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julian 3d
everything will surely change
because nothing in this world is permanent
however,  it’s still a matter of choosing between
it is what it is
change to have the best and less regrets
although change is constant, it’s still depends if we are willingly to let that something really be changed. you decide your own life and not by fate. Don’t let yourself flow with the waves, have a floater haha lol :)
Marga Sep 28
change is painful,
but it is beautiful.

nothing in the world is fixed and arranged,
so you must have your feelings managed.

you can't be too attached,
neither can be too detached;

so know where your heart rests easy,
and let it decide freely.
Isabella Aug 17
Fingernails tapping
Teeth biting my cheeks
A pressure on my chest
Eyes darting around the room
I should probably breathe

At this point I can’t quite remember
The last time my mind was at ease.
i may try and rewrite this soon, but who knows. just another thing to stress about.
Amanda Aug 1
I do not want to argue anymore
Show me the way to the door
I would rather slum it surfing couch to couch
Than hide from life as I slack and slouch
Look down upon from your self-righteous horse
Insults hurled til your voice is hoarse
And "wouldn't you feel bad if I died?"
As if unaware of how I feel inside
I hate living with constant fear and anxiety. I honesty do not know how to refrain from taking it out on other people. Especially those close to me, such as my mother.
Claira Lymei Jul 10
Flow through me like
Water in the Stream.
Float through me like
Clouds in the Sky.
Play through me like
Notes in the Song.
Burn through me like
Wood in the Fire.
Swim through me like
Fish in the Sea.
Shoot through me like
Stars in the Sky.
Beat through me like
Blood in the Heart.
Thoughts through the Head will keep going ‘til your dead.
There is an art piece to go with this.
annh May 18
the present
forever shifts

yet remains

claiming and
re-claiming us

a sequence
of stillnesses

flux and

finite and
‘It is almost banal to say so yet it needs to be stressed continually: all is creation, all is change, all is flux, all is metamorphosis.’
- Henry Miller
Through thick and thin,
       Through every clamoring din,
You have been my unfaltering constant
Laura May 3
i am full of water. a time to rest, a time of warm stillness.

i am the first sip. she starts to feel alive again, the earth blooms.

i am the sun. dancing underneath of me eternally. warms to the core.

something is sailing through the wind.
Serene May 2
Life is ever changing
Evolving, shedding layers, growing
Seasons change and leaves fall
Turn to different shades
Plants constantly dying then being rebirthed
Desert land once desolate plots of dirt
Become lush vibrant fields between winter and spring
It’s the circle of life really
And it’s quite a beautiful thing to see
Maybe life’s only real constancy
Is the way it’s constantly changing
That you can count on the fact
That you can never truly know what tomorrow may bring
This lack of constancy, in and of itself is a constancy
It’s this contradictory consistent lack of consistency that keeps life interesting
Mike Walters Mar 3
One day the air will cool and your soul will become numb
You’ll find that your friends are becoming less and less like friends
the constant change is inevitable in its way
for the one without a plan it will be more than they can take
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