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Em MacKenzie Oct 7
I’ll bring you the moon
and the stars will come down for you tonight.
I hope that you will show up soon,
but I don’t see one trace of light.
I’m at dead end ruin,
I guess I should’ve made a right.
Bound to pop just like a balloon,
no need to apply strength or might.

So don’t try to stray
it will never be through,
you can’t run away,
she’s not done with you.

Climb out from the dark,
but take a break before you tire.
I thought that I did feel a spark
but realized that I’m on fire.
I’m ash; my body is an urn,
I beg to be spread and to be set free.
So blindingly bright you burn
but there’s no complaints from me.

So don’t try to stray,
it’s something you can’t do,
you can’t run away,
she’s not done with you.
Every night and day,
one thing rings true,
sidelined and kept at bay,
it’s just déjà vu.

You know I have nothing left to lose
but I’d still give all of my nothing over to you.
Out of options but there’s only one thing that I’d choose,
the only thing I know, but still a mystery lacking a clue.

Think of how beautiful life could be
and all of the colours that could come from grey.
Just take a single step towards me
and I’ll carry us both the rest of the way.

I won’t try to stray,
you know I’m stuck like glue,
I’ll never run away,
I’ll follow it through.
There’s nothing else to say,
one divided by two,
and come what may,
it’s all déjà vu.

I’ll keep my distance
but dream of you nightly.
But in this instance
you just shine so brightly.
Stephen James Sep 16
above the waters
we rose from
our souls
and the sky
they become one

cloud connected

where molecules
and vapor
bound with
the dust of
the deep

the product
that begat
arms, legs,
and feet

a singular instance
was set off
in the distance
detected through
we've learned
that this mind
is transcendent

destined to live
among ancestors
who populate
their own
star clusters

the authors
of their own
forces of nature
self-contained rapture

we stand
twelve leagues
in stature

grasp this

where digital code
has been found
what was once thought

stellar decryptions
revealed the answers

we're no longer
defined by classes

from the time
we named
the proton
and then
split the atom

we've mastered
the diagram
of strings
that keeps
all things connected
by way
of revolutions
that have proven
a poem
Caroline Sep 13
Can we ever win this war, baby?

The front lines explode and they are closing in,
Riddled with bullet holes and rough with the wreckage of darkness.
Each blast makes me jump out of my skin
And maybe I should run,
But the sun is dripping tendrils of fire
And the only place I can ever really hide
Is somewhere in the depths between us.

It is a dangerous game and there are enemies outside and within;
Galaxies colliding
In the spaces where you end and I begin.

I like how it feels to break apart in your hands,
Limb by limb, vein by vein,
Spreading out like the fires of battle that can’t be tamed.

I don’t know if I can withstand the flames that

Gently lick my neck.

Lie down beside me in these dark trenches.
I’m not ready to surrender yet.
So we'll run into the open
Keep your hand inside of mine
And then when everything is over
I hope to think of this as better times
The sky got red and swollen
I guess I never see the signs
There can't be songs for every soldier
It can't be solace every time you cry
Cece Aug 28
I’m galaxies away from anyone,
even on the busiest of streets.
I revel in the comfort of the stars,
they sleep behind my eyes;
The cold of the darkness
it creeps into my heart;
The dull ache of the void, the empty space,
it seeps through my being.

I may die among the stars,
alone for ever and eternity,
but it’s a fate better than feeling lonely
in a room full of people.
Among billions and billions of stars
My eyes in hundreds of galaxies
I can feel your presence
I can always see you

The uniqueness of your spirit
The universe made us to be together
The consciousness of our existence
You are my universe
Sarah Aug 16
I want to thank each of the stars
and all of the galaxies
for letting me have you in my life
because with you,
I shine brighter than the brightest
Megan Joseph Aug 16
i look up
and see a world
far greater than
the one i'm in,
billions of bright lights,
that call to me
and say that i'm not alone,
i rise up to them
as if gravity ceased to exist,
and i dance with them
and give glory to their creator,
this world is mine
though i am not of it,
these clusters of stars
and galaxies
bring me more joy
than the hell that
the world i belong to brings,
the celestial beings embrace me
and allow me to finally see
the beauty that's around me,
even if it's far away.
part two of my latest poem. enjoy!
Tiara Moss Jul 6
I’m too small to be your gravity
But some how I’m pulled deeper and deeper into your aura
Hydrogen and helium colliding into one
Reacting in the most perfect way to create stars
The same ones I see in your eyes when you look at me the way you do
You're heaven on earth
A milky way of emotions swirling into a galaxy
I'm in love and you love me
So I'll shout it from the roof tops for the world to hear
faye Jul 3
And the epiphany of it all was when we looked into each others eyes and I saw galaxies in yours while you saw nothing in mine.
thanks, love.
faye Jul 3
He was my rose. my one and only unique rose.
I took care of my rose.
I gave my rose my sun, so that I can keep him warm during the coldest and frigid days.
Then I gave my rose my moon.
It was to remind him that there there's still hope during the darkest of the nights.
And then offer him my favourite.
The stars.
It was a metaphor for our intergalactic love.
No matter how much distance is stretched between us, it was for my rose to know that I'll still be here shining light on his hopes and dreams.
But my rose wilted.
My rose said that my love was not enough.
I saw galaxies in my rose's eyes but yet he couldn't find a single star in mine.
I was blinded by the thorns that came with him and yet instead I called it love.
you be playing.
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