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Jamesb Sep 5
You and I were always meant to be,
Me to meet you and indeed you me,
To fall in love with you,
That has always been my lot,
To lose those parts of me
I valued most,
My pride
My arrogance
My certainty

We were meant always to sail together and
Share a great distance,
Many memories,
To see a vast tract of water
Pass under the bridge,
To share our everything
Our selves
Our hearts,
Our souls,

And now I am lesser - for my pride,
That arrogant cancer that thought it ruled?
That vast chunk of me
Has burned away,
Reduced to ashes and even those
Carried away by the wind,
Leaving just an absence,
A charred hollow remnant
Now silent,

And I would fill that void with you,
Cram it with love for every part of you,
Pack it so tight with service of you
That not the slightest part of any other
Would or could ever intrude,
Neither thought nor action
Betray thee
Or me
Or us,

But though on your suggestion
I wrote a death sentence against that other,
Though I finessed the edges
To ensure the bolt struck a fatal blow,
Did this without demur,
Because I know what future
I desire and that with you,
Dinner with him still beckons thee,
And not informed beyond a doubt it not a date,

I had no doubt,
I acted straight to reassure you,
Contributed to make a deadly form,
And you do not see the unspoken part
Of your omission,
The unverbalised desire to
Keep your options open,

And not to make it plain before
That it is not a date.
And I  cannot now raise this again,
Despite my reasonable stance,
For you will throw the trust  card
In my face,
Pour angry vitriol upon my head,
And I would drive you where he would have you,
And that is not his sofa,
Nor your van.
Some perceptions are almost too much to bear, however much trust might be because anger can change an intention in an instant. It ****** hurts and I hate it
SiouxF Aug 27
Let go of
The pain
The torment
The anguish
The worry
The times long since past.
Let a new exciting
Chapter unfold
In its own
Unique way,
Embrace change,
Welcome the unknown,
And hope
A Psalmist Nov 2022
The laughing sounds
they must abound
filling space all around
to make ripe the ground
for the anguish to be drowned.
Sunrise coffee in reticence;
Wonder what has caused the rift?
I’ve danced with every elephant
in every single room;
Wonder why I always shape-shift?

Distance never made my heart grow fonder
I crave to be far more removed.
I search for other types of anguish;
Do stars gleam brighter
when you stand on the moon?

So many paths I could have taken,
but I chose to carve mine
blind through the mist;
On the brink of dusk
when wild violets are shrinking
Grief is simply love adrift.
Crow Sep 2022
in each shattered fragment
of time
we are forced apart

there is nothing of me
that does not cry out
for everything of you
Suspire - To draw a long, deep breath; to sigh; to breathe.
Lorraine Colon Aug 2022
My heart felt a fear I could not define,
A feeling Love was drifting away;
I realized this was not a good sign
That greeted me at the dawn of day

Foreboding thoughts that I could not curtail
Were invading this poor head of mine --
Like foul wreckage gathered after a gale --
I knew this could not be a good sign

Panic had now overtaken my heart,
Rational judgment was in decline.
Had the threads of our love been torn apart?
This anguish could not be a good sign

Dark clouds overflowed the heavens above,
Luminous teardrops fell from the sky;
It was then I knew I had lost his love . . .
It's not a good sign when angels cry
Monique Pereda Aug 2022
Kahoy na inaanay
Barko na butas
Lumulubog ng marahan
Kinakain ng dagat

Sugat na nagnanaknak
Balat na inaagnas
Nauubos na dugo
Sinisipsip ng linta

Prutas na nabubulok
Nabubulok ang lamang loob
Malansang amoy na umaalingasaw
Uod na lumalamon sa laman
Tahimik na pumapatay
Ngumunguya ng palihim
Sinisira ang malusog na anyo
Ang anyo ng huwad na katotohanan

Nakasusuklam, nakasusuya
Nakasusuka, mapait na lasa sa labi
Ngunit walang luhang itatangis
Hindi maghihinagpis
Hahayaang mabulok
Hahayaang mamatay
neth jones Jul 2022
questions drop dumb weight from the night
they distribute anguish and fright
battle tight against comfort
moral prattling defeats sleep
international distress weeps
from my seeping device fraught
Cywydd Llosgyrnog  
Brevity Homework

original version

a plumage of anxiety

questions drop dumb weight from the night sky
ample plumb                                            
they plate anguish
       offence of any moral comfort in my sleep
like senility   milking                              
         suction on thumb
           with pained dental needs
         no answers
                     no sleep tonight
                   no piping pan
                            no kingdom come and feed
Greyisntwell Jun 2022
Wyrd (2022)

How can I cry over feelings that aren't valid
How can I mourn for something that was never gonna happen...

In this lifetime I've seen poets and fakes
In this lifetime I've seen sinners and saints
But tell me why we keep chasing these dreams
To be run over in the end?

The Universe you gave me the rites to what I needed
The Universe you took the way from me to get what I wanted...

I've always felt like I wasn't deserving of what I wanted to become...
You proved the fates right when you did what you did...

It was such a betrayal of my soul
It was such a betrayal of my heart

Ill never be able to forgive this audacity
I'll never be able to forget this travisity..

It wasn't enough you kept her from me
Now you take the only thing I ever wanted to be..

The Universe is give and take and I'll never forget or forgive...
kyla marie May 2022
please stay
wrapped in my mind like I knot I cannot untangle

please stay
soft and sweet, running your fingertips down my naked back, making the sounds of the waves with your lips

please stay
close enough, always just within reach for me to fall on when my legs get weak

please stay
connected in my life, through the coincidences and mishaps somehow leading me back to you

please stay







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