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jǫrð Dec 2020
Consumed and confused
There is no line keeping me
From you, except you
The History: I keep waiting for that emphatic love that fits right and doesn't apologize.
Nylee Jul 2020
Everything is coming to an end.
          I whisper to my self
The tears show up, so unexpected.
          The world goes blurred

In the morning the sirens will be heard
           One more no more
Then deafening silence passes
            Is it a win or a defeat score

Put on a mask, blend in
              Who can tell now who is breathing
No warning, but there were signs
              It is little too late to listen now

How unexpected tables can turn
               it is a sequence of slow burns
Now sour limes turn sweet buns
                "How unexpected indeed"

A picture on the table,
               Not a person on the sidewalk
Found a place in the house now
               it is about time too late.
Lupus- May 2020
My thoughts drown me out
Unable to ask for help or shout
The bad haunting my head
On my fears it's what it fed

It's all flowing down no way to stop
With misery and sorrow in every drop
My vision no longer clear
Blurred out by what I fear

All these emotions whirling inside
Tired of having to hide
So they get out all at once
With all its mighty force

When destroying everything in its way
Nothing peaceful can stay
There's no end, there's no control
For my feelings bursting out along with my soul

Unable to breathe I guess I forgot how
Confused on what to do now
I just lay there motionless
Tired and hopeless

Making an effort to speak, but can't understand a word
My gasping is the only thing heard
I'm breaking down, nothing is functioning
Except for my eyes only capable of crying

I was living a dark nightmare
Monsters coming to life without a care
I'm left weak hearing all these voices
Unable to make other choices

It was terrifying feeling all alone
In this fearsome and menacing zone
An endless pain I don't want to come back
For I fear I won't have enough strength to counter the attack
...mental breakdown...
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
It feels like particles are peeling apart
Separating as they please
There is undeniable space growing in my heart
Observable to who peeks and sees

Fate to blame I have no doubt
Touching tears that won't mend
Beneath skin circuits start to short-out
Barriers between emotions blur and blend

Real is rare so bare all imperfections
Fake the majority of what others share
Everywhere I go is overdissection
Judgement is blatantly unfair

Which only adds to distress
Taken without one sound
Cork up inconvenient emotions unless
They overflow
Then I'm drowned

You cannot imagine what it's like
Kills self-esteem to reflect
Each time negativity strikes
Is impossible to correct

Bottle after bottle emerges emptied
Sink in a sea of distraction
Forever smoky air will not recede
Chilly dreams prevent satisfaction

None of our dreams visible anymore
What are we doing wrong?
Many bad decisions
Too many to ignore
I guess failure's where we belong

We will never be proud living like this
We are in darkness's constant shadow
Sins overtake any chance we have at bliss
Dragging troubles in tow

Trust we will be able to grow
Takes years to heal wounds deep
Bridges over teardrops that flow
Seconds wasted we could not keep

To conclude
Retain a sliver of hope
Though happiness may be lost
I build and maintain ways to cope
Stay warm amidst the permanent frost
Mrs Anybody Feb 2020
thoughts whirl
as several songs
pass by
to become
one blurred song
passing lights
become fuzzy
also check out my other poems!  :)
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2019
I am seeing the colours
Mixing and blending
Without outline
All lines blurred
I can't see you
Red, orange and blue.
Andrew Durst Nov 2019
Most days, I want to get away.
Most day I do not know what to say.
Still, I try.
Sometimes I even
do too much.
The line is always blurred to me.
Maybe that is why I am always
crossing it.
I respect people's boundaries.
The biggest problem;
I do not respect my own.
I give,
a lot.
There are some pieces of me
I will never get back.
They say you live and you learn.
I would like to say that the lessons are
And as that big hand keeps on

I realize that there is,


so much time.
It gets better.
Nylee Sep 2019
A**** real and reality
I follow the blurred real pictures
Which spiral away from divinity
Jac Apr 2019
he carried the ocean in his eyes
it had never been flooded
till that one day
it spilled, flooding his mind
drowning his views
making him lost
until he would one day find,
the eye of the storm
sushii Mar 2019
maybe i am here.
would you see me?

the door is open--
you can walk on out.

see all the teenagers
jigging about.

i don't think it's your scene
over here with me.

maybe i am there.
could you hear me?

the capitals are low--
turning sentences inside out.

see all the thoughts
hanging around.

the vision is blurred
over here with me.

maybe i am no longer.
could you sense me?

don't misunderstand--
that's not what this poem is about.

see my blank stare
midnight all around.

the time is all gone
over here with me.
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