokes just to see my bursted smile, or whenever you do a phone call during night times just to freely express how you miss me, and those times you took care of me when I am unwell just to save my day from sickness. Do you know what my favorite part is? It's whenever you send me your sweetest hand written letters together with your DIY cutie stuffs I've ever had.

You knew that I'd never been in love since birth. A kind of love between two hearts, captured by Cupid's bow and arrow. You are the man who showed and did efforts just to make me feel that I deserve to be loved and you made me realize that feeling. I can't explain it, the deep down feelings. Suddenly, I am lost for words. Just wanted to take a glance every time I am with you, because whenever I do, it makes me smile and comfy to be with you and all I can say is, I am blessed to have you.

You are a good man inside and out. Bit by bit, I will envelope you with the reality that my heart will only beats for your love. Because you made me feel cherished by you, you made me hmm fell for you.

Remember that I will stay by your side not for the rest of my life, but for the rest of yours. From this day, ‘till the end of our days.
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