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Fayez Sep 13
I walk,
A thick brush
Paints my way

I cross,
An inked bridge
My feet black

I stop,
The black brush
Paints a crossroad

I sit,
days pass by
As I ponder

I decide,
A blackened path
Walking on ink

I wait,
The brush draws
More diverging paths

I reach,
Holding the brush
Snapping in half

I look,
My body covered
In black ink

I walk,
My body blackened
My path white
A person and the brush that paints their path. An ode to fate, destiny, and the premise things happening for a reason.
Sometimes breaking the brush will make us lost and 'blackened', but atleast we will be free
he painted flourishing gardens
and stunning landscapes
using a palette of superb
colour drapes

in his homeland they toast
him with champagne
for his canvases hang
in their art gallery's lane

his works are worth
many millions of dollars
and they've been studied
by generations of scholars

of the impressionist style
was he
he had brush daubing
down to a tee

paint me a picture
if you possibly can
that will tell me
of this creative man
samara lael Jul 10
use your brush
whether it be cracked or stained.
use it to paint a picture
that shows people why
they are made.

use it to write the words
that went unspoken.
use it to keep your mind
from swirling murky clouds
making you broken.  

paint me a picture
to explore what you do;
not for me to judge
but to admire what  
the Lord has poured into you.

~ share your gifts.
JT Nelson Jun 26
Blank and holding breath
Holding paint... shaking
Projected from my mind
Holding my hand back

Taken in and exhaled
To steady my eyes
Of hand and brush as one
Look back... just create.
After long periods of not creating any art, the first jump back in can be daunting.
Life is a natural  painting,
Make it lively and stimulating.
Use strokes of hope,
Tone it with varied patience,
Texture it with kindness,
Brush it with confidence,
Use exotic colours of love and care,
Happiness and laughter.
Laura Mar 5
Three months later
And I still find
Your curly black hair
In my brush
In MY brush
Because for some reason
Three months later
I can't be rid of you
When I think I'm done
When I think I'm over
Finally finished
Thoughts of you
Plague my mind
Memories flood me
Dreams arouse me
And I am
I am yours
Once more
In those thoughts
Those memories
Those dreams
We're back
To the way we were
Wrapped in each other
Until I open my eyes
Shake my head
And scream
Scream at you
At the way
You ended things
The dream ends
And I remember
I'm just cleaning
A ******* hair brush
Johnny walker Feb 15
I miss so much the simple things of our marriage like
brushing my sweet darling
hair she loved me brushing her

I miss shopping helping her choose dresses to wear helping her to try them on
Oh how I miss shopping with Helen

I miss so much helping her
to dress to get ready to go out In the mornings for her tea and toast and just sit talking to her  

But what I miss most Is waking to her In the mornings when first she'd open her beautiful eyes
to greet the morning light

I long so much for those simple things of our marriage those thing I'll never do again sometime the reality of never being
able to do again Is painful to take
Sometimes when you lose your partner Its the simple things one misses the most
Johnny walker Jan 15
If I were granted just one chance to relive again a brief moment In time I'd
go back the first time ever
I laid eyes on her the girl who become my
This girl who could say so much with the look In her eye far more than words could ever say she'd tell I love you with just a  squeeze of her
3 squeezes I love you my reply 4 squeezes I love you too so many things about her I miss so
Just to lay awake at night to watch her sleeping to help dress her In the morning to run a brush through her
The smell of the beautiful perfume she wore Estee Lauder Youth Dew to rest my head on the gentle rise and fall of her
whilst taking all that beautiful perfume In all that and more I shall forever miss any one of those I've mentioned
here I'd be more than happy with
If I we're given a chance to
to relive a brief moment of my previous time for she was so beautiful and loving to
If given a chance to live a brief moment of my previous life over again. It would probably be as simple as brushing her hair
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