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I don't ask.
For much.
But when I do.
I expect it to be done.

Am I wrong.
To do this.
Does it sound.
I wonder...

Been doing everything.
For others.
Most days.
Of my life.
With no gratitude.

My goodness.
Is not enough.
Am I so.
For others to see.
I care.
I don't mind.

People throwing.
Around like.
Old shoes.
Giving others.
To ruin.
What is a.
Simple life.
I live.

Don't be so.
They say.
They say.
But little do they know.
The life I live.
Filled with ******.
I most times.
Can't endure.

Life Mona....
And that's all she wrote.
Ek Apr 10
I return once again
To my trusty pen
To pent out the storms
That brew deep within

But this time I find
I haven’t a rhyme
To execute my words
And represent my mind

So now there’s a worry
And some need to hurry
To prove that I feel
But feelings are blurry

Instead, I panic
My writing’s quite manic
Forgetting the real world
And all that’s pragmatic

Artificial hinderance
To prevent the ignorance
Is something i brew
My mind is carnivorous
c Apr 10
I’m sorry
So sorry
For all the things I’ve done
And all the things
I’ll ***** up next
But haven’t yet begun
Safe under clutching hands;
Such wild, easy, effortless touch.
Ruin unending, it nears.
Another acrostic poem, first letter of each word spells the title.

He said-
If you tell,
It will ruin my life.
So I stayed silent-
And let it ruin mine.

Donovan Mar 22
You were a neon island of stability
In this ocean of a city.
Now rust clings to
each of your pumps,
Once tall and glistening,
Now sagging and dull,
Each one infected with
a copper red cancer.
You radiate the defeated
air of a weary soul
Whose lived too much,
Begging to close her grey
Eyes for the final time.
You’ve become a crumbling headstone
In this graveyard of dust.
Nothing gold can stay.
EmVidar Mar 15
I wanted to walk away
The fear that held me back
was unbearable.....
It left me confused
to who I was
and what I wanted.....
the uncertainty
left me chained to you....
Only through her kindness
and patience
I learned myself worth
and I was able to leave you
in the ruin
you would have made me

-em vidar
Em MacKenzie Mar 13
My light eyes only see the dark
immune to clear blue skies,
indifferent to a bright spark,
and the bloodshot lines in the white
reveal my own confessing script,
the things I couldn’t say that I write,
I couldn’t walk away so I tripped.

You’ve broken me into small parts
reflections of which I no longer resemble,
I’ve looked for replacements in cars, boats and go carts,
but there’s no use to try and reassemble.
If you have my mind, my heart and soul,
tell me what does that leave over for me?
You know I showed you my scars but hid my mole,
but I still don’t know exactly what you see.
Because it starts where it will end
and finishes with infinity,
the primary colours were made to blend
but I’m lacking all creativity.

Your blank stare is elusive as the wind,
sometimes I question if it’s even there
but then I think I catch sight of a grin.
And while I’m drowning in your eyes,
trying to catch the ocean in a glass,
I’ve underestimated the size
and forgot the impact of the last.

I’ve been plagued with a sickness
one that’s lacking any small remedy,
poetic justice sees complete bliss
always inevitably evolve into tragedy.
My eyes are shrivelled, lacking tears
something had to overflow the canal,
still the boat floats and it steers
avoiding reasoning and all rationale.
Because it starts where it will end
and finishes with infinity,
and I’m too beat to pretend,
that I wouldn’t ’t rather be lost at sea.

Life, life has always been too long
but it seems forever with you is too short.
While I reflect on the choices I made that were  wrong,
I’m told it’s now too late to abort.
Life, life has always been too long
but I only started living when I found you.
Because it starts where it will end
and finishes with infinity,
you’re word was broken, it could never bend,
but it seems I’m the only one that’s still fighting.

Because it starts where it will end
and finishes with infinity,
there’s nothing in this world we can’t mend,
but I think it’s time that I stop investing.
Wendy Buckley Mar 12
All the little pieces of me.
Scattered everywhere.
Put together I will never be.
Because you simply didn't care.

I wander aimlessly.
Missing the part you did take.
The part that meant the most to me.
Now I have no faith.

You made me lose my ability
To live as if I was free.
It's the damage you can't see
That forever ruined me.
Acina Joy Mar 3
Out there is a wide universe,
a dangerous universe
filled with quiet monsters,
a louder dissonance.

Wise men have said
that saying your secrets out loud
will set you free,
and break the cage that
houses your confined bird.

I disagree.

There are times
where the world is more dangerous
when it knows the truth,
and though yes, saying the truth out loud
may seem safer for me to stop the darkness
from consuming who I am.

But drowning inside is better,
than setting the world on fire.
i like someone who will never like me, and i feel as if i could never measure up to the people he liked. i dont feel like i might be anything to him. but we're best friends, and i'll never tell him about how i feel. for it may ruin what we both already have.
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