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To wind I lend my ears,
her pranks instantly cheers, then
on our separate ways.
Justyn Huang Mar 20
Casual ***
is like throwing a banana
down a stairwell
which literally means nothing
until the building you're in
starts asking the banana
to climb higher and higher,
now trapped on the rooftop
where bananas get cornered
for spending so long
inside, like
What were you doing there
just renting? Gee
So where do you think the banana's
Gonna go? Yuppp.

It ducking jumped, k? And that's
Why people be slippin'
(Sometimes on banana peels)
Ayano Hera Mar 14
I could hear the devil dogs pouncing and howling at the moon. The noises mixed with the rain that dribbled against my bedroom window. The rain being tears of clouds. And the raindrops being little magnifying glass that could see close up but blurry things from the outside world.
I could hear the windchimes dancing with the rain and wind. It's music also howling for some reason. I can only assume it was trying to get the moon's attention. The attention the world craved. For the moon revolved around us, but never spoke. It was as if they were admiring each other from afar. It was as if the stars knew and spreaded the gossip to the other planets that they admired each other, yet idiotic they were to not unite.
The grandfather clock ****** 3am. The haunting hour as some people call it. The hour where the pawns and jesters of the devil roam free in the limbo world where the unfortunate souls never got to anywhere. Where they haunt the living for being oblivious to their crimes and not realizing they're eternity in the aftermath which we call life.
Although, I believe 3am is just for insomniacs to actually feel less lonely. For them to get ready for the battle of reality and expectations. The war against reality with imagination. The war of heart and mind. Emotions and Logic. Past, future, present. To put it simply, contemplate.
3am can also be the time when your still up texting a friend or lover you know is the one. And then waiting to fall asleep when thinking about their messages and calls you talk about.
What they both have in common with insomniacs and the heart givers is they're both 3am thoughts.
The rain soon stops, the crying clouds have availed the insides of itself. The wind chimes have soon calmed soon afterward, realizing once again, the moon is too scared to approach. The devil hounds have no longer pounced by rested until another full moon.
As always, it was a normal night for 3am thoughts for dreamers, heart givers, and insomniacs.
you remind me we're just friends.
Because the way you trace me with your fingers
doesn't feel friendly.
You say you can see through my front when I told you I can't feel.
But it's not a front.
You say i'm delicate because of the soft greenery engraved in my skin.
But I am hard and I am cold.
You won't sit by me,
because you don't want me to catch feelings for you.
But as I sit far away from you and take a drag,
I know you don't believe any of your words.
I know you weren't describing me,
you were describing yourself.
Madison Feb 8
that girl you're seeing,
she will ask you to hang out
or if she can come over
maybe to help clean or tidy things up,
a girlfriend would make an entrance into your mind and soul and help clean up any brokenness or mess she sees there.

that girl you're seeing,
she will compliment you on your outfit
saying she likes the t-shirt you're wearing today,
a girlfriend would compliment you on your entire existence.

that girl you're seeing,
she will have frequently occurring casual *** with you
seeking only her pleasure,
a girlfriend would make love to you, opening herself up completely to your being, trusting that your fingers would not break her delicate heart.

that girl you're seeing,
she may make casual conversation with you about your day,
a girlfriend would talk about the universe and it's entirety with you. she would speak of energy, of love, of hate, and everything in-between, everything deeper than a surface conversation.

that girl you're seeing,
she will introduce you to her family as "that friend you've been spending time with here and there while probably ******* other people",
a girlfriend would introduce you to her family as the reason she wears a smile on her face so contagious, the reason behind the softness of her laugh, the reason she is now able to wear her heart on her sleeve.

that girl you're seeing,
she may give you small gifts like a cool bracelet or a pair of socks (whatever guys like nowadays),
a girlfriend would hand to you her whole heart wrapped in the prettiest little bow, she would fill your body with her soul, she would hand you every broken piece of her and trust that you would help her become whole once again.

so, tell me, why the **** do men prefer to "see" a bunch of girls, rather than have a girlfriend?
Isaac Oct 2018
Your life is valuable.
Your attention is too.
So don't be casual
About what you give it to.
Be purposely picky
With what you choose.
Each option is really
Putting all else on snooze.
Written 31 October 2018
Nyx Oct 2018

You're going to catch a cold and die
He laughed it off with a gentle sigh
It's not that cold
It really is!!!
And so our little argument begins

The wind isint cold

A confident tone within his voice
Wearing an amused smile
Stop right there kid
Its too early to rejoice

But the wind itself IS cold

That's not how it works

An endless back and forth verbal fight
Dragging on into the dark hours of the night
This was clearly going no where
We made the call to look it up
Its stated that

wind and air which has heated up,
slightly is moved and replaced for new air which is colder

Grinning like a Cheshire cat
Thinking he had won the Game
That almost taunting smile
I swear its driving me insane

But... It says its cold

Groaning in frustration
He yells out loud
I give up!
Now he's not too proud

Burying his head
Into his arms
I'm laughing away
Trying not to do anymore harm

I don't understand how you don't get it at all

I just dont want you to catch a cold

He signs as he goes out yet again
Getting into his car
He sends me a picture
He'd put on his jacket
Are you happy now?


The wind isint cold

de Negre Sep 2018
somber bomber i like ducks
we dont love the gov it *****

(my friend erin said the ****?)
i did arrands rode the truck

the trip i flipped and made a sound
i skipped a bit and saw a hound

sorry pa he saw the mess
the current system likes to test

they see how fast and smart we are
so we can crash and part a car

there is no point to living now
maybe cause'
i was never
greeeeeeeetings amigos welcome to our new program #quickie3 yeeeeeee
de Negre Sep 2018
i stopped watering
     the succulents,

because even if i
     watered those **** plants,

they would die.

just stop dying,
     and drink,

based on true experiences in the life on mine.
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