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If my actions aren't enough for you to comprehend my intentions

                                                   ­     then

My heart felt spoken words would just be the syllables to your ears
if people can't appreciate your actions, there is absolutely no way they'll be able to understand the depth of your emotions even if you verbalise them.
Its like words falling on deaf ears.
Rowan S 3d
Don't know what to think
Just need to let my acts speak
But I'm conflicted
Not my best work, but I'm trying to crank out one more poem for today and I'm experiencing some major writer's block
Ferlin peter Jan 13
What we need is air, What we give is smoke.
What we need is care, What we give is negligence.
What we need is security, What we give is insecurities.
What we need is acceptance, What we give is judgement.
Why this wonder and confusion??
Be it science - Every action has an equal and opposite reaction,
Or faith - As you sow so shall you reap,
Or universe - What goes around comes around,
All base on one common ground - KARMA.
Let the actions be good, the results will be better.
When all is said and done don't we all just need that some hope to hold on to!!!!
I remember you
all too well.
Your beautiful,
dark eyes
that captured me inside.
Your touch against mine
that sent a chill down my spine.
Your words
that caught me off guard.
I fell for you;
you tricked my heart.
Devorah Spiegel Dec 2018
The tornado is tangling me
Into a  complicated human being.
The thoughts are rising
So I can’t breathe.
I’m trying to reach the sky,
But I’m being brought down.
Because that action turned into a thought.
A thought that blew me up.
Hope One Day Dec 2018
Acceptance ,

To be accepted, we don't always have to be with a blonde and thin,
Or the one with perfect abs, well developed muscles and tendon,
Often such people hangout with you for their pleasure and fun
Usually, they'll influence and blind you with their sinful action


They don't care, for sure you aren't their next destination
They'll always be on a hunt for a validation or the next relation
Before you even realise, their nails will dig deep into your skin
Scarring your soul, leaving you in a pool of regrets and forever sin
They'll drag you to the steepest level you can't even imagin

Don't forget,

You have an identity, respect, cherish and stick to your origin
For you to be accepted,you don't have to give up your imperfection
Instead, display your best and influence them with your action
Always appreciate your existence as you'r a mighty fine creation
Sometimes, just to be a part of the society we make compromises to gain acceptance, validation and a relation. Relations formed on the basis of face value have apparent implications. Invest time in soul searching in order for you to be connected to your roots, because in the end you'll only be recognised by your origin.
arielle Nov 2018
one minuscule action
spoke to her
one thousand words
you’ll tear her in two that way..
Hope One Day Nov 2018
Often in relationships we come to a point where we assume the worst situation based on our own negative emotions. Instead of giving the benefit of the doubt to others, we jump to the conclusion believing the worst of the others.

The power of giving the benefit of the doubt to others, helps us to avoid negative feeling seeping in, simultaneously promoting positivity and patience in your relationships.

If you decide to give people the benefit of the doubt, it gives them the chance to open up being less defensive and encourages them to be themselves.

This is your way of showing how much you love and trust them and appreciate their presence in your life. Hence, by your actions you want to prove, for them you wouldn't leave any stone
upturned to make them feel at ease.

If I take all the above in to an account; I want to believe your intentions weren’t malicious and all you did was in a haste.

I want to believe you had no intent to harm me yet, unintentionally you did. I want to believe you never wanted to hurt me, yet you were talked in to it, hence you did it with an ease.

I want to believe someone played a game and forced you against me for their own benefit in which they succeed.

I want to believe if you have had the slightest intimation how your actions would devastatingly impact my life, maybe you wouldn’t have proceed.

Even if I believe all the reason stated above are true, convincing myself forgiving and giving you the benefit of the doubt is the right thing to do,
Even then how would I ever be able to forget, you doubted me when I never gave you a single reason to.
Sadest part of life; regardless how sincere and honest you are, this world would doubt your intentions. No one would ever give you the benefit of the doubt unless they really care about you and your well being.
Rizna M Rameez Nov 2018
God parting the sea
When Moses struck it with his staff
Is a universal example
Of the necessity of both
And Effort.
Allah doesn't look for our belief alone, he wants us to believe that He will make it turn out the way it is best for us, while using our willpower to take effort in carrying out our actions.
Consider this for trusting medicine.
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