The Lonely Bard Apr 13

I am happy that she freed herself,
But disappointed with her as well.

'Cause I had limited her she feels,
While she was her own delimiter.

I am happy that I had my fidelity,
But hurt with her eternal docility.

'Cause she was so docile overall,
While having such a crude ear.

I am happy that I am not with her,
But sad that I am very lonely now.

'Cause she was so close to my heart,
While keeping me close to her own.

I am happy that I did love her a lot,
But weeping that it is, after all, past.

My HP Poem #1497
©Atul Kaushal
Divine Dao Mar 11

Plain words
Hurt  most



My  ragged
Old clothes

My only friend

That old Stairway

The Lonely Bard Dec 2016

Patience is what it takes,
To be happy and successful.

Dedication is what it takes,
To be sincere and well-turned.

Time is what it takes,
To be recognized by a true lover.

Maturity is what it takes,
To be faithful and loyal to one love.

Affection is what it takes,
To be caring and loving in life.

Strength is what it takes,
To be full of fidelity and satisfaction.

Morality is what it takes,
To avoid infidelity and seduction.

Did you have any of it, dear?

HP Poem #1325
©Atul Kaushal
PSR Nov 2016

Always faithful,
Always giving.
This treasure with a
Canine heart

Let us refine our eyesas well as hearts
Let us try something in life to include
Let us refine our all destination charts
Our passion being asset is to be imbued

It is mandatory to strive to be on top
Constant, consistent struggle bears fruit
On the way if we falter we have to flop
But men with heart get fortune to salute

Let us march soldiers on verdict of God
From birth till last He is the only Savior
Please make journey safe ,sound my Lord
I wear your color being faithful soldier

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

Mallory Hutson Nov 2016

I am a mother
to four beautiful children
I always put them first
I am not my disease

I am hardworking
One job at a time just isn’t enough
I let nothing slow me down
I am not my disease

I am goofy
I like attention
and I do what it takes to get it
I am not my disease

I am high-spirited
I walk with my family and friends by my side
who love me because,
I am not my disease

I am faithful
With God’s love I will never be powerless
He alone is my reassurance that
I am not my disease

I am strong
I will never lose sight of who I am
I may have this disease but,
I am not my disease

Jim Marchel Sep 2016

You keep me grounded like a tree
Your roots, they nourish and bind me
To this plot of earth on which I stand
You're worth more than every grain of sand

Love can't grow in barren soil.
Emma DeBoer Sep 2016

Treading lightly.
Dreaming of you.
Your laugh.
It envelopes me
Like water.
Cleanses my anxiety.
Could love taste this sweet?
Or is this only
My hopes
Rising up
And filling my lungs
Only to leave me

Sam Jun 2016

Snowflakes landing on my tongue,
Delightfully cool and sweet.
The heavens is where you're from,
The earth is where we meet.

Each minute icy structure,
Crystalline and intricate.
What a romantic picture,
We hold hands admiring it.

You tell me your heart melted,
Much like that cool, sweet snowflake.
Your loving warmth, I felt it,
So I won't shiver or shake.

Fall with me, into the snow,
We'll make a pair of snow angels.
Side by side in snow's white glow,
To you, I will be faithful.

For you

S/he who
Our amity loves to cherish,

S/he who
The fulfilment of my wish
Has a bent to relish,

S/he who
Serves me a right arm
To parry,towards me,
Inflicted harm,

S/he who
Like a mirror
When I err
Gently draws my attention
To self-image
Tarnishing error,

S/he who
Basks in my success
Than covertly prove
An enemy adverse,

S/he who
Like a wolf in a sheep skin
With my closest ones
Doesn't commit a sin—
Which to forget but not to forgive
I will find hard
Before I am sent to
The graveyard

S/he who
Like a cat or snake
A retaliatory measure
As a knee-jerk action
Does not take,
Also  with gentle admonishment
Willing to forgive
My mistake,

S/he who
Without ifs and but
My inborn follies willing to accept

S/he who
During all seasons
Agreeable or adverse
A chameleon
His/her stance
That doesn't reverse,

S/he who
That doesn't
Behind my back gloat
When I lose
A battle fought,

When the aforementioned
Conditions set
Are met,
As gold is tested
With fire
A genuine friend
I admire!

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