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Dawn 2h
I would share your bed forever
That even in clothes
I'll always feel naked with you
there we were lying in bed, playing games on our phones and listening to music, separately. while it's less than everything we've ever done, somehow it feels more intimate than anything else
Naeem May 15
"it was a long time ago" he says
as he hides his tears with a grin
she asks, "Are you okay?"
he grins, he lets out a failed laugh, he lies
she sees straight through his act
she asks, "Are you okay?"
tears swelling in the corners of his eyes, he lies
she waits for them to be wiped away sneakily
she asks, "Are you okay?"
he looks her in the eye, using all his strength he lies
she says she believes him, she breaks eye contact
she asks, "Are you sure? It's okay if you aren't"
he shakes his head, he falls towards her embrace,
"I'm sorry for being so difficult" he says

she says, "When are you going to move on"
and turns her back to him and leaves
as he cries alone in the dark
by N/***
earthling Apr 4
I don’t remember half the things I said
And I apologise if I was all in my head
My thoughts are always ahead of me
and disappear when you ask me

Like the lights in a hallway of a horror movie,
they shut down one by one ‘til I’m surrounded by a blinding darkness
and I lose track of what belongs to myself,
what makes up my identity.

and I’m afraid of losing myself
when I’m read like an open book,
so instead I stay in my brain,
a too warm and comforting cage
and I lock and drown myself
not letting my thoughts escape down the drain
when the door is unlocked
and I wear my heart on my sleeve
I’m so tempted to run away
and lock the door shut again
dorian green Apr 2
not florescent but covered by a translucent screen,
my tense and aching frame washed in a  
dull desaturating blue glow.
streetlights speed past neurotic eyes,
like worries of friends i haven't spoken to,
and every awful thing i've ever
said to my mother.
i think of you, of course,
the way i catch my reflection
in the bus window:
a glimpse—terrified and fascinated.
i wring my hands,
a nervous habit when they're
feeling empty.
everything i want is
always at my door,
and everything i fear
is never far behind.
why won't anyone let me hold them
from halfway across the room?
stay sitting across the aisle,
as mysterious to me
as any other tired stranger.
i see you clearly
but can never tell what you're thinking.
earthling Mar 3
when I materialise in front of you
when I’m no longer someone
passing by the corridors of your mind
when I’m physical enough
that my existence feels heavy by your side

accept me for who I am,
though I still struggle with that
look at me from the outside
and inwards if you wish

when I’m vulnerable
and my heart’s map is spread out,
looking towards the bright vastness of the sky,
spilling streams of feelings out into the open,
I swear I’ll catch your curiosity
I swear I’m enough
I'm uncertain if
writing poetry
heals me or
dilacerate my wounds
if you open up you become vulnerable, but if you keep all to yourself it hurts even more
Jael O'Dell Dec 2021
It's important to remember
that the impervious,
and often mellow,
hum of love
is so much greater
than the pain
of the inevitable end
you will experience
whenever you choose
to care about others.

If we forget,
all is lost.
Liz Carlson Nov 2021
last night i told you all the spiralling thoughts i had Tuesday night,
all the crying and feelings of weakness and helplessness,
the thoughts of not being good enough, self-harm, and so much more.

you cried and held me tight.
i felt numb, but i felt bad that i made you cry.
that vulnerability and knowing that you really see me makes me uncomfortable.
it makes me wonder how you could possibly love me if you truly see me,
because how i see me, i don't see how that's possible.
but nonetheless, somehow you do,
which i know is a testament of God's love and work through you,
but i don't understand it.
Tony Tweedy Aug 2021
Forged by one's own hand so sharp a blade.
Cast by the universes strongest powers.
A forge so intense in heat and fire.
Bonds as strong as any smithed steel.
No artery immune to it's strikes and piercings.
Vulnerability at it's every mortal ******.
Yet still we choose to love.
To risk to live.... to love.
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