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I keep trying to erase the memories, the feeling, the sensations, because what we had was an illusion.
Connor May 2
I consider myself an impression of art....
Not the art you see in the museum's or the galleries
But the ones left unfinished and imperfect
The blank end of the canvas
The absence of completion
I am each erased line, the unsteady brushstrokes, and every mistake that leads to the Masterpiece.
I'm a work in progress
Ameed Dec 2019
what was written by
Fire and Blood
will never be erased by
Water or Ice
blushing prince Dec 2019
I dream that the frogs in my backyard have wings
and they fly up to the trees
in the dewy light of dawn
to meet their maker
and kiss under the canopied shade of listless leaves
grazing their backs
and reminding them of simpler times
down from the watery swamp they came from
their webbed feet leave prints on the bark
muddy and cumbersome
but innocent in their doings
a flash flood of lightning  awakens me
i'm laying in damp earth again
time to go back inside
written in a feverish haste and quickly thought out
but I had to get it out of my head before i forgot it
Jules Oct 2019
I heard you singing by the water
It wet my eyes with the pain
I know it's hard because you loved her
That's something I couldn't erase

Is it alright if I sit here?
Just for a while
Because I know that you miss her
You can't replace that smile
Zane Smith Sep 2019
I have the urge to start over
to throw everything away.
tell me why some days
it's impossible to get dressed,
to get out of bed.
tell me why I want
to throw my phone in the ocean
to delete social media.
tell me why my best friend
isn't home yet
it's been over a year.
Tell me why my life feels
so put together
so far away
where am I going?
White mask covering your face
A ***** sin you won't erase
It makes everyone think you're clean like a princess
Pretty innocent face in the first place
Bailey Jun 2019
I pray
To heaven
To hell
Erase my soul
So another
May take
My place
Isabella May 2019
When I think about you
My heart hurts
It hurts for you
It hurts when I think about your pain
The pain you described to me
My heart hurts for you
For your pain
For the pain I wish I could erase
But I cannot erase it
You have to find a way
To see that all will be ok
That the pain is temporary
But still
My heart hurts for you
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