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JR Morales Mar 6
It was us; it was both:
Not just you, but also I.

You were cut, but I'm still bleeding.
You got hit; I'm the one reeling.
Could I have done more?
Did I think myself a friend?
Did you think me a passerby?
But it was us; it was both:
Not just you, but also I.

"You can't even imagine," thought you.
"But I can empathize," thought I.
Unspoken pain, smiling façade;
I would take some of your darkness
If you're willing to take my light.

This is us; it is both:
Not just you, but also I.
A friend called me saying that he was thinking of suicide. He said: "I thought that maybe anyone of those people who might show up at my funeral would be willing to listen to me. I called you because I knew you'd be in the front row." It helped him to know that he wasn't alone. You are not alone. Reach out. We're here. We'll listen. We'll help.
Justyn Huang Jan 22
This sentence has no meaning.
I might as well rip it
from my notebooks
And my mind.

How pompous of me
to believe meaning
could ever be constructed
from Nothing.

Nothing by all means.
Is this existential? I'm writing it for a certain type of audience.  It's in line with my whole suicide prevention ideas - or trying to convince people that they have self worth when they feel nothing at all.
Justyn Huang Jan 15
Even the word "Meaningless"
has its own purpose.
Find your own.
Nathan Box Jan 8
Sitting among the headstones.
The Oklahoma sun shines down on me.
Birds sing their afternoon song.
They have no use for reverence.
Underneath, you are changing.
A hostile heart is becoming something new.
The cool grass sways near me.
Ants assume dutiful work.
My mind wanders, as is frequently the case.
I miss you.
Longing for second chances,
A monologue is started for no one.
It may be meant for me;
Something to put a restless mind at ease.
Searching for second chances.
Redemption that will never come.
The time spent here is important.
Another trip may not be within me.
Circumstances will lead me away,
But my heart is changing.
All because you are here.
'Always Sleep With Your Shoes On' Series... #2 2 out of 3.

You're in bed covering each ear,
        as beer bottles break when                            W
         thrown against   A
                   ­                         L
You're just a kid, not sure which one got hit again,
Ears covered so you don't know who hollered out
in pain, Another hot night
                    without any air
           so your body is bare,
except at age six
you got your shoes
on in a quick fix,
Sure enough, it's 3 a.m,
Once again you hear daddy yell at mommy to get the kid and nothing else then he pushes you both out the house and
                                          ­                              O
                                                               ­            W
                                                              ­               N
                                                                ­               the steps.
Always sleep with your shoes on your feet,
       getting comfortable is not worth the risk.
Series 2 from "Always Sleep With Your Shoes On."
Help hotline: 631-244-3632 (888) 986-1312 open 24/7
Mental when in crisis: THE NAMI HELPLINE
800-950-NAMI M-F 10-6 OR Text "NAMI" @741741
NATIONAL SUICIDE LINE OPEN 24/7: 1-800-273-8255
Blessings everyone. Remember that you have people pulling for you that you don't even know about.
Justyn Huang Oct 2018
If I stray too far from myself
I might lose it
But if I stay standing still
I will anyways

What other choice do I have
but to walk?
Regardless of direction.

So I flail my limbs about me
in  Hopes that it brings;
This poem posted with one of my parkour videos on my instagram. Basically about giving things a shot, trying no matter what it is at or for.
Justyn Huang Oct 2018
When someone makes light of Suicide;
they are processing it.

Sorting trauma, understanding
where and how life can begin
despite the pain; can take many forms.

Because how absurd is it to plant
a flower
where a ***** splits in the sidewalk?

How absurd to label a
Fault line, a Rainbow?

How dare you mark those imperfect
roadways others deem unsafe to travel
with Beauty, Life and Hope!

How dare you decorate those sign posts
with glitter and streamers so others know
where not to travel!

How dare you reach through the Abyss
and pull something out of it, yea how
dare you let others know what's
really there...

I understand, Suicide is not a joke...
Unless we're both still here laughing
As I say, better to be an ***
who kept on cracking
Than the guy who fell through his
own Rainbows;
An explanation as to why people make jokes out of trauma
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