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I S A A C Aug 16
sparkling shattered citrine
bleeding out of a broken promise
wondering why he did me like a piece of garbage
cast away, ran away
wondering why i hold myself hostage
past erased, ran away
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2022
(Verse 1:)
Sometimes wish I could just end it all
I will never have the *****
Stand atop a building fifty-something feet tall
Look dow
Never fall
I want courage to take the first step off and fly
I am holding out for a more noble way to die

I keep running
Keep on running
I cannot stop
Think I need some help
I keep running
Keep on running
I cannot stop
Can't get away from myself

(Verse 2:)
Is there life after we are dead and gone?
If not
Energy still survives on
Trying to not be scared of the great beyond
Embrace journey whether short or long
Begin every dawn with a smile on my face
Gratitude that can't be erased
Too much ******* to evade or avoid
World is not perfect
Can always be enjoyed


(Verse 3:)
Either way I gotta face it
Embrace life
I can't erase it
Can't trade places with someone and I can't quit
Wear my shoes
They the only pair that fit
But realized a long time ago
Feeling full of questions
Should probably let go
Accept that some things I'll never know
If you are not learning
You'll never grow
Obviously sung to the tune of Erase Me by Kid Cudi
M Solav Mar 2022
Thought is finding its shape,
Becoming stronger¹,
And word by word,
Layer upon layer,
Taking form².

The mind is a collage
Creating itself from cut-up scraps¹;
It is a sculpture built by a flowing
Fountain of sand,
Both constantly being eroded
And being formed

And grown by the erosion²,
The sculpting fingers of erosion¹,
The sculpted shadows of forgetfulness².
Grains of memory
Beneath the fingernails¹,
They fall, they forget;

One remains².
Written on January 6th, 2022.

This is a photopoetry collaboration with poet Paul Rowland¹ ( We took turns writing verses on an abstract image on Instagram.

— Copyright © M. Solav —

This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Ren Sturgis Jan 2022
It takes time to erase
the mistakes
that I've put in my soul.
But to take one mistake at a time
is to make me whole.
To play a part in this game
is to play a role.
But to remove all my mistakes
is my ultimate goal.
I am aware now that making mistakes allow you to be human and to learn and grow.
Nylee Jul 2021
Little by little
every shard of my work
will disappear from this world
and the time will erase
my existence
yet this year I celebrated my birthday
Sketches that look beautiful
And some that are painful
But few,  more colourful
And some meaning full
Stay stored in patterns
For view as in museum
But only... For self view!!

Pain inducing sketches
That had torn my heart
Would find their place in thrash
Replaced with blankness...
How I wish.....if i could  redraw!!

Then, why should I pile up in mind
The unpleasant and undesired
Sketches and frames ????
Shouldn't I erase it all
And let my mind free ??? i do it !!!
J Apr 2021
The day I’ve outlined in my head

I don’t know what will become of my life until then

But I hope I can erase the date

Before I erase myself from this world
We were footprints in the snow.
One after another, e r a s i n g each
other's soul.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
We are a little ****** up inside
The parts of ourselves we try to hide
Some of us dwell in trenches deep
Just like those up hills so steep

Looking at the life I know
Stars above
Ground below
Everything we do not share weighs us down
In the stress we'll eventually drown

Is knowledge we are missing too hard to reach?
Can be the one to show me how and teach
More bad habits every day
But you can take them away

Is more serotonin what I need?
Expensive to sense/cents to feed
Rather fix hormones in my brain
Than leave be and go insane

A long way to go
Climb off my knees
Halfway there start to wheeze
Missed shot
I'm on the bench
Opportunity failed
Fists clenched

Throw confidence against wall
Kindness shown to others
Not self at all
And around in circles I run
Like clock hands thoughts are never done

Confetti exploding
Colorful shower
Pieces of heart shredded by the hour
No bravery
No guts
No *****
No spine
Days will never again be mine

No hurry to grow older
Faint embers to smolder
Story etched
Layers of stone
Exhausted to skin and bone

Walking motion
Too worn out to sprint
Precious time now viewed with tint
Inhumane way of wearing death out
Lies before infinite route

Mirror whispers
"You are not good enough"
Existing breath hated and rough
Body in conflict with the voice in my head
Dangling from a solitary thread

The day hazy because I am confused
Hop from mistake to mistake unexcused
Revealing that despair is long
Unchanging as I mosey along

My heart warming
Trying change
And thawing as flaws disarrange
Can think I'll get better
I never will
Spending time savoring that thrill

Laughing days that passed by in a rush
Sharing stories we gush
We are only distracting from the pain
Is a point ever reached
Where you slip down the drain?

A need to fix
Need to heal
No way of stopping the bad **** I feel
Move feet but I'm stuck in place
****** up all I can't erase
Its so hard to let go of the past
PM Oct 2020
What if you could forget,
forget all the bad days.    
All those bad decisions.          
All the things you wish
you could be able to erase,
would you be able to do it?                    
Would you be willing                        
to erase what made you stronger.                            
What made you a fighter.                                
What are you willing to lose
in order to forget those moments.
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