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Corrinne Shadow Apr 2021
My broken stride,
A step too far,
My leg swung wide.

A misstep-
Just one mistake.
I reel in place.
My heart beats ache.

Come crashing through
The floor till I
Collapse on you.
Confiding in people is so hard. I hate letting them see me like this.
Nylee Aug 2020
All that was August
Breezed through just like
                  Wind gust.
Inspired by Taylor Swift song 'August'.
John McCafferty Jun 2020
To focus on what self importance brings
That final blink will flick to nothing
At best a whim
Too late as time has slipped
It's skin has shed
Where youth has fled
The cycle of light and dark
A heavy step leaves a beaten path
What has been learnt and can be shared
Fairer heart
Friendship bare
Cleaner air
To offer greater care
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
lost the last promise I gripped, slipping, the losses now fixed

homeless, nameless, tragicomic living past the place where scavenging doesn’t last.

ready supply of wretchedness unlimited, shopping cart full of your discards skimmed.

no more we say that evil Oh God, words over exercised, gone, excised, fk-you-exorcised.

lost the remaining of the last promise gripped, the losses are ice in July, fixed.

my suburban brain, burned, the volunteer firemen failed to care, appear.

put my past you, you, exhibited the lesser lesson, the faun ceased dancing.

my cunning can’t be higher’d, hired, arm won’t raise/rise over the wind head.

where the bloodlines went, just veins who purposely are no deafened,  dumb, silenced.

no depth, no plumb line necessary, for measuring the deep, the last pairing.

ditched the muse, the witch *****, who offers tantalizing sweets, poison too, nicely spoiled.
Ya Boi Sep 2019
As though her skin was stained porcelain white
She slipped back down from the sky cracked and marred
Though every second of my gaze was wasted
As in her final instance; before departure
She was stained porcelain white
Tanay Sengupta Mar 2019
I tried not to let go,
But she slipped through my hands.
I didn't realize I was against the flow,
Unable to adjust to the shifting sands.
Now, I sit in this emptiness longing to see her again.
I miss her presence,
Like the barren land misses the summer rain.
I want to drench in her essence
And feel alive.
She has been drained out of me.
I regret going against the tide.
There was so much that I wanted to see.
Adventures I wanted to share,
Of deserts, mountains, and the sea.
Tell her that I care
And know if she cared about me.

Oh Life, I miss you!
I realize as I sit here in my agony.
I am sorry for all I made you go through.
It is such an irony!

Because as a kid, all I wanted to do was grow up.
I could not value you when I had you.
Now, you have left and I miss you.

Oh life, I miss you in my agony.
I am smiling in my sadness,
It is such an irony!
Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2019.
All Rights Reserved.

We often value things, after we have lost them.
i skipped down the hallway
with a smile on my face.

i nearly slipped,
but grabbed hold of reality just in time.

- v.m
almost completely based on a true story.

it's such a brilliant day, and that made me happy inside - so i happily walked to the kitchen and almost slipped on the wooden floor. the counter saved me, but now i'm significantly less happy.

hope your day's going great though.
Irene J Feb 2018
Help me,
I'm drowning.

Nobody see's me,
I'm invisible.

There was no air to breathe,
there was nobody listening,
I was all alone.

The darkness pull me down,
and the light slowly slipped away.

I didn't take a chance nor I try
because nobody could save me,

except myself.
A solitary tear

Slipped down my cheek

I wiped it away

Before it reached my chin

Gotta be careful

Can't let that happen again
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