M Harris Apr 30

Psychic Trance & Sexual Dance,
Emitting Chemical Solace Dipped In Her Capital Romance,

Feral Atmosphere Written In Her Carnal Elegies,
Rapturous Serenades Forming Phantasmal Effigies,

Magnetized Synchronicity & Metamorphized Reciprocity,
Animating Foreplays Dazzling Her Astral Virtuosity,

Phantasmal Lips Illuminating Cherub Faces In Draped Compositions,
Painting Supernatural Visions Forged In Her Vocal Inhibitions,

Prototype Voids & Spiraling Realms,
Religious Frenzies In Her Temporal Screams,

Autumn Sun Reincarnating The Light Of The Spring,
Glass House Perspectives Blooming In Her Prismatic Bling,

Rhapsody Confessions Of Her Divine Obsessions,
Rainbow Skies Dressed In Her Spiritual Progression,

Coral Spells & Synthetic Desires,
Floral Pastels Engineering Her Romantic Fires,

Nightlife Flatlining Through Her Lonely Avenues In LSD High,
A Congenital Sinner She Respires Sexual Hues With A Luminescent Sigh!

– 05:13 AM –

Damn you Adam Feb 27

I woke up thinking about her. Couldn't wait for her to arrive. She texted saying she was outside. I brought her in. We sat on the sofa. We talked. I kissed her. She kissed me back. We made out some more, I got handsy, she said no. I stopped. We talked. We kissed again. She laid down with her back on the sofa, and I on top of her. We made out some more, she said no. I stopped. I stood up and just looked at her. "What do you want me to do" she asked. "I don't want you to do anything" I replied. She looked so torn apart. She wanted to fuck me so badly but she knew it would only make the pain worse. A fire lit up inside her. She stood up, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. She had never pressed her body against me so hard before. She reached down for my cock and started rubbing. Suddenly, what I had been craving all morning, and was about to receive, was making me feel sick inside. But it didn't matter because I kissed her back and held her even tighter. I picked her up. She wrapped her legs around me. I carried her into the bedroom, our lips still tightly locked together. I threw her down on the bed. She took off her top. I took mine off. She took off her shorts. I took mine off. I kissed her hard and removed her underwear. She removed mine. I pressed my naked body on top of her naked body. No foreplay, no condom. I penetrated her. She moaned, as did I. Back and forth I began to thrust. I felt so dirty but I couldn't stop. I noticed tears in her eyes. That made me stop. I looked at her. She said to me through quivering lips "You know I like you a lot, right?". I kept silent, just staring at her. Tears streamed down my eyes. I like this girl, but not as much as she likes me. She loves me. She absolutely adores me. I could never reciprocate the love she has for me. I pulled out and laid beside her, with my arms around her body. We were still. We were silent. I caressed her skin and hair. I held her hands. Tears were still streaming from my eyes. We had known each other for 10 months. I am heartless. She turned to face me. Wiped the tears from my eyes. I embraced her. I held her tight. She deserves so much better. This twisted relationship between us must stop. We did everything couples did. But I never called her my girlfriend. I never told anyone about her. I never took a picture with her. Not even one. 10 months. Not even one. She put up with so much of my bullshit. She fought so hard. She looked so adorable in my arms. I couldn't help myself. I kissed her. She kissed me back. I told her to get on top. She rode me like never before. She bounced like a toddler on a trampoline for the first time. She fucked the shit out of me. I sat up with her still on top of me, picked her up and spun us around so that now she lay on her back while I was on top. I pumped away. We kissed passionately. Nearly blew my load so I put on a condom. I didn't trust myself to pull out in time. I fucked her and then laid beside her again. We talked. We talked about us. I started crying again. It would have made the strangest movie scene had it been filmed. We just laid there for a while. Just when she was about to leave, we made love again. We got dressed. We hugged. Then she left.

I miss her already. I miss her so much. I miss the way she looks at me. I miss her excitement when she sees me. I miss how she grabs my arm so lovingly. I miss how she kisses me so adoringly.

Brent Kincaid Oct 2016

I like to play with your belly button
'Cause it makes me giggle and laugh
I'll let you play with my bellybutton
I bet it makes you giggle and laugh
Exactly as it does with me
It makes me laugh hysterically
I know it might seem rather silly
But I love to do it willy-nilly.

Sometimes I like to blow on your belly
And make that almost obscene sound
It's worth it to hear you laugh, really
Then both of us roll around on the ground.
We laugh and play like a couple of kids
And make no excuses for silly things we did.
Others make love your way and we ours.
We tickle and blubber on each other
And have our kind of fun for hours.

I really like the way you wrinkle your nose
It makes me laugh hard and not for nothing
It tickles me a lot that you wiggle your toes
When you let me play with your belly button.
I'm very happy to be able to testify
Some things in life are meant just for fun.
Belly button tomfoolery, I promise
Is one of the very best kinds of fun.

mika Jul 2016

i am in love with how your fingers paint a portrait on the canvas between my legs. wet with paint and wet with wanting. eyes dark, heavy breathing. then your tongue. the most powerful muscle. bringing out sounds from within me i never knew i was capable of making. moaning. groaning. your name. a string of praises from your lips barging their way inside me. inside me. this is. the beauty of foreplay.

and then later on i asked you how i tasted. expecting "sweet like honey". or "tart like sourdough bread". like i am dessert after a long course of meal. your reward. i love it. i love watching you lie down on your back, you chest heaving but also calm, breasts covered in sweat.

you rolled your body so you are closer to me, so we are nose-to-nose, your black eyes matching to my brown ones and you say "exquisite like fine wine."

Emmanuel Coker Jun 2016

We rush things up skipping the foreplay
I obey all your commands, as you are the only one with words to say
Your legs arched up, move in a dramatic sway
You tell me to keep hitting it, because you like it this way

Telling me you are ready
I slide into you, making love to you steady
The beating on the zinc roof indicates the rain is quite heavy
And you whisper slowly into my ears, ‘that’s it baby’

The cold from the weather could not overcome the heat
From the sex we had, after moving to the dining seat
I should ask for your name, in case of the next time we meet
This shouldn't be a fling, rather it should be kept on repeat.

A cold touch, lingering, searching
with every tiptoed meeting
A cold tongue lingers, searches

The warm caress of brown-paper packages-
After us, unravelling
The warm caress of gift giving

Breathy open mouthed kissing
In each stolen evening
Breathy, open mouthed, we finish

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The Arsonist Nov 2015

My mind spelled your name
with such intimacy
that I craved for the lips
between your legs
at two o' clock in the morning,
with sweat running down my spine.

And I know that my name
orchestrates the symphony
under your sheets
whenever you're alone
on a Sunday afternoon.

I guess we can call it even.

Nicole Bataclan Oct 2015

Autumn is a sturdy man
Eager to take your clothes off
What a mess he will leave on the floor

Some dignity hanging on
For as long as possible
But he gets bolder by the day
Complacent to stay.

Autumn is a coy woman
Eager to wear the colors of desire
What a sight she leaves for the beholder

Some courage to resist
As you blow her a kiss
But before she succumbs
She is promised a firework.

Autumn is a seductive game
Here to devour her right away
While withholding for her is foreplay

His approach is raw
She delays her fall
She wanted it to last
But he came too fast.

Pisceanesque Jul 2015

and sweet
the fingers
of love
that travel down
in tingles:
a liquid storm
in nothing but
a rush of fire

and discrete
the lips of heaven
that smother
and capture with haste;
a halo so wide
that not even
could quickly retire

© Tamara Natividad
Written 26 June, 2015
Poetic Artiste May 2015

She was poetry,
The way her curves aligned,
Bouncing out the walls of a perfect physique,
I could write verses of her.

She was music,
Her voice would rhyme it's own articulate songs,
Roaming the airways--
Her voice traveled down halls,
Lined With famous portraits,
She was the "Mona Lisa"
--of poetry.

She was the sun,
The moon,
The sky,
She was life,
AND she was temptation,
The chill down my spine,
When foreplay leads with ice,
When water melts and maneuvers itself in hot places I never thought,
Felt good cold.

She was poetry,
She was music,
She was Life,
She was temptation,
AND she was beauty,
Most importantly she was everything she wanted to be and more.

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