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17h · 41
cold touch
Nylee 17h
in the winters,
the marble floors
they feel cold
my bare feet
they are frozen
i cannot move
they are stuck.

in these twenties,
the only warmth
fabric of cardigan
I pull these
sleeves till seems
cover my fingers
touch the knitted
threads to feel
beyond the numbness
of my palm.

the cool sensation
touching my face
the melancholic air
disturbing my stare
tree without leaves
the somber look
the bone chilling
stare back from
a girl sitting
on the marble
floor by the
mirror looking dead.
1d · 148
still awake
Nylee 7d
My inability to stop my self, it is showing
It is a compulsive disorder, nothing can stop me now
I cannot control my self, I've tried million times
Resisting this urge, it is increasingly difficult
Mind won't listen, and hands don't too
I've searched your name in every space of internet
Learn new things is an accomplishment,
Look through the same old, to understand you
I am obsessed, I admit
Find me cure of this addiction now
I cannot go on like this forever, or can I?
Let me know.
Oct 20 · 857
the purpose of my living
Nylee Oct 20
After all this.
I was only meant to die.

not even a speck of dust,
in this entire universe,
I am an indistinct part of the dark night sky
Oct 17 · 116
Me, well!
Nylee Oct 17
I am so restricted to me
That I don't see the world around me
The universal sea
I am caccooned to a well
My well-being at that

I don't see the obvious
It does concern us
It is all dubious
Too hard to understand the truth
Till it is too late

Wait, I should do that
Hey, I can't help that
Well there is no end to my rant
Wait it is happening fast
Isn't it just great!

You know, you know
I know but I don't
It just doesn't show
Too caught up in me
I lose moments of my sanity
Losing on my vanity.
Oct 15 · 149
a glimpse and I see
Nylee Oct 15
all that is beloved
all that I see
it is explicitly made without me
it is no agony
just a tearful reminder
in the scapes of life
how much it matters
what really
on to the sights
gripping future
when I close my eyes
I hear the whispers
I ignore it
the best way possible
so when it is
it is like this
and a peek
through the balcony
I have taken the glimpse
in the dreams that I flee
don't bury me
Oct 12 · 417
Awakening as it be
Nylee Oct 12
Nights are awakening
into the deep sleep.

Terrains keep changing
we need little more time
of the slumber
for the enlightenment
Nylee Oct 11
Hey brain,
You are empty at this moment in time
Not speaking back is a good thing,
Concentrating on typing out the words
That I am dictating in my mind.

Other times you won't take a moment's rest
To think about every possible scenarios to tear me apart
Is this your favourite hobby
Troubling me?
Oh brain, be patient with me.

Hey brain
You work tirelessly all around the body
Why don't you care about my mental well being too
You are me and I am you
But I am more than just you.

Brain, you know me well
and I know a little of you too, brain
sometimes, I can tell
most times you take me to
deep corners of brain,
I get lost in there, drown myself in.

I'd like to introduce to my soul, oh brain
Learn a thing or two from it
That guy is peaceful indeed
A good company to keep
only true words, it'll speak
Isn't that guy amazing

Brain, you are genius,
untapped to full potential,
I am not that capable,
not now at least,
Give me time, brain,
I need rest, it is twelve past twelve

Hey brain,
The world is out to get you and me
You cannot side with the other side
Be careful, there are traps outside
We'll get ****** in,
and the life will be ****** out
and then morning will knock me out.

Hey brain,
Breathe, let's sleep.

Oh Brain! There?
Oct 9 · 211
Into the mist
Nylee Oct 9
Time will pass
And I'll disappear into mist
it will be too foggy
Never to be found again
Oct 8 · 457
Night breaks
Nylee Oct 8
I see, breathe and
feel my heart
breaking a thousand times a day
I keep silence all through the day, the night
but when I go to sleep on my bed,
I remember each broken piece
like a still fresh bleed
Depriving me from night's peace
this is my sleep disease
All these heartaches control my night dreams
They won't cease till I cease.
Oct 5 · 393
Tired Eyes
Nylee Oct 5
All that I need
is to open my eyes
and see
That I am
enough for me
Oct 4 · 243
Nothing is real
Nylee Oct 4
Everyone is writing their fiction
that is the actual perception
different versions of the very same
and what it incidentally became.
Sep 30 · 193
End, and the end
Nylee Sep 30
who is the winner,
who is the loser,
ask the ashes, dust and paper.

the papers inked from history
what does it really tell.

the victor of half the world,
he had to surrender too,
who is the real victor
when the time came
and even the greatest empire fell!

A single word in history,
maybe not even that,
like losing identity
with a swish of a spell

Ink the story,
blue, black, deep
where I haven't even been
My ancestor's glory
won't keep the gleam
the light will fade off
the coming years will tell.

A select, an opportunity, a calling
it is coming with the wind,
but what does it really mean
what does it sell?

wise words,
and nothing, well!

No name for the fame,
a letter to begin,
but it is the end, expel.

My end, and yours
we'd leave the world,
leave behind our body
what of the legacy,
is there even one?
I'd be in places,
earth, heaven or hell

would it matter even,
I am going off empty hand
my hands that type won't accompany even.
Nylee Sep 25
it is little late to realise
but I see that you don't see
the way I do
you don't feel the way I do
you don't tell me otherwise too
and here I am
continuing to dream about you
it is no fault of yours
that you do not reciprocate
but now it is too late
why don't you
a warning
that I am venturing
into danger zone
where hearts and dreams
are bound to break.
Sep 23 · 177
A look at letters
Nylee Sep 23
A tangent drawn over
Below looking for cover
Closely following through
Decide against going after
Elevating my view
Further towards the issue
Glued my eyes toward sad side
Happiness doesn't make my guestlist
It has been a while I've felt good
Jinxed my life with overthinking mind
Kind of never been ever kind
Letters and words, I cannot encompass

Much like my dreams that never came true
Not thinking about it doesn't make them go
Ongoing struggle keeping the feelings inside
Pushing it within, to not hinder my work
Quite unsuccessful attempts, and I see day becoming night
Rays turning dark in blink of time
Stars are no longer seen in the night sky
Turn the page over, how do I
Until almost I tear those pages out
Vanishing away is a thought lingering
What good I am currently exploring
Exploring the tweaks of my current life
You wouldn't want to share one with me
Zero is the number of chance, you'd like me.
Sep 20 · 149
it is coming, it goes on
Nylee Sep 20
Things are happening in the shadows
I am aware, but unaware
What takes place in those dark places
Then I think, should I care
Should I not,
Is it okay, if it is not.

Time is of essence, I am losing it
What's to come, it is happening
I am affected, should I be affected
It is out of my hands
Should I try to grasp it
Maybe there is more to come.

It is dark, the day hasn't began
No truths have come to light
It is all well hidden
The plotting and plans unfold
The sequence it uncoded
I should have been prepared, no?

But no, there comes a fall,
A dive, trust shattered
Heart battered,
It is all too fast
Yes, I would move on
Leave behind the baggage I don't want.
Sep 20 · 115
Sour salad
Nylee Sep 20
Life is just like the sour salad,
You still don't get used to the sourness
as many bites you take,
and however much sugar I add, it is less
Sep 19 · 173
Colour me bright
Nylee Sep 19
I am a blank page
For you
You can ink me
with your colours.
Nylee Sep 17
There was a time
a letter back would take a month
patiently waited
yearning was a joy,
And here is the times now
a reply three seconds late
what a horrendous fate.
Nylee Sep 15
How do you **** a life?

But you do it so well
what expertise in
the choices
tone, words

you mourn too
sweet little nothings
pitiful stare
and nice
share a piece of cake
so sugary

and cherry on top
all the facts,
I deleted from my mind
restored back
It is the rush of feelings
too many at the same time

You have squeezed my
Soul out
I am empty
Inside out,
executed in precision
I can never mend
my pieces back.

I am short of breath,
You did it so well,
or am I short of me?
Sep 11 · 156
A sleepy thought
Nylee Sep 11
Or a curse,
Every morning,
I do wake up
sometimes till noon too.
Sep 11 · 207
Same old paper feeling
Nylee Sep 11
As I look through my past poetries
I've already felt the feelings I am feeling now
Like on repeat stream, I stream through it again
I will capture it once again,
Like a treasured entity.

The paper will be heavily inked
with an account of watery blotches
My eyes heavily rained
it makes an unforgettable picture,
the state of my heart,
the same as this half torn paper.
Sep 9 · 419
You in my imagination
Nylee Sep 9
My imagination turned wild
I made you true in my head
You were beautiful and kind
So perfectly defined
Physically so similar
But in fantasy, you were divine
One of the kind.

I like my mind's craft
Not you, you are too human
When I see you in contrast
You don't hold a flame
You are not the same
You are not who I crave.

You never hurt me with words,
Actions are very just,
And you care about me,
Not you, but the one in the head
You are not even a shadow
In his bright light,
But he makes me sad too
By not existing in this world
Sep 7 · 339
Swimming lessons
Nylee Sep 7
How do I swim across oceans
when I have only taken lessons
in drowning.
Sep 2 · 582
Today's observations
Nylee Sep 2
Today is tomorrow's yesterday
Today is yesterday's tomorrow
My half life in past and in future
I don't know much about today,
the very same day,
what about now.
Different versions of today.
Sep 2 · 202
Why do you go.
Nylee Sep 2
I see you, looking with, without
a shine, you don't define, in confine
You won't share, what you made of
Like a little bit of, what I can't think of
Some details you won't care,
What won't you engage
I am in your head, and you have conquered mine
You try to dust of my shine
Listening to my words, you nod off
I've been trying to connect, intersect
but it is maybe that something I lack,
You think I am waste of a chance
a nobody to spare your glance
In track of things that won't happen
You drew a fine line
I am stuck on my side, You've gone beyond.
Sep 1 · 382
My September
Nylee Sep 1
You were fresh out of September
Dewdrops touching my face

a bright day
A sunny smile
the star lighting me up

A patch of pink and blue

but with rainy nights
and windy breezy evenings

The sweaters of November
will suit you too
Aug 31 · 226
August slipped away
Nylee Aug 31
All that was August
Breezed through just like
                  Wind gust.
Inspired by Taylor Swift song 'August'.
Aug 31 · 1.4k
Nylee Aug 31
In the beginning
I didn't know of his existence
In the end,
He was the end of my existence.
Aug 29 · 166
A fool
Nylee Aug 29
I'm yet to feel my age
turning more and more
these passing days
struggling to keep
the tears at bay
feels like I've been
mentally de-aged

I no longer speak
I don't know anything,
the game life plays,
all I've become is a
consistent loser,
what I do,
results to
a little bit of nothing.

I am done, with this too
and that too,
silence is the
way I communicate,
no one can tell
between wise and fool
when nothing is being said
It is the best way ahead,
the only way forward.
Aug 28 · 191
Be kind
Nylee Aug 28
We don't trust a kind person
they are always under suspicion,
Nobody has been kind to me
without any reason,
their ulterior motive be some kind.
It seems that kindness be
An extinct breed indeed.
Not a call in which,
it is purely for asking of well being,
what follows concern, is the real deal.
The world has toughen, sharpen each edges,
distrust is all time high, cutting up inches
You are one of them, I am not putting the blame,
I have turned just the same
By not trusting everybody,
I am just being kind to me.
Aug 26 · 260
Night lost
Nylee Aug 26
all the movements have ceased
as if the night was defeated,
I slipped into deep sleep.
Aug 25 · 163
every reason to lament
Nylee Aug 25

The fact
that whatever you do
misery of life
will catch up to you.

We know lot more
Than we ought to
We seek the sadness
More than anything
more so when things are hopeful.

My feet touches the ground
playing lost and found
I see the shadows in the dark
and the dark rays in the morn.

Intrinsic ways we
entangle our views in every word
lose sight to the right
be moulded to new vase
it is never too sooner to realise
the reason to lament
it has changed but it will remain.

As life proceeds, time proceeds,
I remain same.
Aug 25 · 268
my inner wiring
Nylee Aug 25
I realized
the fact
we have been
to seek
validation from outside
till then
there is no
to my inside.
Aug 23 · 230
ain't I funny?
Nylee Aug 23
This joke, ummm... me!
never gets old
oh, no
that's not entirely true,
I do age, you know
but just like wine,
You'd laugh harder
If you see me now.
Nylee Aug 19
all in the end
I'll always be unwelcome
whatever i contribute
I will remain invisible
this home won't accept me
but I still stuck around
trying so hard
in vain
one day
it will come
embrace me
I am leaving this place
but in my head
I cannot shake this feeling
that who would accept me
in the road ahead
I'd always be alone
walking through the forest
there is no one to call
my own
I reach the native land
it is by the sea
the waves do not reach me
the cool breeze skip over me
there is the absence of
the sun rays
but I am floating
in this helpless feeling
little more push
and I might just drown
Nylee Aug 19
My battleship,
it fell in the living room,
didn't even cross the door
to outside world.

My sinking ship,
much like the Titanic
will reach the deep oceans
can't breathe the air.

My broken bridge
the path has disappeared
the ends don't support
no one can cross.

My punctured tyre
miles left ahead of me
stranding me on a lonely road
away from home.

My defective piece
the phone that won't call
never served it purpose
not smart at all

My dead plants
with surplus of sun
and my infinite watering
you had no chance to live.
Aug 18 · 202
life up
Nylee Aug 18
I used to
follow life,
then I did let it go
and it is
still close by

a touch
and it sets      
Aug 17 · 455
Knock, knock
Nylee Aug 17
Be ready to be locked outside
I am scared of all things that are happening
I keep all the doors and windows closed
I'd rather be alone inside
please do not knock
who is there?
Aug 13 · 164
Predestined time
Nylee Aug 13
Everything is decided
what I do and do not
it may be predestined or what

Everywhere I am
I'd be just easily be replaced
this passing time
it means nothing
futility of everything
it is limitless.

well it is fate
this life
my life
basket full
of sour grapes
Aug 12 · 234
Out of Routine
Nylee Aug 12
it was always this
a routine
it could have been different
but it is in line
going out of line
the usual unusual design
the impending death of routine
the beginning of the changing times.

some days you start
with a want of change,
but the change
changes you in so many ways,
it has its consequences,
constantly changing,
no matter what
and you are stuck in the routine
resist it even if it is a good thing
but mostly it is bad
rarely it never is.

known problems
follows a routine
but unknown
it is a pandora's box
you never know
the enlisted
routine to follow ahead
tweaks and tricks
and, back to the road.

it challenges you
changing your views
doesn't listen to you
you don't know
who to turn to
it is so out of
comfort zone.

I know it is imminent
the make and break of routine
I am rarely going to pass my years
just like this
inside my bedroom
with the closed doors.

It is happening
I cannot follow my previous year routine,
talking to same five people I have known
you have replaced me from your routine,
It is changing, I am changing
so are you
You don't need me the way I do.
Aug 11 · 179
Have Not Tried
Nylee Aug 11
much louder
was the noise
not aiding my
timid voice.

how to approach
how to not
easy to fuel
the doubt.

easier to shrink away
will leave it like this
just for today
no one will miss.

speed way faster
as I draw my step
no use of any prep.

As I am back
where I was before,
feeling far worse
as I close the door
behind me.
I'll try tomorrow again.
Aug 10 · 393
Up to me
Nylee Aug 10
Up in the air
It is smoke and dust
Up above
More clouds in place
Up to the moon
Take me away
Let's leave anyway
Into the sky
If it was up to me
I'd never come back.
Aug 7 · 199
Nylee Aug 7
a million pieces
  it is how my dreams have become
little by little
  every little break a little
multiply and increase

By next month
  I'd be counting the billionth one
the reality is too real
  I see nothing ticks my list
and I am slowly learning to accept
  I am getting there

Now the darkness took over
  The dreams I see in the night
My back of eyelids
  grant me the solace
From the daily torture of day ones

Sometimes I see a face
  who know how to sew those pieces
it is better I stay clear
  These broken pieces would make a beautiful mosaic
  But any tear ahead will be the sudden death,
I'd be too distorted for any new wreck.
Aug 6 · 137
Immortal verses
Nylee Aug 6
Your words speak to me
They were never written for me
The feelings carved on the paper
It never had my name
but I'd have it framed.

But all I felt it was,
each lines bringing me to heaven,
and artistically genius
It was a nerve touched upon
so beautiful,
I envied the person
If only I will ever be that lucky
to have poems written for me.

The ones so full of passion
emotion, to be loved as gently,
where every verse turns immortal,
how could it ever be me
Aug 5 · 239
so lonely in dreams
Nylee Aug 5
Where did you sail
            Inland and
all of a sudden
  out of my dreams
Aug 4 · 169
Sweet dreams are made
Nylee Aug 4
Fall asleep forever is my night dream
I'll linger tonight in your dreamworld
In your mind creation of my creation
shared space, counting numbered days
in your mind space, making permanent place
My limited time running out
I hope I'll meet you in next dimension
Hope we'll see tonight, watch sunsets together
When you'll fall asleep, you'll be with me
Good Night!
Aug 2 · 1.1k
The sun and the moon
Nylee Aug 2
My love for my brother
is like an ocean
But when I see him,
I turn into tidal waves.

The only one I'd ever fight with and for
My brother is the sun, I am the moon
Together in this universe,
the constants for one another
Aug 2 · 138
Lost fights
Nylee Aug 2
I admit
Being more wrong than right
But I lost
More into those fights
Is it just me
Who struggles to see different light
Too late
Now I know it may or might
be the fate
I just can't control at that time
All the same
Everything fall apart.
Nylee Jul 31
how the day spins
There are chains in
All entwined in

How little my life means
To those I give my everything
it is humbling, to know your meaning

In the scope of greens
I am a tiny speck of red
a very lonely feeling

Cannot say anything
Without meaning other things
Deciding against it
The purpose defeating

It is so small and beautiful
I am noticing the life beyond my life
I cannot help dreaming

Every good thing
That happens after bad ones
That helps us forget
The last thing

I am still living breathing
It is gratifying
How human is still a thing

is my heart still beating
And it always for me.
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