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Aug 2015
it was a rainy day.
actually it was a stormy day.
not as ravaging as the hurricane in my heart though.
however, i don't understand why
though the winds howled and the thunders crashed
inside my chest,
not a drop fell from my eyes.

lunch break rush
it was surprising and nostalgic to find
that all the tables were filled up except
the one
where we sat together
exactly a year and a month ago.

nothing has changed.
the restaurant's still crowded and noisy,
same old wobbly chairs,
same view of the the high-rise buildings
and kids playing around in the flower shop.
the only difference is that
you are not there
sitting in front of me.
i am alone.
in place of your smiles and stories
there is just
and that's how it will be for 5 years
as you board the plane in 3 days.

i sat there staring at my reflection
in my cheap cup of coffee that has gone cold.
i'm pondering
how should i knock on your door one last time?
how could i make my lips turn upward
despite all these feelings that's bearing me down?
i'm asking
where is the good in goodbye?
what now when you're gone,
and all that's left are these sweet memories
that now sting
because these fragmented thoughts
are all i'll ever have of you?
i'm questioning
why do you even have to leave?
why of all the people in my life
it had to be you?

it was a rainy day.
actually it was a stormy day
and the sky is weeping, wailing
in my place.
i find it ironic though how
the sky is where you will be
in the next 3 days.
did i even use the word ironic right? i don't know anymore.
Marge Redelicia
Written by
Marge Redelicia  Manila, Philippines
(Manila, Philippines)   
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