There aren't enough words in the world
Nor enough time
To tell you all my regrets as I tell you goodbye
There aren't enough emotions in the world
Nor enough tears
To tell you all my heart feels as I smile and walk away
Because how can you leave someone
Who was the only place that felt like home?
Yet that's exactly what I did
Because houses always stand longer
When there's no poison to ruin it

There's no place like home... until you realize you're doing nothing but repainting over scars that'll never go away and chasing after dreams that were nothing but mistakes. You were my only home but you were also my greatest mistake... I only left to make sure you got the happiness you deserved

(This was written about 6 years ago and yet the original, longer version of this work brought me to actual tears. Enjoy this snippet and happy writing! ~BM)
solfang Jan 5

my taste buds
are probably ruined
as of today.

how can a lollipop,
so sweet and addictive,
be so bitter and awful
in just less than a bite?

my heart
is probably ruined
as of today.

how can my quick
pounding heartbeats,
be pounding normally
in just less than one love?

no explanation needed. love is starting to feel a little bitter nowadays.
a short poem to spark up some inspiration

Staring at white cockroaches
Crawling on blue walls
Paint peeling
Pain fleeting
Pandemonium occurs
The giggling from the corners
The sirens from the street
Upstairs chained to the bed
In the attic
So to speak
Downstairs stuck in the basement
In the dungeon under the leak
The white cockroaches never stop coming
From the cracks in the walls
Albino brethren
Wail of noise

Get Out Of My Head
Zoe Ritchotte Dec 2017

I want to write
These many things
That I feel
So late in the night

But not a single word
Can I use proper
Nothing is good enough
My thoughts, they're blurred

The heartache
The misery
All the many reasons why
Every night I lay awake

Filled with regret
Thinking about
All of the missed opportunities
My eyes red, my eyes wet

But the words won't come
And all I have
Are these meager poems
And this feeling of numb

rachel huberty Dec 2017

i knew he was gonna ruin me
like a natural disaster but i was
feeling a little bit dangerous that day
and the glint in his eyes made
me want him that much more

Lexi Nov 2017

I'm sorry you had to spend time with me.
That you spent money on me
And effort with me. 
I'm sorry I fight with you
And lose my temper at you.
I'm sorry I ruied our relationship
And all we had.
Because now I live without you.
I live without the support of your hand
That hand I never truly had

The things I would do to have just one more moment of your love.
For you to look at me once more.
Mumma I am sorry.
I don't know how to say it anymore.
Lexi Nov 2017

If u have sex with him.
Already are.
You'll ruin your relationship girl.
It won't last.
You'll have nothing to give him.
Nothing to offer down the track.
Your relationship will be cheap. Meaningless.
Give up girl.

He violated you.
Took something that wasn't his.
No mum
Mine was taken 11 years ago.
Age 7 by the man you loved.
No mum i gave it to him.
No mum i chose to give it to him.
My boyfriend.
The man i love.

Mother's word's to her daughter.
Zoe Ritchotte Nov 2017

Its like rain
Beautiful and sweet
Yet so full of pain
Looking like sorrow and defeat

The bane of our existence
Ruins lives like rain does suede
But it is pointless to offer resistance
You must fall; unafraid

Because it doesn't rain until it pours
Love is there, discarded
Unnoticed until it's yours
Like a light rain, disregarded

But one day you're in it
Like it's the eye of a storm
The world around you in a fit
But you find yourself feeling warm

It is like rain
It comes and it goes
But you cannot abstain
It is too attractive, I suppose

kgl Nov 2017

our lips met because our minds couldn't
and when they parted, you felt further away than ever

we ruined everything, didn't we?
Druzzayne Rika Oct 2017

let me be
set me free
don't do this to me
why be so mean
even in my dream
don't make this another reality
this is the place of my beautiful fantasies
don't ruin this too
like you always do.

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