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Luvanna Apr 8
Dear feelings,
I'm sorry that we are often being dismissed
I'll stand guard protecting you
from the people who's slowly becoming
someone who they said they won't be
whose mouth full of sweet words
whose real tasks aren't fulfilled
Nevermind them
We'll stay constant
in the midst of fickle hearts
Mark Wanless Dec 2021
play till it ain't fun
no more and the real is so
constant here again
Andrew Rueter Sep 2021
Constantly confounded
monsters have mounted
problems I've counted
groveling grounded.

The constant confusion
from deficit delusions
create definite illusions
of excrement infusion.

The continuous questioning
can be quite deafening
the best of me.

I use a thought shield
so I cannot feel
like the locked steel
of stopped wheels.

F in the chat
for the death in my hat
I'm left with a lack
of discerning tact.

I'm living a lie
by not living with why
but idiot I
just sits down and cries.

I haplessly hope for a lucky guess
to get me out of this ******* mess
but I haven't seen nothing yet
except my own lonely death.
Ghazal Hamdy Apr 2021
and then it hits, how life reminds us of the waves’ motion.
never steady, yet unstability is its only constant.
with every wave hitting against the ocean’s rocks, a wave of memories hits the mind’s shores.
emotions are the waves that are disturbed by the ocean’s currents, always at bay when no one’s watching.
a horizon too far to reach, yet to close to see.
tides of sea that guide the troubled mind will always set the soul free.
Strying Apr 2021
A country road leads to a home.
Beyond rows of trees,
you find a place to hide,
and yet people always seem to be hiding in a place
where they can be found.
Where can one go to never be discovered?
One may wonder if such a place exists.
If it does, how does one get there?
Is death the only path, or can other ways be made.
Can a person scream and not be heard.

Years may pass, but the only constant
is the endless denial of the end.
There will always be nothing in the end.
Then again,
a blank canvas is exactly what so many artists look for,
What many broken people look for to make a new start?
A blank page is a new story waiting to be written,
a life waiting to be lived,
and a masterpiece waiting to be crafted.
Art is a whole other story,
for every stoke creates one piece of something
that has never been made before,
no matter how detailed one can replicate,
each is new,
as each person is a new.

These are all pretty random thoughts;
put together using words,
sentences, paragraphs,
whatever you want to call it.

In reality, everything we know is made by people.
This is because, even things made by God,
were polluted by people.
Who knows if God wanted the sky named “sky.”
In reality, nothing is reality,
it’s all a concept.
And not all of these ideas can be written.
Everything seems dumb down to what we,
who we consider the most advanced species,
can understand.
To me,
it seems many animals can get by with
just knowing that when it is dark they sleep,
and when it is light they get up.

my point is that if,
humans can turn beauty into false concepts,
people are too a false concept.
Who are humans;
some say we are ****-sapiens.
I say we are beings,
all trying to find a purpose in a broken society,
broken by us.

Why is that in an attempt to educate our young,
we stress them out past levels of asylums just a century ago.
I don’t see what the point of creating a world where people are unhappy is.
And then, they don't allow for an escape from it.
Their personal sad and insanity entertainment.
Our only escape is death,
and suicide is looked down upon.
What does society expect us to do?
Talk to other people,
the root cause of the world’s negatives.

When I say it would be easier to die, it’s the truth.
Death is the easy way out,
and yet why does it feel so hard?
I know it's long, I apologize.
old willow Mar 2021
Truth and lies, I once distinguish the two.
Reality is truth, but why...
Because Reality is constant;
Time is truth, because it is constant,
constant because they cannot be change.
Understandable, some cannot accept the truth,
accept reality, why?
Because they cannot change the constant.
People will root toward earth,
Love will attract one another,
Sad will follow happiness,
these are all constant, what we call truth.
Lies is just another constant,
a constant that does not match their own,
therefore, people label lies away from truth.
Lunar Nov 2020
Quick drive
Strong hands
Loud mind

Both you and me
Are as tired
As daytime

Old music
Slow mail
Aged wine

But you and I
Are as young
As tonight
for aeh, my constant for the past recents.

For things that may come and go,
words will always be there to make you flow;
For though the words make things easier,
emotions are still on show.
Only words are constant, everything else just flows.
julian Oct 2020
everything will surely change
because nothing in this world is permanent
however,  it’s still a matter of choosing between
it is what it is
change to have the best and less regrets
although change is constant, it’s still depends if we are willingly to let that something really be changed. you decide your own life and not by fate. Don’t let yourself flow with the waves, have a floater haha lol :)
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