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I heard a call from heaven, I saw a fever dream
Of a land my kin would live in and joy would reign supreme.

But the land of the pure has blood in her waters
Of the children she bore, both the sons and the daughters.

There is poison in her air, her streets awash with shame.
How long shall her people suffer these perils in her name ?

Where justice is all but rare for the ones of wealth and fame
and her defenders sold her bare for fortunes and petty gain.

Her clerics were no different, they were but the same.
Men of God with Godless morals, who put us infidels to shame.

So we wait for spring's embrace, in this garden of yours and mine.
But winter is a mighty foe and it hangs on to every vine.
Separated by progress
We live in isolation
Socially stagnated
Growing ever distant.

Focus further inward
Without hesitation,
Cutting off future conflicts
Before they even happen.

Perspective and reality
No longer separate
Eco chamber catalysts
Shattered-faction fragment.

Elitist tactics brainwash
Entire populations,
Localised abundance withers
With dying vegetation.

Doomsday clocks lurching
Our salvation diverges
Shouting to the twilight sun
We share but false elation.

Entire regions' designated
Means of production
No new doctrines allowed
All hail consumption.

Ever directionless, at a loss
Regressing into violence:
Revolutionaries' proudest
Of our failed revolutions.

Living out our dreams
Of solitary bliss,
Live alone in harmony
Or die in the abyss.

What piece of work is man
That chooses inhumanity
A species in a chasm
Led by mere savages.
"And in time there will come a generation that has got beyond facts, beyond impressions, a generation absolutely colourless, a generation seraphically free from taint of personality"
― E.M. Forster, The Machine Stops
Filomena Apr 20
I won't bite the hand that feeds me,
But I'll fight the man that bleeds me
Though the fear of him may sieze me
I won't let the terror freeze me

If we have a rightful reason
To commit an act of treason
Then I see no better season
To do more than put our pleas in

And so what if someone sees it?
Don't be quiet to appease it
To the system you don't matter
So be heard over the chatter

Can't you hear the summon pealing?
From the body comes the healing
Till the time of our releasing
Our resistance be increasing!
Louise Apr 19
Do not listen to the preachers.
Do not listen to the non-believers either.
Here's a piece of advice from a revolutionary,
a soldier and a slave for love;
Don't say you're in love,
unless you want to wage a war against every doubt, every dread on your lover's racing and raging heart,
wielding your sword against their anxiety,
never minding your own worries,
unless you are in dire passion with changing the course of their history,
spilling your blood or covering it with art,
forgetting about your own sob stories,
unless you aren't having sleepless nights from planning for strategies and fine-tuning your tactics so you can put your best foot forward and your Achilles heel before them,
unless you aren't willing
to die for their peace,
unless you aren't willing
to live to see their freedom,
don't proclaim yourself
to be someone who's in love.
If you're enthusiastic for the worst,
When words doesn't make sense anymore,
come and be my land forevermore.
Love is war and war is revolutionary.

(A nod to my previous poem, "Love Like History Told Us How" from April 2021)
Leaves fell
amidst snow's descent
Leaves grew
under sun's ascent
Times changed
and memories faded
Times changed
and I grew jaded

I was always concerned
am I left behind
will I yet grow more
is the deadline due
when will she get here
I am so **** late
I am so fed up
there's so much on my plate

I blew a fuse
my bell was rung
my clock ran out
there loads the gun
but before I go
I ask of time
what is your name
what have I done?

A gentle touch
an eve of peace
a staircase looms
a wreath of fleece
adorns me now
I make a vow
to see what waits
'pon yonder bow
it held my hand
and took me hence
to arid peak
to distant land
and there I saw them
low and weary
stooping dreary

I said can't they see!
They need but wait
for their sorrows will end
by time it will be sate
and satan's hold
his clutch will loose
they shall be free
like airborne goose
but I saw myself then
like roast on the table
Thanksgiving dinner
feast for the sinner
of course they're broken
of course they don't know
because time waits for no man
man waits for time...

Another journey
to far-flung ages
where machines roam free
and lords are sages
people commune
in a peace distilled
from forgotten wars
from absence of pills
I saw them congregate
like ants in a colony
working in unison
for each other's grace
and there was a feeling
like waking from dreaming
how timeless it all was
where peace was manifest

But just like that
I was pulled from the panacea
from the vision of victory
from the dawn of destiny
a saw pain as prophecy
I saw pleasure as peasantry
I saw passion as poetry
I saw power as illusion
I saw my struggles as choice
I saw my misery as vice
I saw my vices as voices
voting down my ambitions
undermining my plans
I then strove for strength
I then fought for freedom
I then stood for salvation
I found the purpose I'd always run from
and it was then
that I heard the voice of time

It said you are my name
and you shall wait no longer
for you wait for no man
you are man no more
you are an agent of change
and the future is yours!
I'll just leave it there.
Felt some peace from that write.
I hope you all felt it, too.


Maybe you joined for the money
To save your wealth from dilution
Bitcoin is money, strong and sound
But stay for the revolution

Maybe you came for clever tech
And Bitcoin’s designed solution
The coding and cryptography
Please stay for the revolution

Maybe it’s your first property
Due to worldwide distribution
Truly free and open to all
Now join in the revolution

We all want to save and to spend
Without fear of retribution
Bitcoin thwarts the controlling minds
Who are scared by the revolution

Take this step towards living free
From control and persecution
The Bitcoin Standard - hold it high
Stand firm for the revolution

Let’s keep it peaceful, free, and fun
While making our contribution
And helping our world financially
With the Bitcoin Revolution
This is Bitcoin Poem 013 at and you can see it displayed on a background when you (copy and paste the link below).
Descovia Feb 15
Lately, it been hard for me to unwind
All my emotions are twisted in a bind
Losing my head to the war
that's going on in my mind
All I feel like I'm doing
is wasting away my time
On the grind, I gotta remain. Touch from Pain.
I need a sign. No dollar signs.
Yes, my boy is living it up!
Thanks! He's more than just fine!
If I take a ******* out, then why is that a crime?
Monsters sin more than Satan on a Sunday
Justice systems always misconstrue
What we say!

Everybody wants a change, I'm a bit insane.
These lower beings don't deserve lives.
The truth can'hurt us like a *****!
Shoot. Ha. It will cut you down to size!
While you're trying to figure why?
I'll wait... now please, show me, where did I lie?


Which side you play yo part,
standard-*** boy, do you even ride?
They want us to discriminate and to divide
Eyes in the sky, watching us on the rise
You can't **** my high...
You will never, take away what is mine!
This is than just a vibe,
this is more than just my pride!
Live by my words, every part of me
speaks and lives in these lines!
Eye for eye, ain't enough.
When the difficulty is do or die.
I'm cool as fire, yo
just let the ******* slide
Cause at the end of the day,
it's all keeping me alive!

World on my shoulders
but I'll keep my head up
Promise everyone will
See See See See
World on my shoulders
but I'll keep my head up
Promise everyone will
See See See See.....

I been vibing the music in my head lately.
Our stories will save the world.
Yes, this will be featured in Duality album!
Ren Sturgis Feb 2
If only you could see,
See that I was hurting.
Hurting on the inside,
Inside of me is broken.
Broken from the past,
Past issues not recognized.
Recognize the monsters,
Monsters that are controlling.
Controlling my very own emotions,
Emotions that are evolving.
Evolving into a revolution,
Revolution of my freedom.
Freedom to change,
Change who I am.
Am I visible now?
It's so amazing to see all these poems I wrote when I was like 14-16 because even though I've grown a lot of my thoughts remain the same.
Nigdaw Jan 11
opinions and thoughts die
like unwanted infants in the womb
beautiful but doomed
never to see the light of life
shunned by a world
looking the other way
I feel sad, I really do
for never knowing the truth
lies perpetuated by a cruel world
always knowing better
than those under fire
than true desire
politicians oligarchs
self inserted gods
in their houses of cards
time for us to rise and shine
a velvet revolution
from the velvet underground
Chloe Jan 1
I feel so miserable
Nothing is going to change
I feel so caught up in
all my rage
… grow up

I feel like I deserve
to die and if not
I deserve to hurt
I feel so overwhelmed
I need something
to cover my head
…. grow up

I feel empty inside
and yet so full
I could explode
What I feel right now
is all I will ever know
… grow up
Grow up
Grow up
Grow up
My New Years resolution
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