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Oh Darling,
you were just a
delicate droplet of water
While he was someone
lusting to drown in the sea.
He didn't know that you
were the beginning of the
tempestuous calamity.
He craved the danger
and assumed that you
just provided serenity,
He wished to conquer
the ocean and
witness the end.
But he failed to understand
that your existence is
something no man can transcend.
Karijinbba Mar 13
Sometimes truth is
stranger than fiction
cold and cruel as a grave
and flowering tragic
or living in denial
is a quick sweet fix
causing irreparable
lifetime misfortune
Timely revealing
a terrible truth
to innocents
can be traumatic
yet tender eye opener
but utterly kindly
necessary to avert
greater future calamity
and misjudgements
I know this truth
in my own flesh
I hid a cruel truth
not to cause painful
suffering to self
and other victims
my own children
and I was hurt
the most I lost it all.
so speak timely
get counseling go public
living in denial
of unexamined
traumatic past events
never escaped
the laws of fate
and ill karma
It all come back
to hunt me
the light of truth
no matter how
dark its sting
it did set me free
but I lost
the companionship
of close loving
family members
in their cold diselief
awake be aware
an evil doer's skim
to continue future
character assassination
slandering oldest
witness victim
will perish obliterated
only in the light
of timely
simple truth revealed
A dearly beloved
survivor's courage
and foresight
to stop living
in foolish denial
will also end
in much needed
self healing
By Karijinbba
All rights reserved.
revised 03-16 2019.
Don't let it happen to you.
Reveal the light of truth
no matter how dark its sting.
Ending up mis-understood
misjudged unknown
is an injustice
sad and very
Zywa Feb 12
Feathers, falling
from the wings of the dark
angel, falling

over the foggy graveyard
losing height with every next field
of stakes and stones

Men had to ****
boys were frightened heroes
hunger and disease did the rest

Life is scrawny, the chests
of the girls are too flat
for the babies in their bellies

Between the frail black feathers
they arrange flowers of past times
the flowers of future times

with every colour they dream
of the veiled sun
and wish it back
Inspired by “The Dark Angel” (2019, M.T.R. on

Collection “On living on”
K Balachandran Nov 2018
Sky looks deserted,
The army of clouds retreated;
Calamitous moves!
Pyrrha Oct 2018
Past thick briers and dense thickets
Beyond inconsolable oceans and insufferable lakes
Amidst the roar of obstreperous winds
Within the abyss of calamity
I've let you past my obscurities into the forest of my heart

In return you promised your own so our forests would grow
Instead you left the seeds of hatred that grew amongst my trees
You used me as an exploit for your own selfish endeavors
Our love was made of rot and mold
The passion expired and you were gone

You left me to swim my way back
To climb past my briers and thickets
To bear the violent winds
To climb out of the dark abyss
So that I may find myself once again in clutters of debris
Spread out across the shores of what remains of me
Ammar Oct 2018
Your scream overwhelms the soothing ambience,
Echoing throughout the room,
Tears dropping on the floor,
Yet is it mine or yours?

I promised you paradise,
Yet I showered you with wrath,
I promised you solace,
Yet I placed upon you an unimaginable burden.

How a single pill could have prevented the calamity,
The Hour of reckoning has begun,
All the chances I've had perishes at the line,
The line that was drawn eons ago.
I swear this is the last time.
Hindi na natapos ang bagyo
At muling bubuhos ang ulan
Hindi na natapos ang araw
Hanggang masunog ang kalangitan.

Walang patid ang hangin
Lahat ng bagay ay kayang liparin
Rumaragasa ang tubig
Ngunit walang luhang kayang pawiin.

Hinahanap pa rin ang umaga
Kahit tanghali ay lipas na
Hinahanap pa rin ang liwanag
Humupa man ang sakuna.

Gumuguho pa rin ang lupa
Tinatabunan ang nakaraan
Gumuguho pa rin ang bundok
Gumuguho rin ang kapatagan
Gumuguho ang mga burol
Gumuguho ang mapupurol
Matalim man ay guguho rin
Pasusukuin ng suliranin.

Gumuguho ang lahat
Gumuguho sa bandang huli.

Hindi na natapos ang pagkawasak
Bumabagsak ang tulay na puno ng bitak.

Hindi na natapos ang paglisan.
Basa pa ang libingan,
May ihahatid muli sa himlayan.

Hindi na natapos ang unos
Delubyo sa gitna ng buhawi
Lindol sa gitna ng tagtuyot
Hinagpis sa gitna ng pagkamuhi.

Panaghoy sa dulo ng pagkasawi.

Dito na lang ako sa lilim
Kung saan nag-aagaw ang liwanag at dilim
Magkukubli sa isang sulok
Hanggang lamunin ng alikabok.

Hindi na natapos ang gabi
At tumigil ang orasan
Hindi pa tapos ang bagyo
Ay bumubuhos muli ang ulan.
12 August 2018

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.
Nika J Aug 2018
Heart of gold set waves of beckoning rasp tones, breathing ever so sweetly through pursed lips. Mind made of pride, kindness and light. A tongue giving plague upon used.
Rain has fallen, washing rainbows to the core, seeping both poison and antidote within a soul. Bound by thing worth fragile, yet guarded by object hard as wood.
A structure not able to lose a part, for every piece comes crashing. Made within perfection of form, but a raging storm brews in it's core.
Sending that frame born of godly figure to  contorte. Ring, ring, those bells to tell shame, warning to change ways or face reaction. Expressions of that to tell tales of hidden emotions. Lost memories, but never forgotten. Venom bellows inside. Tranquility? Parasitic.
Born only to die, die only to be born. A cycle of time replaying like broken discs, but songs so sweet, thus take no notice. Beautiful yet deadly eyes, drawing forth both best and worst.
Touch guiding pain or that of a safe haven. Fire, dripping from feet burning all in it's path. Evil, with the power to live. All is so alluring, yet in a shell of suffering. Whirling all shards of both Amazing and Disaster into one.
We are bodies only that of broken sanity.
Stories of Gorgeous Calamity.
This poem relates to the human. See if you can figure out what some words may mean. We are all good and bad in one. Sometimes one shines more than the other
Salmabanu Hatim Aug 2018
What is the best Gift?
Means you are in my thoughts,
I love you,
I care for you.
I prostate before God for you,
I speak on your behalf,
I pray for you with sincerity,
I pray with trust in HIM.
My prayers will do three things,
My prayers will be answered,
Will bring a blessing for you,
Will ward off  your difficulty or calamity.
God loves each one of us uniquely,
HE chooses what is best for us,
HE sends an Angel in human form to answer your prayers,
I may be the Angel who prays for you.
God loves us all.If you persevere  and have patience HE surely will answer your prayers
Pali Jun 2018
i am a typhoon from the pacific
he is a hurricane from the atlantic
we never meet as wholes
only fragments of our beings get to
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