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you licked the cherry off my skin
blushes risen from your soft lips
kissing me in the dark
you do that to me
making me crave for your touch
whispers of ***** things
sitting ontop of your warm thighs
i stare into your dark brown eyes
you pumped up with weeds
i starts to pull off your jeans.
Keerthi Sep 10
on a Saturday morning
casuals to school
on a street
a vendor with a straw basket
selling flowers
two for five
wrapped in a damp cloth
dahlias in merlot and pink
roses in yellow and red
mother bargains
two for three
on silky braids
pink dahlia perched
like a microphone
mother laughs
at the grinning beauty.
lake Sep 9
ever wonder why it rains when you cry
ever wonder why it shines when you smile
i guess this world changes for you
i should know cause i do too
aka ever wonder why people like this aka the mcdonald's cheeseburger of writing
Jay Jul 25
Droppin' on in,
It's been a minute since we've talked,
Your hair has grown,
Your face has faded,
It used to be brighter
If memory serves.
Have you been well?
New job? New love?
Only if you don't mind.
Have you heard that new song?
Have you seen that movie?
How's that startup idea gone?
Where has all the time gone?
We should talk again sometime.
Or not,
Whichever you prefer.
hello frens
To wind I lend my ears,
her pranks instantly cheers, then
on our separate ways.
Justyn Huang Mar 20
Casual ***
is like throwing a banana
down a stairwell
which literally means nothing
until the building you're in
starts asking the banana
to climb higher and higher,
now trapped on the rooftop
where bananas get cornered
for spending so long
inside, like
What were you doing there
just renting? Gee
So where do you think the banana's
Gonna go? Yuppp.

It ducking jumped, k? And that's
Why people be slippin'
(Sometimes on banana peels)
you remind me we're just friends.
Because the way you trace me with your fingers
doesn't feel friendly.
You say you can see through my front when I told you I can't feel.
But it's not a front.
You say i'm delicate because of the soft greenery engraved in my skin.
But I am hard and I am cold.
You won't sit by me,
because you don't want me to catch feelings for you.
But as I sit far away from you and take a drag,
I know you don't believe any of your words.
I know you weren't describing me,
you were describing yourself.
Madison Feb 8
that girl you're seeing,
she will ask you to hang out
or if she can come over
maybe to help clean or tidy things up,
a girlfriend would make an entrance into your mind and soul and help clean up any brokenness or mess she sees there.

that girl you're seeing,
she will compliment you on your outfit
saying she likes the t-shirt you're wearing today,
a girlfriend would compliment you on your entire existence.

that girl you're seeing,
she will have frequently occurring casual *** with you
seeking only her pleasure,
a girlfriend would make love to you, opening herself up completely to your being, trusting that your fingers would not break her delicate heart.

that girl you're seeing,
she may make casual conversation with you about your day,
a girlfriend would talk about the universe and it's entirety with you. she would speak of energy, of love, of hate, and everything in-between, everything deeper than a surface conversation.

that girl you're seeing,
she will introduce you to her family as "that friend you've been spending time with here and there while probably ******* other people",
a girlfriend would introduce you to her family as the reason she wears a smile on her face so contagious, the reason behind the softness of her laugh, the reason she is now able to wear her heart on her sleeve.

that girl you're seeing,
she may give you small gifts like a cool bracelet or a pair of socks (whatever guys like nowadays),
a girlfriend would hand to you her whole heart wrapped in the prettiest little bow, she would fill your body with her soul, she would hand you every broken piece of her and trust that you would help her become whole once again.

so, tell me, why the **** do men prefer to "see" a bunch of girls, rather than have a girlfriend?
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