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5d · 111
Nylee 5d
I'm yet to feel my age,
All I feel is burning rage
with inflation comes reducing wage
As I figure through all my problems,
there is no permanent solution
but with every fix
there is a new mountain ready
To envelope me.
May 13 · 274
what a storm
Nylee May 13
Winds were a force
Shook the trees
swaying the likes
and uprooted
buildings down
and landslide
The nature at its best
and worst
accompanied by rains
disrupted the lives
the sea doesn't end or began
everywhere blue and grey
it was scenic devastation
the storm didn't leave
anything behind.
May 5 · 145
Fit in
Nylee May 5
I'll belong if I am me

But If I am anyone else
All I want is to fit in
I won't ever win

the game is twisted in design
And I am forbidden
To cross the drawn line.
Apr 28 · 105
Sharp tongue
Nylee Apr 28
is it written on my face, it's turned upside down
How does it look like right here
You misconstrue what I mean
How does it make you think another story
You would not ask what's wrong
But make it seem all about you
How does it not matter to you
That there is some reason for sadness
Why does your heart not listen
This instance is like one of many

You decided to ruin my Saturday
Coming prepared but giving nothing
You are always out to find reason
Like I am here to commit treason
How does it not make you see
That you have shattered everything in me
You and your wish for hard decision
It's immensely useless, your mind panics
And you would send a bullet my way
**** me with your sharpest tongue.
Apr 24 · 248
Nylee Apr 24
In memories, I see you climb up,
you have a mystic charm
and inate confidence being
Lifting up spirits and crushing them down.

It's just a flick, marking your ticks
I am driving circles around the park
It's driving me insane,
attention all haywire.

Blink and set spart
Blink and gone away
Blink again
I am imagining the lovely morning.

It's summarised the best way
I will be broken up anyway
Once I open my eyes
And leave behind the memories
that never took place
Hate to admit,
They were my fantasies.
Apr 20 · 162
Nylee Apr 20
Ice-hard, cold, yet I endure,
The tales of old city folks
they capture the essence of the place
For the world's embrace I yearn.
Bed beckons, but I resist,
For in the world, my spirit persists
Apr 7 · 131
Out of stock happiness
Nylee Apr 7
I cannot store the happiness in the chest
It is hollow at present
I felt it in the early hour
It is never there when I want
It is something expected
never to be found.

Use it little to little as I need it
It disappears before I could consume
in the air, and gone!

I cannot buy it or control it
Cannot stock up when in abundance
It never comes to stay
going away
with devastation taking it's place.

It may be true as I once heard
Happiness has no existence.
Nylee Mar 31
You know one day would come
where I would learn
everything I did do
what was it for
Maybe it was all a bit nothings
the all little that makes me worry
it was just without a meaning
in the bigger picture of things.

And all the things I don't see
I see it all in retrospect
Loving that it all connected
Making it so seamless, breazefull,
Gripped and vengeful my soul now
Calm down, and hold your horses.

Destiny is a gamer,
In foreground, it is not apparent
But let these leaves change colours
and we'd see a beautiful scenery
Of a human's journey.
Mar 22 · 148
Soft screams
Nylee Mar 22
In shadows, I stumble, a wounded soul,
Dragging my leg, a painful toll.
Confusion reigns, thoughts intertwine,
A world of chaos, a mind unkind.

Fragments of truth, a shattered scene,
No common ground, no shared keen.
Agreement lost, a distant dream,
In this bleak reality, I softly scream.

We find ourselves in a place we can't be,
We don't have consensus, we can't agree to agree.
Merely our voices lose, lost in the noise
We have no remains in dignity, nothing about poise.
Mar 8 · 222
Nylee Mar 8
Slowly taking away every piece of me written from this place
My power is limited, but I love the feeling of purge
it will be fresh start, gradually and then all of a sudden
It will be blessing in disguise, a hidden current,
Stilled in backdated history, written words are not immortal.
Feb 28 · 131
at what point?
Nylee Feb 28
Are we closer or
farther apart from where we started?
are we becoming more or
less human?
we simmer in the water,
existentially becoming bleaker
in a world that is going faster.
Feb 24 · 163
the best thing
Nylee Feb 24
I wish I could become best thing in your life,
You are The One in mine,
But I'd never curse it that way
I never can trust my fate
I, myself, am in a bad shape
at the other side of gate
And you, deserve the best in the world,
You stand out in a herd,
deserve someone exceptional
and the best is certainly not me,
cannot be this face I carry
You find your best thing
from the rest of the world
I'd be happy for you.
Feb 16 · 513
Bright anger
Nylee Feb 16
Anger flares, then dissipates,
But what remains in its wake?
Do you pace forward, fists ready,
Or stall, your heart ablaze?

In the darkness, do you recount
The lies, the destruction unfold?
Do nightmares and dreams converge,
A story yet untold?

When the anger reemerges,
Do you give it a voice,
A pen to honor its pain,
A chance to make its choice?

It can make you be reckless
It's hard to reign in once it comes
There are innumerable consequence
You don't realise what you become.
Feb 11 · 158
Survive the week
Nylee Feb 11
My shoulders are weak,
My mind is strong
I survive the week
with my head all along
The answers reek
the mess within
they call me freak
All muscles give in
But I will not let it show
It's my deserved pain
it will always grow
It is just in vain
All back and fro.
Feb 7 · 239
Biting back
Nylee Feb 7
Shed few tears more
Five years are no less
I break my back for you
For seeing the disdain on your face
Gave you more than love
Respect is a bitter fruit

It's all over
Written on my face
Running away from your case
Filing letters of application
Get myself out of this situation

Nights are sleepless
You running like a reel in my brain
Speaking all the words that you said
You read me like a book
But I have coloured all pages

Murky road ahead, future seems dull
I am not meant for this
I should throw away every snip
Track back to the right track
This is all going to be biting back.
Jan 30 · 319
it means nothing.
Nylee Jan 30
This is how you lose it
there was momentum
in the beginning you had nothing
And it follows you across till the end.
Jan 20 · 145
Nylee Jan 20
I'd always die for your attention,
I'd always cry for your attention,
I'd always lie for your attention,
I'd even live, if I get your attention,
Love, care, whatnots, I just need your attention,
It is suffocating, this suppression
attend to this sensation.
Jan 10 · 600
Toxic chase
Nylee Jan 10
In the toxic crunch of work's latent surge,
We drone on, trapped in a much bigger surge.
Deficit of time, of money, of life,
In this job's toxic strife.

Words become meaningless,
As we toil on endlessly.
Our spirits drained, our souls consumed,
By this job's toxic fume.

But still we persist,
Driven by the need to exist.
In this toxic world's toxic race,
Where time is money, and money is pace.
Jan 4 · 215
Merging lands
Nylee Jan 4
Grab my hand, barge in my fantasy land
Freak me in, freaked out me
It's like a convergence of parallel realities
Combined to be the one
Sunny side up, Moony side comes
Pacing with different lengths
Crossing roads, holding hands.
It's a plus score, to match wavelengths
Scheming and unscheming
Unscrewing and ******* up the plans
Now it is out of controlled ideology
what becomes of we.
Dec 2023 · 340
Wrapping up
Nylee Dec 2023
It's the season to wrap
the things that we are doing
and a chance glance to the back
Feel every accomplishment as a badge
And all the learnings coming along the way.

It's my poetry wrap
filling pages with words
With December blooming,
the secrets keep unfolding,
Its the spirit that lives and breathes
that it is a time to sit back and relax.

We've overdone ourselves
It's another wrap!
Dec 2023 · 131
It's in me and you
Nylee Dec 2023
Within my heart, a flame so bright,
A beacon in the darkest night.
Though others may not see its light,
It guides me through, with all its might.

Alone I stand, but not afraid,
For inner strength is my sweet aid.
My solitude, a gift so rare,
A time to breathe, to heal, to care.

Little joys, like morning dew,
Refresh my soul, and see me through.
I close my mind, embrace the day,
And let my worries fade away.

No need for others' approval now,
I've learned to love myself, somehow.
My worth is not in their embrace,
My inner light, my saving grace.

Though I may stumble on my way,
My inner strength will guide the way.
With conviction strong, I'll walk alone,
And find my path, my destined home.

My heart beats strong, it doesn't break,
For inner strength is my sweet stake.
Though others may not understand,
My inner light will guide my hand.
Nov 2023 · 221
Nylee Nov 2023
Every indulgence
is a misery calling

regret closely following

it is a clear picture
of unending desire
no self control
life out of control.
Nov 2023 · 1.3k
Threads entwined
Nylee Nov 2023
The hushed embrace of midnight's reign,
Where shadows dance and secrets hide,
I yearn for your presence, a beacon's flame,
Amidst the world's slumbering tide.

Like moths drawn to an alluring glow,
I seek your solace, your warmth's embrace,
In the depths of night, where emotions flow,
Misery finds comfort, a kindred face.

In this vast universe, where stars ignite,
Our bond endures, a celestial thread,
Like planets pirouetting in perfect light,
Our paths entwined, forever ahead.
Nov 2023 · 797
Needless to impress
Nylee Nov 2023
Effortless words, spoken with no efforts,
A miracle, it seems to me.
A fractured mind, adrift at sea,
Your presence drives me to insanity.

Hanging by a thread, very thin,
Chaos reigns within.
Should I bother, should I care?
Let the wind take you elsewhere.

A snarky voice, it whispers low,
In the darkness, where I go.
No need to impress, for all is lost,
My interest fades, like morning frost.

You linger near, a mystery,
A running commentary in my head.
Your words replay, like a haunting melody,
From different voices, I am misled.

Nothing feels right, nothing seems true,
You've driven me out of my mind with a beautiful view.
Nov 2023 · 621
shut eyes
Nylee Nov 2023
why am i still living,
I sleep every night
with the thought of leaving
but it is a evident in morning,
When i wake up
there is no escaping indeed!!
Oct 2023 · 258
The haunting
Nylee Oct 2023
On a page
in a motion
I have conjured
the frightening emotion.
The lights were shut,
The eyes were wide awake
The world was about to feel
one final shake.

In the middle
the suspense builds,
filling in the absent fields.
The silent tone,
ice chilled bones,
The smoke came around
without the fire,
The door shut loud
with a bang.

The shrieks and
the gasps,
the noise of intake
loud to the ears,
listening to the footsteps
following my steps,
I look behind
the pitch black view,
hands ahead
looking for shape and size.

What is behind
is also in front!
The panicked flight,
in beat with the fright
catching on.
The rush out
the haunted room
in time with the first light,
morning rooms
no darkness looms.

The gates shut
with no feet in,
outside the town
passing by lawns,
fearing the dark
escaping the arc
carrying the lamp
for the coming night
no one out
on the starry light.
Oct 2023 · 231
Lil happy kid
Nylee Oct 2023
Hope flickers faintly, like a candle's flame,
A whisper in the darkness, my inner name.
When I look around me, it is not the same,
Years passed, my childhood faint.
Somewhere near the grey pine tree,
I have this imprinted scenery,
I keep reminiscing the winter days,
I was a little happy kid, come what may.
Oct 2023 · 154
Youth Storms
Nylee Oct 2023
Sunlight streams through the window pane,
A golden glow, a warm embrace.
I close my eyes, for I cannot sustain
Such brilliance, such radiant grace.

Storms rage beyond the long shore,
Waves crashing, a thunderous roar.
Like life's challenges, they forevermore
Test our resolve, our inner core.

But we are strong, we are resilient,
Rooted in faith, our spirits valiant.
We devise plans, we find our way,
Freeing our minds, come what may.

Leaders falter, sow seeds of doubt,
But we will rise, turn our voices out.
We'll minimize conflict, seek harmony,
For glory lies in tranquility.
Oct 2023 · 323
Open and play
Nylee Oct 2023
Open the chambers of my mind,
Where memories are enshrined,
Some clear, some blurred, but all profound,
A tapestry of my lived life, unbound.

I watch them play, like reels on a screen,
A kaleidoscope of moments, unseen,
Some joyous, some sad, but all real,
The chapters of my life, they reveal.

From childhood days of carefree glee,
To teenage years of angst and spree,
To adulthood's trials and tribulations,
Each memory holds its own vibrations.

Though some may bring a tear to my eye,
I cherish them all, for they're a part of me.
For in the tapestry of my life,
Each memory plays a vital role, without strife
Oct 2023 · 323
Realisations come late
Nylee Oct 2023
Another year, another realization,
That my thoughts are just an illusion.
They're never quite what they seem,
And time flies by like a dream.

As I get older, I forget more,
And my regrets get bigger and sore.
It's always the same,
My thoughts are like a raging flame,
Burning in every part of my frame.

But hey, it's all part of the fun,
This roller coaster ride we're all on.
My thoughts may be churning,
But I'm still learning,
And that's all that matters, I reckon.

So come closer, let's forget the lore,
Anywhere else, we'll be bored.
Let's bleed with every crime,
And make the most of our time.
Oct 2023 · 103
Work therapy needed
Nylee Oct 2023
Work's grip consumes my days,
My own company fades away.

My mind's a tangled skein,
My heart, a heavy chain,
My soul, a barren plain.

Work is evergoing all consuming soul ******* thing
My mind has lost screws and bolts in trying to mend me.
Oct 2023 · 523
Read me
Nylee Oct 2023
Like every other person I know
                 Y o u won't choose me.
Self prophecy poem
Oct 2023 · 240
Nylee Oct 2023
Letters you posted, i never got,
Somewhere in transit,
Many months passed
Conversations skipped
It is untimely
So likely
I am hung upon
All missed opportunities.
Sep 2023 · 246
Be my fantasy
Nylee Sep 2023
I reject you as I look at you from distance
You are just too good for me
Math doesn't math
We can never add up.

... At least before I know you,
You are better off if I leave you as a fantasy
A vision in my head
and don't see your human-ess.

I refuse to see you could be a messy
Always be my fake fantasy.
Sep 2023 · 284
Work never ends
Nylee Sep 2023
The current trend, I stay seated on my desk.

The clock ticks on, a relentless beat,
As the night wears thin, and the mind grows fleet.
The desk lamp flickers, casting eerie shadows,
On the papers strewn, like fallen petals.

The weary soul longs for the break of dawn,
When the day's new light will chase the darkness gone.
But for now, the work must be done,
And the late hours must be won.
Nylee Sep 2023
Why am I the August girl
always waiting
for the call?
Nylee Sep 2023
I am just a nobody
to somebody
A nobody,
To almost everybody,
Anybody cares?
Aug 2023 · 138
danger signs
Nylee Aug 2023
A smooth road,
it is a mirage
A doctored image
The bare feet will feel
the uneven surface
all the rough edges.
Aug 2023 · 430
Lost August
Nylee Aug 2023
It is just like
August was here
   and lost.
My chances of redeeming
All but
Aug 2023 · 222
Light years to travel
Nylee Aug 2023
Everything you and me, a preplanned destiny's game,
It started slowly, what seemed like everglowing flame,
A shattered dream with pieces ablazed
The dark night sky, the stars scattered
Like us, light distances apart.
Aug 2023 · 306
Crooked line
Nylee Aug 2023
If i were to die, i would wish it sooner
There is only misery and bone pains on the crooked paths ahead,
It would be so much easier now,
It will be harder to see the castle crumble later.
Jul 2023 · 384
The world
Nylee Jul 2023
The universe is in you,
You are in the universe
Can we be more dillusioned?
Jul 2023 · 135
Sleep over
Nylee Jul 2023
Second guessing is my second hobby
I excel in
The first one is me regretting things
that I've done
Life was supposed to be different,
something fun
But is only the time gap between
me sleeping
And opening up my eyes yet once again
the morning
Jul 2023 · 453
Listening continuously
Nylee Jul 2023
If only
I can delete things said to me
Like i delete them from my chats
It is currently playing on replay
My mind won't rest
it keeps bumbling
everything on repeat.
Jun 2023 · 462
Steps Behind
Nylee Jun 2023
It's pull and push,
It's hard to predict what I want in this moment
It's always a stretch,
my mind is overstretched
Playing this game.
Jun 2023 · 170
Grand Scheme
Nylee Jun 2023
I saw you the other day
by the bus stop,
on that rainy saturday, hey!
I have you stuck in my mind
and when you smiled
I saw the entire universe
right in front of my eye,
a spell you did on me.

It was magical,
In a trance,
dazed and lyrical,
I made plans of you and I
but, wait,
let me catch my breath!

I have sailed to the next shore
why do I weave hope from you
To do something I never could do
Love me so
so unconditional
how do I know,
You'd treat me better than I treat me?
Jun 2023 · 452
Salty dreaming
Nylee Jun 2023
Clinging to my dreams
Losing touch to reality
I am alone swimming
In this fierce ocean
I am catching the cold
Iciness in this stone heart
Barely floating
How to wake up from this fantasy,
this water is too salty.
Jun 2023 · 210
Going through words
Nylee Jun 2023
It is surprising to find all the things I have written in the past
with what thought were they even be crafted before,
I see all of it as a brand new thing on the screen
It invokes the mind with a different view while reading,
I don't agree with many things, yet I believe in those words
dancing on my eyes, a continuity of my mind.
May 2023 · 390
Emotional journal
Nylee May 2023
This place is my journal
Of things I have ever felt
In the only ways
I could have spelt
May 2023 · 574
Nylee May 2023
In the centre of blame game,
You find a scapegoat,
A sacrifice for greater good
Too bad!
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