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shallow soul
like linen
into my
empty pockets

I can always
count on
Estelline Jul 20
Another lonely night
But I bet you’re feeling alright
It’s just me who lies awake
Watching as wishes
Are cast among the stars

I can see the fairies dance
It seems like such a peaceful place
Way up there in space
But like my dreams
It’s unreachable
I can only stand in awe
As I try to comprehend it all

Sometimes I’d like to think
They must know me too!
But just like you
they don’t
And there’s nothing I can do
They’ll fly on by
I’ll lie here and cry
Asking myself “why?”

Why does it have to be like this?
Why don’t you notice me
Can’t you see how much I need you?
Well maybe you do
I just wish you needed me too…
Estelline Jul 19
Never enough
Always failing
And always falling
Like a rushing waterfall
I keep on going
Never stopping
Till the end
But when is it the end?

I wish it would be the end of my mistakes
And heartbreaks
But I know it’s just the beginning
I may never get it right
Others have their head on their shoulders
I don’t know how they do it...

Deep down it’s just a twisted mess
Knotted into my mind
Are just the same old lies
I can’t ever hide

Just one hug
Would make my day
A knowing look into my eyes
I can’t be the only one
Who is hanging by a thread.
Estelline Apr 20
If only I wasn’t ignored
Is it because you get bored?
I guess I will never be enough
Even when I try
I can hardly get by

My doubt cripples me
Some days I can’t stand near you
Even if I wanted to
Because I fear the world would be better
If I were invisible
Like a ghost
My thoughts repeating
“Don’t leave a trace”
"You're a disgrace"
“Oh but remember that one mistake?”
Raven Feels Apr 12
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, souls shatter up too:}

dear heart on glass

dear hands on a stance

dear soul on torns

dear fingers on tires

dear mind on empty

dear thoughts on screams

dear God on the heavenly winters

my pen is hindered

because of the dreams I refuse to remember

too hard for me to surrender

to cage my fury into fonts of lavender

I want them back

demand the need demand the lack

of the splutter of my nerves on the thrilling track

can life become more lifeless than that???!!!

want my body on a panic attack?

or the blades to sharpen their steeps their venture

to cut deep to flush the ink and stain it on keep

or maybe an abandonment

shut of the door they said they inclined

tires no more for a feel

Glenn Currier Dec 2020
I come here
to this island rich in growth
clear warm fluid
to catch its currents
and swim its nurturing depths
where I can breathe underwater
and leave traces of my darkness
to float like drops of ink
in a glass bowl.

These tropics
reside on the map of my heart
for me to locate
when covered
by layers of sand
in the desert
on gray slate days
barren days of lost inspiration
when I am turned in on me
and my tottering self
the me I see
on my pockmarked well-traveled and aged face
each morning in the mirror.

I arrive here
each time with a glimmer
a hope I can find
within me a point of light
some soft and pure place
a source a force
where I can rise again.
This site is a place of encouragement, inspiration and nurture in the midst of this ****** pandemic whose news has gotten me down, along with just fricking getting old. Thanks my friends for being here, for reading my droppings, for enduring my idiosyncrasies and limits, my peculiar faith, and all the rest. I love you. I really do.
Nalinee Aug 2020
Oh, fire
I see fire
In eyes
that burn with desires

Oh, speed
I find speed
In legs
That move with needs

But, do we care?
Empathy is hardly there.
dexter Aug 2020
Filling in the blanks.
Throw away worn out pages from the journal of my past.
Forgetting names, relationships that didn't last.
No class, sensible sass on the *** of my jeans.
Playing with words when I want to be mean.
Don't want to be needy.
Forgotten peace treaty with the demons eating my psyche.
I'm ugly, you're boring, we're all like vampires feeding on each other.
Undeniable hate, but I still always say "We should love one another."
Denial undercover, smother the problems I'm not yet equipped to recover from with a sly wit.
Another temporary fix to cover up the shiit that somehow replaced the mud and the blood in my veins.
I'm lonely and strange and beginning to prefer it this way.
Not well behaved, I don't feel like pretending to be today.
That's okay, I'll try again tomorrow.
Indian giver, time's always borrowed.
Mostly hollow but I'm trying harder every day to gain the patience it takes to fill in the blanks.
fill in the blanks :)
Bruno Gomes Jun 2020
If the men is the biggest creation of god
For sure there is other men in other planets
If the creation of men it's bigger than the creation of the universe
maybe it's unfair to compare, since the universe there is no beginning,
so many mystery around us, so many questions, it's hard to believe some avatars achieve that goal, it's hard to believe that men is the biggest creation of god.

What about the angels, archangel, seraphims? They wasn't created by god? they always exists? Are they like the Universe, with no beginning ? why some souls have the privilege like that being an angel? or it's not a privilege and the angels was men before and they have such a high level of evolution after many incarnation process who make they become angels?
In the final goal, everybody will become angel? and them what, to be grateful to god? Become a god? and what? When everybody have all the process of incarnation finished and the cycle broken, everybody living in the highest level of consciousness, to do what? to help who? just to be grateful? is god needy to attention ?
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