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Calamity is coloured yellow - quince deep, pear shallow - intervining yellow of narcissi palms and morning rise, connecting crusty sunbeams of past, present -----------------------------------------------------------------­-----------------
yellow is this line connecting what one may choose, as Latin connects meaning of smart words, and Greek of relevant.
Calamity - yellow - meaning. Yellow holds fullness between, as it is cut off from the glorious star. When we pass through calamity, our meanings will merge and we will dream yellow, for there will cease to be difference among us. Shakespeare - Goethe - Poe: who shall set apart?
Such is nature in yellow that real and unreal may collide in its shape, and make all sense. For I have bled yellow when she weaved her last and sunk beneath Canal Grande - like a candle in autumnal sunrise - hundred and twenty years ago. For I have cried yellow when the fire - ignited lighthouse rose from seas of amber, twenty seven years after. For I have laughed when fungal trees closed on million - lighted city (jewelled and lonely island), today.

And so yellow is sewn to make an etching.
To M. Q.
There was a time that I beg for someone to stay; a triumph of a lost traveler, as he finally conquered a hidden fortress, and ****** was in his veins; I was once left in his nightmare, as it was a sphere, where the embers turn to ghost.
I held a full revenge, a raging storm that would crash the bridges. I thought I was brave enough until there was you, who brought light in darkness. You changed the skyline amid my calamity, in that way I remember you.
Fey Mar 1
i just wanna rip the whole world apart
and never put it back together again

© fey (01/03/20)
Where's the rythmn,
The rythmn, the rhyme, the reason?
I feel it's all getting lost,
Much like the seasons.
Have we been overcome,
Punished, for some inharmonious treason?

I feel I'm cascading and fading,
Like a politicians integrity,
I mean,
**** knows just what depths we'll see,

as all the consequences show thier hands,
in scorched lands
& Floods...

Civilisations get buried in mud,
so what makes ours so special,
that we would escape the Earth's revolution?
Sit back, enjoy, The Grand Delusion

as the Earth just keeps on turning,
never learning,
burning              hot
Right from its core
              -it's experienced a lot
                       But never this before-
A species forever driven towards war,
to enslave,
to dictate
and who impose their will, by law..
Who imagine a window
just so they can slam the door.

What more        will it take?
As half the world is going to sleep,
the other wakes,
Sun, streaming through that window,
as the day breaks..
Start of a spoken word poem I have started, I would be gf fateful for any perspective you would like to give me =)..
Äŧül Dec 2019
My biological birth anniversary is coming,
Just two weeks are still remaining.

Turning I shall be twenty-nine,
I hope to be at my birthday fine.

Study I shall more for my exams,
These won't get over till later days.

The toughest examination I wrote,
With my blood, I had written it.

May 7th, you know the day,
It is my second birthday.

Second birthday as a disaster,
A disaster that was averted.

The year was Twenty Ten,
Fall I did off the bike then.

Plunged into a deathly coma,
I scared both my Pa and Ma.

However, here I am, rhyming again,
Writing poems to forget the pain.
My HP Poem #1816
©Atul Kaushal
Mito Nov 2019
purple painted
beauty and
in one.

similarly you

brown coloured
warm gaze
a strong gale,
never thought i’d
find the one.
i loved that side of her. She was uncontrollable.
Jules Oct 2019
Exclusively with one's self
Is how life's led to calamity
It's uncommon to shout in a crisis
Who's left to clean up the messes?
The feeling of alone
Is so cold
The feeling of alone
Changed my soul
The feeling of alone
Can I go home?
Mystifying Chaos Apr 2019
Oh Darling,
you were just a
delicate droplet of water
While he was someone
lusting to drown in the sea.
He didn't know that you
were the beginning of the
tempestuous calamity.
He craved the danger
and assumed that you
just provided serenity,
He wished to conquer
the ocean and
witness the end.
But he failed to understand
that your existence is
something no man can transcend.
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