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Cait Feb 10
shame used to bleed out of me
vulnerability an open wound
i desperately tried to hide

until i found i could stand it no longer
and buried the emotion behind smiles and laughter
acting as though i hide nothing in my heart
Fianzy Jan 10
I cannot fathom the fascination you have with being vulnerable,
Aren’t you more susceptible to deception?

Does it not allow for more frequent coming and going out of your life?
Out of your heart?

Where is the beauty in being who I am?
I am rough, raw and rigid.

Where is the beauty in stiffness? Besides the ability to withstand itself.
Maybe the mere fact that it does not tilt or shift for no one.
But who wants to love someone as stubborn as that?

There is no beauty in being vulnerable.

You cannot continue bleeding out ounces of yourself for people who cannot stand the sight of blood.
i hope you open yourself to love and all its flaws.
mel Dec 2022
I've found that I am unable to breathe through my fountain pen lately.

I've found that the words don't effortlessly flow through my fingertips like they used to.

I no longer seek knowledge through my compact pocket dictionary.

I long to write.
CarolineSD Sep 2022
Is the ultimate form of ecstasy,
Or so it is said.
To cut loose the veins that thread
From eye to heart and hand
From child to father
Through plots of earth
Across memories
And gardens
And cities
And lands

To exist alone
An island
And eternal.

Tied only to the whims of

But my love,

I cannot

I cannot

I cannot

Here in the gently,
Drifting dark
I cannot feel where my breath ends,
And yours,

It starts.

You have fed my soul like music

And I will starve without you.
If only we were vampires, I would still love you every single day with the desperation of mortality.
Dawn Jun 2022
I would share your bed forever
That even in clothes
I'll always feel naked with you
there we were lying in bed, playing games on our phones and listening to music, separately. while it's less than everything we've ever done, somehow it feels more intimate than anything else
Naeem May 2022
"it was a long time ago" he says
as he hides his tears with a grin
she asks, "Are you okay?"
he grins, he lets out a failed laugh, he lies
she sees straight through his act
she asks, "Are you okay?"
tears swelling in the corners of his eyes, he lies
she waits for them to be wiped away sneakily
she asks, "Are you okay?"
he looks her in the eye, using all his strength he lies
she says she believes him, she breaks eye contact
she asks, "Are you sure? It's okay if you aren't"
he shakes his head, he falls towards her embrace,
"I'm sorry for being so difficult" he says

she says, "When are you going to move on"
and turns her back to him and leaves
as he cries alone in the dark
by N/***
dorian green Apr 2022
not florescent but covered by a translucent screen,
my tense and aching frame washed in a  
dull desaturating blue glow.
streetlights speed past neurotic eyes,
like worries of friends i haven't spoken to,
and every awful thing i've ever
said to my mother.
i think of you, of course,
the way i catch my reflection
in the bus window:
a glimpse—terrified and fascinated.
i wring my hands,
a nervous habit when they're
feeling empty.
everything i want is
always at my door,
and everything i fear
is never far behind.
why won't anyone let me hold them
from halfway across the room?
stay sitting across the aisle,
as mysterious to me
as any other tired stranger.
i see you clearly
but can never tell what you're thinking.
I'm uncertain if
writing poetry
heals me or
dilacerate my wounds
if you open up you become vulnerable, but if you keep all to yourself it hurts even more
Jael O'Dell Dec 2021
It's important to remember
that the impervious,
and often mellow,
hum of love
is so much greater
than the pain
of the inevitable end
you will experience
whenever you choose
to care about others.

If we forget,
all is lost.
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