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When I said
I was here for you
I didn’t realise
you wouldn’t
be here too
Goddess of USR Oct 2023
A woman spends her time,
Dreaming of a man unknown,
A world that's yet to shine.

It is his and it is mine.

She sees the stars up in the sky,
And wonders what they mean,
She dreams of places far away,
And a place she's never been.

She thinks of the one,
Who lives beyond her reach,
And wonders if he’s dreaming too,
Of things they cannot speak.

She knows that life is fleeting,
And time is always short,
But still she keeps on dreaming,
Of things that she'll exhort.

For in her faithful dreaming,
She finds a sense of peace,
A world that's full of love,
And a life that's full of ease.

So let us be like her,
And dream our dreams each day,
For in our faithful dreaming,
We'll find one another someday
For CBM aid Dublin sent with a thousand kisses 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋❤️‍🩹
You know where to put them😘
NoctOwl Jul 2022
There is this deception
That I always tend to believe
The past is great
The past is the golden age

But as I wonder,
What makes the present day?
Isn't lovely?
Isn't magnificent today?

And now I reflect,
And remember Your faithfulness
The present accumulates
The wonder of Your grace
He is faithful.
Isaac afunadhula May 2021
Faithful you are who washed away sin and pain
Strengthen me and walk with me through the storm that l face
You took the blame and saved my soul
You called my name up in the mountain fog
A reason to live in my life again
You breathed within my soul
You grace and mercy unfold in the future
I thank you Jesus because you are with me now and forever.
Be blessed with this poem
annh Oct 2020
’Ego sum hic.’

Calling to the dawn,
Baying at the moon,
Petitioning the horizon,
Summoning the faithful;

The yearning indefinite,
In pursuit of an enduring affirmative;
An echo searching for its source
In the boundless beyond.

’Ibi tu es, tu es, tu es, tu es...‘
‘When at eve, at the bounding of the landscape, the heavens appear to recline so slowly on the earth, imagination pictures beyond the horizon an asylum of hope, a native land of love; and nature seems silently to repeat that man is immortal.’
- Madame de Stael
Owen Aug 2020
I'm sorry,
I'm drunk, I know.
But how can you text me
a smile,
when you just threw
every promise
out the window.
When you let him in
and up to your room.
When you laid down
and let intimacy ensue.
If you wanted him,
just tell me
so I know where I stand,
so I don't have to be
your man.
How do I deal with reality.
Orah Jul 2020
Your loving hands dried up my tears,
          And water droplets no longer blur my vision.

Your caring hands removed my blindfold,
                     And I can see you now as clear as day.

Your powerful grace transformed my frozen heart,
                               And it now beats to the rhythm of your love.

Ever since I stopped running,
          Ever since I stopped and accepted my mistakes,

I have been able to forgive myself,
                                  Love myself,
                                  And just be
       ­                                                Authentically.
       I was so lost,
                 But I’ve been found.

I’m holding onto you
                                      With both hands
                                                           ­        And a tight grip
I will never
                               ­ Go

Because if I lose you, then I will lose myself.

I love you King Jesus. Forever and Always.
Steve Page Jul 2020
Faithful isn’t faithful unless its dependable
and Lord I don’t feel I qualify
Faithful sound daily, faithful sounds every
day rising with no need to apologise

Faithful isn’t faithful unless its consistent
and Lord, my consistency’s low
faithful sounds predictable, someone reliable
and Lord, you know that’s touch and go

Lord, grant me a spirit of someone who’s faithful
someone who’ll last til the end
Someone like you, who when the going gets tough
gets going and dies for his friends

Lord, grant me your Spirit, full to the brim
reliably and consistently there
so I may be faithful to you and to those
you have placed here in my care
Galatians 5 continued.
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