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Apr 6 · 296
i can't feel my head
but my heart is oh so

unstable, unable

even if i can't get rid of the weight
i hope my head can help my heart carry.
Apr 6 · 955
crazy days
we're all kept away
and our memories float then sink
in a heavy haze

through this,
i'm happy to have you:
your truth to keep me awake
and the fellowship
that gives me hope
to strive and stay
first poem in 5 years, wow
Jan 2016 · 1.4k
Sarah: Perspectives
Marge Redelicia Jan 2016
I've heard many jewels and gems
Flow out of your lips but
My favorite one of all those treasures
Is this simple, tiny pearl:
This word


A beautiful word that fell on my listening ears
On one of those countless,
Yet no less precious Friday nights
Huddled together in a small group made up of giants

Though I try
I can't recall what the topic was on that certain evening
But that word stayed with me
like postage stamps on love letters
Because for me,
That word best describes you

I see it in the photographs
you take so carefully
With those crafty fingers
You capture novels
with those simple objects and moments
You are an artist and a story teller

I feel it in your tight embrace
Your arms that are ever open and welcoming
And darling,
I'm beyind happy and thankful
That through the long and wild years
Your arms never became weary
In holding on to me

I see it in your smile:
A constant overflow from your heart
It's engraved on your lips and
No hot and tiring day or cold and dark night
Can ever wear it away
I know well that
Hope Himself has made your heart His home
And He has set to flame galaxies
In your bright and burning eyes

This air you breathe
Gets exhaled as some sweet aroma
With the rise and fall of your lungs
I'd be lying to call you unique because
That's a mere understatement
Your very being
Spells "different" differently

As you enter this new year,
This new leg in your journey,
Please do continue to splash
Color on the lives of others
As you dance with the Father
And may your eyes continue to reflect
The beauty of Creation
And the glory of the Creator

Always remember that I am with you
Through hilltops and valleys
And stormy skies and summer days
We can turn this world upside-down
And see it,
Give it
A different
a gift to my friend on her 18th birthday
Sep 2015 · 1.2k
it is done.
Marge Redelicia Sep 2015
you told me that you were
just playing it safe,
careful to keep your perfectly powdered face from grime
and getting dirt under your manicured nails.
you try to maintain that posture with poise and grace,
while others break their backs and crawl
on the ground on their knees and bellies.

you told me 
that you are playing nice.
you said that you are loving, caring, kind, and generous
and all those pretty qualities.
that's true,
one glance at your eyes 
is enough to know fully that 
you are also
fearful and terrified.
you are a coward:
a prisoner of pride
playing god as you place your trust on yourself.
taunted by questions of  rejection, ability, and sufficiency,
you cowered in your high tower
instead of joining the frontlines in the fight.
frozen by fear
your heart has gone too numb and cold, for
the doubt and anxiety has put out your fire.

you said that you have won it all.
but actually, 
you know nothing.
about triumph and victory 
for though the world has plunged into calamity,
you were never one with the army.
your bright eyes has seen death
but only from the sidelines.
you defile the purpose of your armor
by keeping it perfectly polished
when it is meant to be stained by mud and blood.

you told me that you were just playing it smart.
you said that it's only rational, logical, 
the normal human response
to take every measure to avoid pain and harm.
you behold the chaos
and cry 
"they are fools!"
you are 
they made themselves
into proud and shameless fools
for they know well that 
the fools are the ones chosen to shame the wise.

playing it nice, safe, an smart
for this is not a game,
this is 

strip off the crown and ball gown and
pick up your sword and armor.
from your high tower,
to the mountains and fields
to the homes and cities
to the trenches and frontlines.
for it's either you lose your self or lose the fight

get ready to pour out sweat, tears, 
and even blood.
though you have yet to see
claim victory:
the war has already been won
before it has even begun.

*it is
Sep 2015 · 967
Marge Redelicia Sep 2015
Before I entered my new job and got new friends and a new boss
I was a sailor
Sea waters runs through my veins
With kisses, the cool winds have smothered my face
These blue waves used to greet me goodmorning everyday
And ****
My body is so hot
Because under the sun
My skin is just baked

So now
I'm just happy to see
My good old friend again
To unfurl the sails
To hear the floorboards squeak under my feet
To drink the moon glow cascading on us thick like milk

One key characteristic of the sea is its unpredictability
Sheer mystery
And in my lifetime as a sailor
It still leaves me
Grappling with her curious cases of conundrums

Somewhere along the middle
When we thought that we will just sail straight
We just got spat and slapped in the face
By cruel waves and cold wind
From a squall.
Like a storm but more severe and sudden
Too fast this hits us with no warning

The winds stirred the waters
Infusing it with rage
We're being tossed around, manhandled
By the wall of water towering,
Crashing on the boat and swamping everything
Desperately trying to hold on to something
Because I can't
stand straight
But how do I do so when
I can't even get a hold of myself and think straight

As the waters flood the deck
Questions flood my mind
What is happening and
How do we get out of it
How do we keep this ship from getting wrecked?
When dawn breaks tomorrow will there still be
A beat and a breath inside our chests or
Will the sun just find us on the shoreline dead?

Over the roar of the storm
I'm asking why
Why now?
Why us?
When I
Have done nothing wrong
to deserve this harsh punishment
This cruel treatment
My hands are clean
I'm innocent
Faithful, in fact
To You Jesus

What are you doing?
Why are you sleeping
so soundly
On a cushion at the back of the ship?
How can you ignore this raging storm
The impending wreck which will seal
Our certain deaths?
Don't you care?
Can't you see?
How can you bear to sleep through our agony?
Have you forsaken us
And allowed us wallow in despair and tragedy?
Wake up! Jesus please
Where are you
in this desperate time of need?

Finally he awakens
And to all my questions he responds with one as well
He asks me
Where is your faith?

I fell
And so does the squall
Mighty you arise and speak with authority
You command the wind and the waves to cease
And they do
They were viciously violent
But now
They've calmed down
The sea is conquered by

One more question
Who is this man?
Who are you Jesus
That though the tides and torrents come
You can still sleep soundly like a baby
Resting in security with the fact
That no storm can ever bring you down to defeat
You are
so powerful
You command all noise to
You see joy and beauty amidst the mess
When chaos hears your voice
It ceases
So please
Speak on

We'll have infinite questions but
Zero or even negative answers
Though the world falls apart
falter we won't
A paradox
Transcending all understanding
This powerful peace
Strong serenity
And that is because
Hope is here
And Hope cares for me
For us
Now i know
That as long as He is with me
the storm is a sanctuary
A spoken word
Sep 2015 · 1.5k
the masochist's poem
Marge Redelicia Sep 2015
you are
drawing me
almost mechanically but almost
because i am bound by my own volition
almost rationally

and as i inch closer
your energy
radiance i cry
oh my
your warmth
holds me
permeating my skin
seeping into these
iron arteries and
cold, cold guts
(you unravel my knots)

my eyes reflect you
because you are all i see:
all i want to see
i'm a submissive prisoner to your beauty
captivated willingly

i am yours
and even if never
will you be mine
**** it
**** it all
yours i will still be
and no
this is pure delight to me,
i won't consider it a tragedy

your embers are worthy of stars
your hot fumes to me an aroma
and if the price of becoming close
and closer
to you is the
disintegration of my flesh
so be it
give me death
i only feel alive
when i am with you

so burn me please
written with 5 people in mind
I don't know anymore this is just word dump haha
Aug 2015 · 996
departing (part 1)
Marge Redelicia Aug 2015
it was a rainy day.
actually it was a stormy day.
not as ravaging as the hurricane in my heart though.
however, i don't understand why
though the winds howled and the thunders crashed
inside my chest,
not a drop fell from my eyes.

lunch break rush
it was surprising and nostalgic to find
that all the tables were filled up except
the one
where we sat together
exactly a year and a month ago.

nothing has changed.
the restaurant's still crowded and noisy,
same old wobbly chairs,
same view of the the high-rise buildings
and kids playing around in the flower shop.
the only difference is that
you are not there
sitting in front of me.
i am alone.
in place of your smiles and stories
there is just
and that's how it will be for 5 years
as you board the plane in 3 days.

i sat there staring at my reflection
in my cheap cup of coffee that has gone cold.
i'm pondering
how should i knock on your door one last time?
how could i make my lips turn upward
despite all these feelings that's bearing me down?
i'm asking
where is the good in goodbye?
what now when you're gone,
and all that's left are these sweet memories
that now sting
because these fragmented thoughts
are all i'll ever have of you?
i'm questioning
why do you even have to leave?
why of all the people in my life
it had to be you?

it was a rainy day.
actually it was a stormy day
and the sky is weeping, wailing
in my place.
i find it ironic though how
the sky is where you will be
in the next 3 days.
did i even use the word ironic right? i don't know anymore.
Jul 2015 · 52.3k
naririnig mo ba?
Marge Redelicia Jul 2015
naririnig mo ba?
ang bell ni manong na nagtitinda ng ice cream.
ang mga huni ng iba't ibang klase ng ibon.
ang mga harurot ng mga ikot jeep.
naririnig mo ba?
ang mga tawanan ng mga magkakaibigan
mga kuwentuhan, mga tanong at makabuluhang talakayan.
naririnig mo ba?
ang mga lapis at bolpen ng mga estudyante
na kumakayod sa mga papel:
sa bawat ukit.
naririnig mo ba?
ang mga yapak ng mga iba't ibang klase ng Pilipino at talino
sa kalyeng binudburan ng mga dahong acacia
sa bawat apak at kumpas ng kamay,
sa bawat hinga.

naririnig mo ba?
ang mga salitang mapanlinlang, mapang-alipusta
ang mga sigaw sa sakit,
hiyaw sa hapdi, dahil sa
mga hampas at palo
ang mga tama ng mga kamao
naririnig mo ba?
ang mga iyak
ang mga hikbi ng mga kaibigan
para sa mga kapatid nilang nasaktan.
ang mga hagulgol ng mga magulang
na nawalan ng anak:
mga puso, mga pamilyang
hindi na buo.
nasira na.

naririnig mo ba?
ang mga boses na nananawagan na
"tama na"
"utang na loob, itigil niyo na"
hanggang kailan pa
tutugtog ang ng paulit-ulit-ulit
ang sirang plaka ng karahasan
na patuloy na naririnig sa panahong ito
mula pa sa mga nagdaang dekada?

nakakalungkot, hindi, nakakasuklam
ang mga mapaminsalang kaganapan na nangyayari
sa ating mahal na pamantasan.
ang tawag sa atin ay mga
iskolar ng bayan,
para sa
pero paano tayo mabubuhay nang para sa iba
kung paminsan hindi nga makita ang
pagmamahal at respeto sa atin mismo,
mga kapwang magkaeskwela.

hahayaan na lang ba natin ang ating mga sarili
na magpadala sa indak ng
karumaldumal na kanta ng kalupitan?
hahayaan na lang ba ang mga isipan na matulog.
hahayaan na lang ba ang mga puso na magmanhid.
kailan pa?
tama na!
nabibingi na ang ating mga tenga.
nandiri. nagsasawa.
oras na para itigil ang pagtugtog ng mga nota.
oras na para tapusin ang karahasan.
oras na para talunin ang apatya at walang pagkabahala.
oras na para sa hustisya.
oras na para sa ating lahat,
estudyante man o hindi, may organisasyon man o wala
na tumayo, makilahok at umaksyon
para pahilumin ang sakit,
para itama ang mali.
oras na para sindihan ang liwanag dito sa diliman.
oras na para mabuhay ang pag-asa ng bayan.
a spoken word poem against fraternity-related violence
Jun 2015 · 18.8k
Marge Redelicia Jun 2015
balikan natin ang panahon noong tayo'y mga bata pa.
naalala mo pa ba
noong tayo'y nagtagpo sa gitna ng mapunong gubat,
sa may malinaw at malinis na sapa?
ang mga kamay natin ay hasang-hasa sa paglikha,
pagtupi ng mga obra:
mga bangkang gawa sa papel, na
ating pinapanood ang pag-anod sa tubig
na banayad na dumadaloy;
nagpapadala lang sa agos.
at hindi,
hindi ito isang paligsahan o karera.
ang tanging pakay ay
malibang at magsaya.
kung lumubog o masira man ang ating mga bangka,
ayos lang,
gumawa na lang ng iba.

pero ngayon,
tayo ay lumaki at tumanda.
pati lunan natin ay nag-iba.
sa ating pagtingala,
hindi na yung mapunong gubat ang ating nakikita,
kundi ang bughaw na langit
na walang anuman ang makakadaig
sa lawak at laya.
at siyempre,
ang ating malinaw na sapa
ay humantong na sa
di matalos ang hangganan,
di matalos ang lalim.
maraming tinatagong lihim.
nalusaw na sa tubig ang mga bangkang gawa sa papel.
at dito sa dagat,  
nararapat lang na maglayag sa mga galyon kasi
araw-araw may digmaan sa laot.
kalaban natin
ang mabagsik na hangin,
mga higanteng alon,
mga piratang nananamantala,
pati na rin ang uhaw, gutom, at pagod.
pero bago pa man magsimula ang digmaan,
tayo na ang panalo.
walang sinabi ang lupit ng dagat sa bagsik ng ating puso.

sa ating paglingon
mapapagtanto na
hindi masukat ang layo
ng narating na pala
at mararating pa natin.
matagal nang wala ang gubat at sapa,
napalitan na rin ang mga mumunting bangka.
ngunit ako,
ay nandito pa
at patuloy na mananatili
kahit na
magkaiba at magkalayo
ang sinasakyan **** barko sa sinasakyan ko.
'di bale
iisa lang naman ang Kapitan,
iisa lamang ang kayamanan na hinahanap,
iisa lamang ang lupain na tinutungo.

hindi talaga
matiwasay at madali ang paglalayag
dito sa malawak na dagat na ating tinatahak. kaya
kung dumanas man ng sindak at lungkot,
huwag maniwala sa lawak at lalim
na natatanaw sa mga alon; kasi
kahit saan man mapadpad,
kahit saan man ihatid ng tadhaha,
nandito lang ako.
happy happy birthday UP, Rizal, and of course, Sofia!
Jun 2015 · 1.2k
the collection
Marge Redelicia Jun 2015
cold knees.
my thoughts got tangled on your fingertips.
i've been tucking you in the dark creases of my mind.
i'm stuck gazing upon you,
or at least what is left of you. at least.
every sigh you breathe out joins the cold air.
your eyes holds an ocean of regrets.
your war cry is music to me.
my love for your is a logical fallacy.
and I
put the "art" in breaking hearts.
knotting heartstrings into pretty bows:
bows for the locks of my hair
but possibly also for arrows.
be the cure that is contagious.
i think my sickness
is just over-diagnosing myself.
when your mind comes up with random poetic lines but you don't really know which poem to include them in.
Jun 2015 · 61.0k
si jesus/Hesus
Marge Redelicia Jun 2015
ang pangalan niya ay jesus.
oo, ang pangalan mismo ng kaibigan ko ay jesus.
seryoso ako.

si jesus
ay siyang dalaga,
morena, kulot ang buhok.
ang lalim ng mga dimples at
may mga pisngi na kay sarap kurotin.

parang musika ang himig ng kanyang tawa
at hindi kumpleto ang kanyang mga bati
kung walang kasamang yakap na kay higpit.
hindi ko gets kung bakit
hindi siya kumakain ng tinapay ng walang asukal.
at nakakatawa lang kung paano
lagi siyang may baon na sachet ng bear brand
na pinapapak niya kapag siya ay naiinip.

si jesus
ay isang iskolar,
magna *** laude standing,
bise presidente ng kanilang organisasyon.
balak mag law school pero may tumanggap na
nakumpanya sa kanya sa bgc.
meron din siyang mayamang boyfriend na
hinhatid siya pauwi sa taytay, rizal gabi-gabi.

huwebes ng nakaraang linggo,
bandang alas dyis:
si jesus
ay natagpuan sa labas ng kanilang bahay
walang malay
nakahandusay sa kalye.
sinugod sa ospital para kalagayan ay masuri.
ano kaya ang nangyari kay kawawang jesus?
heat stroke, stress, fatigue, high blood, food poisoning?
kulang lang ba sa tulog o pagkain?
walang natagpuang hindi pangkaraniwan kay jesus.
normal lang daw ang kanyang kalagayan
maliban lang sa paghinga niya na
tila humihikbi pero walang luha.
ilang oras din ang nagdaan bago si jesus
ay tuluyang nagising.
ang sabi ng doktor tungkol sa kanya:
depresyon, malubhang pagkalungkot
ang tunay at nag-iisang sanhi.

dahil kay jesus,
napagtanto ko na
hindi porket nakangiti,
hindi porket bakas ang ligaya sa kanyang labi,
wala nang lungkot at lumbay na namamayani sa kanyang mga mata.
hindi porket ang lakas humalakhak kapag nandyan ka,
hindi na siya humihikbi, humahagulgol kapag wala siyang kasama.
hindi porket parang musika ang kanyang tawa,
hindi na siya umiiiyak nang umiiyak nang paulit-ulit-ulit na parang sirang plaka.
hindi porket masigla,
hindi na napapagod.
hindi porket matapang at palaban,
hindi na nasasaktan.
hindi porket laging nagbibigay, nag-aalay,
wala nang mga sariling pangangailangan.
hindi porket matalino,
ay may alam.

dahil kay Jesus,
ako'y namulat
na ang dami palang mga walang hiyang tao sa paligid ko
na nagsusuot ng mga maskarang pantago
sa kanilang mga kahinaan, takot, at sakit.
sa kabila pala ng kanilang mga yaman, tagumpay, talino, at
kung ano-ano pa mang sukatan ng galing
kung saan kinukumpara natin ng ating sarili
may isa palang
nabubulok, naagnas
na kaluluwa.

dahil kay jesus,
ako'y nalulungkot.
mata ko ay naluluha,
puso ko ay kumikirot
na may mga tao palang katulad niyang
naglalakbay nang di alam kung saan pupunta.
nangangarap na huwag na lang magising sa umaga.
nakuntento na lang sa wala.

dahil kay jesus,
ako'y naiilang
na ang nagaganap sa aking harapan
sa loob ng paaralan, bahay, o opisina
ay hindi tama.
maling-mali na
ang mga tao sa aking paligid ay nakakulong
sa selda ng anino at lamig.
hindi ito ang kanilang nararapat na tadhana.
hindi ka ba naiinis?

dahil kay jesus,
may apoy na nagpapaalab sa aking galit
nagtutulak sa akin na tumakbo
hangga't hindi natatama ang mali.

at lahat 'yan ay
sapagkat alam ko sa aking isip at puso na
dahil kay Hesus
lahat ng kahinaan at takot ay hindi na kailangan ikubli.
ilalapag na lang sa harap Niya
ang anumang alinlangan o mabigat na karamdaman.
wala nang pagpapanggap.
buong tapang na ipagmamalaki na
ito ay ako.
kasi ano man ang mangyari at kung sino man ako maging
ang tunay na dilag, dangal, at tagumpay
ay tanging
sa Kanya nakasalalay.

dahil kay Hesus
may ligaya at kapayapaan na hindi kaya matalos ng isip.
banayad ang layag
anumang dumaan na bagyo.
matatag nakakatindig
kahit yumanig pa ang lupa at magunaw man ang buong mundo.
dito sa dagat na kay lawak at lalim
hindi lalangoy,
kundi maglalakad, tatakbo,
lilipad pa nga sa ibabaw ng mga alon.

kay Hesus
may liwanag na pinapanatiling dilat
ang aking mga mata.
ano mang karumaldumal na karahasan ang masilayan,
hindi ako napapagod o nawawalan ng pag-asa.
hindi makukuntento at matatahimik.
hindi tatablan ng antok.
ako ay gising.

dalangin ko na sana puso mo rin ay hindi magmamanhid
na kailanman hindi mo masisikmura at matatanggap
ang kanilang sakit.
tulad ng dalagang si jesus
gusto nila ng pampahid para maibsan ang hapdi.
pero ang mayroon tayo
ay ang lunas, ang gamot,
ang sagot mismo.
tagos sa balat, sa puso diretso.
ang gamot ay ang dugo
na dumaloy sa mga palad Niya.
ang pangalan Niya ay Hesus.
*Hesu Kristo.
a spoken word.
May 2015 · 13.5k
ako'y nakauwi na.
Marge Redelicia May 2015
ilang oras,
ilang araw, linggo, buwan,
ilang taon
na akong naglalakbay.
nakita't nadaanan ko na lahat.
dito sa masalimuot na lansangan
memoryado ko na ang mga
pasikot-sikot sa mga eskinita,
bawat lubak at hukay sa kalye,
ang mga graffiti at nangangalawang na karatula.

pero kahit kay tagal na ng lumipas na panahon
hanggang ngayon,
di ko pa rin masikmura
ang mga nakakabinging busina at humaharurot na makina
ang nakakasulasok na baho ng usok at nagkalat na basura.

sa una ako'y nangangawit
pero ngayon nangmanhid
na ang mga kamay ko
sa higpit ng kapit sa manibela na
walang sinuman ang makakaangkin dahil
ito ay s'akin lamang,

puso ko ang mapa:
lukot at punit-punit.
dito ako sunudsunuran at alipin.
kahit alam kong mali,
di ako kikibo, ako'y tahimik.
naghahanap, pero siya rin mismo nawawala.
tahanan lang naman daw ang gusto niya
kung saan lulunasan ng yakap
ang pagod at pait,
kung saan ang mga simangot
ay masusuklian ng ngiti.
pero saan?
saan kaya?

ako ang hari ng daan.
walang kinikilala na batas.
nakikipagkarera sa hangin
sige-sige sa pag-arangkada.
kung may masagasaan,
kahit siya ang duguan,
siya pa rin ang may kasalanan.

dahil paminsan
naiisip ko na baka
mas swerte pa siyang nakahandusay sa kalsada
kaysa sa akin na pagod,
naiinip, naiinis sa likod ng manibela.
malapit nang maubusan ng gasolina,
ang mga gulong ay pudpud na.
'di ko pa rin mahanap ang tahanan
kaya tumungo na lang kaya ako
sa kamatayan?

"para po"
ako'y napalingon.
oo nga pala, may pasahero ako.
inaangkas lang Kita
paminsan umuupo likod
madalas nakasabit sa may salamin
o nakalapag sa harap
kasama ng mga abubot at basura.

"ate, para po"
inapakan ko pa ang gasolina.
nagbibingibingihan sa mga bulong Mo.
alam kong pagod na ako
pero kaya ko 'to,
hindi ko kailangan ng tulong.

"para, diyan lang sa may tabi"
hinigpitan ko pa ang hawak sa manibela.
gusto ko lang naman makauwi.
alam kong nawawala na ako
pero sigurado ako ang ginagawa ko
siguro, sigurado

napagtanto ko na
ako'y sawi, ako'y mali.
papakawalan na ang pagkapit sa patalim,
ang pagtiwala sa sarili.
sa wakas
ako ay


sa Iyo na ang manibela, pati na rin
itong upuan na 'to, and trono.
Ikaw na,
ang gasolina at gulong na nagpapatakbo
ang mapang nagtuturo
mula ngayon hanggang magpakailanman.
Ikaw na
ang Kapitan
ang tagapagmaneho ng buhay na 'to.
wala nang pagkuha, pagdukot, pag-angkin.
mula ngayon,
iaalay ko na ang lahat.
ako ay Iyo.

ilang oras,
ilang araw, linggo, buwan,
ilang taon
na akong naglalakbay
at tuloy pa rin ang biyahe.
ganun pa rin ang kalagayan ng kalye:
malubak, maingay, madumi.
pero kapag Ikaw ang nandyan sa upuan,
para tayong lumilipad.
anumang madaanan
biyahe ay napakabanayad.

puso ko'y nananabik.
saan Mo ako sunod dadalhin?
saan kaya makakarating?

kahit saan man mapadpad,
kahit gaano man kalayo,
'di na ako mawawala.
ako ay nakarating na.
o tahanang tinatamasa,
nahanap na rin Kita.
basta't kasama Ka,
*ako'y nakauwi na.
A spoken word performed for Para Sa Sining's Katha: Tula X Sayaw.
May 2015 · 1.3k
Marge Redelicia May 2015
in this world that keeps spinning
too fast, i keep
on forgetting how to stand on my feet.
the cold concrete always kissing
my bruised knees.

in this world that keeps fading
ever so slightly, i can't
even notice
the bright and brilliant of today
become the black holes of tomorrow.

in this world that keep leaving
things behind: no turning back,
not even a glance.
how do you even
make them stay in place?

in this world that keeps changing

the only One that stays the same.

through whatever
storm or quake.
relentlessly unrelenting.
Master of time:
every era, every age.
forever faithful.

here to stay.
Apr 2015 · 2.8k
wala (wala lang)
Marge Redelicia Apr 2015
makalipas ng daang-daang araw
ikaw ay nagbalik,
nagtagpo muli ang mga mata, bisig, at ngiti.
'di nila mapigilang magtaka
kung ano ang pasalubong
dala mo sa iyong pagbisita;
kung anong mga damdamin at alaala
ang mahuhugot mula sa mga puso nating
'di malaman kung
nagtataguan ba o naghahanapan,
siguradong nawawala.

ang surpresa mo kaya ay


pinunit ang balot at
binuksan ang kahon.
natagpuan ko ay


wala lang.
wala na pala
tayong natira para sa isa't isa.
baka tinangay na ng bagyo,
ninakaw na ng iba,
o 'di kaya'y
naglaho lang talaga na parang bula.

'di nila mapigilang magtaka
at napaisip din ako kung bakit.
natagpuan ko ang sagot
at ito ay
Mar 2015 · 6.9k
dugo lamang
Marge Redelicia Mar 2015
isang musmos na lahi
isang munting nasyon
parang itinanim na buto
sumibol at lumago
sa paglaon ng panahon

nag-aabang, naghihintay
puno nang sabik
pero kay tagal dumating
tayo ay nainip
tadhana nating tagumpay
kailan kaya makakamit

apat na raang taon
hanggang ngayon
lulong pa rin sa putik
nangangapa, nadadapa sa dilim
mga butong nanginginig sa lamig

mga isla
pitong libong isang daan at pito
ang ating lupang sinilagan,
tahanan ng ating lahi
pero nga bahay ba ito o burol?

mga pangarap na
masilayan ang mga sinag ng araw at
mahagkan ang malayang langit
mananatili lang bang panaginip dito
sa bayang natutulog
o kaya namang natutulog lang kunwari

tanggapin mo na lang na
humikbi, humagulgol,
ibuhos mo man ang iyong luha
walang darating
kumayod ka man at magdamag magsikap
diligan mo man ang lupa ng pawis
pa ring mangyayari

dugo lamang na dumaloy
mula sa mga palad ni Hesukristo
kung ang Kanyang pag-ibig ay
babaha sa lupa
ng parang delubyo
ito ang nag-iisang paraan
ang nag-iisang sagot:

dugo lamang na ibinuhos
ang tanging
sa atin
Performed this as spoken word in Creative Faith's Doxa.
Mar 2015 · 14.0k
Right now:
Marge Redelicia Mar 2015
All I want is to steal
    2. The car and drive away and
        3. To have you
            4. There seating at the passenger seat
                 5. So that I may escape
                     6. From the poison that is
                          7. *Myself
Sagada pls (there is supposed to be a 1. at the first line but idk why it isn't showing)
Mar 2015 · 1.0k
the composer and me
Marge Redelicia Mar 2015
you were a brilliant composer.
you piece syllables
together into symphonies.
your words are
carefully crafted into a masterpiece.

in my every waking
i am greeted with new songs
that escape from
your lips
like sun rays at the break of dawn.
i can listen to you sing unceasingly.

the time of the
days, months, years that passed
became the length of the
distance between us,
and your songs got
softer and
eventually fading
into silence.

it turns out that was just an intermission.

you came back and
your songs start playing again
now i can't dance to your rhythm;
i can't harmonize to your melodies.

you were a brilliant composer
but now
i can't find
what your words mean to me.
my poetry nowadays sound so "synthetic". i don't know, i just can't seem to write like how i used to.
Feb 2015 · 1.3k
rainy, lazy
Marge Redelicia Feb 2015
bury yourself between
sheets and covers.
stay all day
in your pajama and sweater.
watch the droplets
slide down the window in a race.
smell the hot cocoa
as the steam wafts to your face.
put out those blazing thoughts
with the sound of static rain.
maybe the chilly air
can ease those burning pains.
from busy to lazy,
the city's enfolded in peace.
at least for a moment,
all worries stand still and cease.
i'm ok i promise,
i just miss the rain.
Jan 2015 · 657
pain and gain
Marge Redelicia Jan 2015
scraped my knees
streaks of crimson
on my skin marred,
no stranger to scars.
another artwork to my collection
this body is a museum of memories.

i'm both crying and smiling.

the sweet sting
is a souvenir from the time
we danced
to the beat of our hearts,
we swam
in radiant sunshine,
we chased
each other so fast that
we flew
too high,
we crashed
too ******* the ground.

the pain is great
but still,
that is
to the times that we had
and my love for you.
Fall Out Boy inspired no this is not really a hugot haha.
Jan 2015 · 879
Demonstration translation
Marge Redelicia Jan 2015
I never heard her say "I love you"
But I did hear her say
"Wake up. Breakfast is ready."
"Here's some extra money."
"Make sure you bring an umbrella today."
"Buckle your seat belt."
"Did you do your homework?"
"I saved a seat for you."
"Be home by ten."
"Are you okay?"

I can say that
I feel love
Not because I hear it
But because I see it.
"I love you" is just a sentence unless you act on it. Show it, don't say it.
Dec 2014 · 6.3k
Marge Redelicia Dec 2014
Dugong kumukulo
Luhang tumutulo
Katawang nabalot sa pagod
Isipang nasakop ng lito
Ang ating mga puso ay patuloy
Na lumulusong
Sa gitna ng nagbabagang apoy.

Pinapatatag ng pag-ibig
Pinapatakbo ng dangal.

Wagas at lubusan
Ang ating alay
Para sa ating tungkulin at pangalan
Para sa layuning pagbabago sa lipunan
Para sa masa
Para sa isa’t-isa.

Maraming salamat,
Dec 2014 · 1.0k
Marge Redelicia Dec 2014
from wading in the shallow waters
of the world's perception of
she plunged into the "ugly" truth

she washed off the
layers of powdery pigments
with the hot tears tracing down her cheeks
she tore down the
expensive garments that draped her body
exposing her skin and bones:
worn and torn? yes
frail and fragile, no
she stands strong and sturdy.

she wears
her crimson wounds like golden jewelry
her beads of sweat like strings of pearls

she stands
firm on the truth
that beauty is more than just
pulling attention
by external attraction
it is pushing
past set expectations for
what is more captivating
than freedom
from binding limitations,
what is more glorious
than a revolution

dig down deeper
and embrace yourself
there is more to beauty
than just being pretty
Dec 2014 · 1.0k
Point of Tangency
Marge Redelicia Dec 2014
Lazy Monday.
Raining Morning.
Inky pens.
Empty papers.

This 4-cornered room became a
Vast new world
When I met

Your "What's your name?"
was more than a question, it was
An invitation to
A breath of fresh air,
A gulp of warm sunshine,
A waltz on green grass.

From small talk on the
Wet weather,
The films at the theater,
And our ******* professor,
Our lips spilled over.
Awkward smiles became
Shy giggles then
Uncontrollable laughter.

We pulled each other to conversations on
Artists Picasso, Van Gogh
Historians Constantino, Ocampo.
I told you about
Distant galaxies and the theory of gravity
While you said things on
Progressive policies and your farming family.
You said pick-up lines, I gave knock-knock jokes.
We tried to mash-up Let It Be and Let It Go.
Your mind was a treasure chest full of stories
Forever you
And your words are engraved in my memory.

All this ended though
When the clocks striked 3.
The session was over;
There's no reason to be here anymore
And so I guess it's best for us to just

"It was nice meeting you."
But it's horrible that
We will never meet again.
What was us will just get lost in the plane infinity
For this moment that we shared
Is just a mere
Point of tangency.
The point of tangency is where a geometric line touches a surface once but never intersects it. This fictional poem is inspired by economic isoquant curves and budget lines, as well as all my awesome professors and classmates that I had this semester whom I will probably never meet ever again :(
Nov 2014 · 1.4k
Marge Redelicia Nov 2014
he is a winter lake,
embraced by white,
snow-capped shorelines.
his clear and pristine waters
are topped with smooth stillness:
inches of ice
that glows along with the moonlight.

she is a summer sea
with vast warm waters
and wild waves
that crash on yellow sandy shores.
she glistens with the pink rays
of the afternoon sunset
while hiding dark mysteries
for hundreds of feet.
i forgot why i wrote this. such vagueness haha.
Oct 2014 · 6.5k
Marge Redelicia Oct 2014
hindi makatayo,
ang aking pawis at luha ay
maiging sinisipsip ng lupa
kung saan gumagapang ako.

gusto kong iwanan at kalimutan
ang mga tungkulin
na gumagapos sa aking kalayaan.

gusto kong tumakbo
nang mabilis
sa mga hirap at hinagpis.

bigyan mo ako ng isang saglit na
kasi tila ako ay nalulunod
habang gumagapang sa lupa.
Oct 2014 · 1.3k
midnight fantasy
Marge Redelicia Oct 2014
a sudden ring
pierces through the stillness of the night.
he says that he's just outside the door.
he says that he's waiting for me.

12:02 am:
the start of a midnight fantasy

i put on my sweater and slippers.
taking quiet and careful steps,
i escape the four corners of reality and
plunge into the chilly air and the sea of moonbeams.
a warm embrace and a playful laugh welcomes me.

we walk
under the comets and constellations
kicking away pebbles and fallen autumn leaves,
dancing to the beat of our hearts
at the empty city street.

we arrive at the store;
the stark fluorescent light floods our eyes as
i push open the foggy glass door.
he pays pennies, paper bills,
and an encouraging smile
to the lonely counter cashier.

we feast on steaming cups of noodles and
a bag of cheesy chips while
telling stories of the past and
sharing ideas of the future.
we paint visions in our heads,
etch promises in our hearts.
all these with laughter,
echoing to our very souls.

makes the hours fly by.
the pink hues of dawn chases the moon away.
basking in its gentle rays,
we watch the waking of the sun
as it rises from behind the hills and rooftops.
and like the glorious light,
joy and hope surges through our veins.
and though we don't even touch
we feel love's embrace.

there is a sudden sweep of panic though.
before our parents wake up
we bid each other
thank you and goodbye
and run back to our homes.

no matter what,
we know
surely and sincerely
that no morning can ever end our
midnight fantasy.
this is fiction. but i did used to sneak out of the house at midnight to just hang out with my neighbors. now they all live somewhere else though, and so here i am just at my room alone huhu
Sep 2014 · 1.8k
ang huling tula:
Marge Redelicia Sep 2014
kaya kitang mahalin
hindi kita kayang ingatan.
sa piling ko
ikaw lang ay masasaktan
kaya ang hiling ko lang sa 'yo ay
damdamin para sa akin
sana iyong malimutan.

ng ginagawa ko para sa iyo
ay nasa ngalan ng pag-big kaya
paumanhin, mahal,
ako'y iyong patawarin.
crey crey
Sep 2014 · 1.4k
escape artists
Marge Redelicia Sep 2014
take me in and
   i'll take you out,
   i'll take you away
to a far, forgotten fantasy
   away from urban complexity, insanity.
we could
dive the depths.
climb the heights.
whisper our wishes
   to the evening breeze.
sing to the beat
   of bubbling brooks.
dance to the rhythm
   of rustling leaves.
ride the road
   of the winding river.
sail forth
   into the vast velvet ocean.
drink the moon glow
   that drips thick like milk.
swallow in
   the air's forgotten freedom.
with one hand
   reach for the stars
   that shine almost as bright as you.
with the other
   hold mine.

erase and escape.
rewrite reality.
lift up that heavy heart.
fall back in love with me.
so much algebra i think i forgot how to poetry....
Aug 2014 · 5.9k
face to face
Marge Redelicia Aug 2014
let me lay my palms
in that sunken space
between the contours of
your jawline and cheekbones.
let my fingers hide itself
within the secrets of
your jet black hair.
let me draw you close
and closer until
my face fits perfectly in the mold of yours.

it's alright to cry.
maybe your tears will wash the
hiding between your
lines and creases and the
exuding from your pores.

let my eyes fathom
the depths of yours.
i am sure that hope and wonder
are just there sleeping beneath
until they awaken
and rise above the waters,
i will
look at you,
watch over you.
i will
embrace you
until your head
stills its throbbing,
until your skin
regains its glow and warmth
i will.
it's unfair that  i'm having the time of my life while you're always out there crying.
Aug 2014 · 3.8k
Marge Redelicia Aug 2014
your bubble has been burst and you
plunge into the middle of a boundless ocean.
you were a big fish in a small pond but now
you're bottom feeder in a bottomless abyss where
if you don't keep swimming,
you'll start sinking.

but even as you get immersed in the filth
don't let it stain the purity
don't let it drain the joy
that is in you.
and though the wind howls and the waves crash,
keep your eyes wide open
so that you may readily
glimpse victory:
this storm will be chased away
by blue skies and a glorious morning.

don't let those dark circles under your eyes
take away that bright future.
don't let those tears
extinguish the fire of your spirit.
do not just struggle,
do not just survive,

fear is normal
but don't let it devour
and drive you to flee or freeze,
be strong and courageous and
in good faith
you may not have a back-up team,
but Someone has already gone before you
and He who started
will also see to it that
Aug 2014 · 2.6k
Stay Away from Me
Marge Redelicia Aug 2014
Be wary of me
My friend of frailty,
Because we see love
In different shades and
Express it in diverging ways.
I admit:
I'm a ****.
I don't way my words and
My actions are driven by
Impulsion and confusion.
My biggest fear is that one day
We would break
Or rather,
I would break

I don't know how to say what I mean;
I can never fathom what you really feel.
My laughter may be hurtful daggers;
My silence may sound like crashing thunders.
Can your bones stand my embrace?
Can you hear me whispering
The things I'm too shy to say?

Truth be told:
I love you
Save your heart
And save my dignity.
I think you should
Stay away from me.
Most of my friends are geeks but most geeks are sensitive people, oh well...
Jul 2014 · 1.0k
Marge Redelicia Jul 2014
Every word he utters
Sounds like a mighty roar
And his hands can stir storms
And great gusts of wind.
His eyes are weapons
Piercing through my heart
Scarring me,
Leaving me to be
Never the same ever again.

But behind that fierce facade
And thick skin toughened by time
Is a heart
Gently glowing with the embers of
And love.
It burns on not only with passion,
But with compassion.
It is a light and a lamp,
A firework and a forest fire.

He has might and bravery,
boldness and tenacity, but
In his power
He has purpose,
And in his leadership he extended
Look up and
See him soar high in the sky,
For he has written his name
In the book of the legendary.
Jul 2014 · 567
Rain is coming
Marge Redelicia Jul 2014
Rain is coming
In this dry and barren land.

You may expect it to come in a cool mist
Or tiny raindrops that pitter-patter on your red roof,
But if you look up to the far horizon you'll see
Giant pillars of clouds in the sky
Casting heavy dark shadows.
From it you'll know that

Rain is coming
And it is coming in a heavy downpour .

The howling winds will whip us.
The rain will soak our skin
And the cold will seep into our bones.
Deafening thunders will pierce
Not only our ears but also our hearts.
Structures will be struck by lightning
And erupt in flames.
Mountains will crumble.
Valleys will flood.
And we will have no choice
But to hold on to each other
Or perish.

But when the sky calms down and the storm subsides,
The light of day will reveal
A city cluttered with chaos,
Beyond rearranged:
But now
Dry streams are once again
Flowing with coolness and clarity.
The floods had revived the parched soil,
The sleeping seeds we have planted, now awakened.

There will be growth,
There will be progress,
There will be abundance, overflowing.
We will be blessed
And called to be a blessing to others.

Our toils and tears will have justice.
Our faults and failures will have mercy.
But in our depth and in our death,
Richly lavished.

Bear the dry dust a little longer,
Just keep fighting the faith
And holding on to hope.
And when it comes,
Welcome the sky with open arms
But at the same time
Brace yourselves for

Jul 2014 · 8.7k
The adventure is you
Marge Redelicia Jul 2014
We could scale
snow capped mountains
or tiled rooftops
We could stroll
the halls of grand art galleries
or the city's graffiti stained alleys
We could sip
wine from elegant glass goblets
or instant coffee from chipped cups
We could watch
gala operas and musicals at the amphitheater
or puffy clouds as they float by in the sky
We could look
up to the vast galaxy and its starlight
or down to the metro's sleepless city lights
We could listen
to loud pulsing rhythms at a concert
or to the steady beats of each others hearts
We could go
and roam the world all day
or just stay in each others arms all night.

I can't care less
on what we could do.
Every moment would be
Grand, and
As long as you are with me
and I am with you.
I came up with the concept of this poem last year but I only found the right words to compose it now. I forgot what inspired this poem in the first place though.....
Jul 2014 · 1.0k
Marge Redelicia Jul 2014
you make me

no warm greeting and bright smile
can thaw your heart
enfolded in ice.
i thought
maybe there's a blizzard blazing in your mind,
burying your hopes in depths of snow
and you've grown
too cold and too numb
to notice.

at the short second you met my gaze,
i saw that your once bright brown eyes
now had a deep shade of blue:
painted with fear and anxiety.
and as you flicked your head away
i felt a chilly gale,
so frigid
it's enough to make any hot blood crystallize

who knew that your silence to me
can sound like a ravaging avalanche, crashing

i don't
want to touch you
for i'm afraid that i would
unable to move
on and swallow the cold hard fact that
you really do
not care
for me
at all.

so i'll just huddle to myself,
stay frozen,
and shiver
as i think of the catastrophe
that has happened
to you
and of you.
Jul 2014 · 982
A Psalm of Praise
Marge Redelicia Jul 2014
I'd always like to think that Your skin
is studded with a billion diamonds
for its lustrous clarity and sheer fortitude.
Your teeth to me are pearls precisely sculpted,
and Your every smile is a radiant beam of sunshine.
Your hair is a fathomless ocean
with mysteries hidden within its tangles;
my hands sail through Your smooth locks.
The creases of Your palms
are as deep as canyons
laden with abundant streams of blessings beneath.
Your voice is music:
as piercing as an orchestra of thunders,
yet also as gentle as a raindrop
sliding down a blade of grass.
And in Your eyes I see the universe.
I look closely and see
that those twinkles are actually
supernovas exploding and galaxies colliding.
And like the universe,
Your eyes engulf the entirety of my being.

You are Beauty.
You are Glory.
You are.
Jun 2014 · 5.0k
Munting Puso
Marge Redelicia Jun 2014
May bagong emosyon na sumisibol,
May bagong sakuna na nagsisimula.
Kailangan itong mapigilan ng aking Isipan
Bago pa 'to maunahan ng aking Puso
Na tumitibok, tumitibok,
Pabilis ng pabilis
Tuwing naaalala ko ang
Himig ng kanyang tawa
at hugis ng kanyang ngiti.

Kailangan nitong mahinto
Ngayon din.

O Puso, sulong!
Lumaki at lumago.
Hanggang ngayon isa ka pa ring musmos na bata:
Mapaglaro at mapagbiro.
Walang nalalamang masamang hangarin ngunit
Wala ring sinusundan na mabuting tuntunin.

O Puso, urong...
Kapag may naghahamon sa iyo.
Dahil nga isang bata ka pa rin,
Matulog ka lang ng mahimbing.
Huwag kang lumaban,
Sumabay lang sa agos ng tadhana.
Maawa ka naman sa sarili mo
Huwag ngayon,
Huwag muna.
Once again this is just an exaggeration because everything sounds so deep and serious in Filipino waaaaah
Jun 2014 · 2.2k
suburban music
Marge Redelicia Jun 2014
the grating voices of neighbors unsuccessfully singing Celine Dion ballads
the monotonous mechanical humming of the metal factory
the squealing of housewives watching an afternoon soap opera
the blaring siren of a firetruck racing with tragedy
the clunks and clangs of a nearby construction site
the roaring of the engine of an overloaded jeepney
the chiming of laughter from kids playing in the streets
the calls of the street vendor peddling sugary cotton candy
the whining of the dog begging to run around outside
*this is the music of life in the outskirts of the city
I tried. I find it so hard to write these days...
Jun 2014 · 8.1k
umiyak si Langit
Marge Redelicia Jun 2014
baka hindi niya na nakayanan
ang init at hirap ng araw-araw na buhay,
o baka nalason na siya sa usok
na binibuga ng mga mabahong mekanismo.
baka siya'y basta lang nalulumbay.
kung magdamag mo ba namang
panoorin ang mundo at ang mga tao
malulungkot ka rin.
'di kaya nasaktan siya kasi
hindi mo na raw siya pinapansin?
siya'y nagpaayos at nagpaganda;
nakapustura pa naman siya sa isang
kumikinang na bughaw na bistida
pero hindi pa rin iyon sapat
para mabihag ang iyong tingin,
kahit man lang isang silip.

umiyak si Langit maghapon
at 'di ko mapigilang itanong kung bakit.
sinamahan ko siya at
baka sakaling siya'y tumahan na.
hinandugan ko rin siya ng isang munting ngiti.
naisip ko lang na
baka makatulong iyon
sa pagbalik ng kanyang liwanag muli.
binulungan ko siya ng isang sikreto,
isang sigaw ng aking puso
"anuman ang iyong kulay
ang dilag mo ay kabighabighani
kaya lubos kitang minamahal,
aking panghabangbuhay na kaibigan,
theories on why it rains
Jun 2014 · 581
dreamers disease
Marge Redelicia Jun 2014
the disease has already spread to your eyes
where its innocent twinkles have now been replaced
by a blazing fire of passion.
   it has reached your hands and feet
and has caused them to be horrified of inactivity.
   it has gotten so worse that the disease has also spread to your
lungs, where every breath
heart, where every beat and
mind, where every neuron is
for your dream and
by the hope that you have.
   i think that the virus is highly contagious
because now
i too am infected.
    it consumed my body
and has caused me to be
so sick
of the selfish and superficial
life that i once was living.
we are diagnosed with the dreamers disease and
no dosage of discouragement can cure us.
it has conquered our lives and together
we will start a pandemic
and conquer society.
Jun 2014 · 4.4k
Sa Asya
Marge Redelicia Jun 2014
Unti-unti ko nang nararamdaman
Ang ginaw na napapawi.
Buksan mo ang iyong mga mata
At tingnan ang madilim na kalangitan!
Mabagal man pero masipag itong
Sinasakop ng Liwanag sa mga kulay niyang

**Naniniwala ako
Na sa ilan na lang saglit
Sisikat din ang araw
Sa Silangan muli
Western world, now it's our turn.
Jun 2014 · 2.5k
Marge Redelicia Jun 2014
Ang mga bati mo
Ay laging may ngiti
At ang bawat bulaslas ng iyong labi
Ay may kasamang tawa
Na kay tamis sa pandinig
Nung tiningnan ko
Ang iyong mga kumikinang na mata
Aking napansin na ang mga ito'y sanay
Na pala sa luha at nung
Hinawakan ko
Ang iyong mga matipunong kamay
Naramdaman ko na ikaw pala'y
Sa takot at galit

Ewan ko sa 'yo pero
Hindi ko na matiis ang iyong hinagpis.

Lumabas ka na sa iyong pagtatago.
Walang ikabubuti
Ang iyong makasariling pagsasarili
Higit sa lahat
Huwag na huwag
**** kakalimutan
Na ako ay para sa iyo at
Nandito lang ako palagi.
Jun 2014 · 683
Summer! Finally
Marge Redelicia Jun 2014
The weather is as warm as our embraces
And the sky is as bright
As our tomorrows,

It's time to drive to the coast and
Bury our dark worries in white sand
And let our
Smiles mirror the million sparkles
That erupt as we splash
In the briny beach.
And then
Let's get ourselves chocolate tans
with a tint of oranges and strawberries.
And sticky kisses
From too much creamy avocado ice creams.

But we won't let the fun falter
Even if we huddle inside
Because we'll finally have time
To read
Adventure novels instead of textbooks
And write
Poems instead of essays on
Metaphysics. We can now
Stay up and
Watch the stars fade into the sunrise while
Sharing ghost stories and secrets
Instead of homework answers.

Let out a sigh of relief and then
Take in a gasp of excitement.
Actually my summer started in February and it will still end on August. 2 more months to go. Honestly, I'm really excited to go to college already.
May 2014 · 1.1k
open your eyes
Marge Redelicia May 2014
your ears are jammed with
energetic beats and good melodies
though accompanied with
lyrical lies that
our views on what really matters and
who we are and how we should be.

and your eyes:
glued to the screen
as you await to see
if your face
is worth enough of those
tiny blue thumbs up.

you've absorbed
too much nonsense and radiation
from those handheld contraptions that
you have grown
too deaf and too blind
to see anything beyond yourself

but I say that it is time that you
look up,
open your eyes,
and see
His holy
glory setting upon
our minds waking
our hearts stirring
our passion blazing
our generation rising
our people fighting
our nation triumphing

look up,
open your eyes,
and see that
hope is alive and abundant!
because Hope is with us,
Hope is in us, and
Hope is through us.

all these chaos is translating
into something beautiful and exciting
so come
look up,
open your eyes,
and see.
I'm honored to be a part of this nation and this generation. Mabuhay tayong lahat!
May 2014 · 790
Marge Redelicia May 2014
I think our eyes would light up and ignite
As we finally return His gaze on us.
And every second to eternity
Will be painted with joy as
We play hide and seek in the maze
Created by the train of His robe that fill heaven's halls.
Then we will swim and splash in His overflowing glory,
And in the towering staircase,
Race each other to His throne.
But no
We won't grow tired and weary
I think that we will even go ahead
And get dizzy from dancing in worship
And lose our breath from laughing and singing praises.

We might just turn heaven into a playground,
But then again
We are His children after all!
Some people think of the golden streets and big rooms when you mention heaven. But this is what comes up to my mind.
May 2014 · 2.6k
Marge Redelicia May 2014
I'm ruined by love
But it's alright,
I have nothing to lose

*Because I've already given my all to you
Inspired by the song Explore by Great Awakening. Awesome song and awesome Christian band :D
May 2014 · 474
I do
Marge Redelicia May 2014
You explained how
your country is requiring men your age
to join the force
and serve for some years,
but that was nothing like your
voluntary obligation to your dreams
to become a valiant fighter pilot
and so

You said goodbye.

I understood that.
My dad was a soldier as well,
but instead of the sky,
he was a man of the seas and distant shores.

What I didn't understand was
how my mother
could possibly love someone
who was barely even there
but now

*I think I do.
This is 80% fiction.
May 2014 · 1.1k
A k o
Marge Redelicia May 2014
Malalaman mo agad kung ako ay ako galing sa
Aking boses na sa sobrang lakas at tinis,
Rinig hanggang sa kabilang kanto; pero baka
Gulat ang iyong aabutin kung makita ****
E**to, and liit lang ng tangkad ko!
Day 1 of a 15 day writing challenge: Write about yourself with your first name as an acrostic
May 2014 · 486
Marge Redelicia May 2014
you said you wanted

sweet compliments,
free dinner dates,
cheesy love letters, and
flowers and chocolates
and so you roam and prowl,
hunting hearts for your collection,
locking them up for your consumption.

but lately you said
the more you take,
the less you feel you have and
the more you stock up,
the more you feel empty.
you said you're so close to giving up
because you're too tired of searching

*but I think that's because
you've been finding for the wrong thing
you need love, not romance, dear.
Apr 2014 · 2.0k
Marge Redelicia Apr 2014
puro ka salita
at ang mga salita mo ay puro mga dahilan
kung bakit hindi mo magawa
at hinding-hindi mo kaya.

kaya huwag kang nang magtaka
kung bakit ikaw ay

alam mo naman na
nandito lang naman kami,

**pero bago ang lahat
tulungan mo rin sana ang iyong sarili
I wanted to type this in ALL CAPS
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