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SJ Feb 21
how cool is it that the same God who created mountains & oceans & galaxies, looked at you & thought the world needed one of you too ?
he loves you and i do too.
The way your eyes looked at me,

like an astronomer lost in the galaxies;

yearning to be with each other,

like a pirate sailing through the seven seas
Madison Greene Dec 2018
you’ve been told that you love too much
as if the way they receive it is your fault and not theirs
you’ve been brutalized and burned
and they kept saying that maybe if you were a little less of this and a little more of that
you wouldn’t keep waiting for people to hurt you
like maybe you should work on giving in moderation
but believe me when I say
someday you’ll find someone who welcomes the depths of you
you felt like you had to hide from everyone else
he will never reduce the galaxies in your mind to mere constellations
he will love the way you give and the words you write
but he will love the way you love the most
ohellobeautiful Nov 2018
create words of worth
instead of destruction
with your thoughts

give your head more room
for seeds of hope to bloom
and use the dirt they threw
to view new heights of you

pour your leftover hurt
like honey over your cracks
see galaxies of growth within
the wound-beds you once had

when your light is resigning
dip into your waves of abundance
and spend your time swimming
in your sea of silver linings

beyond life’s bitter findings
we can taste the sweet-embrace
of expansion that we’re soon to face
by making space for what’s aligning
ghostbroadcast Nov 2018
The Universe
an ink drop in water
a single point all at once billowing out in magnificent swirls

Cosmically, we are nothing
Individually, we are everything
supernovae exploding
destroying all that is near
leaving black holes in our wake to devour existence
without hesitation
without discrimination

But also
galaxies whirling and spinning with ultimately undying grace
filled with billions, trillions of thoughts all coalescing
birthing and dying

Careful now, do not let beauty make you a fool
We are the cosmos
grand scheme brimming with rage
harboring cataclysmic disaster
spectacular color contraster
born of ink in water
Everything, yet nothing, beneath The Alter
Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
Let’s defy these scientific rules for a minute
And immobilize this systematic reality.
Lets make our own personal route
Towards a surreal land, just like fantasy

A place where i could stretch my arm and grab a star
A place where you could sit by my side, holding a jar.

Where we could put them in jar and keep it under the moon.
Then listen to their sweet, soothing and mellow tune.

Where we could make anything from their glowing dust.
Or use them to fullfil our wishes, if we must.

A place where we could be together for *****.
Only if we could defy scientific rules for once.
Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
Yes, I was a poem
and so were you
Written on the same page
Of an old rusty book.
Both, started with the same word.
Both, written in the same style.
Both, packing the whole universe inside
Filled with magical fantasies.
You, with light of galaxies in your heart.
Me, with deepness of blackholes in my mind.
Words, written in star dust, composing us
Making us similar in so many ways
And yet our divergent interpretations,
Making us apart from each other.
You, a poem about union of lovers
Euphoric, buoyant, and glowing
Like glittering magical stars of night.
Me, a poem about act of separation.
Crestfallen, doleful, and gloomy
Like an abandoned house
In the middle of a desert.
We were poems written in same style with same words but different interpretations
tainted black Nov 2018
Above I could see him
As he gleams through the night
Leaving trails on his tracks
Tantalizing in sight

For sometimes he's like a comet
Unexpectedly bold and big
With a tail so bright
Mesmerizing to the eyes

Other times he's a planet
Filled with sulfurs and dioxides
Hides within layers
And in a core he hides;

Everyday he's a star
Which brings me so much delight
As he lay there;
Too far and so bright

But most likely he' s a galaxy;
Rather be galaxies
Greeted with a meteor's kiss
And tears of falling stars.
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