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amy zhang Jul 11
For you,

my love is as endless as the deepest blue

shrouded in mystery, exploding with a force

strong enough:

To shatter steel
To erode stone
To birth life.

My love,

softer than the rays of sunlight fluttering
as orange specks underneath your eyelids
kissing your pupils with their delicate touch
Embracing the liquid of your orbs with a citrusy warmth

Showering you with the joy
Of a thousand torn dandelions
Smiling down at you
In the distance


A funny concept.

A million loving words
spoken back and forth,
a thousand steps
taken towards the same direction
A billion I love yous
Over and over again.


we are still distant.

Still distant,

because my love is an ever consuming bonfire

Where close
could never be close enough.

Where I can wrap you in my flames
lure you in with my warmth
provide you with a hearth

for as long as you want.
Or as long as you can stand.

Until your skin burns

And my love scathes

With the rage of a million rays of sunlight.
just a little something for y'all :,) I hope you like it!! <3
Lot Jul 3
I need someone to hold me near when things inside get too austere.

But, who would want to fill that role when I for one am much too cold?

Some have tried to fix this hole, but all have ended up in my stranglehold.

It seems that the gods enjoy quiet malice when looking down on my calloused gladness.

Why do I seek out love and life, when I tend to cut them loose with a carving knife?

What better way to spend my free time than with rhyming and cursing the time and what's mine.
Justyn Huang Jun 21
An itch in my heart
I'd like to scratch but no one
to rub feelings with
Axel Jun 14
Is it bad that I need your arms to be my blanket to keep me warm through December?
Am I needy if I want your breath on my neck to be
the live giver to my butterflies in my body?
Why should we run if our legs are numb?
How do I finish if the lines doesn't even exist?
If honey can be sweet, why shouldn't we?
I feel like I'm tiring

Taking everyone's time,energy and oxygen

They promise I'm not

I don't think I believe in promises anymore
Making new things old
Is what I do
I drain the life
Out of everything
Sometimes I feel as though I’m too needy. Draining the people I rely on for emotional support. I need a lot of love to thrive. Sometimes I remain miserable to save those I love.
Axel May 4
Careful when you're walking at night
You think you're walking straight to the light
But you might be walking with a devil dressed up as a shining knight.

My sons, careful when you're walking at night
There might be something watching beside;
Don't forget to set your eyes straight
And I'll be waiting here at the gate.

My sons, pack your knives
Just in case there's a wolf pack
Waiting for the right time to come and attack
Though you're strong,
Never forget that the night is very long
Never forget that eyes are built to see
Never forget that her heart is free
And never forget that you might not be walking to me.

She is anxious
But never forget that she can be dangerous
She is precious
But never forget that she can be impatient
Never forget that she might be a nightmare
Never forget that she might be right there
In every steps you take
And every time you're late, you might want to run away
Cause she's gonna make you scream
She might poison you untill you dream.

So, my sons, did you brought your knives?
Cause now you have to fight for you life
And never back off from the fight,
Don't you ever stop it
Don't you ever let her be your prime
Don't you ever let her win this time.
My backpack straps dig into my shoulders:
they burn with the weight.
I’m sick to my stomach,
and my throat still catches on thin air.
I just want things to ease up
or give me a break.

Mom comes with ****** ale;
we sit together in the car
and consider whether or not to
visit the doctor.
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