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You can decide. You can create
You are the weaver of spirit
You conquer over whim and fate
Embrace creation - don’t fear it

You are the reason earth is here
Rejoice in your will and power
Share this message for all to hear
And remind yourself every hour

You are the actor of your “play”
So play up an excellent part
Rise up with hope this very day
Each creation a brand new start
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More of your life is in YOUR power than you ever dreamed.  If we aren't consciously creating, then we resort to habit and expectations to form our life.

This poem is about YOU and the ability to shape your life.  Play up an excellent part!
Tam Jan 10

in an


My Own


My Self.

This is
My life.

My Soul.

For the
I need to assert myself to myself.
Ken Pepiton Sep 2020
A whatifery quest. What if you cannot lose?

my life is the role you play, or
yours the role I play and we
each must win,
or winning is nothing and I am alone.
You know the feeling,

letting go of the held on to
to let be the held in,

imagine, me a friend, in a word, a mind
like yours,
good in all its wishes to

to make
to pay, to take, to give, to be, to see,
to think
I know you know by acting out, doing,
having being
in this bubble where we all may breathe
no filters needed in my realm, we winnowed
All that remains is seed, the chaff has gone
to dust and ashes
for good right use
in futures unimagined as yet.
I overheard a football game, attracted to the artificial crowd noise
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2020

Born in chaos dawn
Led by her defiant heart
Rise to conquer plains

New day, new haiku!
Still not feeling 100%, but I'm getting there.
This one is for Gaia, Mother Earth, wife and mother of Ouranos (Father Sky to her Mother Earth) and mother to the Titans (which includes Kronos and Rhea).

History certainly has a way of repeating itself. Before Zeus rose against his father Kronos for the position of King of the Gods, Kronos did the same with Ouranous. Though he birthed children with Gaea, he reputedly hated them and sealed his Giant-children back in her womb. In an act of defiance, she rose against him and Kronos joined, for he loathed his father. When the battle was won, Kronos became King of the Gods...before the prophecy came to him that he too would be deposed by one of his offsprings. When this happened, Gaea sided with Zeus and helped him rise to Kingship.

Well, that was until he sealed her children in Tartaros after the war was won. When she tried to rise against Zeus, all her attempts failed.
I made referrence to Tartarus and the battles she fought with the first line
And Tartarus was seen as a pit that lies deep within the Earth (that was his body apparently and she gave birth to the Giants by mating with him).
Gaea too is a bit of a badass in my eyes for rising (and winning) against two Gods at least.

Nature always wins (reference to Poison Ivy hehe)
Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Sheela Jul 2020
I am an Illustration of GOD!

In the era of Wounded civilization
He fashioned us with an illustration…Triumphs used for defeat was crucified love…. Stop suffering rise up your pain above!!

Stop grappling with emotions seek God for accomplishments…
Life enlightens  through afflictions, wake up from lowered faith go alter your imperfections…

Clinching line is he conquered through it… For you and I near his throne to sit
It isn’t a word game but an ode for love of god….O the sting of death he did trod..

We know very lil of the grand Weaver who has great desire, he is the master my maker!!
If deprived of today or tomorrow take faith seriously in whom you are made wonderfully and fearfully….

In the era of Wounded civilization
He fashioned us with an illustration…Triumphs used for defeat was crucified love…. Stop suffering rise than your pain above!!
M Solav Jul 2020
I won't speak again
Once I cast this stone,

I'll leave
This whole train of thought
To a lost memory.

Feeding this enemy;
In enmity we may conquer
Anew our identity,

But I need you to resist,
For strength grows in anger
Despite the fatality.
Written in March 2020 - as experimental lyrics for a song.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Ezbon Kancharla Jul 2020
I see and feel the multi faced
Wondering how's that valid
They say that's how we survive these days
Ignorance of these will end with guilty days
Change is the essence of time
One should thrive to tame his heart in time
As tranquility of pure soul is uncorrupted

Every step i take among these, facing the ill
I am pulled into an underworld by a quick sand in a loamy soil
With all my raw and pure strength, i tread to sky
Like a phoenix i rise and clear my path with fire
Turning these ore of men into priceless stones
Looking down from celestial dome, i see crystals
Witnessing a tranquil change in my own and every
Tranquility in my heart and every every
We need to change ourselves and others for the much good that is there in this world.....we must see it done before our time is done.
Bhill Jun 2020
looking ahead towards the end is intoxicating
knowing that you are able to conquer obstacles previously out of reach
hurdles, that before, were not obtainable
what changed so that victory existed on your journey
your ideas of what could be done, can be done
your view of the end changed....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 170
What is in your view?
Aarvijain Jun 2020
Soon we'll meet,
Soon everyone will know,
The world we'll conquer will the first one to bow,
The boundaries that keep us apart will break,
Our love will show them their place,
They'll keep the hatred but will know us as brave.
A great man's voyage
conquered the seven seas;
fully armed with high hopes,
his expectation is the vessel
of his triumph
as he found the girl
who speaks of love.
Though they were apart,
no one else can take what
only was meant for them.
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