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solfang Jan 23
I wish it's my father's road,
For my father,
He'll take the right actions;
When strangers make a monkey out,
Of themselves, and induce fear
onto his daughter of flesh and blood.

I wish it is my father's road,
For my father,
Would not allow atrocity
To happen when he's on guard.

I wish it is my father's road,
For my father,
He does not have a vile temper,
But shows real anger when
I'm hurt.

And I'm hurt,
By names my father did not gave me,
On the road that does not belong
to my father.
Grandfather/father's road: A retort to druvera/pedestrian who act like they own the roads. Commonly heard, and said as part of Malaysia/Singapore's street language.

Feels like cat-callers owned the road these days. I live in fear.
Hidden Glace Jan 22

8 that bled
8 that disappointed

Cutting is bad. Self-harm is pain. Bottling is pointless.
Cutting is pain. Self-harm is pointless. Bottling is effective.
Cutting is pointless. Self-harm is effective. Bottling isn't' working.
Cutting is effective. Self-harm isn't working. Bottling was fuel.
Cutting isn't working. Self-harm was fuel.
Cutting was fuel. Self-harm is empty.
Suicide is.

Where am I?
How many lines until the end?
Some stuff  I wrote the night after I first self-harmed.
A rough couple of years later and I'm a changed person.
Glad I never made it to the end of the line.
Nisha Fatima Jan 19
In the gleaming lustre of joy,
There's a requisite factor,
A hope to seek some buoy,
And to resist the impulse to shatter.

I open my palms to the divine,
And beg for a prodigious fate indeed,
Listening to the cries depicting the sign,
Until despair eats me up inside, counting as a need.

But is it genuine?
That all corpses turn to the might,
I neglect the thought and continue with the credence of men,
As thought it leads me to the height.

Alas, anyway,
Despite the greed to reign,
In a shallow corner of my bay,
I yet restrain, the hope to attain.
Hyp Jan 11
Life is a cruel ****
Buries you in crushing cold
And taunts you with warmth
That you'll NEVER hold
Meera Jan 6
What flows in your veins
Blood or Anguish??
Sometimes your poems kick me in the gut and sometimes they soothe me with love
Nik Bland Jan 4
Cracked is all I’ve known
Frayed lines my only home
My soul is pouring out like yoke
I find I’m not whole

I have yet to find a “why”
Too poor to live, too young to die
A tightrope walker hanging by a thread
A teacup continually chipping

And the audience applauds at such
My measures to see I don’t break too much
These words of crimson color pour
From gaping crevasses

I form each tearing truth to roses
Each biting ache I self compose
Compressed into symphonies of diamond
The wound unhealed, but heard

The piercing dagger now my pen
My mind plunging it, twisting again
To find the joy of my head sorrows
So beautifully broken
Drifting towards a doleful river of anguish and grief
So does the sky was agitated, rain was descending
But then I knew, buried deep in my soul,
Tears also continue to fall
It floods the world with  my misery
The flood came crashing like waves, I was helpless,
So I drowned

If my time has come to an end, make a million tombstone
For I died a million times
A poem about pain
Javanne Dec 2018
I've placed Boundaries
On my soul
And feel them
unbinding with each inhale

These Boundaries
On my soul
were a reminder
To be Harsh
To be Callous
Never falter
to cunning actions

These Limitations
Were a safe haven
Long ago
But now
My soul cries

It wants to slash them
and wreck them to oblivion
It wants the waves of the sea to gently rock it to sleep

It wants endearment
and nourishment
It wants to bathe in the moonlight's bliss
And feel passion reignite throughout

But I heed not it's calls
And tug on my limitations Tighter
Knowing that this is what's best

The Screams
of my soul
Are what I deserve

No more
No less
Acina Joy Dec 2018
Her eyes are shining
bright and empty like dinner plates
and if you question the emptiness,
the answering void,
I am her feast, staring back,
dumb and unknowing.
restaurants and inner monologues stir up quite a storm.
Eric Dec 2018
You are the one breath I take in the morning .
You are the one beating in my chest before you tore me.
You are the blood in my viens that runs through me .
You are the person I wish to wake up
                              and see .                         -Every morning-
You are the beauty in every afternoon.
You are what keeps my heart beating as if it was as big as the moon.
You are the star in the sky that shines all day and all night.  
You are the only person I wish didn't leave so soon .
-Every afternoon-
You are the reason i breath , the reason I fight .
You are everything I had insight .
You are the reason my chest feels tight.
You are my darkest and most loving
         angel in my dreams at night .                
-Every night-
And even know our life wasn't right , I'd still hold you nice and tight every night . Even without a house or home . I'll still find Time to write you a love poem. Cause that's how deep my love goes. So deeply rooted, it will never let go. Every night I lie awake , and think of how I'm such a big mistake. And I can feel the void in my chest , I wish I could just rip out what I have left and leave it in that closet like I'm nothing but a mess. My will to see my last day to be made . As I see you both one last time before I fade. And to think we started without a date. But today's the day August eleven two thousand eighteen . 6 long years And what a **** future husband and father I've been. And I wish I could of stayed longer so it may all have been seen. Our love and what it had created inbetween. There's one thing that's true , and real, and nothing else in this world could do . Is make me the happiest man and father to have known the both of you . Cause I love you, and I'm afraid my night mares are to much for me because they were forced to come true . And I lost the both of you . And when you left for the good there was to be found by you , I happen to lose everything I had , even myself too. And wherever I end up when not in this world with you, I'll be watching the both of you . And loving you every step of the way , because there wasn't enough words in this world to say . How much I loved you both each and every passing day.
   -Every day-
-The Forever And Always-
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