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jas Sep 11
death is my neighborhood friend
she has followed me all my life
no matter the outcome of situations
death always prevailed
speaking lightly on such a subject would inflict a mere slit on the tip of the tongue
she is genuine at all times
though some may find it hard to believe I have never caught her in a lie
to be frightened is to be frail
for tears shed, hearts break, last words are spoken
actions are derailed into a different outcome
yet through all the demise, she remains vigorous
death has no boundaries
I have learned that the strenuous way
there is no difference in those related to my own blood and water
death stops at no personal obligations nor obstacles
adolescent days dare to compare to my maturity of today
death broke apart relationships of all kind
sometimes spiritually she drained me of love I could no longer bear witness to the outside world
she drained me of my close ones,
'family,' if you will
left me to anguish and mourn like a deserted soul
isolated from society, the world, love, or any such interactions were just extreme to divulge in
building up a tolerance to agony was just a challenge to her for the near future
other times she lacked me of mental termination
friendships of such were burned and buried beneath the ground
someplace called hell
for they would never return and if they sought out to intervene in my life once again death would appear and rip the soulless creatures right out of their existence with me.
I could barely bear witness on either or, nor did I want to comply but I, myself, had no say in the fate of life.
my mind, body, and soul were alternated
never will I be a carbon copy of my old self
death is my friend
she remains synonymously unpredictable
if I, myself, were to die, I would, in turn, welcome my friend.


                             , eulogy

   "Hello my dear, for I have not missed you for an abundance of time it seems you have missed me. whereas I contemplate over no comprehension other than the certainty of you needing my very presence. all of the atrocious things I have done is diseased along with the misery of atoning to every thought and situation dealt with my life on this earth. let alone the well being that I also obtained in a timely matter has now released me into a never-ending dimension"
still more i need to add, please accept this rough draft.
A constant
Could be expected or unexpected
Negative or positive
A challenge or a solution
Yet a change
the way you look at things
The things you look at.
Promotion, death, birth, joy, sadness, peace, discomfort, anxiety, age, days, life
All changes
Never be unprepared
Life is change
MissPine Aug 15
by: MissPine

You touch my hand
It feels like heaven so insane
I hold them tight
Could be forbidden; No, it shan't

How wonderful it will be
Just right now you and me
Let us make this world
A constant place of love being unfold
annh Apr 7
I do opine that a constant life, although agreeable in its construction and longevity, may render its subject without two sympathetic words to rub together.
‘Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?’
- Jane Austen
Luna Jay Mar 27
I am simply existing;
In this constant state of becoming,
I am forever changing.
And for that,
I am forever grateful.
For how boring would the world be
If we never allowed our minds to evolve and adapt?
How can we be so ignorant in thinking
That our experiences won’t change us?
If I come out of this life as the same person I was going into it,
Then something went awfully wrong.
Your bliss turns to blues.
You're in the bottom
but now you know
your only way is up.

Your warmth turns to drought.
You can pour gasoline
in the dying fire inside of you
to feel warm again.

Your love turns to lost.
You may have lost in love
but in the first place,
you found it.

They say, the only thing
that is constant is change.
But can bliss, warmth, and love
be constant........ for a change?
sorry if my flow is kinda ~c h a o t i c~ my thoughts are scattered while writing this.

i love how writing for me is like an equivalent of screaming your lungs out on top of the building, or it could be like drinking a cup of tea.
Ryan Almighty Dec 2018
My life is a mess,
full of ups and downs but,
she is the variable that
constantly keeps my equation of life;
maybe i overdid it.
Sabila Siddiqui Dec 2018
Invisible people
Figment of my imagination
Borrowed in my subconscious
touching and reaching
grabbing and pulling
whispering and fueling
Fear and doubt
Insecurities and pain
Every second
Of every day.

Their whispers
perforates my self-esteem
withers my self-belief
deteriorates my self-image.

My mind feels like a battlefield
A constant fight of not caring
of what they think
or say.

For there are days
When I set my mind
In to prioritizing my moment
passion, purpose, fun, and life
And not care.

But some days
they encroach into my mind
Seep through the cracks
Diffuse between the synapses
firing terror.

Letting me stare once more
at my own abyss.
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