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annh Oct 4
’Ego sum hic.’

Calling to the dawn,
Baying at the moon,
Petitioning the horizon,
Summoning the faithful;

The yearning indefinite,
In pursuit of an enduring affirmative;
An echo searching for its source
In the boundless beyond.

’Ibi tu es, tu es, tu es, tu es...‘
‘When at eve, at the bounding of the landscape, the heavens appear to recline so slowly on the earth, imagination pictures beyond the horizon an asylum of hope, a native land of love; and nature seems silently to repeat that man is immortal.’
- Madame de Stael
Owen Aug 1
I'm sorry,
I'm drunk, I know.
But how can you text me
a smile,
when you just threw
every promise
out the window.
When you let him in
and up to your room.
When you laid down
and let intimacy ensue.
If you wanted him,
just tell me
so I know where I stand,
so I don't have to be
your man.
How do I deal with reality.
Your loving hands dried up my tears,
          And water droplets no longer blur my vision.

Your caring hands removed my blindfold,
                     And I can see you now as clear as day.

Your powerful grace transformed my frozen heart,
                               And it now beats to the rhythm of your love.

Ever since I stopped running,
          Ever since I stopped and accepted my mistakes,

I have been able to forgive myself,
                                  Love myself,
                                  And just be
       ­                                                Authentically.
       I was so lost,
                 But I’ve been found.

I’m holding onto you
                                      With both hands
                                                           ­        And a tight grip
I will never
                               ­ Go

Because if I lose you, then I will lose myself.

I love you King Jesus. Forever and Always.
Steve Page Jul 16
Faithful isn’t faithful unless its dependable
and Lord I don’t feel I qualify
Faithful sound daily, faithful sounds every
day rising with no need to apologise

Faithful isn’t faithful unless its consistent
and Lord, my consistency’s low
faithful sounds predictable, someone reliable
and Lord, you know that’s touch and go

Lord, grant me a spirit of someone who’s faithful
someone who’ll last til the end
Someone like you, who when the going gets tough
gets going and dies for his friends

Lord, grant me your Spirit, full to the brim
reliably and consistently there
so I may be faithful to you and to those
you have placed here in my care
Galatians 5 continued.
Paved those scars to scale
Some ran away scared
Swallowed by fear they fled
Seeking for greener zones they fed

You stood by me still
Even when sick and ill
Your warmth made me well
You're greenery than 'em all

You sheltered me from scorching
Sun that sent grasses dying
Yet with you I'm still living
Leaping like a deer in glows

Take all the glory and honor
Lord my one-in-all
Mystic apt hue indeed
You're worth-loving.
Äŧül Jun 26
I'm not as faithful as a mutt.

Because dogs shuffle *******,
Just like playboys change beaches.

But yes,
I am as faithful as a swan.

Because time goes awn and awn,
Swans don't desert their partners.
My HP Poem #1863
©Atul Kaushal
Jace Joseph Jun 18
What an unfaithful little liar,
why couldn't you just love pure.
All you caused was this fire
that we had to fight and endure.
Love true, love honestly
Faithfully Yours
Love exceeds without bounds

He Lives in You
So become Tender
In the Morning

So silently

Happy Golden Birthday to a few special people in my life

Love IS ...
From those who love you don’t avert your eyes,
Do not turn back from real friends of yours.
To keep away from them it is not wise.
Before such people never close your doors.

And when they ask for help, give them a hand.
Be generous to those who are in need.
In every case please try to understand
That faithful friends are human wealth indeed.

When they are thirsty let them come to you
To drink a glass of water from your well.
Keep always interests of your friends in view,
Within your heart let them forever dwell.

Be with your friend when he is ill on bed
To comfort him or just to lift his mood.
And when with hunger he is almost dead,
Be first to share with him your bread and food.

When he is tired and from home too far,
Invite him to your house to have a rest.
By doing it you'll show that kind you are,
And with a lot of friends you will be blessed.
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