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Carl D'Souza Jul 25
Is living
striving to achieve
our ideals
of a joyful and happy life?
Kayla Gallant Jun 10
I scream over the banging and pounding
I doubt you can hear me
Throat raw and red with anger
I throw my words at you like knives
But they never reach you
For my tongue is foreign
Like a wild animal confined to a cage
I wish I could break free
To snap your neck
And make you see
This world is not as it seems
These people are not real
Society is too far gone ❤️
Ira Sep 2018
Writing a story on a topic,
Hazing away at the microsoapics,
I write stories that aren’t meant to be fun,
Just the basic humdrum.

Reality is my Inspiration,
No matter the mood I’m in.

Dragons and Wizards are to be left on the bookshelves,
As I run to work,
And meet my colleagues for a day of writing reality.

We walk the world in actuality,
And see people with all different vitality.
People of all different ideas of reality.

They speak,
I listen,
I ask,
And they answer,
And we both learn about reality together.

I then write what I heard,
Tell what I saw,
And let the ideas fly like birds.

I've seen all people of life,
I've heard many of there trifes.

I laughed at their victories,
I cry at their lost,
And I hear all their vivid histories.

I write all types of reality,
From the memories of all different types of vitalities.

And as I write about how reality unfurls,
I write about the greatest dreams of this world
I'm in Journalism so I wrote a poem, about it.
Cast me away
Into the fading light
Just a lost soul
In a vibrant lie
Take me down
To my resting place
Away from reality
Wearing a mask everyday can be exhausting.
Zywa May 31
High in the mountains
the giants sleep on the roofs
no one sees them
we dream them

when we are young
and folded in ourselves
making great plans
for the world we know

we are already on our way
just landed here
for a while, to grow
on our sky canopy bed

until we wake up
as heroes who put right
what has been made amiss
by the little people
“Les Colosses” (“The giants”) by Ella & Pitr (Saint-Etienne), roof paintings since 2013

Collection “Half The Work”
Jay M Mar 26
It's all around,
So beautiful,
Yet some seek to destroy it,
To make it it's opposite;

Perfection is praised,
Thought of so highly,
Alas, it doesn't exist.

Not one thing in existence,
Or even in the imagination,
Is or ever can be this illusion;

People try to be perfect;
Try molding themselves after one another,
Or after their own little fantasies,
Yet none of it will ever come to pass,
None of it will ever be as clear as glass,
All of these people; they'll fall to their ***.

One, yet many,
Loud, yet quiet,
Void, yet whole...

- Emily M
March 26th, 2019
All of this from boredom and a single word....
Em MacKenzie Feb 18
The thing about human rights is
that they are essential,
they are intangible.
They cannot be bought,
they must be fought for.
Most importantly,
they cannot be weighed,
they cannot be passed back and forth,
and they cannot be ranked.
No one, technically,
owns a monopoly on human rights.
You cannot take one of mine away
because you decided to expand
evolve and magnify,
your own.

So while I would never wish to
hurt anyone’s feelings,
a person should not be censored
from having opinions and thoughts.
I probably won’t share them with you anyway.
Cause while you have the right to be offended by something,
someone else has just as much of a right to offend you.

We can hold friendly debates
and discussions,
but personally I’d rather not ruin
interactions with clashing ideals.
It won’t accomplish anything.
Everyone should be able to do what they wish- as long as it doesn’t hurt someone.
Physically and mentally, that is,
because a human right cannot be
made void because of feelings.
You see, everyone has feelings,
ideals, morals, standards, expectations...
and everyone is different.
My life will not be completely altered and restricted,
for you to have more privilege than anyone else.
What and how you say something
is just usually based on levels of
intelligence, learned behaviour,
manners and common sense.
Some people, unfortunately,
just can’t be helped in that aspect
and will give you their opinion
blatantly oblivious to your perspective, no matter what.
But both parties are guilty of that.

If you don’t like what you’re seeing
hint: don’t watch, don’t read.
If you don’t like what you’re hearing
hint: don’t listen, or ignore it.
Spend less time getting offended
and placing your personal feelings
on a pedestal,
and more time living your life.
Believe me, we’ll all be happier that way.
Just a rant for no reason.
Zywa Jan 24
Hop step and jump into the tram
long paces left right through the gangway
up to the platform and easy I stand
there, my thoughts choose their own track

Who would not want to

do all one would want to

do if one could?

Bring love generously
in the air by land and sea
rescue people out of stormy weather

no abroad, at home in every land
run through the breakers and the sand
and laugh a lot together

sunny summer days without a plan or decision
just a warm wind, just the soft skin
of an initially unknown lover
Collection "The migration"
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