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Aparna Oct 10
nebulous galaxies
                          spiraling forth
stars collecting
                          in clusters              lost
               constellations           in
                             ­         space
duly                        ­                     revolving,
     with                       the Sun  
                    and                           the Moon
                      in the interstellar
Alienpoet Aug 31
There are galaxies inside of me
waiting to be explored.
There are stories to be told that leave you wanting more
there are religions in the chaos of my mind
but I am blind to all the possibilities,
fed by science’s facts
the love in my heart set on targets I will never reach
the knowledge I will never preach
the words I won’t speak
but I am the madness
the chaos the light the order the darkness
I am the shadow of a prophet
a wizard’s fairy tale...
Shadow Aug 6
I love you. I am madly in love with you.

With the whole of my being, with my sanity and insanity, with all the stars, with all the moons and all the skies I love you.

I do not know how to tell you that I still love you,
Not with the immensity of the oceans,
Not with the might of the mountains,
Not as much as the constellations and planets,
Not with the beauty of the waterfalls,
Not with the melody of the birds,

But with the immensity of the galaxies,
With the might of nebulae,
With the energy of every sun,
With the beauty of the little stars that glimmer like diamonds in the night sky,
With the smell of rain in the morning,
With the melody of our hearts.

I love you.
I feel so alone.
Khadeja Jul 29
do you think,
just because you touched me
you know me?

you're just a boy
and i have galaxies
growing inside of me
Sandoval Jul 28
He’s lived within me
he’s been locked inside
the sporadic freckles
of my skin all along.
Please don’t
beg me to look at you;
for you have always
been the reassuring wind
that’s surrounded me;
but he, he is the eternal
night sky.
And could you not tell my love?
how the dimming
constellations in these
eyes of mine will always
mourn their home..

Could you not tell my love..
Understanding the stars to your galaxies
Made of past and future complexities
Is the path we took made of possibility
Which ended in us walking separately

Though we're broken and bruised feeling further apart
With moments that'll never silence my heart
I still look for you in the ocean of people
But I know it's your stars that'll only show

Though I won't forget the tune you played
When you tugged at my heartstrings
You brought the music back with memories we made
When you tugged at my heartstrings

Seeing shimmers of blue starting back at you
A reflection I will never unsee
With feilds of gold glowing in the dark
I hope they'll remind you of me

Building moments created by the smallest of things
the fire in my heart starts
so many fighters
i stare with calmness
this feeling, it entraps me
do i really know what's going on?
i start swinging
i know i have to fight
i cannot feel anything else
this power, it's here
nobody can get to me
I'm only in a battle with myself
for all it is.
a war against me within me
you see.
i scream and drop to the floor now
but i get up even faster.
fists are thrown
i cannot count how many
dust in my eyes now
i think i'm dead
and it all just ends--
with a familiar touch.
inspired by..
instinct impulse
Modra Galica May 20
That night I bloomed at midnight.
My whole short existence I open my petals when the Sun wakes me, but that night the Moon was shining so bright he fooled me, and when i opened my eyes, it was too late; I was enchanted.
It was love at first sight. In the first second my blushing face got shined upon by his white light, that gentle brother of the Sun, the mirror of the Sun's burning soul, the guardian of the night sky, he has sung with the hushed song of crickets and owls. My roots trembled in the ground, my thin body shivered from the thrill in the cool breeze, my two tiny leaves stretched out in his direction. At that moment I realized that all my life I've been devotedly stretching out my fragile neck to the Sun, and only now, when he slept, I was able to see the thousands of small Suns, twinkling in the far away vastness high up in the sky. I breathed in the night air and realized how much sweeter and softer it was from the daytime air, and I felt the dew forming between my petals. You could almost hear the call of my brothers and sisters somewhere in the unreachable fields of the universe....
And now, as the whole forest sleeps, I watch the never ending fields of the shining sky flowers with my small, green soul, and they are so far that they become nothing but specks of glittering star dust, I can see the buds of the galaxies curiously blooming thousands of light years away, as the others wither away. And so it goes on forever, without end, the universe growing into the nothingness of space.
And it all began with a small flower who, the first amongst the brave ones, dared to bloom alone.
jules May 11
we breathe the same air
we gaze at the same moon
we bask in the same sunlight
we drink from the same stream
we are children of the forest,
as beautiful as ocean tides
and galaxy skies.
jules May 1
she met him and everything
fell into place
each moment leading up to
one another
infinite timelines colliding
in space
creating galaxies
in their eyes
hearts exploding
across the night sky
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