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Amanda 1d
When I do not see you for awhile
Start going through withdrawals
Like when you’re addicted to drugs
Dependent on alcohol

When I eat food is tasteless
In fact hard to enjoy
Much anything consumed
Focused on the void

No matter what’s done or said
Nothing distracts from absence
If I keep hours busy
Not once your thought leaves my head

My brain obsessed with you
Turning memories around
Try focusing on anything else
But way your laughter sounds

Impossible to be at peace
I wake up alone
Emptiness follows me from our bed
Clinging to each bone

Inside stomach sits a knot
Tangled with concern
Ball that gets tighter every minute
Messages left unreturned

I hate how I need your kiss
To function throughout day
Did not realize contact was necessary
Til moment it was taken away

My heart beats unevenly when you are gone
Stays like that until you come back
Every ***** placed in my body
Is in some manner out of whack

I am more than just miserable
Sick without you here
Unable to be myself
Until presence is again near
When I miss my boyfriend Paul
I rise
I feel
I am perseverant
I am not alone
I am fertile with potential
I seek and engage
I love
I respect my body
I respect my health
I do this so I can serve the best way I can
I let go
I understand the present
I let myself hurt so I can let myself grow
I breathe
I let it all be
and so it all is
you loved her
she wasn't there &
that existed forever...
Nica Monet Oct 13
Your presence ignites a spark
that you may not see
like a matchstick whose capable
of starting a fire in me

In your absence,
continues an ordinary day
until when you’re around do i display
a sense of enthusiasm
in the air
an energy only found
in your presence
when you are here.
for people who misses somebody.
Ces Sep 26
Those bewitching eyes
Glinting like stars
In a world of dreams
Those plump cheeks that invite
The gentlest of kisses
And your lips seem to me
As little fountains
Of perpetual euphoria

You say you lack beauty
And your worth is nil
Oh! How I prayed to the gods
That they take away my eyes
And give them to you.

That you may behold
Such magnificence
That roused in me
This intense longing
For your caresses
Your touch.

Such burning desire
That can only be quenched
By your comforting
Zane Smith Sep 16
By death
By proximity
By curiosity
By anger
Kerli Tulva Sep 15
Flowing water pours
its breath to flow
the wind hastily roars
against star glow.

Smell of rose garden
morning dew grass
silky-softened carpet
brittle-laced glass.

Lonely wooden boat
moon-kept blaze barn
eyes closed and afloat
presence is all I yearn.
Kerli Tulva Sep 11
In the sun-caressed fields
the stars whispering above
beaming their glowing souls
to look after each other's blaze.

Down there a singing spring
creating its diamonds by flow
with the help of the playful sun
and the calm wise silver moon.

A worm becomes a butterfly
under the curled green leaf
to fly through the distant lands
and find its flower in the eternity.

A dancing dew drop sliding
fondling down a brittle bark
like a teardrop in the wide eyes
spilling into the ocean's bed.
lk ode Aug 26
I wanna know your demons
I whisper
As I cut myself open
like a game of operation
delicate incisions
and steady hands,
for a sharp vibrating buzz
of discovery
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