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3h · 15
Loving again
The people we truly Love never leave us.
There will always be imprints on our Hearts
made by them.
And when we choose to Love again
It's like muscle memory
Love poem
Nov 13 · 49
Justyn Huang Nov 13
Fall arrives, and the leaves
turn dry — meanwhile outside
there’s plenty of wet *****.
Nov 11 · 186
Justyn Huang Nov 11
If you're kind of just like

How will you find yourself
when you get lost?
Self identity
Nov 7 · 144
Finding Ourselves
Justyn Huang Nov 7
Maybe I haven't found her yet
because I haven't found myself.

But the day I do arrive
at the doorsteps to myself
The Universe may justly coincide
with another soul who's life
shares the same handle.

As we strive for ourselves
     we strive for each other
As we search on our own
may we come to be better known
How searching for yourself is a form of finding your S/O
Nov 4 · 172
Justyn Huang Nov 4
Never tell a girl she's basic
It'll basically **** her.
Just a joke
Oct 31 · 133
Loving Crime
Justyn Huang Oct 31
If Loving you's
a crime

I'd gladly serve
time for life +
micro sweet poem
Oct 24 · 112
I like you
Justyn Huang Oct 24
I like you in the way
that I miss your company
that I crave your voice
at the end of a long day

that I need you to hold me
and stay.
Another sweet nothing
Oct 24 · 147
A Hard World
Justyn Huang Oct 24
The world is a hard place
with hard people
carrying theirs around
like columns on their backs
making it even harder for
them to know
just how much the world has
broken in their rubble

And some revel in their ashes
And some build palaces
And some think it's just fantastic
And some go on helping others
knocking weight off their backs

But never let someone fall so low
that they sharpen the edges of our trash
As the world is already a hardened place
Then why should I be so?
The need for kindness, being more soft
Oct 21 · 209
Morning Kiss
Justyn Huang Oct 21
It's always beautiful
as usual
waking up to you
in the morning.

Closed eyes, tucked in
looking for you
as fresh rays
break day, and we
toss and we turn
feeling limb by limb

Leaning over to kiss
you awake
coming to know
first light
by your smile
Another sweet nothing - for a girl haha
Oct 18 · 176
Where and when
Justyn Huang Oct 18
Love you stilly,
the quiet winds
that bend

through morrow
hollow woods
that secret
sounding send

off we go
awning so
tell me where and when
Oct 18 · 418
Loved you fully
Justyn Huang Oct 18
The reasons I know I had loved you
well and fully
are by the pages and words it took
for me to find and fill
as I forgot and missed you stilly.
Another sweet nothing
Sep 25 · 175
Given the World
Justyn Huang Sep 25
I'd give you the world,
If I could.

But you became mine
and so the world
was given
to me.
Another sweet nothing
Sep 17 · 108
The Light Bearer
Justyn Huang Sep 17
“How heavy is the light you carry?”
, asked the kid.

The light itself weighs nothing
but is easily seen by all:
the good, the bad, the wandering
and eventually touches everyone
which makes it an easy target.

To bear the light, one must
wander through the consequence of their own desires.
Everyone can spot the light easily,
but darkness masks itself in many forms.
Eventually every individual is chosen at some point
in their lives to seek their true path.
But they must navigate the dark on their own.

The Universe has no wrong timing either.
They send each soul out when they are supposed to go.
But everyone encounters different things.
Some see dragons, others see pigs, or even
the shadows of ghosts - but in dealing with these,
each is granted their own weapon of choice
Which is sharpened and made stronger with each foe they slay.

Everyone is matched with monsters the
same size of their bravery and no one is pitted
against the things they cannot overcome.
It is believed to be of highest honors when
an individual is chosen to journey, and
during this time the people closest to them
must let go. Friends and family look away,
and the more they hold on, the longer it takes.

“What about those colorful stripes? How
did you get those?”, the kid asked tracing
the edges of colors that decorated the light bearer.

Oh these? Every time someone loses a battle
and falls to the darkness, they are marked with
a bright color - making them more easily spotted
by their enemies and must start over.

But every time they start over they have
gained the wisdom of practicality to navigate
the darkness better and begin glowing a hue brighter.

“Oh that’s really cool! You remind me of a
colorful Zebra and feel like a Daddy to me!
I’ll call you ZADDY!”

Oh, gawd. Please don’t facepalm

“When I grow up I want to be as colorful as you!”

Ah, for your sake I hope you keep your one true color.
A bush rustles nearby
Quick, look! There’s a shiny bulbasaur over there!
Let’s go catch it!!

And the light bearer flings parts of himself upon the ground
illuminating a glowing path for all that wander nearby to see.

"Everyday is like walking on magical rainbows with you"
A short story.
Sep 12 · 639
Mixed Signals
Justyn Huang Sep 12
I wish people were more like
Stop lights;
You’d never see one glowing
both red and green
Simultaneously, otherwise
there’d be a car crash

And neither would they turn
Completely off, cause then
No one would know how to proceed.

By all means — flirt with me.
But stop sending mixed signals.
Don’t you hate it when people send mixed signals?
Sep 6 · 196
Person Universe
Justyn Huang Sep 6
If each person is a Universe,
then self-exploration is a
visiting your own planets
that we can learn to understand
each other by.
Self-exploration is a journey
Sep 5 · 365
Justyn Huang Sep 5
Why would I wish on a star?
That’s so far away.

And you’re right here.
Another sweet nothing
Sep 4 · 101
Hard fall
Justyn Huang Sep 4
The ones that fall the hardest
dared to climb higher in the first place.
Sep 3 · 225
Justyn Huang Sep 3
Stardust, the wind or the waves,
Whatever cliche we could
draw parallels to
wouldn’t really matter at all cause

You’re incomparable
Sep 3 · 183
Her eyes
Justyn Huang Sep 3
Her eyes, by sparkling gems
glittered in the wind
and when the beat dropped
so did that bootay
Jun 27 · 194
Sweet Lips?
Justyn Huang Jun 27
Maybe I have sweet lips?
Or maybe you've never met
A guy whose first wanted to
touch you with his words,
speaking through our Souls
swapping ideas, or letting
Our personalities into the bedroom before
Our bodies.
Jun 24 · 1.2k
Finding your voice
Justyn Huang Jun 24
Finding your voice
means screaming into
All the wrong places
until One day--

You hear your echo
calling your name.
Jun 21 · 99
Walking in the dark
Justyn Huang Jun 21
The longer you walk in the dark
The easier it becomes to see
The monsters for what they are

But don't stay too long, confusing
bad company for friends.
Jun 21 · 319
An itch
Justyn Huang Jun 21
An itch in my heart
I'd like to scratch but no one
to rub feelings with
Mar 29 · 142
Someone is
Justyn Huang Mar 29
Someone is richer
Someone is prettier
Someone is smarter
Someone is stronger
Someone is better
Someone is more

But no one else is as ****** up as you are.
And that’s why you are special
Mar 25 · 435
Call me Daddy
Justyn Huang Mar 25
I love it when girls
call me Daddy
not for the obvious
but because it feels nice
to pretend knowing what it's like
Having kids.
Why I think guys secretly like being called daddy - pretend knowing what it's like to have a family
Mar 20 · 229
Casual Sex
Justyn Huang Mar 20
Casual ***
is like throwing a banana
down a stairwell
which literally means nothing
until the building you're in
starts asking the banana
to climb higher and higher,
now trapped on the rooftop
where bananas get cornered
for spending so long
inside, like
What were you doing there
just renting? Gee
So where do you think the banana's
Gonna go? Yuppp.

It ducking jumped, k? And that's
Why people be slippin'
(Sometimes on banana peels)
Mar 20 · 270
Falling for her
Justyn Huang Mar 20
What was it like falling for her?
Idk, how do you know when
You've stopped falling?
lmaooo.... XD
Justyn Huang Mar 15
Kiss me goodbye
For the first time

Kiss me Hello
For the last time

Kiss me Again
at the rise of

Kiss me for kissing's sake
As we go
Hold -- my heart up
for the world to know.
Mar 12 · 985
Kiss me goodbye
Justyn Huang Mar 12
Kiss me goodbye
For the first time
Kiss goodbye
Feb 25 · 124
The Lover
Justyn Huang Feb 25
The Lover is a conqueror
whose name is once everyone's
as they search the faces
of strangers for pieces of
themself, in mountains,
in valleys, ‘til the edges of earth
crumbles at someone like You,
the Lover is never another
late comer to your bed
but instead
will lay down their life
To rest as time tries to search
for surrender and finality by
looking inside some meaning and
some conflict and some tender harsh
romping for the Lover never gives
Up too easily to know,

Love is a death
Love is a slumber
Love is to be taken
Love is to be lost

Love is what the conqueror
Could not fend off.
Feb 11 · 166
Justyn Huang Feb 11
Why do Lovers always love
at the set of Sun?

Like why can't they Love at
the tick of a clock or
the flushing of toilets?

A clock ticks far more often
In One Day
and a toilet is home to a whole
Host of Colors

I will Love you at every flush
of the hand past nine, and
I will Love you at every slip
of the bowel past time.

Wholly heck, I'm hella romantic
Just a ramble
Feb 8 · 199
Everyone's Story
Justyn Huang Feb 8
Everyone's story is different
but in them we
Find each other
just the same.
And how glad I am that we have (:
Justyn Huang Feb 1
The ways I love you

Everyday I wake to you
is the first day of school
let me learn your name and
say it til the psalms of our souls
are well written and worn.

For every tear you cry
A river rushes in me
For every smile that peaks
A sunrise in my eye
For every waft of hair
A windmill churns and
For every heart of that beat
Those three words I live for:

“Send nudes please”
Welcome to February, *******
Jan 29 · 118
Never alone
Justyn Huang Jan 29
I'm never alone
with a mirror
Not if you talk to yourself
Jan 27 · 263
Wealth of the World
Justyn Huang Jan 27
The wealth of the world
Inside us,
Lost through the eyes of
Each other.

how we live for other people
Jan 24 · 143
Justyn Huang Jan 24
Someone, somewhere out there thinks you’re beautiful—

Idk how ugly you are.
Jan 22 · 203
No meaning
Justyn Huang Jan 22
This sentence has no meaning.
I might as well rip it
from my notebooks
And my mind.

How pompous of me
to believe meaning
could ever be constructed
from Nothing.

Nothing by all means.
Is this existential? I'm writing it for a certain type of audience.  It's in line with my whole suicide prevention ideas - or trying to convince people that they have self worth when they feel nothing at all.
Jan 21 · 261
Beautiful is you
Justyn Huang Jan 21
The day of you
that left the night
in evening.

Beautiful Light
that leaves me

Beautiful a
leaves a grieving

Nighttime falls
and daylight gleaming

Beauty, a wonder
of yours I
Beauty oh, you’re
beauty to come by

wrote this for a girl haha
Jan 19 · 362
A good day
Justyn Huang Jan 19
While waiting for a good day,
You waste the one before.
Jan 18 · 96
Writing to?
Justyn Huang Jan 18
Do we write to remember?
Or do we write to forget?

If I ever lost something that
cost an ounce of pain

Whatever had been lost was
worth the life I gained.
Jan 15 · 162
Justyn Huang Jan 15
There was a land, so fair and green
they called upon it "opportunity"
rhyme scheme, metaphor,
**** THAT WALL YOU *******!
one of my more refined poems
Jan 15 · 540
Justyn Huang Jan 15
Even the word "Meaningless"
has its own purpose.
Find your own.
Jan 15 · 250
No words
Justyn Huang Jan 15
When you left
there were no words
or meaning

Just endless piles of dictionaries.
Jan 15 · 1.5k
Justyn Huang Jan 15
ur so ******* hot you'd burn a hole
straight through the ground
and keep going until you reach the
Earth's mantle.

Careful, don't get too close to me--
I'm not ready to feel what it's like
to be next to the Earth's core.

Jan 13 · 301
If Happiness Were
Justyn Huang Jan 13
If happiness were a simple thing
As they'd say,
"Catch a little birdie before
It flew away"

I'd be living in the trees to catch them

Too long above the world below
The dirt, the mirth and roots that grow

Forgotten then for how we came to
kiss: the sun, the sky, the clouds to know.
Jan 11 · 295
Lost World
Justyn Huang Jan 11
I was not born into a world of Hate
I was born into a world,
that has taught me such-so.
For the world is naturally cruel
In a way
But on its own - teaches us things
Immeasurably profound that kindness alone
Is unable or unwilling to say.

But neither was I born into a world of Love
but rather the choice of it or lack thereof
for the world could be fought, lost or won
On a page, with a pen;
With our arms or our walls, closed or open:
Jan 11 · 224
Green leaf
Justyn Huang Jan 11
You never know how green
A leaf may be
Until you turn it over.
Turning a new leaf
Jan 10 · 257
Jan 10 · 128
Friends with benefits
Justyn Huang Jan 10
A two-way-truce to
borrow each other's
through an ethereal plane

absent hearts
vacant minds
hooky ex-lovers
wound in another

bodies searching
from pain to hide

aching, aching--
let pain touch its way?

does that feel better,
does it feel good?
how a tragedy can be so

Jan 10 · 125
Loving go
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