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Your bliss turns to blues.
You're in the bottom
but now you know
your only way is up.

Your warmth turns to drought.
You can pour gasoline
in the dying fire inside of you
to feel warm again.

Your love turns to lost.
You may have lost in love
but in the first place,
you found it.

They say, the only thing
that is constant is change.
But can bliss, warmth, and love
be constant........ for a change?
sorry if my flow is kinda ~c h a o t i c~ my thoughts are scattered while writing this.

i love how writing for me is like an equivalent of screaming your lungs out on top of the building, or it could be like drinking a cup of tea.
Ryan Dec 2018
My life is a mess,
full of ups and downs but,
she is the variable that
constantly keeps my equation of life;
maybe i overdid it.
Invisible people
Figment of my imagination
Borrowed in my subconscious
touching and reaching
grabbing and pulling
whispering and fueling
Fear and doubt
Insecurities and pain
Every second
Of every day.

Their whispers
perforates my self-esteem
withers my self-belief
deteriorates my self-image.

My mind feels like a battlefield
A constant fight of not caring
of what they think
or say.

For there are days
When I set my mind
In to prioritizing my moment
passion, purpose, fun, and life
And not care.

But some days
they encroach into my mind
Seep through the cracks
Diffuse between the synapses
firing terror.

Letting me stare once more
at my own abyss.
Anna Nov 2018
through the good
through the bad
through love
through pain
you are my constant.
Marianne Cruz Oct 2018

In every mathematical equation,
          present by any means;
A constant yet it constantly changes
          from chemical reactions showing how compounds dissociate
          to Hooke's Law of Elasticity, stiffness it describes.


Just like that I know we'll part,
          our equilibrium shifts to the left;
Going back to what we once were,
          barely acknowledging each other's existence,
          strangers passing by; hesitant, stiffly saying hello.

Tell me where do I look
for the value I lost
when K became constant,
constantly we changed.
Ana Ehlana Oct 2018
some things I can’t change;
the way I’ll always feel scared
in any relatively new situations
or with any kind of changes

some things I can’t forget;
the way my heart has hurt
in grieving a few deaths
or managing a few messes

but i hope i can always count on you
to not be a part of the things that change
or a fragment of my broken heart
I'll smile today
I'll cry tonight
Cause everyday
Is a constant fight

I fight with myself
And everyone around
I want to be well
But life drags me down
Just a quick piece, enjoy
If life were perfect you would be my one. I love your smile, your laugh and I get your silly jokes. I understand that your pain has made you a different person than the one that I first met. Understanding that you have a fear of what could or may not be you shadow your life with the unreal. You allow yourself to become excited with the things that children love. Underneath all of that hurt I see you. Sometimes we have to take hold of where we went wrong. If we keep looking at how I was hurt. Or why did they not love me enough to stay we wallow in self-pity. This can cause anger and division.
You might not know or see when you push people away. Then you long for them to be there. It is all too late. Not everyone wants to fix the broken. We are all broken in our own way. If we go fixing things that don’t belong to us, we have then wasted so much time. While we could have been working on ourselves.  If I call you…you answer. If I text you even if angry you reply. Even though I purposely ignore your calls. I do so because, when I was right there you did not come for me. There were many questions by others as to why you did not come. I made excuses for your absences even to your friends. As much as I don’t understand you I do. Your fear pushes people away.
Yet you constantly appear.
I wish that I could allow you in to read my mind. But we all have our fears. I too am afraid of allowing people to get past my comfort zone.  So while we constantly adore one another, we will also constantly be alone.
To a dear friend who will always be family
Ola Gia Sep 2018
As the sun shut its eyes on the world,
Something began to stir
A cough, a splutter, the stretching of ink limbs.
Their time to wake had come

Two intertwined dragons sat upon the arm,
leaning against their tribal plait
They resented their role, they hated their duty
Their meaning was forgotten

Kiwi turned to his English counterpart,
took a deep inhale of his pipe before starting...
"They force us to stay, Brother,
Why do they need us so?."

English observed Kiwi, a grim look of realization upon his jaw
He flicked his red tail and flew around the arm
Returning in a matter of seconds.
A constant in a constant change.

A united thought came to both,
they remembered the true reason why they were there
"We are a symbol. A memory. A focus.
They will always evolve, but we stay.”

With that memory in their mind,
they sat and watched the sun rise again
Knowing it would come, knowing it would go
Knowing they will always stay the same.
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