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I saw him in the corner
The place you used to sit
My ghost of unrequited love
And he's become a surrogate
His eyes burned into me
They're the same shade of blue
He haunts me in these hallways
In the same way you used to
When I smile at him
It's you that's on my mind
A tangible replacement
To the one who left me behind
All you had to do was kiss me
Then you left me distracted
And this torch burns for you
But it's him I've attracted
Willow shade Jan 27
I grabbed the eternal fire of the life
when your laugh suddenly grasped me in a void.
As you cuddled my abandoned, desolate spirit,
what a piece of sparkle could really commit
did you at least see and feel it, my dear?

Till now I remember your humane manners,
as I climb my first power-smelling ladders...
I see how the love inside turns into ego,
If I'd have been sober and hadn't let you go,
Would you have still been so true and sincere?

Power is as right as the origin of life,
however as guilty as the creator's strive.
I live all the moments as if my last ones
and wish for a moment, just only at a glance
that you were around now, that you were here...

You are the reflection of my hazy past,
my self-destructed, inside-lost part,
a disparaged philosopher, a despised poet,
our sublime revenge we begin to get,
and my majestic woman,  
you are inside yet...
So, the future is definitely clear...

Future is clear...
I am coming through,
With you
Even writing
And for the first time without any regret
Riley Cartwright Dec 2018
This isn’t about the Sun anymore.
This isn’t about being the Earth anymore.
For once it’s not about being walked on.
It’s not about false hope.
It’s about hurting.

This is about burning.

Not because of the Sun.
But rather, the fact that you blindly followed a torch in the darkness and now—now you are lost.

And no matter how long you stare at the plaster on your ceiling, all of the lines and dots and weird shapes, the map isn’t clear.

You wanted to grab the torch to bring the light closer, to see better.

But you went to far and grabbed the flame.
JDL Nov 2018
   to hollow,
  The Torch of
   the selfless
Maxim Keyfman Jul 2018
today i'm dead
and I resurrected

or I died yesterday
when the window was
stars and fire

today i'm dead
and took the torch with him

and the birds sing again on the street

PoserPersona Jul 2018
O why, O why, O why was I born in this non-laternlit world?
O why, O why, O why was I born in this non-torchlit world.
What woe!
And try, and try, and try I do, to fulfill myself, all others, too!
And try, and try, and try I do, to remind myself, all others, too:

That it is not man's devices that light the darkness,
but the sun's brightness…
Nylee May 2018
In the torch of fire,
someone is burning,
dying every second
to keep the flame alive
Star BG Jan 2018
Torch in heart burns
Burns for the loss
of a friendliness sister.

It illuminates my tears
As I recall a time
where friendship blossomed
to run in fields.

Where day and night merged
with silver lining
And things seem

Torch I feed strongly now,
with dreams and memories
With light and love.
Star BG Apr 2017
I light a torch inside a creative mind
with breath and intention

The flame dances, rising high
to transmute into words.
Into poems, stories, manuscript
that flows on vellum white.

It burns brightly making my face a glow
and my heartbeat rhythmically.

When poem is done
words combust with air of voice
to echo into a special poem.

A poem, I gift to a readers mind.

StarBG © 2017
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