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Nolan W 7d
Under ceaseless rejection it’s hard to maintain
Unconditional love for the earth
Unpromised and unmet loves keep you sane
In spite of all your life’s dearth
Never mind what the embittered say
No matter the truth of their words
Its always enough to live for the day
Leave your anxieties interred
An albatross flies over all our heads
Its our choice to shoot it
A presence exists that threads
Through all our lives if we  permit
The wheel turns again and again
Our muses love us if no one else will
Of forlorn beauty I’ll never have my fill
And I am relieved of any sin
We cannot succumb to cynicism
not rooted,
not foundational,
but transitional,
I mean - tabernacle.
Following cloud and flame,
and restless for Jordan.

not stilted
not intellectual
but relational,
more than routine ritual.
Led by spirit, filled by flame
and restless for Jordan.
Flame is a constant.  God's presence is essential.
Badshah Khan Apr 14
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 87

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Oh my Beloved!
With your divine presence’
In the barren garden’
Whole garden started to flourish.

When I naturally suspect,’
The divine presence of you’
I am universally seeing the gazing light’
All over the barren garden.

Oh my Beloved!
This minute, I rest peacefully’
Within your divine presence.

In my sacred burial ground
Which is correctly located
At this barren garden!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
xtine Apr 8
why do i keep longing for your presence
when you've only been gone for a day?
please hurry back
i miss you
He's gone for a few weeks, but I really miss him here.
you’re not here today...
suddenly, the world seems dimmer
cliché, ik, but nevertheless true
The fire is burning within me
Unable to drawn out
Unable to elude.
It’s getting evil
With all your annoyance.
And I’m crying out loud
Seeking for your presence,
Part of me wants to destroy you
And a part of me wants you back.
I’m lost in the path of love,
And no more halcyon.
I’m screaming out your name thunderously
In the desire of your presence.
Retrieving all our boneheaded conversations
Thinking what kind of squander I was doing.
I’m preoccupied by telling myself
Not to give you an opportunity
To break my heart again.
As I’m taken away from all your botheration  towards me.
Well ,There’s so much of me inside
Which you left undiscovered.
Perhaps you were never curious for me.
And I was being the one running after you constantly.
And keeping you firm with me.  
But now.
I’m dying
I’m hurt.
You’re diligent in watering
Someone else’s flower.
The fire is burning within me!
meadowsweet Mar 17
I am taking off my hand
like a glove
and leaving it
on your little table in the hall
for you to find
as though I forgot it
in my breezy exit
I won't be able to
touch anything
until you return my hand
I never leave anything behind
I never make mistakes
without complete intent
without a significant charade
Think to yourself,
what a silly thing,
she's left her hand behind,
I must get it back to her
Desire Feb 23
Your brain, heart, and lungs
help you live, laugh, and love
as you think, talk, and train
your body, mind, and soul by day.
So when you eat, sleep, and wake
give glory, prayers, and praise
to the Father, Son, and Spirit
for the gift, miracle, and blessing
of your life.
    You are alive.
        Not everybody lives.
Presence Not Promised
2-23-19,  0917HRS
life really is sunshine and rainbows
if you wake up and choose to see it
even in the clouds hanging over our heads
and beneath all of the lonely in our beds
there is light that softy shines ahead

and it is constant

with a kaleidoscope
of colors that blossom
from pain once endured
and sunshine that follows
with just the kind of warm
that you never even knew
you’d been searching for

and eventually, when it pours
you’ll start asking for more
because you’ll feel that the growth
is worth all that you came here for

and when your heart breaks
you’ll laugh
because it always
grows right back
with more reason to beat
and more clarity to see

do you know what i mean?
everything has magic at its seams

you are the moment you are experiencing
and it is perfect

so sit back and enjoy the dream...
if I could bottle your presence I would
take a sip if I felt too alone
if I could bottle your presence I would
take a hit if you're gone for too long

feel you all around
taste every vision of your mind
feel you from within
casting away the time

if I could bottle your presence I would
waiting for you to come home
if I could bottle your presence I would
waiting for you to pick up the phone

my fever dream is real
never without you, my friend
I can finally feel
the pain is subsiding again

he will finally save me
as I lie down in this tower
she will finally praise me
as I bloom for her like a flower

my genie at once
whenever I command
my woman, my man
come into the sacred land

you will never know how often I wish you'd come by
you will never know how often I crave you inside
consuming love and need for reassurance
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