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Dani May 13
Is it worth it? After all we have done
And all that's been done to us.
Can we pretend darkness doesn't exist.
Fall without fearing the risk..
As if for the first time again
After all we have done and all that's been done to us.

Cause I am falling more with every lingering kiss
As you press close to me I forget about the risk.

Your touch is a harmony
Skin to skin, a perfect symphony
The warmth of you delights me
Your eyes are my sanctity
A sanctuary of a musical harmony
A year later, and he's been worth conquering my fears everyday!
EmilyBatdorf May 8
I put a smile on
till I faked it true.
In a world of weeds,
I’m a flower
with sun in my leaves,
rays of joy to give away,
I have abundance.
My stalk has grown thick
fed on the peace of rain,
warmth of sun,
and freedom of air.
I have grown strong.
Void May 3
The pressure is bearing down on your body
As you crumble beneath the weight
There is only so much you can take
But it doesn't have to be this way
Andrei Marin Apr 16
Conquer now, little by little,
work hard and harder, just don't become brittle,
hard work devoid of true rest, will surely derail your quest,
you aren't the first or the last, to go through hardships,
remember the past,
many before you have come and gone,
so what makes you think,
that you are the one?

It doesn't matter,
do your very best,
so you'll be able to end,
without regret in your chest,
that you didn't try, or were afraid to act,
we are all meant to die, and that's a proven fact,
no, you might not get rich, or have stadiums packed,
but your hearth will be right, you were brave in the fight.
The true "be strong" poem
Crouching in tendrils of bright green grass
Two caterpillars set out on a daunting task
Hearts filled with hope to taste the fruit
Which had rendered so many full and moot

They slugged their way out beneath the sun
And laughed and talked of all they'd done
Distracted they never saw the bird coming
It swooped down much too close and sent them running

Once they were sure the bird was lost
They argued their plan and what it could cost
They were both still afraid the bird would come back
And this time that bird would precisely attack

But they knew in their hearts that they came so far
They couldn't turn back on their wishing star
So they hauled for the tree which was just in sight
When the bird swooped in and with all it's might

Bit a chunk from both caterpillars **** end
And with a mighty resurrection of power would send
Both caterpillars catapulting to the tree
Where both could feast and drink fruit mead

In a drunken stupor honey glazed thoughts soar
The caterpillars lost in slumber would snore
And in their sleep their body's tore
To be rebuilt with fine allure

They stretched out their legs, wings unfolded as well
Both stared in awe at the beauty, love spell
They leapt in the air and tested their wings
And rose to the sky to cheerfully sing

Two soaring butterflies dancing with the wind
They looked at each other and victoriously grinned
They had beat the bird and ate all their fruit
And may never had if they left that route
It's dark
Someone turn on the light
Oh no that's much too bright

A moment ago
Spent in a world unknown
An unwritten story where anything goes

Only to wake
Buried beneath
This mountain of coal, or is it just my sheet

Today I might hate
Today I might love
I know love conquers all in this war I've begun

So I'll climb to the top
Or at least I will try
Someday my lows are higher than my highs

But I'm starting to fall
I'm slipping away
More than I'd like to out loud say

They say it's okay
That I'll be alright
But what's so close can seem so far out of sight

In the midst of it all
I'm a boat out at sea
And these waves are battering, chastising me
2014 Unfinished
Why a crying heart,
Why a caged mind,
Why a hushed mouth,
Why an agony soul,
Why fight against the thorn,
Why stub your life,
Why defiance your thoughts?

Is it the blockage?
Fight the fight,
Manifest it.
Is it a conviction?
Walk the talk,
Grasp it.

Rain and Reign…. where?
On the battlefield.
Surrender before me, THE SPIRIT.
The courage to advance to new places.

Laugh or Cry; why?
The Promised Land,
The exposure,
The authorities,
The keys,
They all precede.

Unleash me, THE GIANT.
Grey Dec 2019
As dusk falls
and night conquers yet again
I dream of dawn.
Aaron Barden Nov 2019
When everyday is harder; Fight!!
When you grow tired of this world; Fight!!
When everything goes wrong and nothing
seems right; Fight!!

Make your mark on this world;
We deserve you and everything about you;
You are important even if sometimes you
feel turned.
One day we will build you up and make you anew.

Do not deprive us of you because you would only make the world a darker place.

So fight!!
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