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mjad Aug 3
I don't regret anything I do
But that day with you
Has ruined me
i didn't want to leave
DT Jun 15
I am a cemetery
And all of your memories engraved
With your name, months and date
I am all that lavender and daisies
Waiting for clouds with heavy rains
As you left and ruin me like hurricanes
We are the cemetery
Holly Jun 1
I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
There you are,
someone who could
could teach me
what it feels like
to love myself,
and yet
I hold you in my hands
and I ruin
the chance you
hold out to me
so willingly.
I feel so damaged
that the pieces of me
that still cling
sickeningly to my ribs
don’t feel like me anymore,
But tiny monsters
that do nothing
but hurt
everything I touch.
My throat burns
with the words
that I don’t say,
thoughts so loud
that sometimes I want
to scratch them violently
into my wrists
so you can see them
and I won’t drown
in them anymore.
But I won’t.
And I can’t.
And if you don’t
get away now,
you will be nothing
but a broken memory
beneath my feet
that feel like they were made
to walk over you.
Devin Ortiz May 28
The liquidity of rage, swoons like a red ocean.

It is a tidal fury that rises, rises, rises.

Within its climatic ascension, exist an anxious torture.

Thoughts rush in, pacing on what conclusions will come.

These waves have come before, the carnage is extreme.

And while the destruction strikes the shore, the bastions will stand.

Ruin though, shall come, and each storm stands testament to that reality.

The walls will fall, and all will breathe a final sigh of relief, at the end.
Amer Pelides May 18
Years gone by without seeing myself,
Sheltered from the world like a babe,
The toils of life and the world covered,
Like a curtain covering the window to destiny,
When was it that I lost sight of who I am?
Was it never there or was I locked in?
The roaring blaze of fiery pain now seeks to be extinguished,
I desire to accomplish what I can in this unforgiving void.
To realise my ambition and vision as any man should,
Now I must free myself,
I am past hoping a friendly force to liberate me,
I shall now liberate myself,
To experience either glory or ruin.
By my own merits forever more.
kolsmusing Mar 13
he took away,
all that there is.
left nothing,
but ruins.
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