If it's really me that you're missin'
Then shut the Fuck up' & listen'

You lied
to fill out the empty spaces,
in smoke clouds-you-two-hide
hiding your faces.
Short breathing
sighs & sounds
became a menacing
       —you've become dirty
& even more,
your taste...
is now Foul.

Taking cover... with another lover,  

My fingers break on guitar frets,
As you cheat on
—I, in shock to your dark silhouettes,
Love is warm but this is wrong,
it burns full of lost bets,
You belong
in the night —not my bed,
Unveiled from your abetted rage-you're exposed-drunk & deranged.

              tears won't stop falling upon this page,
toss it into the fire that fuels my pain~ Couldn't let me know?
Let me go, let me go insane,
Scars of your love made my mind a cage.
Please no
no more,
                             I can't take anymore
of your

Just let loose your rains
—unleash your tongue full of excuses & blames.
Your words-
                     have been my awaited blades.

Just let loose your rains
wash away.
                     Your name.
Your name.
                  —Out with my dying flames.

Free me?
Free me from your love chains.
-Ashton Amstutz

An ugly beautiful relationship,
A beautifully ugly relationship.

A faithfully faithless lover,
A faithlessly faithful lover.

My HP Poem #1639
©Atul Kaushal

Tinatanong mo
Kung bakit hanggang ngayon
Wala parin ang tiwala ko sa'yo.

Para masagot,
Ito ang itatanong ko sayo:
Ang taong nasaktan na noon,
Gusto po bang masaktan muli?

trying to make poems from my native tongue. i just realized how sweet and sincere it sounds once formed poetically
Marsha A Jul 3

Do not expect her to be faithful;
while You cheat.

What am I doing here?
I feel out of place
I shouldn't be here
I should be somewhere else

Time has passed
So fast I couldn't tell
Now we're apart
And it feels like hell

You used to be the one in my life
Now you are absent
Not only your mind
If only I could go back in time

Is it good or bad that I met someone new?
It could be perfect
But then
There is you

A fact that will always be holding me back

A beautiful person is sought,
To fill in colours of happiness,
Upon a big blank page of mine,
Love pearls could be rethreaded.

Now success is on the horizon,
Even though I have tried all along,
Every time I have failed to achieve,
Drawing even closer to success is life,
So have been the recent days of mine.

Loneliness haunts me like ghosts,
Of the future-past will have come,
Vanished from my life are all joys,
Edging closer to the end of my days.

A nerdmaid is a beautiful and intelligent woman.

My HP Poem #1540
©Atul Kaushal

I am happy that she freed herself,
But disappointed with her as well.

'Cause I had limited her she feels,
While she was her own delimiter.

I am happy that I had my fidelity,
But hurt with her eternal docility.

'Cause she was so docile overall,
While having such a crude ear.

I am happy that I am not with her,
But sad that I am very lonely now.

'Cause she was so close to my heart,
While keeping me close to her own.

I am happy that I did love her a lot,
But weeping that it is, after all, past.

My HP Poem #1497
©Atul Kaushal
Divine Dao Mar 11

Plain words
Hurt  most



My  ragged
Old clothes

My only friend

That old Stairway

The Lonely Bard Dec 2016

Patience is what it takes,
To be happy and successful.

Dedication is what it takes,
To be sincere and well-turned.

Time is what it takes,
To be recognized by a true lover.

Maturity is what it takes,
To be faithful and loyal to one love.

Affection is what it takes,
To be caring and loving in life.

Strength is what it takes,
To be full of fidelity and satisfaction.

Morality is what it takes,
To avoid infidelity and seduction.

Did you have any of it, dear?

HP Poem #1325
©Atul Kaushal
PSR Nov 2016

Always faithful,
Always giving.
This treasure with a
Canine heart

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