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O paramour ! Will melt myself for your delight,
So that I'd stay weak and you be might.

I would go meaningless for the whole life,
And may you be someone's loving wife.

Would carry loads of your blames lifetime,
No clarification, write only a weeping rhyme.

I'm happy without you, is not a fact,
Would achieve a lot but be always lacked.

If you still accompany me but I can't be,
As it always rings in my brain, that you hate me.

It doesn't mean I don't miss you,
Perhaps it should be a good adieu.

I always devote you like my muse,
And through my poesy would make readers amuse.

You forget me but I'd never,
Drape your dignity ever and forever.

I always would be bitter like a neem tree,
And heal other's deseas to make them free.

You forget and miss me never,
But I Keep loving you forever,
Dark love poem
Shariq Jawed Nov 11
To be
For you...

The concept
Of perfection
For me...

All that
I had inside
To you...

And returned
Just emptiness
To me...

And thinking
Of you...

Wide awake
Wanting nothing
Of me...
Amanda Nov 10
There's something in the air
Sounding similar to a symphony
World sheds melodic raindrops
Look at the downpour and see

It is as if I'm hallucinating
All the tears I've ever cried
The sky my martyred substitute
Weeping loudly open-eyed
I don't write about nature much but when I do it usually ends up relating back to my feelings anyways somehow..
LEX Oct 12
~~~~~~{TRIGGER WARNING}~~~~~~

This girl
Beaten up,
Didn’t know much about love.
She was so used to being ignored.
This boy
Known by everyone,
Wished he’d never gotten all the attention.

The boy noticed the girl,
Asked her her name
No answer.
She’s so used to the quiet
So used to no one addressing to her
his words just passed her ears.
The only sound she heard was the clock
Tick- tick-
He asks again, this time a bit louder
Not being rude
She answers, very softly
Before he could say his name, she replies with I know
He thinks that name is really pretty
He wonders how he’s never noticed her before

These two built a friendship
One the girl never had before
She started to feel happy for once.
Unknowingly, this was a bet
She finds out
She finds out that this boy was rude,
Just an overall nasty person.
Before she liked the boy
But this boy ended up breaking her more
Shattering her heart like a piece of ceramic.
The trust that was once found,
Now lost in the lies

She realizes why she never had any friends
It was because of the fear of something like this.
She goes back to the girl everyone saw her as
Weeping Willow
This time more depressed,
Beaten up,
These people drove her insane
She told that boy everything,
He told everyone else everything.
Those secrets being exposed hurt
She was overall hurt.

She feels empty,
Mentally exhausted.
It came to the point where she couldn’t handle it,
This wasn’t any old joke,
These kids never knew her,
They never took the time to know her
It took just one person to find out everything for everyone.
Her world collapsed within not even a month.

She walked over to a tree,
Climbed the tree,
There was an unknown object in her hand.
She could only think about her insanity,
Other people’s insanity,
And what was in her hand.
She can’t think anymore,
Her mind took over,
The unknown object is a rope,
She’s on airplane mode,
Her mind tells her to tie it
2 places
She counts down to three…
She can’t think,
It’s too late.
Everything is flashing before her.
The story of Weeping Willow.
my frendo Miranda wrote this and wanted me to post it for her
Gods1son Sep 4
I can't understand why I'm still breathing
You were my reason for living
I can't believe one day u would be leaving
As I'm writing this, I'm weeping
I just hope you are kidding
Baby, I'm right here pleading
I cry out loud, pls recieve me!
When the ONE you care about the most is gone
When I first met Blue
I swore I saw stars
His corona dilated my pupils
When I first met Blue
I told Him all
But, then he wanted more
Now I’m like a child
Lost in a store

I’ve never been a man of my word
I’ve never been honest with myself
I am the weeping child
I beg of you
Don’t kiss and tell
Sometimes we're so desperate for a prince charming to come and save us, that we don't realize we're actually falling for the evil witch in disguise despite all of the signs
Simpathi May 28
How can you stand there,
With blood on your hands?
You never confessed,
But here you still stand,

Covered in their remains,
Full of their memories,
But you put that aside,
You made your amenities.

Was their life of no value,
For you to even consider?
Did they not heal you,
Through the harsh freezing winter?

You neglected your feelings,
Not even to think twice,
About what you were doing,
Ending their life.

What did they do to hurt you,
To make you carry this grief?
I assure you it’s not their fault,
They’re not the reason you weep.
Don't let your pain become you...
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