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Sep 2015
you are
drawing me
almost mechanically but almost
because i am bound by my own volition
almost rationally

and as i inch closer
your energy
radiance i cry
oh my
your warmth
holds me
permeating my skin
seeping into these
iron arteries and
cold, cold guts
(you unravel my knots)

my eyes reflect you
because you are all i see:
all i want to see
i'm a submissive prisoner to your beauty
captivated willingly

i am yours
and even if never
will you be mine
**** it
**** it all
yours i will still be
and no
this is pure delight to me,
i won't consider it a tragedy

your embers are worthy of stars
your hot fumes to me an aroma
and if the price of becoming close
and closer
to you is the
disintegration of my flesh
so be it
give me death
i only feel alive
when i am with you

so burn me please
written with 5 people in mind
I don't know anymore this is just word dump haha
Marge Redelicia
Written by
Marge Redelicia  Manila, Philippines
(Manila, Philippines)   
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