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i had always believed
the beauty of the stars
glittering the night sky
could not be surpassed
but those other galaxies
swirling and rutilated
within the moss agate
of her ringed irises
showed me once again
how little i know
you gave me a star
but I wanted the galaxies
of your heart
Danielle Jun 2022
On my exploration, there are still secrets
that kept under my  sleeves; it would be a
twisted knife in my defenseless night.

Between the heaven and sea,
there are traces of him, keeping me
haunted and wandering at it.

Between the orbs and galaxies,
we're building towers,

we're praying and pleading for a myriad miracles,
I nestled gently on his lips,
it was all downhill.
Samir Mohammed Dec 2021
I often lock my eyes
On the sight of the sky
And I stare into the night
Under the glow of moonlight

Through this looking glass
I could see
An entire world out there
Looking back at me
Tessa Savanna Oct 2021
i have been dreaming
of us stargazing
i have been longing
of us embracing
although it may seem impossible
i keep on believing
of us, loving
faraway from the galaxies
under the moon and stars, shining.

Are you

Can you


And go

Deep for me

Meet me in Another Universe

Or somewhere farther away

You Call


And quietly  speak

To my heart

Gently hold me
And whisper in my ear

For I am a truth seeker

And you


Meet me


In my dreams
Sandoval Jan 2021
And if you
silence me,
let it be from
your eyes
into mine
like two

traveling through

Like two constellations traveling through time
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