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I found a valley dark and red with blood.
Emotions bound inside released, a flood.

An intense craving for physical pain.
Is this the sign of someone who’s insane?

I’d drag a serrated edge on my skin.
Not resisting, I let the darkness in.

And afterwards I couldn’t get it out.
Reeling inside I’d scream and cry and shout.

It kept going, till it overtook me,
and it wasn’t going to let me be.

What scared me the most was wanting to stay,
and dwell in the darkness every day.

So then I felt like I had popped my top.
Truthfully, I didn’t want it to stop.

The pain had a way to make me alive,
but if I continued I’d not survive.

If I did more, and it was still going,
the scars on my legs would keep on growing.

Finally I was able to end it.
Others helping me get out of the pit.

It’s an ongoing and a constant fight.
Resisting the cravings every night.

So this poem I made for those of you,
who are like me, fighting this demon too.

You are not alone. It may feel that way.
If you’re suffering, don’t be scared to say.
JonahAlonso May 29
"I'm sorry, I just can't do it."                                                             ­         

You were made in the image of power                                    
Sturdy, heavy, muscular                                                  
Yet your strength remains leashed around me

When all I want is for you to hurt me                                                    
You push me away                                                    
But I consent to bleed

To feel                            
The heat of the cut              
The dull pain of bruised muscle
The ragged burn in my lungs            

I need to have a reason                                        
To feel this torment                                                    
To shed these tears                                                            ­

You are absolution
I've been denied
Tommy Randell May 13
When we first got together and
You taught me how to kiss
It was a shock to come to know
That pleasure has a fist.

We are not taught as children
Playful Tigers come with risks -
The tongue can be a dagger
As it pierces with a twist.

Did you know before we met
Or was I the catalyst?
Did I wake those demons in you
Like the monologue insists?

You rained on me like fire
So hot it made me hiss,
Then like a glacier in my arms
You pierced me with a twist.

All your stories made me trust you.
Your lust made me enlist
In your army of surrender
The perfect activist.

See me kneeling down before you
The execution fast and slick -
I want now nothing less from you
Than you pierce me with a twist.

Torturer and Victim
How has it come to this,
On a sunny day in heaven
The war of shame persists?

Your compliments are scissors,
Your caress is salt and grit -
Right there from my mirror
You stare, piercing with a twist.
I've never heard a more beautiful song
played on my heartstrings
Your talons through my rib cage;
my mind on pins and needles
(imprisoned by your allure)

I long for the day it kills me,
and cherish the nights I am ruined
Written mid-2018.
A C Mar 6
why’d you do it
they ask
and dont have an answer
i just did it
i pushed them away
racing thoughts clouding my judgement
constantly reminded every second of the day
that im a ******* monster
a sadist even
but i dont get pleasure from inflicting pain
it doesn’t excite me
though , nothing does anymore
not even a touch on my thigh
a kiss on my neck
the thought of anyone pleasuring me
but i love pain
pain is pleasure
i crave to feel affliction
make me suffer
that i beg of you
Deadwood Jawn Dec 2018
"What if I say 'never', what will you do, temptress.."

                                                           "I'll torture you sweetheart."

Shortly after this, I craved all of her.
I desired her.
                        My eyes were ablaze.
                        My soul ignited in purple lust.

                                                                                 I became her slave.
You need a distraction, sweetheart..
Merry Dec 2018
In the smoke and haze
I could lie for days
Bound by dreams
Of vivacious scenes

A matriarchal mistress
From Sacher-Madoche novella
Gleaming eyes; a cruel smile
Courtesy could not last for a mile

Spank and strike,
Dearest love and goddess
Do not shirk from such duty
****** and tantalising

Bask in decadent moonlight
By the wisp of cold wind
Cure your sadism
And sate your masochism

Within piquant smell of leather
Find your balance
Between lust and love
Dealt with swift blows so keen and easy

All whilst recounting your ****** burden
Unto lovely Aphrodite
She is taken with vile passion
And laden with fur and velvet
Inspired by Venus in Furs
zebra Nov 2018
her happiness is everything
her pathos; be kind with cruelty

blood and tears, a royal jelly
merciless kisses like blazing pyres
she cries through a night prayer

my push pin princess;
a crimson petal
nerves edge;
jutting ******* seeking cleavers kiss

to serve
to serve
to serve

smiling for a relish of wasps
she knows she is loved
a loved red faced surprise
**** mouth, red chirping sparrow
wax teeth melting
succubus, **** flower

gratefully crushed under foot
toes like musical notes
little pearl ruins  
grave stones
whipped cream butter cookie in chains
stipule corridor
**** plume
serrations gush, a singing Dahlia
ripped rose, thorned and curt
plush flames
her skull a throat

her liturgy
weeping, licking gods bulging ****
wakes her inside
giving her religion
sacrificed on a crucifix of *****
**** of heaven
a burning church possessed

drooling supplications
lustrous saliva web drapes trembling downward thighs
a glutinous chandler
melts like silk around ankles
crystal silt on scorched heels

to serve
to serve
to serve

her happiness is everything
her pathos; be kind with cruelty
I love pervy pixie
zebra Mar 2018
dangerous woman
she looked good in black electrical tape
with a knife in her hand
ready to yield to a switch blade bite
a red comet
scarring the pale blue sky

trussed like a raveled snake
tight around her belly throat ankles and thighs
her lips sealed shapeless
with a black
shut down hard
and needing it bad

a black light

the *** slave look
aches to be used
and amused
head back
*** high, enflamed
maid for love
a moist yoni clam
pushing up from the earth
in pink ******* smeared puce
red rubber sheet
for the mess she wants to be
dressed in salad oil
extra ******
hot pressed
a squandered torso flexed
buttered *****
like a gaping toothless mouth
her pain pleasures dinner
with searing crystal eyes
her mouth fire black
and rabid pink tongue
pink flickering hot
i brawl under her feet
like a mob of bloodthirsty *****
chattering slaves
masters of the taboo
face down in her heat
her musk is in my lungs
lost in her every twitch and writhe
a ******* bucking *****

can you touch her mystery?

there are many women like her
more then we can imagine
behind stone faces
of shame
in every culture
and innocence

what they do is secret
so dark like clanking skulls between open thighs
dancing goth belly rolls
in a crypt of jerking slick *****
and greased swollen *****

have you met her?

she holds her cards close
but dies in desire
that you may penetrate her
the glory of gory sumptuousness
every hole
a wound of butter and fire

can you feel her at a glance
the whites of her eyes like a flashing ghost
handcuffs razors and a black nine tails
the aesthetic of voluptuous cruelties
barbarous ***** upleaping
a tarnished moon
of broken skin weeping red
and begging mouth for tender kisses too
the hard geometry of red teeth
and milk saliva out of curved lips
through flesh
that brings
tears like rain to swooning visions
that yield relief
like heavy cloud monsoons

a dark storm of craven urges
poised dregs and stretched legs
from the black corridors of her soul
a plate of ****** *******
and bruised thighs

service with a smile

squeals and welts
whelping gorgeous
ascending from hell
like temple incense
melting the gates of heaven
screaming lady sauce laughing
giving God
the **** of the beast

she wouldn't have it any other way
can you touch her mystery?
For Liz Vicious Dark and those like her
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