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Ritz Writes Jan 22
She enjoys her state of liberty like the moon enjoys when it shines at night.
Just like the wise owl, she observes and listens.
The voice that remains shut
The eyes that saw blood and tears;
And the heart; a storehouse of suppressed emotion ragging in pain
Bottling up for decade.
When Shiuli blooms as Autumn arrives, she finds her solace in hidden words, etched on her skin.
The embodiment of imperfections stitched together that makes her a human.
Midnight Story
Have you seen me?
I'm missing.

In a little town,
that I've been around,
I've found the one
and only hole in hundreds
leading to a separate world

Asphalt and all,
cold hearts,
nearly bare feet travel lengthy
streets, small in complaint.

Asphalt and all,
dead brains,
nearly there, but wrapped in
politic, fighting over what's real.

Have you seen me?
Apparently, I'm gone with no reason.

I've been around.
Everything is strange lines coming
out of nowhere, taking root as patterns,
meaning what you make it.

Asphalt and all,
**** brains,
nowhere near, but covered
in politic, fighting over what's real.
-- but I'm alive.

They can fight me.
-- but I'm alive.
All your brains can fight me,
fight their eyes.
They can fight me.
All they want to fight.
They can fight me.
-- but I'm alive.
                 I'm alive.
                       I'm alive.
                             I'm alive.

Fight me.
I'm smoking ****,
diving into dreams,
barely leaving my house.
Come on, *****, fight me.
If your heart does so explode,
when your eyes cast sight on what you know
is abominable, then come and arson these
paper walls with me inside.
Fight me. Take the life.

-- but I existed.
                 I existed.
                       I existed.
I take solace knowing that by living at all,
I've angered people.
That's, hilarious.
laura Jan 2
I walk down the hallway,
Everyone is holding someone else’s hand,
I am a misfit.

Everyone talks about the dance,
I just stayed home and watched a movie,
Dances aren’t my thing.
I am a misfit.

They go to sports events,
To socialize with other popular kids,
I go to a band concert,
I am a misfit.

They go on vacation during break,
I stay at home and sleep,
I am a misfit.

I don’t care what anybody says,
I love myself, and
I am a misfit.
Ankita Gupta Dec 2018
Sugarcandy or a chilli flake
Either a sweet tooth or a burning ache
Lethal or way too safe
Either a tequila or a fresh water lake
A diamond or a snowflake
One meek other too brave
Rumi's words or Evanescence
It's birth and death at play
This is a misfit, incomplete attempt, just like an extreme.
Amanda Nov 2018
Walk a mile wearing my shoes
Then you can say you understand
What you can't see is that I need
More than just a helping hand

You don't know how it feels
To forever fail and fall
And spend hours wistfully waiting
For your favorite person to call

Close to breaking down
About to cave in and cry
Too doubtful to say Hello
Too afraid to say goodbye

Not quite fitting in here
A tad off, a bit out of place
Sad yet beautiful hazel eyes
Overshadowed by an **** face

I don't know where I belong
Or which way I should go
But until you have walked the same path
Don't you dare tell me you "know"
I appreciate the attempts to understand me but you have no clue
I do not belong to the group
That ravages thought,
Spoils and rants;
I never have.
I cannot expose my mind and heart
As is done by most
Voluntarily all the time
Without giving a second thought;
It is done so very openly and also extolled
By the many like-minded.

Whither does hide reason?
What for are the jostling feelings curbed?
I ask.
I find -
In this group
There is no room for thought to flow,
No tenderness either
And no scope for imagination.
I simply cannot tolerate the absurd.
So, I have walked away
To preserve my convictions.
Zoe Mae Nov 2018
You know you don't belong anywhere
in a vat of misfit stew you find you're
the only one clinging to the
Ankita Gupta Nov 2018
You sit right there, sneaking in the corner
The black sheep, introvert child.

You are like my coffee, not too dark not too light
But enough to wake me up from my sombre sleep at night.

I see your ignorant friends, the stop and play
They aren't bad, just busy keeping people astray.

You are a misfit, but you fit perfectly in my life
Ironic, you seem to be the corner of the vicious circle of time.

Let's meet there again, where we first met
You get the lines and the triangle, I'll get my mess alright.
amuba Oct 2018
Go back to your nest my friend,
The world here is cruel and unkind.
Before you even spread your wings,
They will come with fire and sweet words
Burn you dreams
And even let you pay the price for it.
Demons roam here everywhere
Telling you, he is your guardian angel sent from heaven;
Teach you to be like everyone.
Fear inflicted on you if you are not norm;
All kids are born equal they say.
And if you show something they don’t like to see
There you become something, something called a Misfit.
Everyone is a misfit in one way or other, it's called a gift.
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