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Nikkipopgun69 Mar 2021
Trying to forget you wishing I didn’t meet you
Because my heart is breaking
There’s so many things I want to say to you
But you’re not mine and it just seems weird saying these things to a stranger.
Can’t even call you a friend.

From the moment I met you
Tried to fight off the feelings of lust
Now I’m stuck with the feeling of love
I tried so hard not to fall and get hooked
But it failed and now it feels like getting hit by truck

There’s so much discontent but I’d wait forever and patiently for you.
For you to realise what you have right in front of you
But sometimes someone can’t wait round forever cos’ it ends up with you watching them fall in love with someone else in the end.

But I’m happy if you're happy
I wish you would believe me when I tell you
You deserve the world and so much more.
I might sometimes have a way with words
but most of the time I’m sinking
Painting a fake smile upon my face.
So I’ll just sit and watch from the distance.
Nikkipopgun69 Mar 2021
Disappeared into an ocean of sadness
Turn and burn oh **** here we go.
Being hunted down.
Did he just buck it all the way to OZ

Hooked lined and sinker
It was like a rollercoaster  
Not known which track to take.
But nvm you where never mine

Trying to find the answers
while being stuck on yesterday
With my mind playing tricks on me.
Why does it have to hurt when you
Ain’t mine. No relationship just talking.

Maybe one day you’ll see what you missed
that one girl who’d never hurt you.
She lost hope when you left her on read.
She’s the one thinking what did I do wrong?
Was it the fact i expressed some love towards them?
Where’s the time gone? 2 months in and she’s confused. With mixed signals.
She knows deep down she doesn’t matter
She just wants validation from someone she admires.

I feel like I’m out of my mind.
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
I know I might be the one
I just wanna give you some fun
A chance to have it all
Before we part in fall

So let's give it a whirl
Make you a happy girl
So much I've never known
Never experienced this on my own

So, stop leading me on
If the chance I had is gone
You send such mixed vibes
Should I send silence or send bribes

We're bestfriends, of course, no doubt
But the level is what I wonder about
Are you asking for your hand
Or seeking a friend - high in demand

My desperation is great
I'm scared I'll ***** up our fate
Longing for more than what's meant
'Stead of the friendship on which we're bent

Still look at me the same
And smile when you say my name
I know when that smile hits your face
You're the reason my heart starts to race

In my head I've perfected
And the scenes I've directed
But in real life I struggle
Cause your heart I can't smuggle

So make up your mind now or tomorrow
End my self doubt, end my self sorrow
All I ask is you give me a chance
So come this time, in your heart so we can dance.
And here we are got a good signal after we talked,hoping that we'll be okay and still follow the flow and take it slow please believe on us.
Michael R Burch Feb 2020
Evening darkens upon the moors,
Forgiveness—a hairless thing
skirting the headlamps, fugitive.

Why have we come,
traversing the long miles
and extremities of solitude,
worriedly crisscrossing the wrong maps
with directions
obtained from passing strangers?

Why do we sit,
frantically retracing
love’s long-forgotten signal points
with cramping, ink-stained fingers?

Why the preemptive frowns,
the litigious silences,
when only yesterday we watched
as, out of an autumn sky this vast,
over an orchard or an onion field,
wild Vs of distressed geese
sped across the moon’s face,
the sound of their panicked wings
like our alarmed hearts
pounding in unison?

My family did get lost in an English moor on a dark moonless night. It happened when I was a boy. My mother was driving and seemed to have no idea where we were, or which direction to head. I wondered if we would ever find civilization again. It was a very spooky experience that I drew on for my poem. Keywords/Tags: England, Devon, moor, car, headlamps, headlights, directions, maps, points, routes, strangers, signals, orchard, field, geese, hearts, relationships, parting, separation, divorce, loneliness, alienation, free verse
Mike Nov 2019
it's almost 2 years
since i saw her last,
her eyes in her hands
and my heart in my lap -
- and it's been hours i can't count
days since we spoke,
i swim in frequencies and signals
and drink in the smoke -
- and these mornings, i fade with the stars,
and at night, i come home late and sit in my car
The trailing traffic
Too loud
Jumping signals in my mind

The music divine
Freedom is mine
Jumping signals in my mind

Darkness thins out
In broad Daylight
Jumping signals in my mind

Lost, never around
To be found
Jumping signals in my mind
Just for fun
Justyn Huang Sep 2019
I wish people were more like
Stop lights;
You’d never see one glowing
both red and green
Simultaneously, otherwise
there’d be a car crash

And neither would they turn
Completely off, cause then
No one would know how to proceed.

By all means — flirt with me.
But stop sending mixed signals.
Don’t you hate it when people send mixed signals?
Baazi-chan Jul 2019
You were ready,
To be a target.

So said,
Your clear signals.

I took a shot.

It was a direct hit.

You moved...
At the last second...
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