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begins in the mind
and finishes
when she does
Marsha Jan 23
come on, baby
let's go somewhere quiet
you can give me that
hard candy of yours
you know I'd enjoy it
Come and take a walk on the wild side...
Marsha Jan 23
get down on your knees
and worship me, baby,
for my body is your
Justyn Huang Nov 2018
Touch me with your heart
And be seen

Touch me with your body
And be felt

Touch me with an idea;
Your mind -- and be known.
Mary Frances Oct 2018
Loving you
is when the
pen makes love
with the paper
with the foreplay of
mixed altogether.
you are drinking and smoking me

and i am feeling your energy

your breath surrounds my body

with the taste of my ****

in too deep we're on a roll

and you're set on automatic

i'm losing my ******' control

GPS cruising destination *******

your eyes beg let me

have your aching desire

i need you to take it

come quench this **** fire

your hot breath in my ear

mmm _ how you wanna do me?

i'm choking back the fear

wet between the knees

in too deep we're goin' to implode

you're touchin' brown skin parts

my resistance will _ gonna fold

ooh no! please stop! but it starts

you're going ******* the foreplay

turning my orchid drizzle to rain

my body can't take any more delay

got me thirsting __ sexually insane

Summer 2016
Ashley Chapman Aug 2018
Here in the morning gloaming
my skin flaming
as I imagine red kisses
from smouldering lips!

How easily
in anticipation
you make me wimper
before with pleasure
making me simper -
each kiss
another hot coal
placed on my rawness
with searing softness.
poesuer Jun 2018
he shows me his music,
I show him my arts

we show off our writings
and then we show hearts
all I can write about is him lately. ah.
Shaxy Jun 2018
It's amazing what
a Man can do using his
tongue and *******.
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