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Shlomo Feb 6
The scale of my ambition.

It’s getting too large to construct on my own.

Like many Africans, I’ve had enough.

News coverage showcasing this region.

Does nothing but reinforce the legion that you bring forth.


Now, I’ll spare you the analogies and set it out clearly.

To all those that are out to “end poverty”.

I applaud your initiative, your drive and determination.

So bear with me as I lay into you. I’m doing it out of love. Trust me.

Whenever I hear your mission.

I think “here we go again with the bare minimums.”

Nothing but bare minimums.

I yearn to be part of a new breed of Africans.

Who want to do more than just end poverty.

What about all those who have escaped its deathly grip.

But still live precarious and unfulfilled lives?

My mission is to build an empire.

To empower. To nurture innovation and prosperity.

One that surpasses anything you could ever imagine and conceive.

If you think that’s ridiculous and absurd.

Wait till you see how I plan on going about this deed.

If I hear another **** politician talking about “ending poverty.”

I swear I’ll ******* snap.

But don’t worry, it’ll just be a picture.

One more to my growing catalogue.

Reminding me of your never-ending plan of world *******.

“So remember guys, bare minimum. Say it with me.

“Bare minimum.”
Sorry if I hurt your feelings. That's not my intention. I'm just as passionate about this as you are.
Angela Liyanto Sep 2018
My vision was to create a new language for literature-
But now not only is every solution nonsense & every poem agonising,
I am a child reading too many of today’s poems realising I’ll also be writing long sentences with the purpose of deconstruction & decoration.

I rest in between my own letters of ‘a’ & ‘n’, where I can sit I peace.
Because when I’m doing that, even the spaces will become part of the essence of the work. Say, (if you calculate the movement of this earth on its axis you’ll see its beauty equates to something like the beauty in poems) It is in the essence, we have beauty in the first place.

You see: seeing patterns is the only way around this world. This idea is as flaky to me as a chocolate bar. I’m gonna write and drop my laptop two times before I get it right. I will fail but they take me as naive anyway so I'll laugh at myself because I want to be polite.

Take love, it takes many forms, but the essence remains the same.
Take books, it has variety of plots, but some meanings stay the same.
Take poetry, we can destroy form, rhyme, meter, but in its essence, the feeling remains the same.

We should write to construct a new language of unity, with a clearness to our imagination, and rely on the essence of the work to make its way to the heart.
MaxiM May 2018
Innovate or Dissipate
MaxiM8: Growth
Vexren4000 Aug 2018
A time of wonder,
Merriment and melody,
Music was magical,
Movies were special,
A time faded into the past,
A place gone from here.
The magic of an evening out,
Now destroyed by human innovation.

One man Nov 2017
I think it's time for a conversation
about human beings an our imagination
Great inventors like in past days are rare
and it seems that society just doesn't care

So just what happened to free innovation
it's now controlled like a railway station
Some great ideas aren't being inspected
well inventors of hoovers are getting respected

If they can't control it they make it stall
as mankind's inventions could free us all
Letting them do it will be all our regret
Man made are we and we shouldn't forget!

© One man
Damian Murphy Aug 2017
Without mistakes, problems to solve
Best practice would never evolve;
For mistakes and problems create
A chance to learn, to innovate.
Dhaara T Apr 2017
The way forward
From left to right
From the bottom, upwards
Version 1 to 3.0
We progress
In hope that we're improving
Building up
But are we, really?
We come a full circle
Only to learn
Life was never complicated
in the first place
We made it so
In our pursuit of oversimplification
Not all updates/upgrades are forward-looking, even if that is the intent.
CJ Flynn Nov 2016
Bleeding out that cash

dying to get hacked

Its so cutting edge its gonna cut you

6 months out its been edged out

No longer supported $500  paper weight ain't that  great
Cutting edge just an observation on planned obsolete and on innovation and product growth and development
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