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Viridian Feb 8
I grasp onto the gasps and awe of some stranger
I do it all reckless, and so unafraid by this danger
I tango with the early hours and my own ***** mind
I beg for more from the phone screen I hide behind
I play with these loose holds and these unattached strings
I play with their pleasure, revel in the way they moan and sing
I validate my own worth through this self I display
I almost don't recognize the person on my mirror today
I spiral down a dark and never-ending abyss of grappling with addiction after addiction, vice after vice
There were cracks of light through darkness
But the rain it still came through
There’s no more need to worry
Because now my light is you
Johnny walker Jan 21
How strange life can be sometimes you blinded by
what changes you see an ever-changing world to where we
Sadly I don't see all changes as being good there Is a lot of bad In this world but dig deep and there Is well hidden beneath the
Really kind people always ready to help advise just be there In times if needed It seems once people gain power that's when they change
It to there the greed for riches creeps In
and corrupts I suppose that's just way It Is and always will be I just think It's so sad ordinary people
they are the ones who suffer every
So much bad In this world but If you dig deep below the surface there's a lot of good
people who will help be there for the needy
n Jan 8
Stinging morning coffee bliss acompanies the first cig of the day,
It’s all downhill from here.
Does normal things Goes to lecture
Lunchtime sugar low.
Self-destructive tendencies itching,
Beer kick - gets drunk.
Being constructive is crushing.
Goes to lecure
Mind numbing normality
Fearful of loneliness and needy, go waste some hours.
Its late. Restless.
Stoop on the street,
with friends. Anxious, ill.
Wasted night.
Collapse into a shallow sleep of self-loathing.
Repeated offence.
An acurate describition of my daily university life. Evident is my dependency on drugs and my fear of being alone. Both loneliness and 'mind-numbing normality' are perceived as a threat. The title comes from the french word for daily life to accentuate the repetition and spiraling.
Do you love me?
Yes, he lied,
And thus left
The door opened wide,
That soon left
Only lonely me inside.
Oh, I wanted him to stay
But regardless how I tried
He pushed me aside
And rushed outside
Free of my needs
As if out of the weeds
And into tomorrow,
Not a moment of sorrow
For my hopes or tears.
That had not worked for years.
He was completely free,
But not so with me.
I was left with what I feared most,
A love affair with an uncaring ghost.

Yes, begging is seedy
And I knew being needy
Was as making me unattractive
But my fear was active
And my lack of self-esteem
Made my tears seem to be
Righteous temptation,
Not abomination.
At least to me,
As far as I could see.
Not then.
Is wisdom ever given to men
When they need it most,
Like when in love with a ghost
Of my own desperate creating?
It’s probably not worth debating.
Yassine Dec 2018
She's the waves, She's the ocean
she sinks me unceasingly,
In endless dreams and thoughts.
Now she's gone, And I am all alone
Facing reality just like a Newborn.
Sophia Nov 2018
i stand on the sidelines
waiting for someone to steal my heart.
while others are being stolen.

i give you a chance to take what you didn't ask for.
             i give you a chance to hold me captive and never let go.
                             i give you the chance to give my butterflies wings

she has two stolen hearts sitting in the palm of her hand,
                                      and i'm sorry, but i envy you for that
                                                       i am the unlovable, unworthy

i want two eyes peering at me with adoration
                                   the two eyes she gets to see
                                               i wish i weren't so needy
Daniel eason Oct 2018
The discrimination amongst our nation is shamefully blatant
Why can't certain individuals have patience
We live world full of colour and sounds
Why do people walk around with frowns?
Maybe somthing happend to them when they were younger
Or sat on the streets dying of hunger
If there's one wish I could make
It would be to take
All the world's riches and share them freely
Can't we all just for one second
Think about the poor and needy
Why can't we live in a world where people arnt suffering? Why can't we all be one? Food and water is a basic human right I'm sure most of you agree. Do what you can ,
don't be ignorant to your surroundings.
Elizabeth Zenk Jul 2018
Is the quality decreasing?
Do you not enjoy them?
Is it not enough?
Will it ever be enough?
All these poems?
Are they enough?
I'm pouring my heart into these.
Soon enough there won't be anything left to give.
Maybe, when my words are exceedingly watered down,
and my jaw is wired shut.
Maybe then, you'll enjoy my writing.
Maybe then you'll validate me.
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