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Let's Die
Let’s Die
Let’s die for a while
You, me
Let’s die

Let nature rust us meanwhile
Let’s shed this skin and masks we wear
Let’s break shell like a caterpillar
Let’s aspire to achieve a state of flow like a serene river
Let’s ask question that speak truth to power
Let’s ensure that no one is devoured
Let’s hold each other’s hand to uplift each other
Let’s make sure that everyone’s voice is heard,

Let’s put a stop to this brutal abuse and killing
Let’s put an ethical WHY before each of our dealing,
No matter how much we are unwilling
Let’s not wait for someone to break the railing
Let’s be the one who doesn’t lead the crowd
Rather stays in the centre and feels proud
Let’s ask for more humility from the all encompassing creator
As we are nothing but “just a pale blue dot,”
arrogantly moving in the vibrating vastness of the universe

Let’s end the cycle of degradation and humiliation
Let’s stop lying for pursuing immediate gratification
Let’s question fundamentals that we have been taught
Not to dismantle all but to grow without them getting rot
Let’s make this death a rupture moment
Not the one that spills blood and resentment
Let’s **** some memories to begin afresh
Let’s hide for a while in each other’s chest
Let’s make this body weak and vulnerable
Let’s carry someone else’s pain on our shoulders
which for them is unbearable

Let’s fall sick,
Let’s live our last wish,
Let’s fulfill someone’s last wish

If we do,

It will be enough to live a life and
call it worth lived
when we die

(by all, to all, for all)
Maria Mitea Oct 17
spirits vulnerabilities
and courage
Nica Monet Oct 13
Some may know what I’d say
Some may know what I’d do
but no one knows the demons i hide
until i found the person i knew
that would understand me too

to show vulnerability
I confess with all the knowledge you now have
my mind wants to flee
for it is not for a public audience to hear nor see
as the world responds with sympathy or hostility
please i beg you respect my trust in you
and be gentle with me.
Opening up to someone for the first time is scary. But this is someone you trust so go with how you feel and take it slow :)
Tadiwa Oct 7
I wait on a little island
Marooned in the sea of traffic
The grey sky broadcasts sweet outcomes
To the farmer in me
But the lack of an umbrella
Makes my mind jittery
I'm vulnerable in my suit, tie and all
If the sky should burst open its floodgates
Where will I find shelter, with my laptop and phone?
Hurry Mr. Driver
Spur on that staff bus!
Glenarah and Robert Mugabe roads intersection in Harare
Bee Sep 21
you remind me of what it felt
to still be free
of fires that crackled
and roared with the breeze

your eyes
like the bright blue
of the lake where i
spent my summer days

and the fresh breath of air
i craved after shutting
myself away
like wounded prey

i’m ready to leave
i plead
will you please have me?
Kitten Yvad Sep 18
you first saw me
talked to me so softly
told me you'd hold my hand
through the falls with me

through the pain with me
you said
we could look at it together

thats what you've done.
though sometimes i can't see it
look at how far i've come.

we'd talk my way back
from the edge of a cliff
and you stood right there
with me as though it was
your cliff too.

It'll be time one day
and my heart will split up
and grieve and ask the question
"Why can't we be lovers?"

i already know why
i explore it all the time
I throw all my pain at your
chest and your chest is fine
I hope

I love you

your voice is motherly
loving encouraging urgent
seductive reasonable stormy
and sane

I've been in love with you
I've been in love
with so many people
I've used my love for you
to love other people

hopefully better

things that are forbidden and also taste like heaven.
Kelly Mistry Sep 11
Vulnerability is
                           ­ Source of power
                            Seed of change

By tearing down my walls
I invite you
To lower yours
Meet me on the field of ugly truths and lofty dreams

I didn't always see
Didn't always know

To be vulnerable
To speak truth
To share my ugliness and confusion
Gave me power

As I expose each truth to the light
They lose their hold
Guilt retreats
Shame seeps away
New growth can take hold

It is what it is
I am what I am
Exposed for all to see

The truth will set you free

        but accurate

What they don't tell you
Is that
Your truth

Can set others free too
Stella Sep 4
Eats you up inside after you do something 'wrong.'
Your mind tricks you into believing you aren't deserving of forgiveness.

Even if you do something as small as ripping off a bandage a moment too soon,
Your mind will never release you from its tyrannical grip of shame.
For every supposed mistake you make,
Whether against your moral code or the law,
A twinge of guilt will grow in your stomach.
Till the point where your brain would like to explode.

Blaming yourself,
Even when it's not your fault,
Guilt has no boundaries.
Striking everywhere you'll go.
Guilt will make you feel unworthy,
Of anything from empathy to peace.

Guilt will saturate every inch of your mind with bitter, evil bile.
Guilt and shame are the poisons of the mind,
Healthy in moderation,
But too much will bring upon so much more burden.
Chronic loneliness tags along,
An overabundance of agony.
Mental anguish is always worse than physical pelts of pain.
Roro Aug 27
Fragile leaves blossomed and spread
Revealing the sweets that lie in my bed
Kelly Mistry Aug 14
Power comes from many places
In many forms

From other people
From things
From knowledge
From history

My power comes from within
A wellspring in bedrock
Without limit
Without end

I can feel uncertain
Still my power flows within

It has always been there
I know
That it always will be

I don't know

Where it comes from
What it's made of
Why I have it

But it’s there

I do know

Who I am
Who I will always be
While I am also
                    Forever changing
                    Forever growing

I search for
How best to use this power
How to share it
How to show others how to access their own
        Buried deep
        Forgotten but
        Never lost

Vulnerability is the key
To sharing power

Join me
I will share mine with you
Share yours with me
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