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eve Oct 4
she lays awake at night
too much is on her mind
someone her age
should be sleeping the pain away
in desperate attempts to rid feelings
she experiments
  with the things she disproves
to satisfy the present
the past is draining her
from inside out
she feels trapped
at home
entangled in time
she feels time is like
the ropes of life;
far too slippery,
light years away from freedom
she must deal with life's challenges
or she'll be eaten away
like a plant that receives no water
in a week, they're long gone;
dry and unsatisfied.
Toby Raines Oct 1
What’s this feeling?
The pressure upon my chest, pushing me down
s    u    f     f    o    c    a    t   i    n   g
And I don’t know why.
Is it because of them?
Whom I to point the finger to this time?
I feel a boiling in my stomach at these
Why did it ache so much?
There must be something awry in my brain.
This sense of dread
This lingering loneliness.
But what is this feeling..?
It aches through my bones
through my pours and through my
f   l   e   s   h
Like a thousand knives ripping through my
entire being.
This sickness rising in my chest,
burning in my ribcage and setting my soul ablaze.
But for what reason?
What else could selfish me possibly wish to bargain for?
Please just tell me, dear friend
What is this feeling?
Laughter and leisure as free will flows
Attention fades in this comfort zone
Chatter with chewing, mixed between both
Unknown senses tickle the throat

More than a stutter
Chuckle has froze
Esophagus tightened
Pretense to pose
Raising some questions
They already know
Air flow now closed

Gasping as no space left kept for breath
Eyes turn to water bloodshot entry blocked
Unimpressed to be consumed by death
Slapped to the back
Less access this isn't a test
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Kaumal Borah Aug 1
The hours of that
was spent
By the grin
On her
Pain in her
Just a random poem.
I absorbed the world
All the while feeling
It was rejecting me
James Rives Jun 13
night and day— a unison
in serene dawn,
entwined in hope,
lust, fun.

then flecks and flashes of flesh
and light snare souls
with optimism
and choke with reality.

until night and day, crossed
at the harshest bit of twilight,
are dead.
Doing what you're supposed to,
Is a mixed feeling in itself,
Trying to chase something better,
While I sit at a place
And appreciate the clutter.
John James Mar 29
Once before, The commander said "as vanguard, you hold the line"
Since then I've been afraid to be anything less than my strongest
Show anything less than my bravest face
But every soldier's shift ends one day, and in that moment of vulnerability
Is it okay if I just for once revert to the self I wish to be?
Is it okay if I just once am allowed to cry? To show the feelings I hide so well?
But before you know it day comes again whether you slept or not
And it's time to put on the brave face once again, and hold the line.
madameber Mar 19
i wanted to visit my ancestors,
so i stepped up to the gate.
i was told “You must be
/this/ dark to be let into this space,
see, there aren’t many people
here we can match
up to your face,
and by the look of your skin
we couldn’t be certain
you’ve ever felt the sun’s grace,
we’ve seen many colours
but you are another,
do you really belong in this place?”

i wanted to visit my ancestors,
so i stepped up to the door.
i was told “You must be
/this/ light to walk onto our shores,
see, we saw your curls and thought
Black Pete had come up
from the moors,
and you're familiar,
but that foreign tongue’s
taken several points off your score,
we were only one colour,
can’t cope with any others,
so what are you coming to us for?”

i wanted to visit my ancestors
but i wasn’t sure where to go.
they’d shut me out, left me in doubt,
and i was in limbo.
i thought i’d had a birthright,
some kind of claim to make,
i didn’t think that i would be
so easy to forsake.
i hadn’t convinced the ghosts,
and there was nothing left for me,
so i packed my things, tore my branch down,
and went to sow my own tree.
i need italics.
Euphrosyne Mar 15
I know I might be the one
I just wanna give you some fun
A chance to have it all
Before we part in fall

So let's give it a whirl
Make you a happy girl
So much I've never known
Never experienced this on my own

So, stop leading me on
If the chance I had is gone
You send such mixed vibes
Should I send silence or send bribes

We're bestfriends, of course, no doubt
But the level is what I wonder about
Are you asking for your hand
Or seeking a friend - high in demand

My desperation is great
I'm scared I'll ***** up our fate
Longing for more than what's meant
'Stead of the friendship on which we're bent

Still look at me the same
And smile when you say my name
I know when that smile hits your face
You're the reason my heart starts to race

In my head I've perfected
And the scenes I've directed
But in real life I struggle
Cause your heart I can't smuggle

So make up your mind now or tomorrow
End my self doubt, end my self sorrow
All I ask is you give me a chance
So come this time, in your heart so we can dance.
And here we are got a good signal after we talked,hoping that we'll be okay and still follow the flow and take it slow please believe on us.
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