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If I stray too far from myself
I might lose it
But if I stay standing still
I will anyways

What other choice do I have
but to walk?
Regardless of direction.

So I flail my limbs about me
in  Hopes that it brings;
This poem posted with one of my parkour videos on my instagram. Basically about giving things a shot, trying no matter what it is at or for.
When someone makes light of Suicide;
they are processing it.

Sorting trauma, understanding
where and how life can begin
despite the pain; can take many forms.

Because how absurd is it to plant
a flower
where a ***** splits in the sidewalk?

How absurd to label a
Fault line, a Rainbow?

How dare you mark those imperfect
roadways others deem unsafe to travel
with Beauty, Life and Hope!

How dare you decorate those sign posts
with glitter and streamers so others know
where not to travel!

How dare you reach through the Abyss
and pull something out of it, yea how
dare you let others know what's
really there...

I understand, Suicide is not a joke...
Unless we're both still here laughing
As I say, better to be an ***
who kept on cracking
Than the guy who fell through his
own Rainbows;
An explanation as to why people make jokes out of trauma
I sit here again
with a beer and a cigarette
communing with a lost soul
my own?
    someone else's?
I read scripture and the
words dance around me
a thousand flights of fancy
on the page
my incense burning
this pure incense burning
this pure understanding
of the cruel nature
of humanity
of friends, heroes, lovers
I write it all down
try to solve it
it stands before me
a picture of my steps
to this point
I have reached the point
of unabashed unregulated
distorted reality
my daily life
the breathing
the eating
the sleeping
it doesn't seem any more real
than this life I live
in my head
or somewhere in my heart
and I long to touch the
part of me that is real
but I am so disconnected

flowers in the winter still grow towards the sun
and such is my soul
leaning leaning
toward the everlasting source
                                                     reality fails me
and lights go dim
and I cause the moon to glow for a light
somewhere in this dark night
                                                  and I can't stop believing in a *** that doesn't exist
                      but which pushes further down this tunnel into the ****
of my eternity
and I can't
find simplicity
can't find purity
it's all convoluted
I hate the game
   shifting pulling
begging for release
and somehow I am
an ember in a fire
bent on burning out
and I have a soul
I have a heart
someone acknowledge me in this newspaper grey world
I am flat lining
where will I go after
this life has sloughed off my skin
I know I am endless
and I am bound for a world
where opinion doesn't taint reason
                            and somehow
                            I will be there
                            where the sky meets space
                            I will be there
I sit and wonder if it is all
ending and if it is meaningless
and I can't see the reason to even
try and then I hear a voice
echo within me that says
you will see, wait for tomorrow
you will see.
M Sep 10
Believe in yourself.
Believe you have a future,
believe it will get better,
believe you can get past
the pain
and move forward.

Believe that we love you
and believe that we care.
Believe that life
is not fair,
but it is still

Put away the knife.
Give away the gun.
Throw out the pills.
Step away from the edge.

Be stronger than death.
Suicide is not the answer. Seek help today. :)
Justyn Huang Sep 10
Wandering Soul,

It gets better. Our dark days will inevitably be outnumbered by Our Light. No one guarantees we'll find every answer to life's unknown, but we WILL be by your side questioning.  We can never know of every storm but we can huddle under each other's umbrellas.  We can build a house fortified by our own.  And if the winds knock it down we'll ride kites made of light sails that leave trails through the darkness so we never get lost or forget where we came from. Is that how double rainbows are made? Let's. And if our kites tear we'll seal them with Hope and embrace each other in our falls.  We can parachute or para-glide or whatever whichever way makes more sense whenever you're ready.

- I still Love you.
Semicolon Sep 10
You're more than
the blade to your wrist,
than the noose to your neck,
than the sleeping pills to your lips,
than the pen to your suicide note,
than the footsteps to the edge of your windowsill,
than the 'broken' to your 'dreams',
than the 'bruised' to your 'heart',
than the 'troubled' to your soul,
than the 'pained' to you.
You're much more than that,
I promise.
"Suicide would never end the pain, it'd just give the pain to someome else."

I love you
I care for you
I always will
I'm there for you
I will always be.

Please always try and help people out of their mess. Today, on 10th September, 2018, World Suicide Prevention Day, I promise to love every troubled soul out there. Do you?

your shadow
means that you
are in the way
of sunshine.

why else do you think it's so dark?
you evil little human.

- v.m
i saw my shadow and felt bad for the poor sun. she's trying her best, really.
Hello everyone, I would like to share with you all a poem I have wrote today regarding depression / suicide in hope that this brings comfort that no one is going through this alone. I have lost a few friends to suicide and I have also being in a low place myself so let's hope it helps. Here goes :
I awake from my dreams in my bed,
There is too many thoughts running through my head,
Trying to keep all my emotions at bay,
When there is so much I long to say

Another day, another test,
Only showing others my best,
For my confidence is just for show,
The pain inside you will never know

My strength has arisen from my pain,
Everyday a test to stay sane,
In this harsh world that we live,
I still have so much love to give

Lend support to those in need,
Let's unfocus from all of the greed,
For lives may be at stake,
Isolation is more than some can take

I will write all my thoughts in a letter,
In an attempt to make this community better,
My door is always open for all,
I cannot bare to see another one fall.

Thank you for reading ❤️❤️
Aaron Layton Jul 20
Where have I been and what have I done?
My shoulders seem to weigh a ton.
Why am I here and when will it end?
Where is everyone I called friend.
Can anyone save me?
To help these thoughts in my head be free.
Is it possible to run from yourself?
To push back these feeling people dealt.
When will my voice be amplified?
Over this mass mental genocide.
When will they notice our plea’s?
Our plea for help that's sent across oceans and seas.
How can we let these deaths go unjustified?
This topic must stop being brushed aside.
Why do 105 people a day have to die?
To dream, fall, crash, then suicide.
Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255.
Crisis text Line: text START to 741-741
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