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Nazish Idrees Sep 10
Sue is deeply hurt
she looks for hope in dark
she finds a soul who holds
the broken pieces in her

she sits in a black hole
she worries and panic a lot
she needs a helping hand
she loves to hear some support

she listens that birds are chirping
she smiles and laughs with them
the sun becomes brighter
when she holds a purpose in hand

her emotions are now calm
she is feeling much relaxed
can you believe all this happens?
after drowning all the regrets?

keep on living these moments
there is good after every bad
there is love after hatred
there is life after thoughts of death

this is all normal to experience
this is all acceptable to recieve
just pass through it now and always
whatever you imagine you will get

(A tribute to the suicide survivors!)
For the suicide prevention day 10th September!!
izzn Sep 8
I used to love you,
but not anymore.

Now I hate you
more than ever,
more than before.

How could you
take the life
that matter most to me,
away from me?

Shady goodbye, lie to me,
Pick out a fight, make me bleed.

Lock your feelings,
and put the keys
in tall places
I could never reach.

Forget me,
for a suffocating breathe.

Aspirin and a bridge
they were never a relief.
I thought you were
smarter than this.

Leave me to wear a halo,
to a place I could never follow.

Stay with me,
that was a promise.
But what is a promise,
if you can't keep it..?

Say you have nobody,
and now I lost a family.

Happy twenty-three,
hope you get your peace.
Sorry for this sudden weep,
I just miss you, sis.
I have a friend who deals with loss of her sister due to suicide, and last week was her sister's supposedly 23'rd birthday. I saw her gloomy and it was so devastating... she was so affected by it, and thus that's what inspired me to write this poem as I could feel how painful she is to live without her big sis. Sorry my english is bad lol
Starry Aug 31
Little girl
Don't do it
There is hope
There is a light at the end of
Of the tunnel
Silver linings
And without darkness
We cannot see the moon
And the stars.
We All go through this at some point.
Elijah Lee Jul 3
On the bridge we dance
Hoping for love

We want to have the chance
To dance with a dove

Towards the edge we advance
And we'll have none of the above

So let's take a stance
Against our minds shove
This poem is about suicide, in a way. Its more about suicide prevention.
Dreamcatcher May 10
Bullying is serious
It causes sadness
It causes suicide
It causes a ruined life
It causes pain
It causes self hate
It causes broken trust
It causes depression
Bullying is not tolerated
Bullying is wrong
Bullying makes you unpopular
Bullying makes you a murderer
Toxic yeti Mar 30
Love life
Weather it
Is easy or
For with out it
It be dull
Without its complexities.
Justyn Huang Jan 22
This sentence has no meaning.
I might as well rip it
from my notebooks
And my mind.

How pompous of me
to believe meaning
could ever be constructed
from Nothing.

Nothing by all means.
Is this existential? I'm writing it for a certain type of audience.  It's in line with my whole suicide prevention ideas - or trying to convince people that they have self worth when they feel nothing at all.
Justyn Huang Jan 15
Even the word "Meaningless"
has its own purpose.
Find your own.
Nathan Box Jan 8
Sitting among the headstones.
The Oklahoma sun shines down on me.
Birds sing their afternoon song.
They have no use for reverence.
Underneath, you are changing.
A hostile heart is becoming something new.
The cool grass sways near me.
Ants assume dutiful work.
My mind wanders, as is frequently the case.
I miss you.
Longing for second chances,
A monologue is started for no one.
It may be meant for me;
Something to put a restless mind at ease.
Searching for second chances.
Redemption that will never come.
The time spent here is important.
Another trip may not be within me.
Circumstances will lead me away,
But my heart is changing.
All because you are here.
'Always Sleep With Your Shoes On' Series... #2 2 out of 3.

You're in bed covering each ear,
        as beer bottles break when                            W
         thrown against   A
                   ­                         L
You're just a kid, not sure which one got hit again,
Ears covered so you don't know who hollered out
in pain, Another hot night
                    without any air
           so your body is bare,
except at age six
you got your shoes
on in a quick fix,
Sure enough, it's 3 a.m,
Once again you hear daddy yell at mommy to get the kid and nothing else then he pushes you both out the house and
                                          ­                              O
                                                               ­            W
                                                              ­               N
                                                                ­               the steps.
Always sleep with your shoes on your feet,
       getting comfortable is not worth the risk.
Series 2 from "Always Sleep With Your Shoes On."
Help hotline: 631-244-3632 (888) 986-1312 open 24/7
Mental when in crisis: THE NAMI HELPLINE
800-950-NAMI M-F 10-6 OR Text "NAMI" @741741
NATIONAL SUICIDE LINE OPEN 24/7: 1-800-273-8255
Blessings everyone. Remember that you have people pulling for you that you don't even know about.
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