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Are you

Can you


And go

Deep for me

Meet me in Another Universe

Or somewhere farther away

You Call


And quietly  speak

To my heart

Gently hold me
And whisper in my ear

For I am a truth seeker

And you


Meet me


In my dreams
Sandoval Jan 11
And if you
silence me,
let it be from
your eyes
into mine
like two

traveling through

Like two constellations traveling through time
Why scientists
Talk of Dark Matter
Dark Energy
Instead of
Black Matter
Black Energy
While these
Can't emit and absorb light
Are they afraid of
Persecution and prosecution
Like Black Money
Black Economy
xandra Dec 2020
there is a supernova
that resides in your eyes;
on the cusp of exploding,
waiting to shower everything with the light
you hold within;
the galaxies and all the stars
will be aflame with the
spark of your soul.
Heaven's cup that overflows
Trickling light into yonder black
Traveling the universe
Until the seasons brought you back
To me,
Mine eyes to see
The warm and glowing sight;
The stars are all a'shine this Eve
Your visage, burning bright.
My eyes could ne'er tear away,
Though other bodies dance;
Captivated, I am paused-
Intrigued, I am entranced.
For Ive counted all the stars above,
All friends, I hold them dear;
But the silver light that doth delight
Only comes when you appear.
O Tiny little dipper,
Tipping streams that pour-
The heavens look so full tonight,
But I am counted yours.
Aparna Oct 2020
nebulous galaxies
                          spiraling forth
stars collecting
                          in clusters              lost
               constellations           in
                             ­         space
duly                        ­                     revolving,
     with                       the Sun  
                    and                           the Moon
                      in the interstellar
Alienpoet Aug 2020
There are galaxies inside of me
waiting to be explored.
There are stories to be told that leave you wanting more
there are religions in the chaos of my mind
but I am blind to all the possibilities,
fed by science’s facts
the love in my heart set on targets I will never reach
the knowledge I will never preach
the words I won’t speak
but I am the madness
the chaos the light the order the darkness
I am the shadow of a prophet
a wizard’s fairy tale...
Shadow Aug 2020
I love you. I am madly in love with you.

With the whole of my being, with my sanity and insanity, with all the stars, with all the moons and all the skies I love you.

I do not know how to tell you that I still love you,
Not with the immensity of the oceans,
Not with the might of the mountains,
Not as much as the constellations and planets,
Not with the beauty of the waterfalls,
Not with the melody of the birds,

But with the immensity of the galaxies,
With the might of nebulae,
With the energy of every sun,
With the beauty of the little stars that glimmer like diamonds in the night sky,
With the smell of rain in the morning,
With the melody of our hearts.

I love you.
I feel so alone.
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