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Nalinee Aug 27
Oh, fire
I see fire
In eyes
that burn with desires

Oh, speed
I find speed
In legs
That move with needs

But, do we care?
Empathy is hardly there.
dexter Aug 23
Filling in the blanks.
Throw away worn out pages from the journal of my past.
Forgetting names, relationships that didn't last.
No class, sensible sass on the *** of my jeans.
Playing with words when I want to be mean.
Don't want to be needy.
Forgotten peace treaty with the demons eating my psyche.
I'm ugly, you're boring, we're all like vampires feeding on each other.
Undeniable hate, but I still always say "We should love one another."
Denial undercover, smother the problems I'm not yet equipped to recover from with a sly wit.
Another temporary fix to cover up the shiit that somehow replaced the mud and the blood in my veins.
I'm lonely and strange and beginning to prefer it this way.
Not well behaved, I don't feel like pretending to be today.
That's okay, I'll try again tomorrow.
Indian giver, time's always borrowed.
Mostly hollow but I'm trying harder every day to gain the patience it takes to fill in the blanks.
fill in the blanks :)
Bruno Gomes Jun 21
If the men is the biggest creation of god
For sure there is other men in other planets
If the creation of men it's bigger than the creation of the universe
maybe it's unfair to compare, since the universe there is no beginning,
so many mystery around us, so many questions, it's hard to believe some avatars achieve that goal, it's hard to believe that men is the biggest creation of god.

What about the angels, archangel, seraphims? They wasn't created by god? they always exists? Are they like the Universe, with no beginning ? why some souls have the privilege like that being an angel? or it's not a privilege and the angels was men before and they have such a high level of evolution after many incarnation process who make they become angels?
In the final goal, everybody will become angel? and them what, to be grateful to god? Become a god? and what? When everybody have all the process of incarnation finished and the cycle broken, everybody living in the highest level of consciousness, to do what? to help who? just to be grateful? is god needy to attention ?
Dez May 5
Stay with me
Just long enough for me to see
That you truly love me
Sorry I’m needy
But I want more than your pity
I need you to love me
I guess that’s the key
But only you could unlock me
So stay with me
Just long enough for me to see
That you do truly love me
Anna Dec 2019
This time I told myself
I wouldn't fall for your lies
Or your pretty big eyes
Neither your perfect weird smile
This time I won't wear your coat
When I feel bad
I won't hug myself thinking u're doing it
Won't bite hard the meat, angry
Won't cry either needing you
That's the old me
And I won't call you when I go needy
Because once in ever
I feel like I need myself
More than I need you.
Going thru an awful emotional state right now but this can't stop me from doing awful poems as well lol happy xmas y'all
amy zhang Jul 2019
For you,

my love is as endless as the deepest blue

shrouded in mystery, exploding with a force

strong enough:

To shatter steel
To erode stone
To birth life.

My love,

softer than the rays of sunlight fluttering
as orange specks underneath your eyelids
kissing your pupils with their delicate touch
Embracing the liquid of your orbs with a citrusy warmth

Showering you with the joy
Of a thousand torn dandelions
Smiling down at you
In the distance


A funny concept.

A million loving words
spoken back and forth,
a thousand steps
taken towards the same direction
A billion I love yous
Over and over again.


we are still distant.

Still distant,

because my love is an ever consuming bonfire

Where close
could never be close enough.

Where I can wrap you in my flames
lure you in with my warmth
provide you with a hearth

for as long as you want.
Or as long as you can stand.

Until your skin burns

And my love scathes

With the rage of a million rays of sunlight.
just a little something for y'all :,) I hope you like it!! <3
Lot Jul 2019
I need someone to hold me near when things inside get too austere.

But, who would want to fill that role when I for one am much too cold?

Some have tried to fix this hole, but all have ended up in my stranglehold.

It seems that the gods enjoy quiet malice when looking down on my calloused gladness.

Why do I seek out love and life, when I tend to cut them loose with a carving knife?

What better way to spend my free time than with rhyming and cursing the time and what's mine.
Justyn Huang Jun 2019
An itch in my heart
I'd like to scratch but no one
to rub feelings with
Axel Jun 2019
Is it bad that I need your arms to be my blanket to keep me warm through December?
Am I needy if I want your breath on my neck to be
the live giver to my butterflies in my body?
Why should we run if our legs are numb?
How do I finish if the lines doesn't even exist?
If honey can be sweet, why shouldn't we?
Ella Mclaughlin Jun 2019
I feel like I'm tiring

Taking everyone's time,energy and oxygen

They promise I'm not

I don't think I believe in promises anymore
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