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Writeist XVII Sep 26
Mag-iiwan ng bakas ang apoy sa aking palad,
Manunuot ito sa balat hanggang tumatak,
Mahapdi ang pagdampi ngunit 'di ako bibitaw,
Maging gaano man ito kasakit.
Visit my wattpad acc. @WriteistXVII at tunghayan ang novelang aking sinimulan.
Vraj thakkar Sep 12
"She flows in my veins" is what he used to say.
I will propose her on a sunny day of may.
He used to run about in the corridors to catch her glance ,
She was an angel and he was trapped in her trance.

He looked lean ,  muscular and had a strong gaze ,
But unaware of everything in this world he felt happiness just by looking at her face.
He would never talk to her ,
He thought he might dapen her glamour.
He admired her beauty so well with his romantic words ,
I used to suggest him to be a poet for I had fallen for his alluring sense of words.

I was his best friend and kind of liked him too ,
I never said him so  , and probably he never knew.
But i used too feel happy being with him,
I used to feel obliged that he used to share his feelings with no one but me.
He just does'nt stop telling me about her ,
And being happy in his happiness i never really feel that i don't bother.
" How to control love? " is his constant murmur.
" Have some patience darling. " is what i reply,
"Someday you will take her and fly off in the sky".

Love is like a race where you run with a blindfold ,
But you are determined to the journey , knowing that it could be no diamond but just pieces of coal.
You never know whether the road will be thornes or hearth.
But the dilemma of love wins over you and gets you in the spell , inturn you get empowered by the tiniest creatures of earth.
Eric Angels Sep 6
Pain is the purest form of pleasure
She's the source of mine.
But I await her, patiently...
Like a sailers lover awaits a bottle message by the sea shore..
Not knowing whether the winds and tides were kind or not
My mind in one place
My head in another time
Asking myself
How could I let this go on?
I was imagining whether or not we were meant to be

I kept wondering
If I told you how I felt back in high school
Maybe I wouldn’t be thinking about the what-ifs
I started wondering about you and me where it all went wrong
When I found myself falling in love with you
I kept saying it was just a crush
Because I couldn’t let my feelings getting in the middle of our friendship

I told you I love you via text
I told you how I felt about you
You didn’t say anything back
You just ignored my feelings
I finally understand that you’ll never understand
My deep feelings for you
I will forever love you
Even if you think I’m invisible

Now I understand why they say “Love is Blind”
Guess you don’t know who your first love will be
It could be someone you never expected it to be
Oh Love how could you be so unpredictable
Love tends to start a fire in your heart
And then puts it out
I love you but I have to let go
I love you but I have to let go
Falling in love with you
Was like riding on a cloud
Unafraid to fall back again
But now love so complicated
Making me unable to breathe again
I’ve learned to never let it get worse
Than this
Right now I’m saying “Goodbye” my love
My love for you will keep blooming.
Aa Harvey Jul 22
Faithful or hateful

Faithful or hateful, the choice is yours.
I can only ever be grateful for your company ‘The one I adore’.
You’re so funny; you make me laugh like no other does.
I guess you love me.  Is this what you call love?
I am still asking the questions, never getting satisfaction.
Still searching for clarification, so here I am asking.

Are you faithful or hateful?  The choice is always yours.
You are still ‘The one which I adore’.
You showed me your light
And I was blinded by such a beautiful sight.
Your beauty thrills me;
You make my heart skip a beat.
You make me rise, to my feet,
Just to kneel down before you unworthy.
If only you could, I would ask you to love me.

I don’t know if you’re faithful or hateful.
All I know in my heart is that I will always be grateful,
For once you loved me and I too loved you
And between us two, we had something unnamed
And it could never be tamed,
Because once we were real…
Now we are only in old flames.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Liz Carlson Jun 21
Lord, thank you.
You've shown me once again Your faithfulness and love for me.

I prayed a simple prayer in the morning air with desperate lips.
No more than a week later, you started answering it.

You've brought new joy, peace, and laughter in my life.
New men that have taught me that I'm valued and worthy of love and affection.

Thank you, Lord, for these new friends and your love for me.

I pray that You'd keep my heart pure.
Keep these friendships simple and sweet.
No alternative feelings or complications.

Let us be glad in the joy of friendship, and let that be enough for my wandering heart.

Keep my intentions true, Father, and protect us as we grow closer.
Cover us with wisdom and prudence as we move forward.

Thank you, Lord.
AmeriMav Jun 3
In the deepest dark
As just before the dawn breaks
Your light bids me see
Haiku form
Perdue Poems Apr 20
though I trudge through mountains
and walk through deserts
though my feet are tired
and my soul hurts
nothing will stop me from walking
back to you
AmeriMav Apr 15
When darkness threatens
Burning brilliance of your love
Never lets me go
Haiku form
blackbiird Apr 4
Even in the wilderness
I can feel the calmness of the
Wind as you lead me to
The river to take a sip of eternal life.
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